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LAST CHANCE TO JOIN ‘A SCANDINAVIAN CHRISTMAS TALE’. ... Perhaps you have been playing with the thought of joining us in Gothenburg, Sweden, when we soon press the kick off button of ‘A Scandinavian Christmas Tale - Storytelling, food & Lifestyle Photography’? ... If so, hurry in and book your seat (only two left) now, because tomorrow is the last day to secure a room at our lovely Hotel Bellora. And, furthermore, only two more weeks to go! It will be a fantastic retreat learning new skills, eating good food and making new friends. I just wanted to remind you so that you don´t miss out on this unique opportunity. You find the link to the registration in my profile👆🏻 ... Hope to see you in a couple of weeks time🙋📷✍🏻🌲❄️ ... #dream_learn_achieve #kitchenschool #bakingcourses #cookingcourses #thefeedfeed #feedfeed #beautifulcuisines #whatscookingaarhus #bagekursus #madlavningskursus #køkkenskole #workshops #lovecooking #learnhowtocook #learnhowtobake #christmaswreath
I’m soon ready to share some SUPER exciting news with you, dear followers🙌🏻. I’ve been working on a project for quite a while - the creation of a kitchen school with a wide range of inspiration-packed baking and cooking classes for both adults and kids. And finally I’ve succeeded in bringing my dream from idea and into reality. The courses will primarily be held in Danish and take place in my hometown, Aarhus. However, I will also bring my courses to Copenhagen from time to time (just need the right place to hold them - if any of you know just the right place, I would be happy to hear from you) and perhaps even abroad. I can’t wait to share more details with you 🔜. Within the next couple of days, I will launch my new kitchen school website. Woohoo! So excited🤗🎉 ... Wish you a wonderful day everyone🙋 ... #dream_learn_achieve #kitchenschool #bakingcourses #cookingcourses #thefeedfeed #feedfeed #beautifulcuisines #whatscookingaarhus #bagekursus #madlavningskursus #køkkenskole #workshops #lovecooking #learnhowtocook #learnhowtobake #jpaarhus #smagaarhus
Hi there. Just wanted to say hello in person today and let you know that I'm right now fully immersed in the process of decorating my NEW STUDIO in a separate part of our new house, and I honestly can't wait to open the doors to my first WORKSHOPS, CLASSES & RETREATS on photography, cookbook creation, storytelling, foodstyling and cooking/baking. I hope I'll be ready to launch the first ones in fall 2016. And when the new year begins - and this gorgeous city, that I live in will kick off the huge program that has been planned to celebrate, that Aarhus has been chosen as Cultural Capital of Europe in 2017 - I'm ready too to launch my series of workshops & classes, where passion, learning and purpose come together. To me one of the most important processes in life is to tune in on what you are good at, and what you love to do - the things that make a difference to yourself and others and leave you with a feeling of having contributed with something meaningful. I will do my utmost to fuel you with inspiration for that process and share with you the knowledge, tool box and insight that my years as publisher, award winning cookbook author and photographer have taught me. Wohoo, am so excited about this🎉. Have a lovely day, dear followers. #aarhus #denmark #newstudio #sifworkshopsandretreats #photography #storytelling #cooking #bookcreation #nordiccuisine #whatscookingaarhus