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Saturday market snapshots at Marché Maubert, and the outcome of our cooking class with @lacuisineparis. So, so delicious. I think I'm going to take cooking classes every place I travel!
Shot on the @fujifilmx_us GFX 50s with an adapted Mamiya 80mm 2.8 Lens. Manual focus is easy with the focus aids on the Fuji systems. Also shot at 6400 ISO 😍😍😍
One of the most photogenic venues - the Sydney Opera House. 📷 by @kehnnee #whereONAgoes
Spring is here.
|| With Who > Where To || The past couple months I’ve been extremely busy getting ready to open my first creative/photo studio and event space called @theharborstudio ——————————————————————————— Without having much free time to get out and adventure, my Canadian friend @itsbigben came down to explore the Olympic Peninsula and what a day it was! From bridges to waterfalls to mountain tops, we covered a lot of ground and took in so many amazing sites, but what made the day was not so much about where we went but who I went with! ——————————————————————————— The conversations we shared about life, our pasts and futures, our dreams and our struggles, our values, passions and just overall stories. Along with all of the deep talks came plenty of laughs to balance it out. ——————————————————————————— I’ve always chose what I do based not off of a desire for riches and fame, but experiences, community and cherished memories that I get to have doing what I do. ——————————————————————————— I’ve taken almost this exact picture of this waterfall, but what makes the picture so much more valuable to me is the person that is in it and the memories that surround it! ——————————————————————————— You can go anywhere, but no where is as good as the people you go there with. ——————————————————————————— People > Places ——————————————————————————— #thisismycommunity #socality #portraitgames #portraitstream #mntnsportraits #lookslikefilm #50mm #northwestcreatives #nwc #whereonagoes #vsco #vscocam
Next up is a random snapshot walking around Paris at dusk. We fought the crowds to get a picture of the Eiffel tower at sunset, which was lovely - but I was partial to this moment of calm after the crowd dissipated.
I am certainly not a photographer but I love the look of the wooden lens from @captiv_co . Photo via @captiv_co
This new group of leather cases, The Campbell Collection by @onabags is perfect for lenses but I’ve tested it on my recent trip and it can actually hold everything listed below. . . FujifilmXT2 camera with f=35mm 1: 1.4 lens attached, a mophie, passport, boarding pass, iPhone7 plus, personal ID, credit card, charging wires comfortably + a snack! I never go anywhere without a bathing suit. . . A perfect crossbody bag while traveling. I am totally in love with this new bag. Comes in 3 colors and sizes. More on @onabags . . . The Black camera strap on the bottom right is the best one I’ve found so far, comfortable smooth texture and beautiful. It also comes in shorter wrist version. @ropster_camstraps . . Shot and edited on #iphone . . . . . @onabags @ropster_camstraps #whereonagoes #travel #producttesting #flatlay #flatlayoftheday #flatlayforever #flatlaynation #flatlaystyle #flatlaylove #flaylaytoday #camerastrap #cameragear #fujifilmx_us
The Palma bag & the Camps Bay backpack have been on the road with @gracejsilla for the past month. Where are you taking your ONA next? Share your travel photos with #whereONAgoes to be featured.
After much debate to leave the house after a full weekend, @lesleylatcham convinced me to see some #sxsw !
Ok so if you go out for more than an hour I am going to sit on the couch
Time for @adoramapix #YBS2017 Your Best Shot 2017 contest. I had a few favorite shots from 2017, but ultimately I had to choose between the Northern Lights in Norway and this shot of St Michael’s Mount in Marazion, Cornwall, England. So here it is.....My Best Shot of 2017! Wish me luck! ☘️❤️☘️
Omg I’ve been wanting to buy this @onabags for AGES... and I finally took the plunge! ⠀ ⠀ To you - this is a random bag. To me - this is the prettiest bag made specifically for cameras!! I’m such a nerd for cute girly gear, and this totally top of my love list! ⠀ ⠀ It’s always good to put your personality into your work gear no matter the cost right? RIGHT?! 😂🙈⠀ ⠀ #ona #whereonagoes
was I dreaming? did this really happen last night?
Nah I can just walk myself thanks 🙏
Early morning view of Notre Dame. We had a few early mornings during our stay, trying to enjoy as much as possible (and also a little due to jetlag). It was so enchanting watching the city slowly come alive.
In case you missed it, the latest story over on the blog this week is all about Mexico City, why @spencermenglish and I flew there with less than 24 hours notice, and why we LOVED wandering its gorgeous streets. We loved it so much, we’re trying to recreate (a wee bit) of our experience there with dinner at @casaenrique tonight! What do you have planned for the weekend? #StoriesMySuitcaseCouldTell
Love traveling with the great Bowery Bag by @onabags with the amazing dream lens of my custom #canon 7 by @street.silhouettes inside #whereonagoes 💘 #japancamerahunter #onabags #shootfilm #beliveinfilm #canondreamlens #canon7s #vintagelovers #myeyesbychristine
Quiet little corners of the world ✨ Some of the best parts of traveling are the things you don't plan. The places you discover by accident, the people you meet and share stories with & the views and experiences that happen on the way to your next destination. Last spring we spent a month road tripping around the UK and northern France in a camper van - thanks @bumblecampers !! - and while we had a basic itinerary, we were constantly altering it to allow for spontaneity. It was the best travel experience we've had, having the freedom to go and stay whenever we wanted and not be in any way restricted by a set schedule. The freedom and flexibility was incredible and allowed for a much more organic style of traveling that made us feel more connected to the areas we were exploring and less like passing tourists. . . . . . . . . . . . . #mlejaynephotography #mlejaynetravel #travel #wanderlust #explore #hareandhounds #bumbleabout #bath #uknorwaygetaway #roadtrip #dametraveler #travelinladies #theglobewanderer #whereONAgoes #wkendinbath
New Zealand has been quite the experience for @shortstache - "Some of the best times have been just enjoying the sunset without any plans... being in the right place at the right time." #whereONAgoes
Did you know that these beautiful camera straps were once belts worn by the Indigenous Mayan women? They are all hand loomed. That’s why you can never find an exact match again. Truly one-of-a-kind. 🌷🌸 . And I love how @whitneydarling rocks our vintage camera strap.
Tag someone who you think is pretty when they sleep 😴 also, don’t be a creep about it 😆👍
Beautiful crumbling mansions and sharp, soaring skyscrapers, street-side tortas and classy cocktails - Mexico City has it all, and I’m sharing our first impressions of this vibrant capital over on Stories My Suitcase Could Tell today! (And yes: that is a very large, tasty gin cocktail I had in the Roma neighborhood in the photo. I may have had two...!) As always, you’ll find the link to the story in my profile 👩🏻‍💻#StoriesMySuitcaseCouldTell
We have been back from Italy for over three weeks now and I still can’t believe we got to visit such a beautiful country.
I’ll follow you into the light - shot by @trevormw
Ready to start sharing pictures of our most recent trip 😍 It feels like ages ago, and we're already brainstorming ideas for our next one. But in the meantime, I am so excited to relive France with you all! 📷: Montmartre, a last bit of exploring before we left for the airport
The Hudson backpack for a weekend in San Francisco. 📷: @jetlag.studio #whereONAgoes
Trying to decide between Princeton or Yale🧣
Happy Tuesday! I have to say, I am pretty excited about today’s post on the blog. It’s all about business relocation; I’m sharing some handy tips for when you may find yourself needing to move your photography business from one city to another, from one state to another, and who knows...maybe even one country to another. Since beginning my business six years ago, I have had to relocate more than once. It’s not as scary as it may sound, and I just hope that today’s blog post will help you if you are someone who will be moving your own business soon! Link in bio 💕📦
Oh hello there 🐦
📷 Hi photographers! . 🌷Finally, the CAMERA straps are here!!! They will RESTOCK this Wednesday at 12pm PST via website. . 🌷There will be brown leather and black leather straps. They are 42” long from clip to clip. Whoohoo! . 🌷Oh! They also work great as straps for the ladies who like to use them as a crossbody for their bags. . 🌷And I just love @valeriedenisephoto ‘s smile!!! She’s an amazing photographer too!!!
Everyone says the first day back at work after a holiday is always the hardest. My body clock seems to have gone haywire this weekend with the time difference from Mexico combined with Daylight Savings Time, which resulted in me accidentally sleeping in far (far) too late this morning... so my back-to-work to do list looks a little scarier than it should 🙈 Can I pretend we’re still on our adventures in Mexico, like when we climbed not one, but TWO pyramids at Teotihuacan last week? (Full disclosure: I did not look as relaxed as @spencermenglish did here after the climb... I definitely looked like I’d hiked up two pyramids in the heat while also being scared of heights 😂)
If I stay still maybe he won’t notice me
@cubbygraham is spending the next few weeks in Uganda and Rwanda with @charitywater - we are happy to see that he’s taking his Clifton backpack on this special journey. #whereONAgoes
I love a lady in plaid 😍
Me and my silly man which I am happy to call my fiancé already one month♥️ Remember our trip to Brno? It was supposed to be nice Valentine's getaway but turned out to be much more. I was so surprised when Andrea popped the question with the ring in his hand! 💍 (photo from last year, no bloom yet in Prague 🌸) | Já a můj bláznivý snoubenec ♥️ Pamatujete na náš výlet do Brna? Měl to být "jen" hezký valentýnský víkend, ale nakonec z toho bylo něco mnohem víc. Andrea si pro mě připravil to nejkrásnější překvápko a požádal mě o ruku. Asi tak týden předtím ještě žertoval, že místo prstýnku dostanu hypotéku, takže si umíte představit, jak jsem byla překvapená, když z ničeho nic vytáhl krabičku s 💍
We’re back in NYC this weekend, but I’m still dreaming of the bright colours (and warm weather!) of Mexico City. The Coyoacan neighbourhood, where we visited the Frida Kahlo Museum, was gorgeous, all cobbled streets and painted walls. We were so curious about the homes hidden behind the large, stately doors like this one... imagine if this was the entrance to your home?!
You had me at Aruba ☀️ Spending the next few days here in paradise. Follow along on our Stories. #ZioandSonsTravel
@nadabie wandering around San Francisco with our camera strap.
How was this a year ago already?? We got up at 3am to get to the desert during the superbloom, just in time for sunrise. And then we went back to bed at noon 😉
Name a more iconic duo
And one day she discovered that she was fierce and strong, and full of fire and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears. - Mark Anthony * For me, this year is about setting goals. This weeks goal, give someone an opportunity that they wouldn't give themselves. <3 What's yours? * Photographer: @efrank3   Model: @jojoDimaso   Wardrobe: @freepeople @puma @calvinklein * * * * #StudioPhotography #Hairstylist #FlashbackFriday #FBF #SpringBreak #Photography #NikonCamera #PaulCBluff #Alienbee #Puma #PumaSportStyle #ForeverFaster #FreePeople #whereONAgoes #CalvinKlein #fitnessinspo #workout #Model #Blogger #
guys, it’s been a week. as a result, I’m definitely feeling most like the kid on the left. who are you feeling on this fine Friday? (also, it’s been almost a YEAR since this picture... so much has changed since then, although the grass in Texas is almost back to green!)
Today we talk to photography + design duo @christopheramat & @courtmoly about a recent trip they took to Lisbon and Barcelona. See some of their favorite photographs from the trip and learn more about their experience at blog.onabags.com #whereONAgoes
10/10 good boy
“Who needs feet when I have wings to fly?” - Frida Kahlo // I can’t believe it’s our last day in Mexico City already! While it wasn’t what we had planned (and it took me a day or two to get into the swing of things after my birthday plans fell through), our stay in Mexico City has been lovely. I’m normally a huge planner when it comes to travelling - reading guides, books, and blogs before take-off - but the nature of this trip meant we had nothing organized in advance, and we were able to relax and explore the city slowly without a huge checklist of things to cross off. We did hit some of the big tourist spots though, like the gorgeous Frida Kahlo Museum, located in the artist’s former home in the southern neighbourhood of Coyoacan. Frida’s story was fascinating (we went full tourist mode and rented the audio guides) but I fell in love with her home too - just look at that shade of blue on the courtyard walls! I’ll be sharing more photos and stories from the city in the days to come, but in the meantime @spencermenglish and I are off to make the most of the food before tomorrow’s flight... 🌮
Musim mudik #ceritamudik
Hanya percikan api yang mampu menghangatkan semua pendaki tanpa melihat siapa kamu dan darimana kamu berasal. - Abdul Eko Al Johar @ekoprihanto
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