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Stop thinking about every detail. Stop waiting for the perfect moment. Just. Start. #yourworldwithin
Be the person 20 years from now talking with your friends and family about how you ALMOST didn't go. You ALMOST let your doubt and fear of failure stop you from taking that leap toward your dreams. Never be a victim of "Almost". • • • • • • #neverthevictim #almost #legends #are #born #through #failure #neverstopimproving #motivation #quotes #yourworldwithin #shredded #fitfam #fitness #fit #bodybuilding #physique #mensphysique #nationallyqualified #npc #vascular #muscle #keepmovingforward #millan
Every morning on the way to work I like to listen to motivational speeches. It helps me prep for the day, especially on those really crappy sluggish mornings when you’d rather crawl back in to bed than try to be an adult . This quote is from a speech called “1.5%” from motivational speaker “Your World Within” someone who I listen to frequently. This quote really spoke to me. I recommend everyone listen to this guy. So many wonderful words of wisdom. If you are keen, you can find his stuff on Spotify, YouTube, and follow on IG here! @your_world_within • • #yourworldwithin #motivationalquotes #motivation #motivationalspeech #1 .5% #italladdsup #beyourownboss
Today I dared to allow my imagination run wild. I thought to myself; "imagine if you could sit with a younger version of yourself for 1 minute. 60 seconds. What would you say?" So many things I could say! Unfortunately I didn't write down any of the winning lottery numbers, so that was out of the question 🤣. Thinking further I thought of something that I felt would have an impact on my adolescence mind..."The worst failure is so much better then wondering what could have been." What would you say? Drop a comment below ⏬I would love to hear your thoughts! • • • • • • • #daretodream #fun #together #we #grow #imagination #youngerme #yourworldwithin #motivation #friday #bodybuilding #physique #npc #national #qualified #competitor #fitness #fit #shredded #youvsyou #millan #keepmovingforward #nationalsherewecome
Heard this on YouTube today, from a great channel called, Your World Within, by @eddiepinero2 . If you have time, check out his channel. He's highly motivating and his videos are fantastic. . #quote #quoteoftheday #encouragement #inspired #inspiration #quotestoinspire #dailyquote #tgit #beinspired #yourworldwithin
"Winning is shaped behind the scenes when no one is watching. When it's just you. When you embrace discomfort for the simple reason that you don't want to let yourself down. If you can succeed there, you can succeed anywhere." - Eddie Pinero.. I dag var det godt nok hårdt, og da jeg kom hjem, måtte jeg endda lige sidde et par minutter inden styrke træning 💪 Og alligevel var det faktisk en fed løbetur, for det var tåget, og jeg synes at det ser så blæret ud i pandelampens skær 😄 #løbhverdag #LøbeSmølfen #nevernotrunning #yourworldwithin
“you can start over today. right in this minute. it doesn’t have to be a monday or a new year to recreate yourself.” 🌱 . #sonyalpha #sonya6300 #sonyimages #alphacollective #photography #beach #sunset #california #socal #moodygrams #beachvibes #earthpix #yourworldwithin #neverstopexploring #optoutside #artofvisuals
The only impossible journey is the one you never begin 🌍✨ #theworldisyours #yourworldwithin #basicviews
Your thoughts can either push you forward or hold you back, so remember to see the positive....it’s always there. #yourworldwithin - - - 📸 by @noteforself
Impossible is only an opinion, difficult is just a copout. Your limits are endless and you have everything you need to be successful. Stop trying to convince others and start convincing yourself 🙏💪🏻 - - - -#morethanmuscle #onelifetolive #strongvibes #yourworldwithin #bodybuilding #militarymuscle #mindset #classicphysique #competitorlife #fitlife #keeppushing #fitness #believe #motivation #nevergiveup
When I cannot sleep this is my listen to artist. Everyday. Acknowledging your fears, your worries, your doubts is a process of getting to know oneself better. And once acknowledgment is there about the very things keeping you from moving forward, you’ll know how to get through it and know how to pass through them quicker and stronger. I am a human. I have my doubts, fears, worries, but I do not dwell in that area of my life for I know my potential is powerful. Like I said and a voice inside of me says, without feeding these words any doubt, “2018 is going to be a great year!” Negativity is a switch you can always turn off. The question is, “Will you?” I write this in hopes it reaches you well and to those that need to read this because they need to know it’s ok to be doubtful, worried or feel fear. But the message is do not dwell in that. Acknowledge it. Get through it. Then become the bada** you were destined to be. #yourworldwithin
Love this!! @Regranned from @your_world_within - Overthinking is the enemy of progress. #yourworldwithin - - - 📸 by @thinkgrowprosper
Overthinking is the enemy of progress. #yourworldwithin - - - 📸 by @thinkgrowprosper
Striving to make the most of each day while also being sure to enjoy the ride 👌 @your_world_within
Light words on who says it but means a lot to me✊ #yourworldwithin #ebrahimelfiky #mostafamahmoud #elyoum #banat_cafe #_ ̍̽̋̑͒ͧ̌͐̿ #حروف #بنات
"You failed and failed, and fell on your face. And entertained by this struggle, they called you stubborn. Through it all you never lost Faith. They sat back and called it delusional. And then something happened. You Succeeded. " - Your World Within 📸@adibontuyan
#Live everyday to the fullest!! Be the best version of yourself!!Theres no time better then the present moment!! #Love the life you live!! 💙😜🎶🍇🍒🍍🍌 @your_world_within #yourworldwithin #lovelife #create #move #go #fullfilled #success #hardwork #happiness #joy #life #motivational #energy #courage #growth #goals #living #time #today #grateful #achieve #inspire #motivate #faith #gift #dream #attract #manifest
#Repost @your_world_within (@get_repost ) ・・・ You are the author of your story ✍️📃📚 #yourworldwithin
Running reminds you that even in your weakest moments...you are strong. #irunthisbody #yourworldwithin
#Repost @your_world_within ・・・ “It’s never too late to become what you might have been.” George Eliot #yourworldwithin
i may be a little too late for the party but i recently watched star wars for the first time ever. since then, i couldn’t stop nerding out about it because it’s freaking awesome! it kinda reminds me of the classic doctor who, which i‘m a big fan of. anyway, the binary sunset scene from ‘episode iv: a new hope’ caught my attention, so i decided to create a photo based on it. tbh, the outcome is not the same as how i picture it in my head. i lost track of how many times i held back to post this because i kept telling myself that this isn’t as perfect as how i want it to be. but if i wait until it’s perfect, i’m never gonna get anything done. . “if you succumb to the idea of perfect, you’re establishing an expectation that cannot be satisfied. you’re not allowing yourself to dive in, to gain momentum, to take flight, because you’re questioning your judgment, you’re holding back, you aren’t putting yourself out there. if you’re not perfect, if your work isn’t perfect, you don’t want it to be seen. but perfect isn’t real. the only way to obtain excellence is to move with what you have right now. no, you won’t be flawless but you can improve every single day.” - @your_world_within . #sonyalpha #sonya6300 #fantastic_earth #visualambassadors #visualsoflife #artofvisuals #earthpix #binarysunset #starwars #anewhope #art_daily #enter_imagination #ig_color #ig_mood #best_silhouette #wonderful_places #earthfocus #ourplanetdaily #neverstopexploring #vojarmy #agameoftones #yourworldwithin
When you work on yourself, everything else falls into place 😉❤🍇😜 #yourworldwithin #tonygaskins #motivational #quote #inspire
So true. STOP making excuses for why you aren't accomplishing your goals...they're meaningless, but your goals aren't. Check out the BEST motivational video ever, which is where this quote comes from. LINK IN BIO. ☝🏻 Quote Credit: @your_world_within #yourworldwithin
Credit @your_world_within . . Great Pic 🙂 #Awesome . . Fear nothing but regret. #yourworldwithin - - - 📸 by @dailydose
Story of almost all of my runs. #yearenderrun "I had an interesting weekend. I was pretty sick and almost didn’t run the half-marathon I had scheduled but decided, hey, worse comes to worst, I have a bad race. The world will keep spinning. So I jumped in the car and headed that way. When all was said and done and I crossed the finish line, I ended up with a personal best in a race that I almost walked away from because I didn’t think I would be at my best. And when I regained composure, settled in a little bit, I had to wonder how many times “almost” has gotten in my way. How many times a simple decision to stop, to not go, or wait for later has changed the outcome of my life. - Think about how fickle our world is. How these simple decisions to start, to go, to not drop the pen or hit the snooze button, can change everything. And after that race I told myself that I will never get in my own way again. I will do everything in my power to be on the right side of almost. - The worst outcome is so much better than wondering. And there are moments that we question if it’s worth it, if it matters. But the moments that we remember in life, the things that end up meaning the most to us, they don’t come from almost jumping. They’re born from the recognition that failure will not kill us. And opportunity hides behind mountains of almosts. - You can do what you’ve always done, or you can go further. You can keep your stories and ideals locked away in your head or you can share them with the world. You can worry about the collapse or you can build. - Be the person 30 years from now, talking, joking with your friends and family about how you almost didn’t go. You almost said no. You almost let your insecurity and doubt get the best of you. But then you took a step back, and you remembered what matters." - #run #running #loverunning #ladyrunners #runhappy #runwild #runfree #instarunners #runningcommunity #runnersworld words by #yourworldwithin #brownrace2017 #lessonsfromrunning
Because 'Patient' is one of the greatest blessings ;) #Repost @your_world_within (@get_repost ) ・・・ “Hard work, consistency & patience transform the imaginary into reality” - @eddiepinero2 #yourworldwithin - - - 📸 by @bookofprosperity
"The thing about time is that it comes and goes. Tomorrow will make today a distant memory. And as quick as you are here, you’ll be gone. What’s in front of you is an opportunity to make right now something you’ll never forget. You have the ability to write history, to create a story that will live with you forever. Think back to all the days leading up to today. All the training, the hours of preparation and the pain you’ve felt. They have brought you to this moment. They are the armor that you wear. Right now is about execution. It’s about taking all those hours and turning them into the best version of yourself. Today is about being better that you ever dreamed you could be. These are the moments you live for. Gone are the insecurities, the doubt, the disbelief. This day is yours. Look your opponents in the eye. They cannot give what you can. You have built this opportunity piece by piece. You have created an unstoppable force and it’s finally time to reveal that to the world. Let people doubt you, they’ll see with time. Let the obstacle stand, you will run right through them. Let everything in this universe tell you no, you have already told yourself yes. That hardest thing in this world to stop is someone you knows they’ve won before the game has started. This is your everything, embrace it. Make it so that you never forget today. You are god of your world. And in your world, you write the script. There is no tired. You left that in the wait room years ago. There is no unsure. Pushing yourself to exhaustion everyday took care of that. There is only when. When do you rise up? There comes a point when you’ve just given too much, your sacrifices too great to accept anything but the very best. Everything else is noise. This is your day. It will not disappear with time It will live on. You have earned today. Go make sure the world knows." . Beyond 21km is always never an easy feat but I never doubted you. So I am sooo PROUD OF YOU TWO! Never forget that. ❤ Love you both! #brownrace2017 #32km #run #running #loverunning #runningcommunity #runnersworld #instarunners #runhappy #runwild #runfree #runtogether #ladyrunners #irunthisbody words by #yourworldwithin
You can't go back !!!⠀ ...⠀ "🚀🚀 #yourworldwithin "
“dreams stop when you stop and in a world of infinite possibility there is simply no reason to relinquish that control. so let your forward progress silence the dissenting voices. let those on the sideline talk about their empty tanks and fantasized limitations. you are not running on empty. my friend, you are simply running.” #yourworldwithin
“at the intersection of what is and what can be, our stories are written it’s where decisions are made and lives are ultimately defined in which way you go. when staring at this fork in the road can mean everything; maybe you go left, take the easy path, minimal upside minimal downside; proven and tangible, it gives immediate identity but also brings with it some degree of regret; not because you won’t like who you are but because you’ll never know what you could have been. Maybe you can’t live with that; maybe you go right. let’s say you roll the dice, dream chaser, eyes fixated on the horizon moving forward soon to realize that the world you live in will bring you to your knees faster than you can blink; that uncertainty hurts, that effort without immediate validation is pain. the road less traveled is less traveled because of the difficulty associated with it and now you have an important question to ask: do you have what it takes? can you see the big picture when the sky appears to be falling down around you when all it takes is to backpedal and be comfortable again; to take the other road to return to what you knew, can you still move forward?” ——————————————————- so do what so many people aren’t willing to do. don’t just look at the pen...pick it up and write your story.
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