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I'm a warm-hearted, old-school gentleman explorer with really cool toys &. the chap from & Browncoat. Snapchat: treyratcliff

I've recently updated my "People" Portfolio over on SmugMug at . That's @anthonybourdain there, who I am going to see again on Grand Cayman Island in just a few weeks. We'll maybe do another fun live show together. He's a sharp dude and knows a TON about photography and film. I wish we had recorded our conversation before we went on the air! #grandcaymancookout #rcmemories #grandcaymanisland
A beautiful morning in a bamboo forest in Kyoto, Japan. I have a feeling this will look best over on Pinterest at ! #Kyoto #Japan #80stays #rcmemories
Apple recently selected the Best App of 2017. It's Aurora HDR! How awesome is that? You can grab it at Man, that team at Apple has some great taste in software, eh? Very nice of them even though I was pretty down on Apple at the beginning of this year because the first round of the new Macbooks were kinda not-so-great in my opinion. The new Macbook Pros are much improved for sure. Anyway, no matter what kind of Mac you have, you'll love the software (oh and it's Windows now too!)
The theater district of London on a rainy night. #theatre #theater #london #rain #wet
Here's a photo of a road trip across Antarctica. We thought it might be fun to drive up that volcano, but it turns out that a) It's an active volcano and b) we were not allowed. #antarcticanz #antarctica #roadtrip #travel #travelgram #adventure
We took a drive over to Man O' War Winery today here on Waiheke Island. What a pretty day! I first came here a few years ago and we landed a Heletranz helicopter right down there on the beach and had a big party. This time we just went for a walk on the beach and a little quad flight. This photo was edited with Aurora HDR (Thanks again Apple for naming it the Mac App of the Year! Awesome!). This was made out of three different photos, stitched together, then final touches with Aurora. #quadcopter #dji #landscape #beach #newzealand
Mac App of the Year! How awesome is that? Be sure to grab your copy on the app store or over here in my Stuck In Customs store at (Mac and Windows). All the credit really goes to the team over at Skylum (formerly Macphun). They have a great team of engineers, designers, marketing, and more! And they did all this while the CEO was raising a newborn! I teamed up with them a few years ago to make the first version, and now it's been through about 10 iterations so it's pretty awesome, if I do say so myself! I'm currently writing a longer-form article speculating why the Windows adoption has been so slow, even when Windows has a much higher percentage install base. One reason could certainly be the app store and how Apple is always on the lookout for really cool stuff to recommend. I'll try to get the finishing touches on that article when I get back to Queenstown and will share it soon. #Mac #app #bestof #2017 #windows #aurorahdr #photography #software
I did a little hike through the random countryside here on Waiheke yesterday. There are all these awesome trees just kinda hanging out on hilltops. They're also great places for little naps!
Fuel storage in front of a volcano in Antarctica. It was about an hour snowmobile ride to get out to this area at the airport. It's kind of a crazy airport because there are no real runways and planes just land right on the ice with skis. #antarcticanz #antarctica
Walking around a rainy London alone one night...
This is Claire in Antarctica, one of the scientists down there from the New Zealand research base. We were in a group going through survival training there on the first day, digging out ice-caves, building ice-kitchens, building fires to make hot soup, building blizzard-proof tents, and more!
To see all my shots from Burning Man, I have a special portfolio over at - I hope you see something in there that surprises your and/or makes you happy! 🙂 #burningman #2017 #treeoftenere #blackrockdesert #portfolio
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