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A 10/10 vibe shot from @yaenepaul ! • • • • #mood #drone #dji #forest #fog #mountains
Such a moody snag by @flopunktwe ! Also, please check out our friends @dscvr.mood for your daily dose of moody images! The [dscvr] network features new photographers daily and is always looking to share captivating photos! Follow @dscvr.mood ---------- @dscvr.mood @dscvr.mood @dscvr.mood @dscvr.mood • • • • • #moodygrams #exploretocreate #bridge #nature #outdoors
It’s me, @pie_aerts again. Ever since I picked up a camera 8 years ago it has been fueling my daily passion for discovery and has given me a deeper appreciation of the beautiful world I live in. However, the one thing I value most about photography, is that it gets me outside, all the time. So many long hikes to amazing views, through thick forest, along crater rims or to hidden ice caves. For me, photography is a way to document all of this. It's about wandering and observing. In fact, we all do the same things, just in different ways. And that's exactly what is fascinating about traveling the world! If you wanna see more of my work, tune in on @pie_aerts.
Guys, it’s @pie_aerts again. When I was younger travelling often felt like a rat race to cover ground and to see as many countries possible in a short frame of time. Basically, I was more concerned collecting passport stamps than anything else. To be honest, at some point I started to discover that, apart from a few good shots, I didn't really gain much from the places I visited. And eventually, I realized that taking your time seeing that one special place has so more value than ticking them all off. Love to hear your thoughts about the matter, comment below and I’ll talk back. • • • • • #exploretocreate #travel #outdoors #photography #takeover
What’s up guys? It’s @pie_aerts taking over today! My name is Pie, I live in Amsterdam and contrary to popular belief my name has nothing to do with apples. One of the coolest things about photography, is that it puts you in a mental state of searching for beauty. A constant quest for pretty things. Perhaps it’s that pursuit of visual elegance that triggers me most. In doing so, I found this little fella in the Philippines. How about you? What’s the reason why you keep on picking up that camera? • • • • • #turtle #exploretocreate #nature #takeover #wildlife
Moody cabin shot by @noberson • • • • • #exploretocreate #cabin #mood #mountains #waterfall
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@jayunfolded back again with my final image for my take over. This was a shot I took in Lofoten, Norway. Thanks to everyone for following my takeover, feel free to head over and take a look at my account @jayunfolded. • • • • • #norway #drone #dji #exploretocreate #takeover
Hey guys @JayUnfolded back with my second post for the takeover. Location is Iceland 🇮🇸 I had the opportunity to go on an epic road trip around Iceland with a few friends one of my favourite places. • • • • • #iceland #mood #waterfall #exploretocreate #takeover
Hey guys @JayUnfolded here, I’m a Irish photographer living in Dublin, Ireland. I will be sharing three of my favourite locations I’ve visited this year. This first post is from the Faroe Islands , it was a goal for me to visit this place for a long time. It’s so beautiful and full of culture. We spent three days here and I’m excited to get back next year to explore more. • • • • • #ireland #exploretocreate #takeover #ocean #beach #nature #outdoors
Fall always makes for the perfect shots. @zmelhus and his @paul_hewitt watch capturing the mood. • • • #paulhewitt #getanchored #ad #sponsored
@andrii_lutsyk snagging an insane Himalaya shot! • • • • • #view #exploretocreate #outdoors #nature #vsco #photography
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