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Back home but I have one question to one and all. What are we smogging?
#October this is more then just a film for me. The hard working people behind everything you will see on screen. #lifeisagreatteacher . Thank you Delhi for the love. This city is a big part of our film. Thank you dada @shoojitsircar @juhic3 @ronnie.lahiri . April 13th 2018
My favourite picture ever. My friendship of the last 28 years all seen in this one picture. Ankit @ama_bee and the one looking badass behind is Aman.
Hip~hop hustle. Styled by @archanawalavalkar. Jacket by @dhruvkapoor. Ready for @breezervividshuffle
#MSD @msdhoniofficial dancing on #jhakmaarke one of my favourite songs from my brothers film #desi boys @thejohnabraham. Thank u @instantbollywood for putting this up
Hey guys, are y'all #ReadyToShuffle because the big day is almost here! #BreezerVivid Shuffle Grand Finale takes place on 11th November at Mumbai and I am super kicked to be a part of it. This is going to be something you have never experienced before and I am definitely looking forward to it. I hope to see you guys there. Do not miss it! And until then groove to the beats here:
Let’s change not blame. I really love Delhi a lot and it breaks me to see it like this. If we all take small steps I’m sure we can overcome this. Put politics aside and come together to show how beautiful a place delhi is. #smogfree
I have clicked this selfie to show you guys what actual smog looks like. I don’t want to preach I am equally to blame for this mess as most of the citizens of our great country, but now instead of blaming each other and the government let’s change. It’s time we go green. #delhichokes
This was the first time I shared the stage with @iamsrk. Happy birthday Shahrukh sir
Badlega scene jab india hoga clean @aliaabhatt @adarpoonawallacleancity #dharma2 .0. When no litter in pardes then why kachra in swadesh #blessup
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