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Selamat pagi, selamat dan semangat memulai hari kawan ☕ #djiglobal #stayandwander
Sorry I like this version better because the mountains look like my Tangerine La Croix can
Celebrate the sun every chance you get; it’s keeping us and this beautiful planet alive. #celebratethesun #outsidemvmt #bealpha
SF at sunset by me
catching fire as the wind blows // #ig_color
You think I’m ever givin’ up? For Pete’s sake, I doubt it 🌪 B&W of @logic & @g_eazy ⚫️⚪️💡Gonna try to put out some new black n white edits, so keep an 👀 out
To do list 📜🕉️ 🔸packing my back pack 🔸do the laundry 🔸clean the kitchen 🔸restore peace and harmony in the world and bring back the balance between the four elements 🙏 ☯️ . #TaProhm #Cambodia #AngkorWat #temple #travel #mountain #avatar #adventurer #chakras #nature #spiritual #explorer #love #bohemian #thehappynow #nothingisordinary #iamtb #igrecommend #featurepalette #travelourplanet #peoplescreatives #expofilm3k #adventure #wanderlust #bestvacations #lifeofadventure #exploretocreate #createcommune #portrait #vol10k
7k🎉 • Just around 50 days ago I've been hitting the 6k. It's crazy how fast your account and especially your community is growing, the more reach you get by time to time. I actually started as a private one for selfies and that kind of stuff. But my passion for photography was bigger so I decided to switch this one into my main-photography account... The first 1k are always hard to get, but stay patient and keep creating y'all. Most important thing is not to give up, create your own community, share the same passion as many others and make new (virtual) friends from all over the world. So as always, a big lovely thanks to each and everyone of you out there🙏🙏🙏. Without you, your constant support and your interest in my work I wouldn't come that far, that's for sure🤞 ❗️Important sidenote: I'm starting to study civil engineering in about two weeks. So I just wanna let you know that I may not be able to post constantly daily like now. And there will be for sure some periods of time where I'm not available for a couple of days or weeks as studying is my first priority. I'm (half) Asian as you know📚🤓 Thanks.
Lotus Temple.. One of the most Devine, the most Pious place I visited in my life.. • This was the place where i really felt connected to god..it was soo calm in here.. • Mark my words folks..if you ever came to New Delhi, Do visit this place for sure.. • • • • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ • • #aovportraits #fingerprintofgod #culturetrip @culturetrip #citybestviews @citybestviews #bestcitybreaks @bestcitybreaks #milliondollarvisuals #visualsoflife @visualsoflife #creativeoptic #ourmoodydays #mybestcityshots #huffingtonpost #estheticlabel #rsa_folknature #i_hobbygraphy #creativeoptic @creativeoptic #natgeotravel #citygrammers #indianphotography #mypixeldiary @createexplore #viewbug #freedomthinkers #heatercentral #indiaview #indiashutterbugs #cpfeatureme #yourshot_india #letswander #vol10k
Featuring @dedicationphotography •• #icelandexplored to be featured!
Good friends, a beautiful sunset, hot chocolate. What more could you wish for?🤩🙏
I got a flat tire yesterday.
I've always liked long exposures because it's capturing a chunk of time rather than just a piece. Which leads me to wonder, what would a long exposure of the planet look like?
i shouldn’t look back
Visuals Of Bali courtesy of: @brandonverdura . - & Remember to tag all of your travel photos and videos with #VisualsOfLife , #Vol5k , #Vol10k to be apart of the @VisualsOfLife community. We want to see what you guys are up to all around the world & feature your content.
The beautiful Kylesku bridge looking South towards the famous Stack of Glencoul rising in the distance!
Friisgatan, way past bedtime. Seems like summer made an unexpected but appreciated comeback to Malmö, for a few days at least... ☀️💒🌆💙#enchantedchildhood #indiansummer
Last rays of summer💫
Gotta love it when the flight is so empty that I can hitch a ride in the back with my lovely wife @instaannah !
The tough hike to the crater rim is rewarded by a fantastic view. We were literally above the cloud!
The right place, and right time! Amazing capture by @nicholas_boffoli ! This was just too good to ignore. Remember to tag #thewildnewyork and support out NYS community! 🙌🏼😁 image selected by: @alex.dantonio
My last image of the feral kitties that hung around our home away from home in Kailua-Kona. Her name is princess, and she was said to be one of the sweetest cats around! 🐱
with moody morning.
Take a look of this beautifull small princely palace in #merano , #südtirol
“Mom can you drive the cart so i can take photos on the way home please” :)
Another view of the meran main street...
As we grow, we also outgrow.
Hints of autumn 🍂
Well hey Instagram! It’s been a bit, but since we just got back from Kauai I’ve got some fun stuff to share with you. We unfortunately had to cut our trip short and couldn’t make it to Maui due to the storm, but that’s alright! It was still a total blast. So get ready for all the Hawaii photos to come at you, starting with this great moment. The night before the tropical storm was to hit Hawaii the south west side completely opened up and within a matter of minutes after sunset the Milky Way came out. It’s been a long time since I shot the stars, but boy did I miss it. Hope you all have a great week 🤙🏼.
Can’t wait for winter
🍁 Adventures of this kind have been few and far between. Lately my focus has been heavily on my new job as a university counsellor, and getting settled in my 108 year old apartment. To see more about what I’m up to now, go check out @seekinghearts As for the wild, I’ll see you soon! 😉
This is what the inside of a frozen pumpkin looks like
*Scrolling Instagram* Amazon: Watch Jack Ryan only on Prime Video. *Scrolling Facebook* Amazon: Watch Jack Ryan only on Prime Video. *Snapchat* Amazon: Watch Jack Ryan only on Prime Video. *Opens fridge* Amazon: Watch Jack Ryan only on Prime Video. *Opens toilet lid* Amazon: Watch Jack Ryan only on Prime Video. BIIIITCH I ALREADY SEENT IT!!! 🤬 #milkywaychasers #natgeospace #timelessuniverse -------------------------------------------------- #exploresask #explorecanada #night_excl #lostfam #agameoftones #modernoutdoors #stayandwander #visualsofearth #moodygrams #nightphotography
lose every sense of time
I was trying to find the insect responsible for all of the holes but was unsuccessful. So here’s a picture of some leaves before the winter comes and they all disappear. 🌿 @canonusa ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #fantastic_earth #outnaturedays_5k #teamcanon #Globalcapture #fiftyshades_of_nature #hubs_united #vol5k #naturegeography #vol10k #teamcanonusa
As a traveler, comparing one city to another takes you out of the category of being a traveler😂 I know it might sound strange but it’s true. When you compare you are nothing but a tourist. Travelers accept that every place they visit is different and unique. Tourist recognize the differences and have to be vocal about it as if when they speak it, the roads in front of them will change as inception. I am guilty of this and I’m making it a challenge to adapt to the traveling lifestyle. Yeah and sorry tourism but you’ll be long gone soon enough. Get out this week or weekend and go somewhere you’ve never gone. Take the best picture you can and hashtag #travelersdonttour . Don’t forget to keep that mindset and be a traveler🤙
|Mustang GT|
Car shoots?
|Always in the studio|
Just a bunch of kids being kids💯📸
@afropunk DAY 2 planned my whole outfit around this scarf 🔥
SWIPE SWIPE SWIPE ✨✨✨ side note came up with this outfit the day of Afropunk lol
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