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How do you make an independent film look cinematic and expensive? “Get a good DP,” says Christopher Radcliff. In a panel presented by @DIRECTV , he, co-director Lauren Wolkstein, and star @jamesfreedsonjackson , shared how they shot The Strange Ones in just 20 days, the positive ego check co-directing can be (though they caution, “it’s not for everyone”), the painful nature of cutting scenes you’ve grown attached to, and the uncomfortable way fake blood can taste really good ("tasty murder"). #VultureFestival
Regram from @vulture : Just two bros hanging out. #DaveFranco and #JamesFranco of #TheDisasterArtist at #VultureFestival LA. 📷: @jucophoto. Presented by @att.
Regram from @vulture : The beguiling #SofiaCoppola at #VultureFestival LA. 📷: @jucophoto. Presented by @att.
Getting a show on the air isn't an easy feat, but @jonesinforjason has absolutely no illusions about the TV business. "I knew somebody at @tbsnetwork and they gave me a show," he joked of @detourtbs. In their #VultureFestival panel, he and costar @thenataliezea talked about the inevitability of stealing from yourself as a writer, the lengths drama actors have to go to "funny up their resumes" so that they can considered for comedy parts, and the strength in being willing to go where other shows won't (orgasms on snowmobiles being an example).
@gcharlesrogers was wrong, there were indeed (some) survivors of today's @searchpartytbs scavenger hunt at #VultureFestival L.A. ⬆️Tap through our story for highlights.
It's handled. #KerryWashington , #BellamyYoung , and #TonyGoldwyn of #Scandal at #VultureFestival LA. Check @vulture for more photos and videos from the pop culture extravaganza. 📷: @gettyimages
"If you want to be great at anything, stay up late with others of your craft," Senior Art Critic @jerrysaltz said at a private tour of the @thebroadmuseum before its doors opened to the public. #VultureFestival
"The cover taught me that great magazines are steeped in point of view, voice, tone. They live. And seeing that cover for the first time is probably what made me want to make magazines for a living, though I didn’t know that at the time." 🗞 Our editor-in-chief, Adam Moss, looked back on his favorite cover which was shot by Carl Fischer. "He was a genius; satiric covers are incredibly difficult to pull off and he succeeded almost all of the time. The coverline of that issue read, “If course he can walk. Thank God he doesn’t have to.” At the time, I thought it — picture and headline in unison — was hilarious. I still do." See more of our old covers in our book, linked in bio. #nymag50 #nymagbook
We’re in California, baby! Our convertible and sunglasses are rented, and we’ve been driving down the Pacific Coast Highway, just like Don Draper, the wind no match for the mid-century pomade in our hair. Because this weekend, Vulture Festival is in Los Angeles. After four sensational years in New York, we felt it was time to bring the pop-culture extravaganza to the City of Stars. Tonight, we kicked things off with an opening night event on the Hollywood Roosevelt rooftop. Tomorrow, get ready for all of the highlights from #VultureFestival L.A., presented by @att.
@bethennyfrankel for President? 🇺🇸 By her own admission, Frankel's pivot into disaster relief this year has been unexpected. “I was sitting at home and I was thinking, everyone’s saying ‘You can’t go there,’” she recalled. “And I’m thinking, ‘You can’t go there’? If they don’t have anything and you can’t go there, then you’ve got to go there.” Now, a reality TV star who suddenly devotes much of her time and energy to highly visible national-disaster relief causes a surge of tweets calling for “President Bethenny.” Tap the link in bio for why she's unlikely to be a political player. 📸: Krista Schlueter
A is for Aquafaba, B is for @BjornQorn. It’s easy to write off vegan food as quote food: “ham” and “cheese” analogues slapped together with cruelty-free “mayo.” But beyond the big business and the junk food, beyond new vegan burgers that “bleed” and vegan cheeses that melt, there are skilled vegetable chefs producing delicious real food, a fact that’s sometimes lost on non-vegans who find the animal-free kingdom insular and a bit mysterious. Tap the link in bio for @grubstreet 's encyclopedia to navigating an increasingly plant-based world, whether you’re a vegan, a would-be vegan, or just a curious omnivore.
“Music never felt like a job. Now it’s just like people waiting to see if I fail. I just want to be an artist, I don’t want to be no f*cking queen. I wanna hear myself everywhere. I would do f*cking elevator music.” Right now, @iamcardib knows that performing “Bodak Yellow” in as many places as possible is definitely where the shmoney is. 💸 Tap the link in bio to read the full profile on @thecut. 📸: @hassanhajjaj_larache
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