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just some cacti 🌵
Crap, the picture is not even #whpwindows
It was worth the climb and a little cry
The Moses Mabhida Stadium situated in Durban, known for its multi-uses, adventure walks, bungee swing, events, and the list goes on . So glad I could make a stop here during my vacation . #mosesmabhida #stadium #adventurewalk #durban #durbanism #photography #gopro #goproza #southafrica #igers #insta #instagram_sa #meetsouthafrica #mothercity #gramslayers #beautiful
Every trek has moments that stay with you long after you leave. This was one of them
We are but small fish in a (very) big pond. The night sky has a way of putting things in prospective
Why Don’t We (try) Something Different 🏙 5:02pm . #BrucciiPortraits (3/3)
It’s never just black and white🍭 _____________________________________
rain, movies, & reading 📚
Just leave me here.
Starry nights spent gazing upwards
Red lights + good vibes
*** I miss the sun ***
may the warmth be with you 🔥
CHIONOPHILE (n) a person who loves cold weather. 🏙 4:53pm . #BrucciiPortraits (2/3)
Where is your happy place?
Detouring for a closer look at the random and often sudden waterfalls that form here in fiordland
Hoping for the day headlines will say predator, abuser or molester instead of something like Ex-USA gymnastics doctor. I don't care about the accomplishments or titles of violators of innocence.
can't believe this kid is 17 now.. happy birthday little bro. Crazy to see you grow up so fast. @angelo_picazo #latebirthdaypost
The mind of a perfectionist is always in pain🧠 _________________________________
A new look for Sydney 📷 . . . . . @sonyalpha a7ii // Sony Zeiss 55mm f1.8 Thanks @elegantdusk for being the stylish model. GL for the rest of your modelling career man ;)
stay reppin @mvmt 🤘🏼
It's been four years since Josh left me in California to start flight school in Florida. In that time we've released baby sea turtles in Texas twice, seen the sun rise in the Grand Canyon, hiked through Yosemite, Big Bend, Saguaro, and Joshua Tree National Park. We got engaged in Florida, married in San Francisco and made our first home together in Texas. We've ridden horses through hill country in Austin and Santa Barbara, spent too much money on hotels in Sausalito and driven through wine country more times than I can count. I've watched him live his dream flying jets and he's helped me figure out mine. He's pushed me to travel even when he can't come and I've gone to Marfa, Colorado, New Zealand and Hawaii without him since we got married. We have grown together and helped each other grow individually and the past four years are filled with memories that have changed my life for the better. Not all of it has been easy or fun but it has been good. We are wrapping up this four year flight school journey in the next couple weeks and I can't wait to find out what's next! 🎉☺️ Photo by @emilyscott
Organised chaos amongst the beechwoods
Southern skies lighting the way to the alps
Rainy days on the river .
F/2,2 // 3,5 mm #ponselgrafy
Guardian of Yuseong Forest | Sony A7 Zeiss Batis 25mm f2
Visits with whanau to Tangaroa's garden.
It’s good to be back in Virginia! First shoot of the year! 🏙 4:46pm . #BrucciiPortraits (1/3)
Showtime starts now 📻🎙
Not quite 90 miles of barrels & bogans.
I'm glad more and more artists are taking the initiative of creating amazing backgrounds for their live shows
Winter is not coming Mr. Stark #conquer_la #conquer_ca #discoverla
🎵NOAX & Cali Boom- Focused🎵ll (6/6)
Phoenix AZ was amazing! Till next time!! 🌆 3:43pm . #BrucciiPortraits (3/3)
I am the Great Unknown🎭 _________________________________
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