i watch mc videos unironically

i gotta like edit or something since it’s been a fat month but damn y’all no one photo edits nowadays like wow i should just quit lol
hey losers i changed my @ since peachykiing fucking died! also ive been thinking of moving accounts but i'm still not sure & just yeah (tag the loml christine @peachristine ) !!!
it's my 15th birthday & all i want is matt champion to love me also link in bio for my spotify playlist 'you' where all my 'good songs' are (#brockhampton ) (ok i literally just noticed i used the same pic of dar i used for his bday edit but fuck this child don't got any pics that go w my feed !!!)
—— hey i'm turning 15 in 15 days & i still have no idea how to cope with my emotions (y quiero llorar) comment an emoji to be added to the taglist that i'm failing to continue !
—— hey i'm at the fair doing crunch fair like things but i wanted to post an edit & say happy birthday to one of my longest internet friends sophia, im so glad you decided to look at my account after j****yn posted about how i needed 1.8k to follow her back on that faithful august day ! i love you so much & im hella glad we bonded over fall out boy causing you to come into my life, you mean everything to me & im just so happy to have someone like you telling me to stop being sad over dumb boys & i miss you so much & can't wait to see you again next month !¡ 💌⚡️ ♡♡ comment an emoji to added to the taglist ★ tags; @en_jajaja || #enjajaja
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( i b wanting to try a taglist & if it flops im quitting social media but wtvr comment an emoji to b added 🍑🌱 ) ok so can't wait to finally [try to] get back into editing & posting regularly & b a qt fp once again !! ♡ !! 2/3
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y'all i b missin these uglies, whys this gotta b over so soon 😪😪😪😪😪😪
hi ive edited this like 18 times & i still don't know how to caption it, (imma go watch arthur or cry over dar like that little bitch i am bye !!!) - tag noodle boy if u wanna idfc !!! || #kiingtong
some kid in my bio class took my fucking hat & now i feel so fucking empty w/o it & im highkey triggered about it (& new fake fact even though this is obviously a real fact since zack does indeed sell drugs in tijuana) - @pokediger1 ; #cubesmp # something else but i forgot what the other # i put is #pokediger1 is that the other # i put ??
i wanna finish this theme before school starts so heres a half assed edit i made a week ago ok && bye imma watch arthur now !! — @iaisc // #privatefearless #cubesmp # i want death !! tag him if you wanna ok bye again !!
this pic of jade nd amie fucks w my emotions sm it's honestly the cutest thing on earth ++ i just posted on @beesoutfits :D — @am.thyst @leafyisnthere || look jade i finally posted it !! [ amie liked nd commented 08.24.16 ]
i made this edit like 15 million years ago so i guess it's time to post it !! + follow @beesoutfits bc im needy for followers on that acc ;) — @antster_ || #creeperfarts
i was gonna write a whole caption about how much i miss nd love dar but im fucking lazy lmao ++ dar would b a gr8 disney princess — princess darach liked (08.11.16)
[ the 1975 - robbers ] i don't know what to do for this caption so im just gonna use some of jade's furry smut !!¡ furry smut boii [warning ¿?] Will walked into Olivia's pastel pink room. He always adored how she had a think for things that were colored pink. Olivia was sitting on her bed, doing the usual, cleaning her fur ears and her wolf tail. Will suddenly got turned on by the way she stroked the ears strongly, with such passion, almost as if she was stroking Will's mighty wolf dong. Will then howled and told Olivia to strip naked and to put on her "costume". Olivia quickly listened and put on her tail, ears, nose, and paws. She quickly took off her pants to let Will see her "full moon". He then turned into a wolf and took her by the paw and took her to the bed. He then proceeded to take off her shirt and her bra, leaving her practically naked before his eyes. They shared a kiss, he locked eyes with Olivia and licked her eye while she licked his nose,, tru love. Will decided to thrust his mighty woofer inside Olivia, leaving her in a state of pain and pleasure. He continued to do this until she called him The Leader Of The Wolf Pack, The Big Dawg. That sent both of them over the edge where the both howled at the sensation of some good stuff ya feel. Will then took some pills to turn normal and Olivia took off her "costume". They fell asleep together and lived happily ever after! — sorry !! not rlly !! love y'all !!
♡ july 24, 2016 fc; 2275 i made this before isaac posted the model thing on ig btw; buT yO i miGHt b abLE to preDIct the fUtuRe [ bc like he posted the model thing after i made this even though it isn't for aa but he still might b a fucking model sooo im a fucking fortune teller ] sO HOWS UR GUYS DAYS GOING SO FAR — @iaisc || #privatefearless
[ the 1975 - me ] i haven't posted an edit in forever rip me,, jade ++ isabelle are calling me inactive im a triggered elf :( [s2g isabelle and jade r basically co-owner now fucking gr8] — @heyimbee || #heyimbee
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