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Saucin saucin saucin on yuuuuu 🌶 #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
It’s never easy and it was never meant to be. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
If your wise, it's 20/20 looking back. I watched boys turned to men into boys again, crippled by religion. I also saw something 1 day, and I believed my eyes more than the lies of men. It was apparent these men were comfortable and life had made me a unique wrecking ball. My cute little ex-wife says I scare her. She's like most of the world, comfortable and unwilling to wager everything. There's something about girding your loins that's always appealed to me, so I ended up here #YAHrules #Bennymang #BornOnRosecrans #CalifornianAF #ProfessionalGolferFromCalifornia #WhenIStartedBallinIWasYoung #ImFromTheBayBruh #ImDifferent #Renegade #IMissYou707 #Yadadamean #Fasho #HollaAtYerBoy
I’m actually not a big fan of physical therapy. But as my doctor told me to do so, I decided to try that. I’ll do anything that can possibly help me. Recovery is a long process and I have patience and confidence for it. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
The whole process is hard but it also taught me a lot. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
I recorded a little bit to see what my shots look like now. I still can’t run and jump normally. My right knee is making progress slowly and I’ll stay patient. I hope it’ll be almost as good as before at the end of this month. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
Labor Day ain’t a day off for me. And my gym is really cold. Happy Labor Day to all! #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
Gym closes at 5 today. I still can’t run and jump but at least I can dribble a little bit. My right knee is still not good but it’s getting better. It takes a little more patience. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
I wish it’s not too late for me to post this. Thanks @manyuanzhang for the invitation to come to Shenzhen Smash Boxing Club. Modeling for Smash was fun. I also had a great training session over there. If you are in Shenzhen you won’t regret check this place out. Pic: @bennyxing
I’ve been missing this mirror. Getting used to a place that you’re actually super familiar with is kinda weird. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
Back to Boston and ready for my first workout. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
"You Love People & Use Things, not the other way around" 🆗️👑❤🌍💪 #Tbt #WhenIStartedBallinIWasYoung 💦 #BabyYusuf 💙
Saucin, Saucin, I’m Saucin on you I’m swaggin, I’m swaggin, I’m swaggin, oh ooh I’m ballin, I’m ballin, on you 🎶 🎶 #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
Still recovering. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
Been sick for the last two days. Back to the gym tomorrow. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
Shenzhen Smash Boxing Club.
Shenzhen I’ll see y’all again next time. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
At work. @manyuanzhang
Just finished my workout. Time to go get my job done. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
We out here at Smash Shenzhen! Shout out to @manyuanzhang for that great workout right after I arrived in Shenzhen. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
I been waiting for that. Stay tuned. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
My knees felt good. I’m making progress. I’m not worrying about it. It just takes some time. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
How do normal people spend the last couple of days before reaching the mature and sensible age of 27? Me and Nick drank a thousand beers and dressed me up like Post Malone AKA Post Laurone 😂😎 Also cornrows are well hard #postmalone #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
Worked out my back today. Knees felt a lot better than before. I’m gonna start running a little bit tomorrow. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
S/O to my doctor for getting my knees and neck right. #thatslowgrind #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
As a player I definitely know what my knee injury means to me. Honestly it hurts me both emotionally and physically. I’m still confident and I WILL com back. In the meantime I’m gonna do everything I can to get better. Good luck to myself. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung #thatslowgrind
I thought about it when I was young. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung #nofilter
Throwback to year 2014 when I was eighteen 😎. This year was really amazing time in my life and definitely changed everything 🙏🏻. I started ballin' and keep doing to the present 🤫. (And actually I don’t smoke anymore 🚭) _______________________________________________________ #Throwback #Year2014 #2014 #Eighteen #Amazing #Amazingtime #Startedballin #Whenistartedballiniwasyoung #Marlboro #Marlborogold #Cigarettes #Smoking #Smoke #HeinzGuderian #Stachelberg
225 lbs, 12 reps bench press. After dreaming about and working on it for 5 years, I finally made it today. It’s easy for a lotta people. But for me it’s kinda like a huge achievement. Man I really did work hard on it. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
Leg days are important. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
Back at that simple core workout. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
I wish one day I truly deserve what I ask for. That’s why I put in work. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
I keep track of my back too. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
She motivates me on a daily basis. W/ @gogogogirls6601. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
At least you gotta try. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
I’m always looking for better and safer ways to train myself. I simply wanna make sure I make progress everyday. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
I’ve posted both pics before. The one on the left was taken on March, 2018 and the one on the right was a couple days ago. Man I’m happy about the changes that can be seen in the pics. As a hooper that have been through serious injuries, I cherish every second that my body is at its 100%. Life is blessing us because no matter what is going on, it gives me several ways to make myself better. I’m not gonna stop. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
I don't fuck w/squares, love me some flagrant Chi-town players bruh. They know what's up. That said, the rings are in Oakland #Yadadamean #Boyeeee @gucci_get_it_gone_ #HollaAtYerBoy #Bennymang #Highsider #VetFromTheSet #BurnRubber #WhenIStartedBallinIWasYoung #ImFromTheBayBruh #SidewaysToTheNextLight #WeDoThisErryday #Bruh
Light shoulder work. Make sure you always seek for a better way to workout. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
“Xinjie, work on your legs cuz they trash.” #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
They know I want no sauce every time I order. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
I’m blessed to be able to do all these everyday. #whenistartedballiniwasyoung Video: @sugarxiaofei
Had some fun after lifting. I’m not good at it yet but this is definitely what I love to work on. Video: @sugarxiaofei #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
“You can tell from my knee pads that I’m a @patriots fan.” #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
Se a quadra é uma obra de arte, pode me chamar de Picasso ✔ #striveforgreatness #itwillneverbejustagame #whenistartedballiniwasyoung
Bra session på court’en🏀 #WhenIStartedBallinIWasYoung
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