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Danish 6 times award-winning author | photographer | stylist | creative consultant | Founder of Sisterhood Retreats and co-founder of Greenilicious🍵

How lucky can one be to have friends who are true “miracle workers”. Am so in awe of their talent. Who? @_foodstories_ of course (the amazing flower decoration is by @ruby_marylennox ) ... #thetravellingfoodband #ourfoodstoriesstudio #creativetribe #photography #berlin #sharingideas #planningnewprojects
Gathering in Berlin with amazingly talented friends and colleagues @_foodstories_ @signebay and @verdenius. Being part of this creative tribe is just so meaningful and inspiring. So happy to call these wise and wonderful ladies my friends🙏🏻 ... #ourfoodstoriesstudio
Hi guys. How does 3 full days of healthy cooking, styling, creativity and photography, great plant-based food and exploring of the French capital sound to you? Not bad at all, right! 🥦 If you think “YES, I would totally love to spoil myself with such an adventure”, our inspiration-packed workshop in Paris next June may be just what you dream about - organized in a clise collaboration between @sisterhood_retreats and @sandramahut. 📷 'Healthy Cooking, Food Styling & Photography in Paris' will be both a gluten free cooking class, market and cobbled street strolling, shooting, styling and editing sessions in a professional Parisian photography studio, table setting tips, prop hunting, lunches and dinners in our favorite healthy eateries in Paris, as well as afternoon tea and talks about work-life balance, social media and how to turn your hobby into a heart-driven successful business. 🥑 We would love to have you join us on this Insider’s journey to healthy cooking, styling and photographing in Paris🇫🇷🍽📷🤗 ... Link to more info and registration in profile👆🏻
Guess what kind of mood I’m in today🌲🎅🏻 ... I developed recipe for this Cinnamon star bread for a Christmas blogger-event in my cafe @greenilicious November 28th organized in close collaboration with one of my favorite brands @urtekram. ... Can’t wait to teach 25-30 Danish food bloggers how to create this darling, when they visit us in our wonderful organically based deli. And trust me! The ingredient list is full of cheerful surprises. Will share the recipe with you after the event has taken place📃✍🏻 ... #christmas #starbread ##feedfeed #thefeedfeed #huffposttaste #huffpostgram #beautifulcuisines #f52gram #onthetable #homebaked #christmasbaking #warmingupforchristmas #cinnamon #thefeedfeedbaking
LAST CHANCE TO JOIN ‘A SCANDINAVIAN CHRISTMAS TALE’. ... Perhaps you have been playing with the thought of joining us in Gothenburg, Sweden, when we soon press the kick off button of ‘A Scandinavian Christmas Tale - Storytelling, food & Lifestyle Photography’? ... If so, hurry in and book your seat (only two left) now, because tomorrow is the last day to secure a room at our lovely Hotel Bellora. And, furthermore, only two more weeks to go! It will be a fantastic retreat learning new skills, eating good food and making new friends. I just wanted to remind you so that you don´t miss out on this unique opportunity. You find the link to the registration in my profile👆🏻 ... Hope to see you in a couple of weeks time🙋📷✍🏻🌲❄️ ... #dream_learn_achieve #kitchenschool #bakingcourses #cookingcourses #thefeedfeed #feedfeed #beautifulcuisines #whatscookingaarhus #bagekursus #madlavningskursus #køkkenskole #workshops #lovecooking #learnhowtocook #learnhowtobake #christmaswreath
I’m soon ready to share some SUPER exciting news with you, dear followers🙌🏻. I’ve been working on a project for quite a while - the creation of a kitchen school with a wide range of inspiration-packed baking and cooking classes for both adults and kids. And finally I’ve succeeded in bringing my dream from idea and into reality. The courses will primarily be held in Danish and take place in my hometown, Aarhus. However, I will also bring my courses to Copenhagen from time to time (just need the right place to hold them - if any of you know just the right place, I would be happy to hear from you) and perhaps even abroad. I can’t wait to share more details with you 🔜. Within the next couple of days, I will launch my new kitchen school website. Woohoo! So excited🤗🎉 ... Wish you a wonderful day everyone🙋 ... #dream_learn_achieve #kitchenschool #bakingcourses #cookingcourses #thefeedfeed #feedfeed #beautifulcuisines #whatscookingaarhus #bagekursus #madlavningskursus #køkkenskole #workshops #lovecooking #learnhowtocook #learnhowtobake #jpaarhus #smagaarhus
Homemade snickers made with organic, natural ingredients. Such a favorite in our family - and in @_greenilicious_ too. Yes, you can actually buy these darlings freshly made and ready to grab and go in our organically based deli in Aarhus. So proud to have contributed with the recipe for this 100% yummy delight. Wish you a great day, dear followers (btw, the recipe can also be found in my most recent book ‘Sunde slikmunde’)
Happy weekend, dear followers. May it be filled with slow mornings, delicious meals, and precious time with your loved ones🍁 ... #weekend #beautifulcuisines #thefeedfeed #feedfeed #healthyliving #lunch #greenfuel #onthetable
Can’t wait to recreate this pasta dish tonight - inspired by one I had again and again in Rome at this hidden gem, @daenzoal29 during @signebay ’s and my most recent photography retreat in the eternal city. Happy Wednesday, guys! I’m in the midst of planning something really exciting - plans I will share with you soon. ... And hey! Don’t forget to swing by @sisterhood_retreats , where I announce all my forthcoming workshops, learning retreats and One Day Intensives. And more exciting news will be shared there in just a few days🎙Would be so grateful to welcome you as a follower🙏🏻✨
Spent the day yesterday developing and testing new recipes for the Christmas menu in my plant-based café, @_greenilicious_ . This is a nutrient-dense, flavor-packed Christmas salad loaded with red cabbage, walnuts, hazelnuts, apple, grapes, orange, red onions, and other secret ingredients completed with a delicious citrus dressing and a generous sprinkle of pomegranate seeds to add a pop of color and give the salad a little extra oomph and crunch. So fresh, crisp and colorful - will for sure light up your Christmas table. ... Wish you a great day, dear followers🍇 ... #onthetable #beautifulcuisines #greenilicious #greenfuel #plantbased #greenchristmas #recipedevelopment #foodstyling #foodphotographer #nourishyourself #healthyfood #healthyliving #lifeandthyme #feedfeed #thefeedfeed #boligliv #madogvenner #
Counting down for the kick off of ‘A Scandinavian Christmas Tale’ in Gothenburg November 30th-December 3rd. ... During this first powerpacked workshop in @sisterhood_retreats , I will share all my secret tips and tricks on HOW I'VE USED STORYTELLING AND FOOD & LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHY TO EARN SIX INTERNATIONAL COOKBOOK AWARDS AND BUILD A 6-FIGURE BUSINESS. ... To our great joy, the interest for this workshop has been overwhelming, and we’ve only got a few seats left for this amazing learning adventure, that takes place in Scandinavia -known as one of the happiest places on earth. Come and join us. We can’t wait to welcome you. Link for registration in profile. First come first served❄️🇸🇪📷✍🏻💫 ... #ascandinavianchristmastale #sisterhood_retreats #photography #visualstorytelling #investinyourself #dream_learn_achieve #justdoit
Couldn’t be more excited to press the launch button on this magical, power-packed food & lifestyle workshop in Venice during the enchanting, iconic Carnival. Registration has just opened🎉 Don’t hesitate too long to jump onboard. This darling will sell out quickly🇮🇹📷🍝🍽. Link in profile.
‘A SCANDINAVIAN CHRISTMAS TALE ... Dear IG-friends and followers. Tickets are selling out fast for our power-packed ‘A SCANDINAVIAN CHRISTMAS TALE’ - storytelling, food & lifestyle photography retreat in beautiful Gothenburg, Sweden November 30th - December 3rd 2017. So if you want to secure your seat, jump aboard now🤸‍♀️❄️📷✍🏻🇸🇪 ... We have put our hearts and souls into creating the most educational, inspiring and eventful program, that teaches you how to create high-quality editorial content for magazines, blogs and books, take your photography and visual storytelling skills to the next level and give you a unique opportunity to network with colleagues from all over the world, while indulging in the best Scandinavian Christmas food and treats. ... The workshop is packed with in depth instruction in photography, workflow and creation of high-quality editorial content , that gives photography entusiasts like myself new perspective on their work, new tools and bring their creative skills to a higher level. ... When my most recent family cookbook, based on all my own recipes and photos, was named number 2 in "Best in the World" by Gourmand International in June 2015, I knew I had reached a milestone on my journey as a writer and as well as a photographer. It is my strong wish to share my experiences, tips and tricks with likeminded creatives like you and thereby help you step into your power and fast-track your skills as a photographer, content provider for magazines or cookbook writer. ... Click on the link in my profile to read more and to secure your seat. We can’t wait to take you on this Christmas adventure and learning journey🎉🙌🏻💫
Wish you all a happy Wednesday, dear followers🌿
Stumbled upon these green stunners the other day at @aarstidernes_gaardbutik in Humlebæk, Denmark and immediately knew I wished to share their beauty with you, guys. Have a fabulous day. My day will be spent behind my desk bringing power-packed new workshops and learning retreats for 2018 held in @sisterhood_retreats , a good step further. So excited! ✍🏻📷✈️🎉🍽 ... #dream_learn_achieve #sisterhood_retreats #workshop #magicalplaces #learningretreats #investinyourself #greenliving #plantbased #storytelling #photography
A SCANDINAVIAN CHRISTMAS TALE - PHOTOGRAPHY & STORYTELLING WORKSHOP ... I’m so very excited to announce that we have only a few seats left for our ‘A Scandinavian Christmas Tale’ in Gothenburg (Sweden), November 30th-December 3rd 2017. We have packed this intimate, and intense full three day workshop with inspiration, delicious Christmas meals, excursions, classes and training sessions, and can’t wait to share all our tools and secret tips and tricks with you. ... We quickly sold out all the available single rooms, but are happy to let you know that we have managed to increase the number of single rooms to meet your demands. So know you can choose your preferred option. However, tickets are selling out fast, so don’t hesitate too long, if you want to join us on this wonderful Christmas adventure. ... Link in profile for more info and to secure your spot❄️🇸🇪✍🏻📷. ... #sisterhood_retreats @sisterhood_retreats
Nature never ceases to amaze me. Look at these purple jewels. Amazing, right! .... I’m a strong believer in the old adage “You are what you eat” and I’m pretty sure we would all look as appetizing and attraktive as these kohlrabis if only we ate more of them😜 So go get ‘em, dear followers. They are out there on the market stands right now. Wish you a great evening.
HEALTHY COOKING, FOOD STYLING & PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP IN PARIS🇫🇷 ... My dear friend and award-winning Paris-based cookbook author, @sandramahut , and I (Sif Orellana, founder of @sisterhood_retreats ) are over the moon to press the launch-button for this intimate and intense full 3 day healthy cooking, styling and food photography workshop in Paris June 3rd-5th 2018. The workshop is packed with inspiration - a glutenfree cooking class, market and cobbled street stroling, an insider’s tour to the best prop stores in Paris, shooting, styling and editing sessions in a professional Parisian photography studio, table setting tips, and lunches and dinners at our favorite healthy eateries of Paris as well as afternoon tea and talks about work-life balance, social media and how to turn your hobby into a heart-driven successful business. ... We have sooo much in store for you and are absolutely thrilled to invite you to join ud on this inspiration-packed culinary and creative learning journey. Wouldn’t it be a wondeful gift to treat yourself with in 2018🎉✨ ... LINK to more info and registration in profile👆🏻 ... #dream_learn_achieve #workshop #boostyourcreativity #healthycooking #photography #foodstyling #learn_from_awardwinning_authors #recipedevelopment #exploreparis #sisterhood_retreats
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