Tu Do

A roaming cinematographer currently in San Francisco, CA.

Checking out Camerimage in Bydgoszcz for the next week. Excited to meet so many talented DPs and see their work. Also, this is my third trip to Europe in 18 months. Sorta surreal. Here's some random iPhone shots from Paris.
Haven't been to Yosemite in a while. Time for a visit??? Also... Instagram on the X is pretty nice. #deltamedallion
Tomorrow I’ll get to watch one of my best friends marry the most wonderful and kind person in his life. And I’ll be able to capture some of it through a Super 8mm Camera 🎥.
After an awesome two weeks in Europe, it’s time to work!! Positano... definitely a place you have to see for yourself.
Not gonna lie, I was hoping to get a much clearer view of this castle and the surrounding mountains of southern Germany but that’s not how the cookie crumbled. Wonderful time at Oktoberfest and this view took a lot of waiting to actually see anything, but I’d say it was all worth it! Fall here is beautiful. #deltamedallion
Leaving this beautiful town to explore some German castles and mountains. Off to Munich!
First time in Paris. Loving every second of it! Who needs the Color Factory??? #couldntgettickets
Back in the mission with @sub.culture
@grimecraft chillin in sweet 2x anamorphic.
Doing cool stuff for #freshstock with @grimecraft
Testing out the @cookeoptics 40mm anamorphic with Mr. @waxmink #cookelook #r3d #8k
Empty weekends.
I'm gonna start posting consistently again; no more three series though ☺️
Nothing beats these hills.
Being able to RAW photos on my iPhone with @vsco is a refreshing new way to capture images.
No more rain 😭 it's been a terrible few weeks. Can't believe I lived in Portland and survived. (1/3)
Riding in the morning across this bridge is amazing 🌊🌉 (2/3)
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