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A South American sunset . . . . . @sonyalpha a6000 // Samyang 12mm
Those moments of pure happiness ✨
Birkenstock 😁
Chasing wind storms by the San Andreas fault 🌋 #BrucciiVentures
Have faith ✨
That 41 hour straight drive across the country. #BrucciiVentures
The Hotelement is the best adventure ride!
The mountains will teach you everything you need to know
Surrounded with the death of a season. #winterishere #BrucciiVentures Photocred: @michellegeraldin 📸
Raw Glance 🍁 . . . #BrucciiPortraits (3/3)
What a weekend!
BTS: out in the middle of no where. “Oh look! Nice open space!! Don’t move.” 🍂 Every photographer ever. 😅 . . . #BrucciiPortraits (2/3)
i love seniors who want to do their own thing. like, i get it; the third ward is full of great spots to shoot, you've seen so many shots there that you also want to get, i totally understand that. but when you have a specific location in mind, i promise your photos are going to be so much more special to you! #seniorsunday #snrszn #rachelnicolephoto #rachelnicole 🎓
I one day hope to be as photogenic as my dog.
so many seniors all of the time, but i love seniors so i am 1000000% ok with it 💁🏼‍♀️✨ #rachelnicolephoto #rachelnicole 🎓 #mkephotographer
Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference • Winston Churchill
Happy Birthday to this lovely lady!! @deanasherry 🍕 & 🍷 forever.
Fell in love with Portland ✨
Behind the the shadows 🍁 . . . #BrucciiPortraits (1/3)
through the reflection of a lens Reflection series (3/3) #BrucciiVentures
in the end, it's what you began with that matters most #rachelnicolephoto #rachelnicole 🎓
Find me where the neon lights are 💡
Keep your focus ✨
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