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Thank you sis for holding my hand all weekend. What a life-changing experience. We've come this far by Faith and not by man. We will continue on our journey to change the world... Just remember you're not doing it alone. #girlholdmyhand #womenupliftingwomen #wevecomethisfarbyfaith #keeppushingon #thefutureisfemale
Always remember this.. When your hopes are crushed. When your dreams fade. When all seems lost. God can do miracles. He can move mountains. He WILL make a way for you sister! Never lose your FAITH and keep on praying God is on the MOVE! #womenupliftingwomen #womenencouragingwomen #womensdevotional #hope #Godisforyou #Godsdaughters
I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. (Philippians 4 : 13 ) ♡ #amén #courage #womenupliftingwomen #WUW21 #WUWGear #WUWCoffeeChat #WUWPodcast #WUWDevotional ~ Thewomenupliftingwomen.com
"I want to be happy and successful but I'm born with rotten luck, I just know it's not possible for me" 🍂 This was A statement that was made by a very sweet client who owns a small online business came to me with this idea that she needed an upgrade in the way she was living her life. She signed up for my program "All about Self" (Breathing Room - a month ago) and we worked together to understand how to give her the upgrade she needed. 💫 She read most of the self help books, including the very famous " #thesecret " and felt she wasnt right somewhere. Feeling exhausted she asked me - "Nikita, what am I attracting wrong?" When I disclosed that she was attracting her belief of rotten luck she teared up (in a good way) 🌼 So here I am asking you, take a little breather and ask yourself, "What am I attracting wrong?" 🔜 . . . . #sundaywisdom #Sunday #smilemore #dreamersanddoers #lawofattraction #personaldevelopment #psychologicalwellness #selfawareness #mentalwellness #mentalhealth #successmindset #successandhardwork #womenupliftingwomen #womenentrepreneurs #womeninbusiness #entrepreneurofindia #entrepreneurs #entrepreneurlife #successcoaching #coaching #upgradingself #selfmakeover #Dreamscapestudio
I ❤️ my girl squad!! I’m surrounded by the best girls that encourage and uplift me on the daily!! 📷 @becturner_life
Here is the Ultra Sexy @itsbunny_baby with here Curves Of The World look.❤ . . PC: @ohmmagazineid
🖼 art by Ágnes Herczeg ( @agnesherczeg_lace ) Agnes, who has an extensive knowledge of lacemaking and embroidery, creates intricate designs infusing natural elements with traditional techniques. An inspirational lady with a prehistoric influence whose work often portrays introspective women...🌞 #PreservingCulture #NaturalMaterials #artappreciation #traditionalhandcraft #lace #BCollectiva #femaleartist #womenupliftingwomen #womencelebratingwomen #divinefeminine
Always remember you're beautiful. . Never let anyone dull your shine, if they can't be proud of your shine tell them to take a seat behind your shadow. . Thanks to a friend of mine @two_hearts_beating_wildly for reminding me to break out that Red lip stick and own it like a boss. I see your shine girl.👏👏👏 . Imagine a world where we as women didn't tear each other down but instead said I see you, I admire you go on with ya bad self. Real queens silently adjust another queens crown because recognition isn't required. 💛 . #womenupliftingwomen #girlpower #redlips 💋#likeaboss #youcantdullmyshine #queens #strongertogether #haterstakeaseat #severalseats #thanks ✌️
Coffee- for being grounded and if the earth and energy Tea- for healing and being a healer Petals- for being both beautiful and delicate, both soft and strong, blossoming when we are nurtured and nourished Hearts- reminder to return to love again and again Goddesses- because we are badass women goddesses ❤️🌺❤️🌸❤️🌹❤️🌺❤️🌸
This is just a recap of the Woman Up event hosted by Aicha on June 2nd.... House of Queens Women's Empowerment Group was a vendor at this wear you can see our table and shirts that were sold...this was such an amazing experience and we connected with so many people.... more to come for House of Queens. #womenempowerment #womensempowerment #womenempoweringwomen #womenupliftingwomen #womensupportingwomen #womeninbusiness #womenentrepreneurs #houseofqueenswomensempowermentgroup #houseofqueens #Repost @always_aicha with @get_repost ・・・ I was laughed at when we first started WomanUp. Told I wasn’t liked enough, I wasn’t from the area to get support, told a party promoter couldn’t do something positive... but God had other plans. Never let someone discourage you out of your dreams! There is no limit on how big to dream nor an expiration date. Forget about what IF it fails... What IF it flies? “What will they say” has killed more dreams then anything else in this world. Never stop believing in what’s in YOUR heart. Never stop believing in your purpose! Find something to stand for even if you stand alone. Find something to believe in even if it’s nothing but yourself. Queen, you have the tools you need to create whatever life you want. Choose to make yours to be BEAUTIFUL. -Aicha
SHOUT OUT SATURDAY! ⭐️ Post Booty Day sweaty selfie... SHOUT OUT TO MY FELLOW PARTNERS IN CRIME on this round of this program!! ⭐️👉🏼 @sarahace13 Following it every day, kicking booty, AND training for a marathon! ⭐️👉🏼 @ejbaker2 The epitome of dedication! Making it happen combining it with Orange Theory, vacations, running, and family triathlon adventures! ⭐️👉🏼 @tamelagiroux Real estate mogul by day and insanely fit adventurer by night...and day! She’s getting ripped with a crazy schedule! ⭐️👉🏼 @klpopham Busy mama, busy career, busy kiddos, busy summer and still making it happen and her results match her dedication! Just a few of the people I am honored to help coach and am completely inspired by! You gals rock! Keep pressing on in phase 3!! SHRED phase! (you can catch the moves that burnt out my backside in my story!) #coaching #coach #fitlife #bestlife #inspiration #womenupliftingwomen #ladieswholift #fitwithfriends #lovemyteam #fittribe #accountability
Women supporting women. 💕 Not competing. But lifting each other up. This exact message was sent to me today while I was in Lucas Oil Stadium with thousands of others listening to how to be a stronger us. . This message came at the ✨BEST✨ time ever. . There are always moments when we doubt what we are doing. There are moments when we wonder if what we do is worth it. Then this message comes and makes me realize YES, I am doing what I am supposed to do. . Why? Because I LOVE it. I LOVE what I have accomplished. I LOVE what I have learned. I LOVE the opportunities I have been given. And I LOVE the relationships I have formed. . That’s a whole lotta ❤️love ❤️ So that wonderful lady who sent me the message today...THANK YOU. Thank you for giving me what I needed to hear today. . . . . #girlsquad #womenupliftingwomen #supportingeachother #loveyourtribe #lovethemhard #mygirls #laughterisgoodforthesoul #laughterisgoodforthesoul #thesegirls #mademynight #goodtimes #
Within every opportunity or opposition there is a lesson. We don't escape life without making a few mistakes. The wise woman looks for the lesson, gets the lesson, and lives the lesson; only then can she move onto the next phase of living her best life. . . With every ending there comes the potential for a beautiful beginning; its up to you to determine your next move. . . Will you let go and walk into a new chapter or will you stay stuck and keep reading the same story. . . #OwningAndOvercoming #WomenWhoSurvive #WomenWhoConquer #WomenWhoEmpower #WomenWhoCreate #MyTribe #MyLove #MyBaby #Empowered #Accountable #Growth #NewChapter #YouAreTheAuthorOfYourStory #LivingAndLearning #EverybodysGotSomething #SecondChances #WomenSupportingWomen #WomenWhoHeal #WomenUpliftingWomen #MikaMajorMedia
Danielle paints amazing murals 😍 I can't imagine painting something that big! Pure talent. 💚 ARTIST: @daniellesartworkofficial 📍Australia 🇦🇺
I can’t be everyone’s cup of tea . But screw them I drink coffee ☕️ 😝 . Just kidding! 😉 But seriously, we all have a tribe. People we are just naturally attracted to. People we just GEL with effortlessly. People who share our views on life, our values, our beliefs. And THOSE people become our tribe!🙌 . I was bullied in school. School sucked for me. I have 1 amazing friend of 25 years @mistylou_savy (FYI she’s an amazing wedding planner if you need one 😜), but other than her, I struggled with friendships. 😳 . One of the things that caught my attention about our business was the friendships that I saw. The people in our community all seemed to not just be building businesses and getting healthy and fit, but they were building incredible relationships! And for someone like me, who struggled with friendships, always feeling like the black sheep 🐑. Like I never really fit in. I was looking for a place to BELONG! ❤️ . I prayed that God would give me a job that would let me stay home with my babies. A job where I could serve people. But what he gave me SO much more than that. He didn’t just give me a job, he gave me a new lease on life, a new purpose, a passion filled reason to jump out of bed on Monday mornings. And he gave me a place to belong. A tribe to call me own. 😍 . So if you love Jesus🙏, swear like a champion, love to serve people, want to work on your health, fitness, and personal growth, are determined, hard working,and KNOW in your heart that you were meant for MORE... then we are looking for YOU ! So message me saying: “I’M YOUR CUP OF TEA!” Because I want to mentor YOU, make you a part of our tribe, and help you build a six figure earning online business too! ❤️ . FULL DISCLOSURE! I’m not trying to sell you shit you don’t need. I’m trying to GIVE you the gifts that we’re given to me. And it requires YOU to invest in yourself!✌️ . Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts,diligence,and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings located in the Coach Online Office for the most recent information on our Coaches' actual incom
My grandma use to say, "if I dropped you on island alone, you would still have to be Tamika. You gotta love yourself so much that you can be alone and be happy." . . Iyanla Vanzant said, "Our sense of worth must first come from within. We cannot convince others how wonderful we are if we don't believe it." . . Two women, same messages! . . Often we seek validation and worth from the roles we have or the titles we crave. Wife, mother, professional,etc; but when we land the roles and possess the titles we find ourselves still fighting with the feeling on emptiness and disconnection. Before you can find solace in any capacity, you must FIRST find it in YOURSELF. . . If you aren't in love with YOU simply because you are, nothing you do will fulfill you. When you are settled within yourself, content with being you and being with you, THEN your work and life becomes fulfilling because you are already fulfilled; you live from your soul's overflow. . How do YOU feel about YOU? Do YOU enjoy being with YOU? Are you treating YOURSELF right? Do YOU value YOU? Do YOU love YOU? Do YOU enjoy being with YOU? . . #OwningAndOvercoming #WomenWhoEmpower #WomensEmpowerment #SelfLove #SelfCare #SelfWorth #SelfEsteem #WomenWhoSurvive #WomenWhoConquer #WomenWhoHeal #ToThineOwnselfBeTrue #WomenUpliftingWomen #WomenWhoCreate #Boss #MikaMajorMedia
Were you ever told that you shouldn't embrace anything negative? Get rid of it? Sounds familiar? 👈 Till last year I was abiding by the rules of "only positive thoughts" and it was really hard, believe me. Till I reached a point when I heard myself say, "I am upset, I am angry, I am not feeling positive, and it's okay!" Almost immediately I felt lighter. Like a load had been lifted. 🍃 I wasn't drowning in my negative feeling but I wasn't fighting it either. Accepting what I feel and being okay with it really did the trick! 🌼 It's okay to feel negative. It's not okay to shoo them away. Till you don't address it, you won't be able to understand it. 🍂 If you are looking for a professional assistance reach out to me via email or dm let's work on this together! 📧 . . . . . #feelings #womenupliftingwomen #womenentrepreneurs #successmindset #personaldevelopment #selfawareness #mentalwellness #mentalwellnesseveryday #negativeandpositive #dreamersanddoers #dreambig #dowhatyoucan #feelwhatyoufeel #womeninbusiness #womenempowerment #success #professionalgrowth #prosperity #theeverygirl #bosslady #Dreamscapestudio
God gave us two hands, 🤲 one for helping ourselves, and one for helping others. Help raise up somebody else today ❤️
Old... When Leo Tolstoy wrote war and peace he ended up writing much more than he had intended. Once he started, he couldn't end it. Sometimes I find it hard to finish a story cause just a single moment and a single feeling can be put down as a large volume. I begin and I go on.
Our gyms energizer bunny Dee did 150 9kg slam balls at Bootcamp today 😲 Awesome work Dee you smashed them 💪 #missbodyfit24 #waterfordwest #ladiesonlygym #womenupliftingwomen #consistencyiskey #bootcamp #slamballs #energizerbunny #sweat
Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it.~ Steve jobs #lovewhatido #loveskin #tattooedesthetician #tattooedgirl #pinupesthetician #tattooedpinup #redlips #blueeyedgirl #porcelainskin #vintagevixen #retrogirl #vintageearings #bertiesbombshells #inkedup #tattooed #makemysonproud #wingedliner #brows #waxspecialist #quotes #womenupliftingwomen #neveradullmoment #nc #pinupgirl #blondeshavemorefun #red #smile #mylife #armyveteran
We’re back after a little break!!!!!! Every week we will be sharing the amazing stories of each of our Femtor ladies. You can hear a little bit about their journey, businesses they run and projects they are working on. They are here to EMPOWER, INSPIRE, SUPPORT, ENCOURAGE and CONNECT with as many women and girls. Please get in touch if you feel inspired by our Femtors, want to connect, want some advice about the industry/background they are in, would like to ask a question or even join our family and feature as a Femtor. Email us: Projectfemtor@gmail.com MEET HILA WILLING Hi I am Hila Willing, a sewcialist and blogger at SaturdayNightStitch.com where I blog about creative pursuits like sewing and knitting. I am passionate about the power of creative pursuits for mental well being, self esteem and confidence. I am currently hosting a sewing challenge called #BurdaChallenge2018 whereby we set personalised sewing goals and along the way we support, encourage and motivate each other. The premise of this challenge is encapsulated in the African proverb : If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go in a group. My main strength is that I am very organised and good at productivity strategies. Running a 7 person household means I have had to learn how to do my best in life and make time for me. UPCOMING PROJECTS AND PLANS: Hila has just completed her very first ever Triathlon - taking part in the Leeds Go Tri. As a beginner facing this new challenge, she decided to join a local running group following the couch to 5k programme with RunTogether Abbey Ladies #TeamTasha , attended local ladies swim classes and cycled in between her sessions to prepare for the big day and get support. WELL DONE HILA. You can find out more about Hila's amazing journey on her website: https://saturdaynightstitch.com/ @saturdaynightstitch Read, Like and Share #Projectfemtor #femalementoringnetwork #femtors #femalementor #womenupliftingwomen #womenempowerment #inspirationalwomen #womensnetwork #womendoinggood #rolemodels #sewing #triathlon #running #swimming #cycling #saturdaynightstitch #strongwomen #diversewomen #womeninthecommunity
So thankful for my sweet little family of love. That new addition in the red bandana is my Emotional Support Animal, named Mamba. She has three legs but triple the love of the usual pup! 💜 I’m definitely not ashamed to share that we decided to adopt a dog as an ESA for me. These past two weeks with her have been great! She’s given me more of a focus while I’ve been waiting for my college classes to begin in a few months, she’s made my emotional days missing home much easier, & she’s made the days at which my husband works for over 24 hours go by a lot quicker. So many benefits to bringing home my sweet lil ESA! ☺️
"Shame has no place in your body" by @jenpastiloff. This jewl of wisdom resonated with me so profoundly. I took Jen's workshop #Youareenough back in March of 2016, the kick start of my healing journey. I feel soo grateful and honored to have also been a part of her Italy yoga retreat #OnBeingHuman . I love her work, her stories and her compassion. Her book will come out next year and I cant wait to read. #WomenUpliftingWomen #Findingmytribe #Weareone
Good Morning Kings and Queens👑 Here is your morning Inspiration.. If you are ready for a change in your life it start with you. Just do it.. #realtalkkim #changeyourmind #youwillchangeyourmoney #girlholdmyhand #stormywellington #girlsrock #womenupliftingwomen
230LBS DOWN! And STILL counting, by our morning workout crew today (swipe left to see!)! 💪 . But what we’ve really lost is not just weight, it’s our self doubt. We’ve lost our belief that we don’t deserve to be happy and healthy! We are NO LONGER our own worst enemies. 🙌 . And now we’re using our newfound confidence to help other people find THEIR inner belief and their healthiest, happiest selves too! 😍 . If we can do it, you can do it too! Are YOU ready to jump in and become your own success story?!! We will love you HARD and teach you how to love yourself too! We want to serve you with loyalty and accountability! We want to lock arms with you and do life TOGETHER!! I KNOW without a doubt that we have the tools to help you become the BEST version of YOU! DM me a 💚 or drop one below for more info. I promise you are worth the investment 😘
Big hugs and kisses to one of my colleagues @lelefisher for getting me this gorgeous notebook. I love it 💛🍍#itsthelittlethingsinlife #AskAisha #LizMooreandAssociates #pineapplelove
Have you ever felt pressurized to do something that was beyond your capacity? Even if it was a gesture of kindness and goodwill? ✌ I have multiple times! Till I realised I really don't need to, just because I should. We all have a capacity. Even for charity, goodwill and kindness. We don't need to go above and beyond but do only what we "can" do instead of what we "should". 💪 Any gesture of kindness and goodwill should make you feel light, happy and fill you up. If you are feeling pressured to do it, odds are you are doing a lot more than you can. 💫 . . . #goodwill #kindness #dowhatyoucan #gestureofgoodwill #womenupliftingwomen #womenempowerment #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment #selfawareness #selfgrowth #successmindset #successfulwomen #bosslady #professionalgrowth #tolerance #befearless #dreamersanddoers #Dreamscapestudio
The love and the energy that I am being surrounded with this weekend is amazing. . . . They push me to become better than I was the day before. They show me that I can go BEYOND my own limiting beliefs. They are an example that we can change lives one workout at a time. . . . There’s no secret to success. Just hard work, hustle, and a community that uplifts you 💕 Love this tribe of women💕 #yourvibeattractsyourtribe #youareenough #comejoinourtribe #womenupliftingwomen #womensupportingwomen #womenempowerment #womenentrepreneurs #womenentrepreneur #coachingcommunity #bodypositivity #supportsystem #loveaboveall #sigmakappa #sigmakappaalumnae #onlinehealthcoach #onlinefitnesscoach #womeninspiringwomen #womeninspired #strongwomen #bettertogether #getfittogether #liveyourbestlife #livingmybestlife #lifeaftercollege #traveltheglobe #wanderlusttribe
Strong women empower each other! This is what the Shes Mercedes event by @mercedesbenzind & @vogueindia was all about. @priya_tanna - the wonder editor & @anaitashroffadajania , such a interesting curation! It was stimulating & motivating to know about the stories of @neeta_lulla , @kainazmessman , @anupama.chopra , @iadhuna , @preetasukhtankar @alishaabdullah & @ads25276 ! . . . #vogueindia #mercedes #womenupliftingwomen #inspirational #shesmercedes #parizadkolah #parizadkolahmarshallofficial #flashbacks #tgif #vogue #womenempowerment
#flashbackfriday to this awe inspiring day as these gorgeous ladies shared their journey which was truly commendable 👏 In association with #ShesMercedes by @mercedesbenzind @vogueindia . . . #vogueindia #mercedes #womenupliftingwomen #inspirational #shesmercedes #parizadkolah #parizadkolahmarshallofficial #flashbacks #tgif #vogue #womenempowerment
Taking some time to visit with my friend and client @skc_xoxo #domainaustin #blondbombshell #latina #womenupliftingwomen
WHATS IN IT FOR YOU?! 🤷🏻‍♀️ . LIFE! A GREAT LIFE! That’s what’s in it for you. But you can’t have it unless you BELIEVE ✌️ . I’ve been crying for the last 1.5 hours and I have to pull myself together 😭 . I have NEVER been MORE passionate about anything in my life (Other than God and @jeffdingman 😝), than I am about our community, what we’ve done, where we’re going, and what’s in it for YOU! 🙌 . I could FILL your newsfeed in last 24 hours with a TON of pictures and moments of emotion. One thing the last 24 hours has reaffirmed to me is that believing in ourselves is PRICELESS!Without believing in ourselves we can’t accomplish anything. 😍 . You see, YOU are amazing. There is NO ONE like you. There IS a calling on YOUR life. YOU were made for victory! But you can’t give the world all you have to offer until you believe in YOU! 🔥🔥🔥 . I believe in you. But that’s not enough. And that’s why I’m begging you, to PLEASE start believing in YOURSELF! You CAN ... BE, DO, and HAVE the life you dream of, but it can’t happen until you DECIDE to start believing in YOU! And the world WILL miss out on your extraordinary and unique gifts if you don’t take action NOW, to grow into who you NEED to be, to have all you deserve to have. 🌍🌍🔥🔥🔥 . It took me WAY to long to start believing in myself and I STILL struggle with that. It’s an ongoing battle. But if I can change, if I can keep fighting to BELIEVE, then I CAN continue to create a better version of me, one day at a time, and not quit trying. And ... SO. CAN. YOU!!!☝️ . Today I saw thousands of people who DECIDED to believe. It changed their lives and now THEY are changing other people’s lives. So I’m wondering... WHAT IS STOPPING YOU?! 🛑 . You do DESERVE the best. Believe it. Receive it. And don’t ever give up until you win! Winning at life... that’s what’s in it for you 🏆
Talk about getting shit done in a timely matter. So long story short I saw my girl @megcop7630 bust out a great workout and so naturally I had to try it out. And bless @diana.v.marin who joined me.😍 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Heres what we did. 5 minute .5 mile run 21 kettlebell swings at 25lbs and kettlebell squats at 40lbs for 3 rounds. No breaks.💪 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ #bossbabe #onesmallchange #onebodyonelife #goaldigger #entrepreneurlife #ambition #discipline #chaseyourdreams #june #smallchanges #riseandgrind #30minutes #livetoinspire #instafit #instapost #smile #personaltrainer #blessed #empoweringothers #victories #instafit #nonscalewins #healthyliving #washington #coach #beautiful #selflove #womenupliftingwomen
From a Raider to a Redhawk I am a proud mom of this High.School Graduate💕 MSU here we come!!
Still looking for more vendors. Please email us if interested.. get your brand out there and share with other young girls and young women. Help continue building your brand by promoting, selling and networking. Be apart of an empowering event! Thank you bosses and also a thank you to those who have been inquiring 💛🖤 #womeninbusiness #womenempoweringwomen #womensupportingwomen #womenupliftingwomen #womeninspiringwomen #empoweredwomen #bossbabe #unity #diversity #unique #Rp #mctw
#EveningInspiration Your struggles can be your greatest teacher. Your pain can be your best blueprint. Use your Struggles to Creative Power. -Stormy Wellington If your are in the Detroit area please purchase your ticket for #girlholdmyhand event for this weekend June 22-23rd. This event will be Epic.. One you will regret. @stormywellington speaks life into. She inspires me to do better. I know I regret not being at this event. Girl Hold My Hand is definitely what I need in my life right now. But I have a prior engagement.. I will be at the next GHMH 2019. #girlholdmyhand #womenupliftingwomen www.girlholdmyhand.com
Loving my new dress! Thanks sister friend it fits perfectly! @jojostevens72 #womenupliftingwomen #queens
✨Solstice vibes💫 There is so much beauty & peace in a space where Women uplift Women & are able to hold space for each other to heal & grow! ✨ I’m super excited to have @rhythmofshaye Take over my Juneteenth Soul Vinyasa class THIS Saturday @21st_yoga From 9-1015. ✨ I’ve been flowing with this babe for awhile now! & I’m super grateful our paths have been able to cross. Y’all are in for a treat! Come thruuu & jam!! . . . . . #soulvinyasa #womenupliftingwomen #summersolstice #blackgirlyoga #slcyoga #internationalyogaday #connectwithp #acroyoga #yogaeverydamnday
This was taken last week. My husband is so sweet and I don’t know what I’d do without him. He’s watched me be in pain on/off for 2years now due to mild osteo artists in my left hip. For the last 4-6 months the pain has steadily been increasing and relentless. I’ve been smiling through the pain, and in the back of my mind hoping it would disappear one day. I finally had to snap out of it and do something for myself. All the advice and encouragement I give women all over the globe, I finally had to give myself and get some help. I felt every kind of emotion under the sun from it, and dealt with it many ways. I got a shot today, and I’m feeling optimistic and keeping the faith that this will work and that I will be able to function and do things to better myself that I used to so take for granted. Be kind to yourselves ladies. We wear so many hats and have so many irons in the fire that we oft times forget about ourself. That is ending for me today. Right now, I choose me. xoxo 😘 #womenupliftingwomen #encouragement #bekindtoyourself #dontgrinandbearit
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