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Breathe in. Breathe out.
The entirety of my life I have been an emotionalist, an idealist, a romantic, and a perfectionist. It particularly manifests itself in the Hallmark holidays-Christmas especially. Christmas is 10 days away. I want everything to be happy and magically contained within a rom com, snow-globed world. Anyone with me? I feel desperate for my own happiness and responsible for everyone else’s around me. The result of my personality/often flawed outlook? I am too often crushed, disappointment, too easily bruised, too quickly broken-hearted. I hurt; and I hurt. Spend any significant time me with me and you will know it to be true. But the last two tinseled seasons, I have been learning the meaning of Immanuel, God with us, God with me. God did not enter into a perfectly curated manger masterpiece. He did not enter into a world of peace. He entered into our brokenness, our mess, our pain. He enters into my mess, my missing. Isn’t to hurt and be hurt human? But to heal and to be Immanuel is God. I will feel joy on Christmas Day. I will be with my loved ones and I have so much to be thankful for. But it’s ok if my emotions are less than perfect. It’s ok if my spirit is sad. For I will remind my soul to find its rest in Immanuel. God is with us, God is for us, God is in us. Immanuel.
I’m ready for some more exploring this weekend ✌🏼
Sometimes I really don't want to be bothered. I just be in my own world 👴🏼
What do y'all do to get yourself through the winter? My independence in the warm months gives me life but man the colder weather and shorter days make me lonely as hell, and I would very much not like to feel like this.
#fuckmetro 😂
“We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep.” - William James #letsgosomewhere
We get to take a return trip to Smith Creek to fly fish in the morning! What’re you guys doing this weekend?
I've had the best day. . Anytime girl time and creative expression are rolled into the same coffee date, I'm happy. Two hours of talking photography, and shooting with @rayannebarker today seriously did my heart good. . As an artist, it's easy to feel "weird" when I'm practicing my craft. It doesn't necessarily feel normal to hover around coffee shop counters with my camera hunting for the perfect angle. But when I'm with a fellow-creative, I forget to notice that we aren't the norm, because we're too distracted by the joy of the process. . I am so insanely grateful to slowly but surely be building a solid crew of gal pals in this sweet city. I got to spend the rest of my day co-working with @julesgyoga and giggling with @shelleradcliffe. . It took a while for me to feel connected in Grand Rapids, but these ladies were so worth the wait. I definitely believe that God leads us to the people our hearts need, and His timing is sweetest.
To say they adore their big brother is an understatement. He just takes their silliness and runs with it. The sweetest heart I know - his brother & sisters are so lucky to have him. 🌿
Parker and Ev: 1 • Bentley: 0 - siblings are just the best 🌿
Looking Up | MBS | Singapore Looking out to the cityscape from Marina Bay is a beautiful sight. Very dramatic in Balck and white. But even more impressive in colour. I'll post some colour ones soon. Taken with my Samsung S8
Never thought that crossing a street would be this exciting
Who needs net neutrality when you have this cutie and trees lol #ignoranceisbliss
We decided to keep this trip more in budget, no cabs, no costly fine dine and no high class stay. So one fine evening we decided to take a stroll in the lanes of Mussourie. . The roads were crowded and noisy but I was in peace, thinking of how lucky I am to find love in my travel buddy. I would never ever want to give up on this thing that has made me stronger than anything else ever has. I now belong to you completely and wish the same from you. I want to see your dreams. I want to share them with you, and have you shared mine as well. I want you to think of me in the joy of watching snow fall and know that am thinking of you always. . As he pulled me to hug him, I simply melted in his arms. His embrace was warm, and his big, strong arms seemed very protective when wrapped around my frail body. The world around me melted away as I squeezed him back, not wanting the moment to end. The feeling of being wrapped in your arms, with your fingers tangled in my hairs and the soft feel of your breath on my neck can never be put into words. However, all I can say is...I belong in those arms and that I feel home. Follow ------ @desi_travelers #desitravelers #travel #travelblogger #mussourie
Dark red hues ❤️
From the Garden ~ Having a lot of fun with watercolours this one was quite random as I chose this photo by mistake instead of the landscape I was working on #gameoftones
Me trying to comprehend that We having a @h_collective meet up. Here in PUERTO. RICO. 🇵🇷 I hope many of you creative genius can come! Check my story for more info! Get ready for tomorrow !! 📸 @cellluloid
Can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow night @thephoenixtheater. Remember you can still snag pre-sale tickets online or buy tickets at the door tomorrow night. #vivalarevemusic 🔥📸🎻🎸🔥
Winter hiking with the slave driver 🏃💃 @linchristine #alifeonfoot
Sometimes you need a little bit of this in your life. Belize 🇧🇿 #vacation #ocean #sunset #water #travel #travelphotography #belize
To move a mountain you, you have to start by carrying away small stones. #film #35mm #filmphotography
Help, I've fallen & can't get up! But I also don't need your help cause I'm a strong & independent woman 💁🏻‍♀️ #29rooms #refinery29 @29rooms @refinery29
Light leaks make for interesting effects! . . Mamiya RB67 Pro S Kodak Ektar 100 . . .
Amazing views of the frozen waterfalls. If you're around in the winter. Definitely worth a visit to Hanging Lake! Bring poles and crampons! #alifeonfoot #hikecolorado
Siempre es un placer trabajar contigo 👯:@danimartineztaborda
Hike down from Hanging Lake on a cold December afternoon. Fewer people frequent at this time of the year but it's still more than expected. Bring poles and crampons!
'Get on purpose, get off of your outcome, get off of how well you do and how much you're being paid, get off of all of that and get on to what are you here for?' ~ Wayne Dyer 🍃 • Whenever I'm walking through nature, naturally some of Wayne's great lessons float into me. Such as the powerful one above, which had a tremendous effect on the course of my life. I see the lessons presented right here in front of me. This little twig, patiently rising towards the light. On it's purpose. And in the background, a mammoth tree... That was once the size of this twig. Nature never fails to remind me what's important. It's a well I tap from on the daily. What space do you retreat to, so you can think deeply? ⛰🙏⛰🙏⛰ #sharpentheblade #presence
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I lost my heart to the ocean a long time ago. I used to think I could never live somewhere that doesn't touch the sea, but recently I realized this isn't true. Still, to most people it's just water, to me it's where I reclaim my sanity. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #stayandwander #getoutstayout #neverstopexploring #staywild #awakethesoul #roamtheplanet #reformlife #sheexplores #womenontheroad #womenwhoexplore #allaboutadventures #vanlife #vanlifers #getoutside #homeiswhereyouparkit #travellife #travelphotography #surfer #surfing #surf #wanderlust #documentyourdays #ourplanetdaily #exploremore #wildernessculture #outdooradventurephotos #visualcollective #exploretocreate #artofvisuals #california
★•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••★ Feliz Navidad a todos los que comparten el deseo de un mundo más limpio sin contaminación, lleno de paz, amor y esperanza. Felices Fiestas Ecológicas...!!🎎🌎❤️#avchiapas ©® ★•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••★
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