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A wall of blue ice, carved by a summer of warm weather leaves a 3D playground where every surface is a line waiting to be climbed. @pfaff_anna sending the ‘King Line’ in a deep ‘moulin’ or hole in the glacier created by melt water. If you look closely you can see dark stripes and patches in the glacier. These are the ice’s versions of ‘growth rings’... centuries ago when the glacier was building volcanic ash would cover the snow and ice during the eruptions from the islands volcanoes. That ash became part of the glacier and is all that is left as the glacier shrinks every year. #iceland #glaciers
Just below the surface, are miles... no hundreds of miles... of sculpted ice-walls of all heights and steepness waiting to be climbed. The textures and smoothness reminded me of desert sandstone canyons, but instead of ‘Moab red’ they were ‘Iceland blue’. • • Here @bookofsamuel traverses in and then climbs one of the steep, long walls that we discovered. Thanks @bchendrix for helping me rappel in on my busted ankle.
You can’t just put ‘badass ice cave’ into google maps and have it give you directions. You need to get out on the ice and see with your own eyes to find what you are looking for. After a couple days of using trekking poles to get around in Iceland this winter (post accident) and my swollen ankle not getting any better... I finally upgraded to crutches! Game changer! Hopping around on one foot, and one crampon wasn’t the most glamorous but it was effective. Thanks for making a run to grab these @kakiorr @retro_outdoors ! 🎥 @the_dunne @brandonjosephbaker
Ever wanted to climb an iceberg — these are the scenes that kept me awake at night when during the day we were out there working to make them a reality. Would the ice be thick enough to walk on? Would the icebergs be safe enough? Could I travel on my injured ankle? • Swipe to see more ——> • After the accident on the glacier, while shooting in Iceland, we didn’t want to drive the 5 hours back to Reykjavík to have my ankle checked out and miss the good weather. It was cold and sunny, perfect conditions. So instead the team went to explore a Lagoon we knew of that was a mix of open water and thinly frozen ice (because of the cold). Icebergs that had calved off the glacier lay floating and frozen in the lagoon. Sitting in a sled, and using ski poles for power, pushing my way across the thin ice as @bookofsamuel and the rest of the team climbed without ropes, exploring this massive pieces of ice that are gone in a few weeks time. Special thanks to @retro_outdoors for the Viking carry when things got rough!
After a day to remember on the glacier, (in that giant ice cathedral from my last post) our luck changed... I was carrying multiple backpacks back to camp when the northern lights started going off overhead. Maybe I was distracted, maybe I was moving too fast, maybe it was just bad luck, but I slipped, fell, slid and the next thing I knew I was facedown on the ice. I heard a pop in my ankle midflight and knew it was bad. Only a sprain hopefully? • It was surreal laying there on the ice, looking up at the northern lights dancing overhead, but knowing I might have just ruined this trip on day 1. It took three strong guys to get me back to our tents and I crawled into my tent while the team made me some ramen to warm up. That’s when I snapped this image here. • Thanks for the rescue @bchendrix @retro_outdoors @renan_ozturk and the rest of the team. This was a night I can safely say I will never forget. Things swelled up pretty quickly once I got my boots off (following pics) and we all realized our trip might need to be reassessed. #iceland #glacier #epic #throwbackstories
On the first day in Iceland we discovered a room of ice with a small hole that allowed both entrance and exit. When you stood at the bottom and looked up is was like being in a church, steep cathedral ceilings on all sides, that led up to a small skylight where a bell tower might belong... except it was all made of clear blue ice. Here, @thenorthface climber @renan_ozturk warms up on the first and easiest line we found in this cave. Climbing on glaciers such as this is unlike anything else in the world, so even for the pros there is a bit of practice required. • • #Iceland #Glacier #Gnar #camp4pix
This was perhaps the most amazing night I've ever had under the stars... At a basecamp that you could only dream of. • • During the winter of 2017 I traveled to Iceland to continue a personal project exploring the inner workings of Icelands glaciers. This time I was 'on assignment' for @thenorthface and we brought a small crew of some of the most incredible athletes and artists to continue the journey. • • With all of the cards in place, I was devastated when I fell on the glacier the first day, breaking my ankle. Luckily I'm too stubborn to quit, and the team rallied to support me (literally at times). Now that the work is in the wild (in stores and catalogs) I can finally share some of my favorite images from our time on the ice. • • I'm looking forward to telling more stories this week of the work that @kbish801 , @hansjoergauer , @brandonjosephbaker , @renan_ozturk , @bookofsamuel , @pfaff_anna , @kakiorr , @retro_outdoors , and @bchendrix were so instrumental in helping capture. Stay tuned! #iceland #glacier #fun
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Yeehaww! I have to say that when we planned our trip to Jordan I really wanted to ride camels. If for no other reason, to experience what its like for the Bedouins that use the animals to transport goods across the desert. Their mastery of these animals is amazing. ....Plus I really wanted to use the camel emoji 🐫 🐫 While we didn't have endless desert marches for days on end, the time we spent with these animals was incredibly educational and rewarding. I'm no master camel whisperer, but I'm wiser than when I arrived. I can get them to stand up, sit down, and go -- basic I know but harder than you think! @kakiorr though... is next level 🐫 💨
The last bit of light falling on the tall sandstone walls of Wadi Rum, while I set up to capture @onceuponaclimb several hundred feet above the desert floor. #Techtiptuesday (a day late 😳) I've spent a lot of time dangling from ropes. Not just to shoot climbing, but as a creative way to capture the world around. And that's what this TechTip is all about. Just a friendly reminder that the world is not flat... and great photography often captures incredible perspective on subjects from unexpected places. So whether it's cars, an epic landscape, or a kayaker in a narrow canyon don't forget the world is 3 Dimensional and that you have the ability to put the camera anywhere in space you desire... be it on level ground, below the surface or 100s of feet in the air. Sometimes it just requires a little more effort 💪🏼💪🏼. Check out my #instastory for more. 📸 last week by @willsaundersphoto
If you don't feel a bit uncomfortable when you are traveling then you aren't traveling to the right places. This trip to Jordan, exploring the sandstone walls for unclimbed lines, retracing the footsteps of the ancient Bedouins, and talking about religions new and old has been uncomfortable in all the right ways. @onceuponaclimb @thenorthface #jordan #desert #climbing
The scale of the peaks in Denali National Park is probably best appreciated by standing below the towering summits, inevitably feeling small and insignificant. But, in my opinion, the grandeur and scale of the place is probably best felt from the air. • Luckily there are several 'Air Taxi' services in #Talkeetna that can give you a taste of both on any given afternoon in summer 🏔✈️ • This image is from a series of aerial photographs captured while filming the upcoming @sanctityofspace film in the heart of the Denali Range. • • @camp4collective #alaska #denali #phaseone
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