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This is the official account for Lake Clark National Park & Preserve in Alaska. Tag your photos with #LakeClarkNPS for a chance to be featured.

Although it now feels like we're in winter's grasp, we're reflecting on what an amazing autumn it was NPS Photo/L. Wilcox #FindYourPark #Fall #Autumn #Alaska
That feeling when the silence is only broken by your paddle in the water. NPS Photo/ N. Hoffman #findyourpark #alaska #mountains #canoeing #canoe
Brown bears, like these ones seen near Silver Salmon Creek, will often practice "dash and grab" fishing, in which they quickly pounce on fish in shallow water. Because this technique uses so much energy, it is most often seen with younger bears and earlier in salmon runs. NPS Photo/K. Jalone #findyourpark #alaska #bears #bearsofinstagram
The view from the Priest Rock Cabin, the only public use cabin in the park. During the summer months, it is available for reservation. NPS Photo/A. LaValle #findyourpark #alaska #cabinlife #cabin
Glaciers cling to the peaks of the Chigmit Mountains, slowly sculpting the terrain. NPS Photo/A. LaValle 😍❄️🏞️🏔️ #Alaska #mountains #snow
From the archives: a throwback to the 1990 Redoubt eruption. Redoubt #Volcano has erupted twice in the last 30 years. It first erupted for over 6 months from December 1989 into 1990. Then again in 2009, sending ash to the Kenai Peninsula and Anchorage.
After spawning out in the fall, sockeye salmon carcasses wash onto the shore of Lake Clark and provide food for scavengers of all kinds NPS Photo/A. LaValle #findyourpark #alaska #salmon
As the days get shorter and darkness takes up an increasing portion of the clock here in Alaska, we're looking forward to a winter full of aurora. What special northern lights experiences have you had? NPS Photo/A. Marks #FindYourPark #Alaska #Aurora #AuroraBorealis
Trick or treat? The raven (Corvus corax) is known in many Alaska native cultures as "the trickster." What clever mischief might he be up to this Halloween? NPS Photo/J. Mills #FindYourPark #Alaska #Raven
In the past year, Lake Clark volunteers served an amazing 4,490 hours in the park! Thank you! 🎉🙌🎉 #FindYourPark #Alaska
Things are looking frosty at Tanalian Falls! NPS Photo/A. LaValle #waterfall #alaska #findyourpark
An early morning view of the Chigmit Mountains and one of the glaciers that slices through them. NPS Photo/ D. Young
The beaver ponds near Port Alsworth are now covered by a layer of ice as the temperature continues to drop. The past several nights have seen temperatures as low as 15° F. NPS Photo/A. LaValle
As winter creeps into lower elevations, it has long been raging in the high peaks of the Chigmit Range. We feel cold just looking at it! NPS Photo/A. LaValle
Today marks the 150th anniversary of the transfer of Alaska from Russia to the United States. Included in that transfer were some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth. Happy #AlaskaDay ! NPS Photo/K. Miller #FindYourPark #Alaska #Mountains
Like a mirror, Kontrashibuna Lake reflects the snowline that descends from the mountains lower and lower each day NPS Photo/A. LaValle #FindYourPark #Alaska #HikeAlaska #Reflection
Martha's Mountain looms over the frost-covered tundra near Port Alsworth on these mid-October mornings NPS Photo/ A. LaValle #FindYourPark #Alaska #Mountains
Two horned puffins (Fratercula corniculata) sit on a rock in the Tuxedni Bay region of the park. Their colorful beak tips only turn the distinctive bright red or orange during breeding season. NPS Photo/K. Lewandowski #Alaska #Puffin #FindYourPark
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