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I'm only happy when it snows. #tbt Can you see the cat and the glass of tea? Kışın tek sevdiğim yönü kar. Onun da ilk günü ve mümkünse ilk birkaç saati. ☃️
All you need is love and a cat. 🐾🖤 #catsofistanbul
If winter comes, can spring be far behind? ❄️🌸
This sky Where we live Is no place to lose your wings So love, love Love. ~ Hafiz #istanbul #WHPinspired
Should I stay or should I go?💡Bu sokakta güzel bir Stranger Things partisi yapılmaz mı? 🤓
Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop. ~ Rumi 🍂 #goodbyeautumn
Think pink 🌷
Istanbul is like a great book that you never get bored of reading over and over. 🕵🏻‍♀️📕 Yesterday I had the best staycation in my own city as a #HyattCentricExplorer . It was exciting to remember that the city that I call home always has more to offer and @hyattcentriclevent_istanbul is a great starting point to discover it as a tourist. Soon I'll grab my camera again for a date with my beloved city to experience it through the eyes of an explorer. #sponsored #ad
komorebi [ 木漏れ日 ] sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees 🍃🍂🍁✨
(Is it night? Are we here alone?) It is I you hold, and who holds you; I spring from the pages into your arms. Walt Whitman 📖 It is very strange that I still haven't posted any photographs from my favourite place in Paris. Stepping into this legendary bookstore, spending time & soaking up its magical atmosphere was a magical experience. (Maybe I felt my experience itself was far more powerful than the photographs.) Here are some photos I've taken there one evening, at sundown. (It gets less busy after sundown.) ♥️ (Türkçe, yorumlar👇🏼)
Istanbul, upside down 🏚🌌
Surprising facades of Paris | Paris'e benzemeyen Paris fotolarından devam. 🤗🚲🚪🌿💙
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