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We’re getting better every day. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
I’ll get everything delivered on time. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
I’ve never had a reason not to do it. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung #wdywt
Have to put in work like the Mamba did on 4.13. Happy #MambaDay to everyone. Thx @sugarxiaofei . #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
Can’t be even happier for my big bro @aaronfingj ! Bring back an NBA ring please! #GoRockets
When we started ballin’ we was young! Our special today at our WAkers location only is the WHITE IVERSON BOWL. Invented by our friend Scott Iverson (@aquaholic42 ), it’s Chicken Shawarma, Grilled Veggies, Pico de Gallo and Falafel. Today only!
Since you truly love it. At @superfiteast #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
Titelverteidigung nach starker Leistung von @hendrik.drescher 💪 #AST2018 #gedreschert #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
Luckily I found a gym to workout on this national holiday. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
Pooch Iverson 🐶🏀 #WhenIStartedBallinIWasYoung
So bad my gym will not open tomorrow and I gotta find another one. Anyway I’m not taking a day off. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
A perfect way to end this week. A better week is coming and we all gonna keep grinding. Haters will say this is photoshopped or the rim was lowered. Whatever, you guys can keep hating. We still gonna be us.#whenistartedballiniwasyoung
Trying to get at lease a little better everyday. Thx @basi_training. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
I was sick that day and my body was very weak. But battling with one of the best Chinese streetball player Sniper is always great. I can always learn a lot from him. #respect .
Light shoulder work. #wdywt #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
Still not 100% recovered but I felt ok to workout a little bit. Had a good core workout. Time to take a nap. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung #wdywt
Throw back to the other night on Sam’s account getting the win🔥 🙌🏻 #PUBG #YallAlreadyKnow #WhenIStartedBallinIWasYoung #WithThe7Kills #XboxinnnIT 🤙🏻
Been used to it. And been enjoying it. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung #wdywt
Hooping this afternoon, back workout in the morning. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
Running day let’s go. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
Had a tough shoulder workout today. Gotta have some fun after that. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
It’s chest day again. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung #supreme
No need to take a break. First workout in Beijing was great. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
Gods plan🏀🏀🏀 #WhenIStartedBallinIWasYoung #⛹🏾‍♀️🚨⛹🏾‍♀️
Flight got cancelled so I came back to my gym. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung #tb12
swipe to see the glow up.. 😉 #startedfromthebottom #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
Numbers don’t lie. I’m happy to see myself making progress after I was cleared by my doctor to play basketball and workout. 5.4% body fat isn’t bad. Keep in mind that your hard work will pay off. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
Last day of Black History Month. Basketball should bounce the same for everyone. #equality #bhm
This was the last game before I leave. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung #eleague #7
I watched a video before go to sleep yesterday and I thought it was dope. So I gave it a try today. It was hard but fun. @powerhandz #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
Welcome to my instagram! #WhenIStartedBallinIWasYoung
It’s interesting to keep track how my body changes over time. Another chest workout let’s go. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
Sharing a very boring video. It was still a nightmare for me when I missed all 6 free throws in a game when I was in high school. We lost that game by 2. Free throws have been one of my biggest weaknesses and I even have that written on my game shoes. But it won’t be my weakness anymore. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung #eleague
From a master to one of his fans. Thank you for the motivation. Happy birthday @starburymarbury. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
One more back workout before I go to the airport. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
Light shoulder work. #allstar #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
Chest workout at Equinox downtown LA. I’ve met some of the kindest people here that made my day. Gotta work like the goat on his birthday. @jumpman23 #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
Hooked myself up with some great chicken breast at Flemming’s. @flemingssteakhouse #eatwelltrainwell #LA #AllStar
Nice to see Avery Bradley back in Boston. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung @averybradleycamps
I take full responsibility of the loss tonight. I definitely let my teammates down. I know that I owe them an apology and a better performance next game. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung #eleague #7
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