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This beaut of a book is celebrating a birthday this week too! It all started with a Tumblr blog and two girls who wanted to collaborate from across the sea. 👯 Before starting the PR blog that turned into my now copywriting business, I had a poetry blog that allowed me to connect with writers from all around the world. Their support inspired me to self-publish a poetry collection in 2015. It's still one of my favorite passion projects to date! (And yes, I do have a theme for the second one... we'll see when that happens 😉). What have you been wanting to write a book about?
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and i'm still missing you
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((Aromantic Umbrellas)) This, my adoring, is not the kind for hand-holding. ° ° ° PSA: You're not responsible/obligated to reciprocate a crush!! ° ° Don't follow prescriptions for love that don't feel right. Navigate the way ya feel best & important folks will adjust accordingly. ° ° In the meantime, break it to them easy - romance makes ya queasy. ° ° I'm @bel_reed and I hope you're learning lots about the folks u love 🌞
a half crying, a half laughing my heart torments, guess who is slowly dying? tell me, tell me how to cure the heartbreak for nobody has no answer, but more questions is it magic trick or just stupid trick? fools us to fall, throws us to the cliff until nobody can find us anymore we are forever gone or we believe, we will be fine again. . artwork by unknown follow @dikagustin for more
you don’t care
“Your love seems to cut me deep the sharpest, you will always have a part of me.”
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but you decided to hide your sadness :) #shreyamaurya
"This isn't a failed marriage. It's a very successful marriage that happened to only last three years." When Barney Stinson said this in How I Met Your Mother, it somehow struck me hard. It is so normal for us to idolise relationships, think of happy endings the moment we get something and believe that somehow, we'll be exempted from separation. We often forget that even if it is meant to be, it is not meant to be forever. It is always so difficult to accept that something is over, and we only remember the bitterness left behind. Well, the truth is that sometimes, it is better to be temporary because that is what makes life beautiful. Had the sky been orange throughout, sunsets would have lost their charm. Had the soil been moist always, the petrichor wouldn't have been so refreshing. The rain comes for a season and the sky brightens for a reason, but that little time is worth every thing we can do to remember all the happiness it brought along. That little time, is what we will call life, when we finally turn around. #poetry #poets #poetsofig #poet #sadquotes #writersofig #prose #quotes #writing #poetrycommunity #girlswhowrite #words #qotd #youarenotalone #anxiety #napowrimo #mentalhealth #feminist #tumblrpoetry #breakupquotes #wordsmith #poetrybooks #selflove #lovequotes #goodbooks #love #heartfelt #feelings #somedays #andshewrote
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This one is an older one, but it's important. Just know that suicide, Affects a lot of People. If your contemplating, Your own life get some help. . Suicide hotline. +18002738255
“you pay me visits, in my dreams. i see your smile there and your eyes, glowing with happiness. i do not know why you look happy there and i do not want to find the reason. the more i do that, the more i hurt myself. but then, i spot you the following day and your presence numbs my soul. your eyes turn to ice when i walk by and you avoid my existence. i avoid yours too but that only sets my insides on fire. once upon a time, my feelings bloomed for you and i do not think that they died but, if the world and planets were against us then i can not fight them, alone.” • • • you and your shades of blue
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. when did you last appreciate yourself? do you even ever appreciate yourself? now, why is it this way? like, easy to compliment others but hard to compliment ourselves? why do we more often than not believe that other people are doing better, they are amazing, they are great, they are perfect but we ourselves are not? why do we always end up finding one flaw or the other in ourselves, why is self deprecation so innate? i mean i myself have been there, not somewhere where i felt i am not good, but somewhere where i felt that i might not be enough, i had this constant cycle of strange ideas going in my mind, which if didn't guide me to self hate then also didn't take me any closer to self love, i can't exactly explain how it was, but it sure was some wierd space to be a part of; it was a long way coming out of that place, out and ahead from where i once was, here, where, everything is more calculated, is more looked after, here, i don't give any space to people who i know won't help me better my mind and soul, here i don't listen to what my mind is saying but to what my heart knows, here i don't care about how i am looking but about what I'm becoming, here i don't wish for comfort but for growth even if it means taking risks and getting uncomfortable, here, i keep reminding myself; "you've come a long way, you are better now, you've a long way ahead, you'll even better ahead." and may be you should too, keep reminding yourself of how far you've come and how much better you're doing now /Li
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