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Fresh fruit crisp. I promise there’s fruit under there ...
:: the girl next door :: New post! Okay. This is my favorite, {easy} go-to dessert of the moment and you guys have to give it a try. It’s a simple Apple & Vanilla Creme Fraiche Tart that takes just a few minutes to put together, and is made of things that you probably already have around the kitchen. You can sub sour cream for the creme fraiche and other fruits for the apples - pears, figs, cranberries, etc. It’s the BEST! If you make it, be sure to tag me so I can see. 👌🏻😘
Pumpkins roasting on an open fire = the best kind of pumpkins. 📸 @silverpebblephotography
Breakfast bliss. ✨
Hey guys! Just FYI - right now if you order any @DanielWellington watch, cuff or strap, you'll get an extra 10% off your order. And, if you use my code HARVEST, you'll even get an extra 15% off of that. Pretty nice deal, just in time for the holidays. #ad #dwforeveryone #danielwellington
I think in my next life I'd like to give restaurant design a try. Or maybe in this life. You never know. 🤔
Oak-smoked pasta from the blog. I rigged up a little DIY stovetop smoker yesterday and smoked a ⛵️-load of things. Grapes ... noodles ... cream. The directions for how to do it (takes 5 min) are on my blog. Just search, "smoke rings in the dark."
Fun fact about me: about 10 years ago, I wrote and self-published a cookbook. (don't Google it 🙈). I didn't want to write my grad school thesis, so I wrote a cookbook instead. It was maybe the most extreme example of academic procrastination in the history of ever, and a bit foreshadowing of my future. It was a 5-ingredient book that, while I cringe a bit at some of its contents, actually had some pretty handy recipes and ideas in it, I'd like to think. . . . . As such, I'm going to go back to that same notion on my blog from now on, and work to put out recipes that are simple, accessible, and minimal as far as their ingredients are concerned. I love cooking that way and enjoy the challenge of it. Sometimes less really is more, and I find that is so often the case when it comes to good food. 💖
Blushing beauties.
Move over Dutch babies, this cranberry & mandarin clafoutis is ready for its turn in the spotlight. Coming soon to the blog! Happy Friday y'all 😘
Bacon. Miso. Moonshine. Extra flexed 💪🏻 @chroniclebooks #smokerootsmountainharvest
"What'll it be ma'am?' . . "I'll have the ginger-carrot-apple juice, with a boost of ginseng please. And also a coffee. Actually, I'll do a decaf latte ... I already had two cups before we got here." . . "Mmm hmm. And for you, sir?" . . "I'll just have a cup of black tea if you've got it. I think I'd also like to try your wheatgrass tonic and a large orange juice. And a coffee to go - black - but extra, extra hot. Can you do that? Like s c r e a m i n g hot? . . "You got it. I'll put those drink orders in for y'all and be back with your waters." . . Name your restaurant. Name your town. Name your decade, even. The weekend breakfast rush probably looks and feels and smells and sounds almost exactly the same, no matter where your map dot may be and no matter what year it might say on the calendar. That is, of course, with one glaring exception ... . . My father-in-law (@mcdufftours ) calls us "The Liquid Generation." A generation that has, somehow, come to operate almost completely based on the need for (or anticipated future need for) beverage consumption. Always thinking about the next drink we're going to down, coffee we're going to sip, smoothie we're going to slurp, and water we're going to tote along, our darling beverages have become somewhat akin to having pets." - from the blog
This super delicious "Winter's Root Salad" can be found via quick search on edibleindy.ediblecommunities.com (@edibleindy ) and it's such a good one. There's a creamy roasted garlic dressing that goes with it that I seem to be putting on everything these days. The heart wants what it wants ... 🤷🏼‍♀️👌🏻
From where I stood at the edge of the world.
Lattice eat pie. Tiny baby apple apple pies. My new most favorite thing. 🍎 On the blog now, in case you missed it!
Mega clump meteorite granola. Also referred to as "asteroid granola." Breakfast of choice/breakfast of champions.
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Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! This has always been my favorite day of the year, and I love every little thing about it. Namely, the food. I had a blast partnering with @shopsimon to create some interesting and slightly different takes on a few of my favorite traditional holiday side dishes (pictured here) and I will be serving them all throughout the holiday season. They are all (accidentally) healthy and gorgeous, and just special enough to make them perfect for any gathering. Head over to the @shopsimon blog #simonSAID to get the scoop. Oh, and that simple slow cooker turkey breast I shared a couple days ago? That's over there too, and it is literally the easiest way you will ever get juicy, delicious turkey on your holiday tables. Enjoy your day, friends! #ad #prhpartner
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