PARKRUN 105 COMPLETED - Billericay, Essex, UK

Wasn't really up for a Parkrun this morning as my body is so tired this week after all the travel blogging stuff. Still I got out of bed and went to nearby Billericay. However I wasn't really up for a FOUR lap course (I hate laps, still, this doesn't beat Highbury Fields Parkrun in London where it's five laps!). The course is mostly flat with a few uphill bits (nothing to slow down the runners) and there is a part where runners run across a field (the bit I love, I always run faster off-road!) First lap was good, I was doing race pace, second lap was a little bit slower but couldn't beat the time of the first lap and the last two laps I turned it into a steady run as my body told me to "f*** off, I don't want to race today". I was so tired today and I just wanted to sleep for the rest of the morning. Need to pick myself up for next weekend's tasty half marathon in Knebworth House, Hertfordshire, UK.

Completed the 5km (3.2 mile) course in 24-04, finishing in 49th out of 184 runners. This was my 56th different course on the Parkrun circuit.

Photos: David Hayday from Billericay Parkrun. Thank you. And a huge thank you to all those who made this event possible.

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