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Hot summer nights = endless rice paper rolls. I think I've had this on repeat nearly every night for a week 😂 Tonight filled with roast pumpkin, mushroom, carrot, sprouts, greens, avocado & coriander. Served with some crispy tempeh, a sweet chilli peanut dipping sauce and a side salad finished with teriyaki pulled jackfruit 😇 #fullAF (recipe for jackfruit & rolls is in my book - link in bio 💘)
Mornings like these ✨🎈 Breakfast Pizza for my lover. Oat & Flax base baked with cheesy crispy chickpeas, Sundried tomatoes, garlicky kale & mushrooms & finished with a cashew cheese drizzle. 👏🏻👏🏻 And sprouts, for good measure!
Salted Caramel & White Chocolate Oats loaded with a dash of melted cacao butter, maple syrup, chia seeds & vanilla 🌙 Topped with vanilla cashew butter, bluebs, crushed nuts & banana. These oats are loaded with protein, healthy fats & added adaptogens - @teelixir Lions Mane mushroom was today's choice! Lions Mane has been proven to promote & boost cognition, regenerate nerve tissue & improve memory! 🤗 so yahuh I'm all about dat!
Dreaming of these dreamy ocean themed raw vegan donuts 🌙✨🌴 After a custom cheesecake, dessert or treats for your event? Email me via or DM me here! If you're in Melbourne you can find my treat s at my fave hangout, @cocomamasjuices 💘👏🏻
Cookie Dough & nut butter cravings 😛👀🌴 Loads of vanilla, cashew butter, sea salt, dark Choc & infused with my fav @teelixir medicinal mushrooms - obsessed with these guys & their fab products, stay tuned for some plant based goodies coming up! Healing with whole foods, always 💘💘💘
Greens to soothe the soul 🌴
Oat magik ✨👏🏻 Supercharged vanilla & salted caramel oat bowl with chia, flax, hemp seeds, @teelixir reishi & primal energy medicinal mushroom blends. Topped with melted @loving_earth raw chocolate, chocolate hazelnut butter, peanut butter & roasted cashew butter (triple threat by nut butter) - ps, the secret to making Oats taste 100% better is by melting a little coconut oil, coconut butter or cacao butter in once it's hot and stirring in a smidge of white miso or sea salt along with your sweetener & spices of choice. Thank me later ;)
Sweet delights 💘🌴🌙 White Chocolate, Raspberry and citrus mini cheesecakes - free of refined sugar, dairy & full of love!
Peanut Butter Jelly protein balls with a raspberry cashew cream filling & White Choc Raspberry protein balls with a lil rasp hiding inside. Both are low in sugar, free of dates, protein packed & GF. In store at @cocomamasjuices 💘
"Nutella" filled raw vegan donuts - you heard it here first! At @cocomamasjuices tomorrow ✌🏻️(not real Nutella guys! Homemade Choc Hazelnut butter dur)
Choc x Vanilla swirl shaking 💘 Frozen banana, coconut cream, cashew butter, cacao, vanilla, cinnamon, generous pinch of salt & brown rice protein - yas please 💋
Dreamin of this superfoods bowl 🌙🎀 Frozen banana & dragonfruit topped with papaya, banana, homemade Choc protein bars, seed mix & more ✌🏻️ #plantfueled
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