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I can’t not include one of the race day pics in the Oregon series 🚣🏼‍♀️ One more photo tomorrow then I’m moving on with my life wooh
Every night I seem to question, are you my poison?
It’s only been a week and I miss this.
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Poetry gets plain as the hours pass when side by side with it
yellow daze
happy and content they are, because technology haven't cursed them, yet. #unknown #untouchedminds #tranquility #ruralindia #floraandfauna #happyfaces #women #beautyful #traveller #hippie #lovetowalkalone
Enjoy these flowers 💐
A day late but everyday is/should be #earthday right? 🌏 take care of our planet 🌻🦑🦋🌹🌈🦁🦅🐝🌿
I leave for Peru on Wednesday... excuse me what. I remember last year me and @charlottesolomon were sitting at a coffee shop planning all our travels and now they’re actually happening!! If you can dream it, you can do it people.💫 . . . . . #Featureseas #featurepalette #visualsoflife #roamtheplanet #untouchedminds #stayandwander #quietthechaos #expofilm #faintflicker #findmeinthelight #landscapecaptures  #getlost #splendidearth  #optoutside #buildandbloom #torontophotographer #burlingtonphotographer #earthlyanikapresets
Hanging around with some friend, while we're taking photos on sunny days, yeah . . #cityfeature #weekly_feature #untouchedminds #bleachmyfilm #rsa_outdoors #adventuregraphs #ftwwne #featureme #feature
Forever posting from this 🗻 Happy Earth day!
the cars were totally supposed to be there
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"For some people small, beautiful events are what life is all about." - Doctor Who
How can we have such a good week of weather for it all to go back to shit next week 😑
can’t seem to get you off my mind
You can't simply need someone because they care, but because they discovered that part of you which you were never aware existed, and when they're gone, you're simply blind to it. Selfish, a bit, but realistic, very much so.
Getting drunk with a blue caterpillar
Yeah, you could throw yourself off a ledge, and hope someone will catch you, or you could just realize the only person that's always there for you is yourself
✨Weekly spread🌿 #bulletjournal #micronpigma
Is love so true Or simply brand new? One day, all I see Boredom "I love you", simply a phrase Happiness simply rare But the ultimate test Are you elder enough to stay? Will my comfort suffice, Or do you live for a constant thrill? I guess time is the only professor here, After all It's taught many classes But we're simply in elementary Professors are distanced of us Will we ever get the honor of sitting in his chair, Or will we become drop outs? -A quick poem I made last night Which I named "The Professor". Also wrote one called The Student" that I think is a little bit better. Let me know what you think, should I keep doing these kinds of poems with my photos?
I used to lie awake on lonely nights, pondering the horrors the next day would bring to me, but with you all I can think about is your beauty.
Short on time, but made it by the deadline
Losing my grasp on reality. (Took a phone shot today. Any thoughts?)
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