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Bill O'Reilly stopped by #Studio1A this morning for his first TV interview since being fired from FOX News. #TODAYShow (photos via @photonate )
Thanks for still amusing us 27 years later, #Goodfellas !
Good morning from #Studio1A ! #TODAYShow (photo via @photonate )
Happy birthday to the hilarious @JimmyFallon !
This pack of patient dogs loves pancakes as much as we do #TODAYShow
@tessholliday talked to Hoda about her new book this morning on TODAY. Check out her Insta takeover on @todaystyle. #wearwhatyouwant #TODAYShow (photo via @photonate )
We're thinking about Carson and his late mom Pattie today. In a 2013 segment, Carson chose to honor his mother as the person who truly inspired him. #todayshow
We get it Charlie, Mondays can be a little ruff. (Photo via @photonate )
Happy Monday from @klgandhoda ! #TODAYShow (photo via @photonate )
@bigandrichofficial performed his morning on @klgandhoda ! #TODAYShow (photo via @photonate )
Go ahead, enjoy a cheeseburger in paradise on #NationalCheeseburgerDay !
Al reports the latest hurricane news this morning on TODAY. #TODAYShow (photo via @photonate )
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