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Sunday dinner with my mom; Broken Home | Scarlet M ♤
first love
are you the one to move slow or fast in relationships? lately i feel like i’ve been taking things sloooow (and honestly it’s not really working) . . . . #michaelapoetry #sayings #poetrycommunity #poetsofig #poetryisnotdead #sadquotes #poemoftheday #wordporn #lovetowrite #poet #poem #love #jmstorm #spilledink #tumblrpoetry #qotd #bymepoetry #omypoetry
She asks me “What is love, according to you?” And I, who has always claimed to have been in love, don’t have the slightest hint about the answer to this very obvious question. Isn’t it blasphemous? Going about proclaiming a feeling called “love” for someone when we don’t know its meaning ourselves? I break through my reverie and type, “Who knows?”. And think, how this question has been posed to me for the hundredth time or so, but for the very first time, by someone else. And you know what the irony is? These emotions which are so hard to define, are even tougher to confine. Like the clouds which leave an imprint on our minds but not even for one minute, remain the same. I stare blankly at the screen. I know she would understand my incoherent thoughts in person but I don’t know how to put them here, type them in this box which will trap them and confine my feelings. I keep still and it is only after a few seconds that I realize she has sent a message. “I have experienced something out of the ordinary. But I’m too scared to call it love.” I do not think twice, and type as if my fingers contain my brain for a second. As if I had been longing to say this to someone for a very long time. It’s been inside me even without my own knowledge and it is only after I send the message, I realize that indeed, all the answers lie inside ourselves. —Like some words are better left unsaid, some feelings are better left unnamed. . —Bhumika Singh
it’s so cold!
I keep falling in love with the shape of your eyes, I can’t always describe why but there is just something about them that keeps me from looking away. Words | ReBecca DeFazio Check out my pages and maybe you’ll fall in love 💁🏻‍♀️😜 #typewriter #typewriterpoetry #love #poetry #poetsofig #poetsofinstagram #writersofig #writersofinstagram #tumblr #tumblrgirl #poem #prose #poems #poet #newpoetssociety #wordswithqueens #writtenword #wordporn #poetryporn #writing #writer #writingcommunity #poetrycommunity #spilledink #tumblrpoetry #poetssociety #wordssmith #herheartpoetry #poetryisntdead #findyourwild
— seasons
Good Morning Loves. . FEAST” the debut book by @broms.the.poet is NOW AVAILABLE at www.bromsthepoet.ca. Delivers Worldwide 🌎. . . . Subscribe to the hashtag #BromsThePoet and “Turn On Post Notifications” For Daily Poetry And Original Prose.
Read more @rk_writes95 And be a part of my family ♥️ --- Darling, Tell me what makes you break my heart? What makes you enjoy my turmoil? When I wash my hands in your fire, what makes you enjoy the smell of my burns? What makes you calm looking at my efforts to pull my hands out of it? What makes you grin at my screams? And, when I drown in your sea, what makes you comfortable looking at the chills that run across my body? What makes you breathe victory when I gasp for breath and what makes you smile bright when my sights have blurred? - Shama Javkar The fact that you stand where I once stood. The fact that I went through the same questions some time ago. The fact that what breaks you is something that broke me. The fact that I enjoy watching the world burn because that's what's left of me. Because the joy of being broken demands a sacrifice of inflicting pain. For the king who was once happy, now craves for a broken queen. And yet after all this, we'll not be together. We'll simply be two broken people unknowingly breaking others, trying to create our perfect soulmate to not fall in love. - Raunak Agarwal --- Amazing collab with the sweetest @shamajavkar --- My Poetry/Rant book 'Heart Broken Musings' is available worldwide on amazon. --- Artwork by @_drasan_ --- #qotd #love #poem #poetrycommunity #poetryinmotion #poetryofig #sadquotes #wordsmith #poetryisnotdead #selflove #wordswithqueens #writerscommunity #wordporn #blackpoet #lovetowrite #poemoftheday #spilledink #inspirationalquote #poet #iwrite #indianwriters #instagramwriters #writersofinstagram #tumblrpoetry #TWS #wordgasm #relationshipquotes #wordsofwisdom #rk_writes95
But i guess if you did, i wouldn't have to wonder. . Original photo source unknown. #agirlandherpetals
I took promises as guarantee, and that was my biggest mistake. . #agirlandherpetals
Why blame the broken for being broke, and never touch the breaker with a word. . I took this photo of actual broken glass in the middle of the street while i was walking because i really just walk around and photograph anything that i like no matter what. " better stay away or it'll hurt " i thought. And then i don't really know how these words suddenly came to mind but all i know is that some of us are that broken glass but unlike it, we can still be fixed and maybe we just need someone who will hold us after all the people who walked away, maybe then we will be put back together into the harmless loving human that we once were.
There’s a hole in my heart where you use to be..
I don't care anymore..
This society is killing the best parts of me, but I'd rather die as a good person than live badly like all the rest..
No matter what you do, for the wrong one's it'll never be enough.
understand that people will leave your life, you can’t fall apart every time it happens.
Never be ashamed for you are a warrior my love, and I'm here ready to fight with you, ALWAYS...
You're my purpose...
- Prisoner - And even though it's hard to believe, sometimes love is about letting go. Setting them free. Hoping they'll find someone who is much better than you. Hoping that they'll somehow find happiness, that happiness you can never give them. Some people might think that this isn't love, that this is selfishness. But if selfishness is hurting your own self for the sake of your loved one, Hoping that they find something better. Even if it breaks you inside and out. Knowing that you need to stop ruining them, that maybe you don't even deserve them or that they just deserve much better. Then I'll choose to be selfish. I'll choose to be called stupid and heartless, than to take away someone's chance at being happier someday. They might not understand yet, but when they see true happiness, Maybe not today, but someday they will. . . I don't even understand my own words and feelings any more. I'm sorry. I know this probably isn't wise or good, but I think it'll be better than being with someone who doesn't deserve them. Right? . Follow me ( @agirlandherpetals ) for more daily original writings.
- Dangerous Castle - I tried to warn you, but you never listened. I tried to save you from my own self. But now its too late, you're in too deep. I can't save you now. . Follow @agirlandherpetals (me ) for more original, daily writings.
- Glue - They said to pour everything you've got into the things you love most . And when you fall in love with someone, you remember what they said, and you pour and pour all your love and emotions, you invest with everything you've got. You do everything for the people you love even if it breaks you inside and out. You do everything in your power to fix them. Hoping they might feel whole again. But in the end, when they're whole and you're empty, after giving them everything, they just leave in search for another one that's not as empty and broken as you are. They leave you there broken and scarred from all their sharp pieces, Alone. You keep fixing everyone but Honey,you should start thinking about who fixes you. . I think my weird captions won't stop for a while, so bare with me 😂 . Follow @agirlandherpetals (me ) for more original, daily writings.
- Empty Words - Sometimes we need something that's more than empty words and broken promises. Sometimes we just wish to find something that's true. Even if it makes us let go of the things we love most and the people we can't imagine our life without. We let go in hope of finding something whole. To fix our broken pieces and to fill up the emptiness that's living inside our soul. Because after all, you can't fix something that's broken, with an empty glue. . . Follow me ( @agirlandherpetals ) for more original, daily writings. For reposts kindly tag me so i can show you some love too❤
- Pain Healer - I've always had this thought. That maybe rain isn't just because of clouds and all of that. That maybe the sky and the earth are just two friends, who aren't destined to meet. That maybe the earth longed for the sky so much that he got broken inside trying to reach her, and she cried tears in pain for his wounds and for the wounds of any other lonely broken hearted human. Tears that she hoped might fill up their broken pieces, and fill them up with love and happiness. Because they'll know that there's a friend out there. Who cares, who understands how they feel, someone that will make them stop feeling so alone. . . My captions are starting to make me look kinda crazy😂 Please tell me what you think though I'd love to know❤💜 Follow me ( @agirlandherpetals ) for more daily original quotes..
- Silent Screams - It's that moment when someone asks you " are you okay ? " that moment when your eyes tear up as you answer " I'm fine " its that moment when your soul is screaming for help but your mouth ends up lying like you do every time. You lose hope of being understood, of being felt. You think that no one will ever understand your silence no matter how hard they try. but even if that's true, you're still alive. You're still here to pick yourself up and help yourself. And sometimes that's all you'll ever need. And I'm not telling you to shut people out . I'm telling you to know that just because some people gave up on you and stopped trying to help you, that doesn't mean that you should also give up, what it means is that you should fight harder and never give up. And even if no one offers you a hand, remember you already have two. . . The caption is kinda weird forgive me😂 . Also tell me what you think about this I'd love to know💜 . Follow me ( @agirlandherpetals ) for more writings original writings or just to make me happy❤😂
- Inner Battles - You should never feel that sharing what you feel to others is a burden to them, people who really love you will listen, understand and help. Depression, Anxiety ..etc are a heavy weight to carry on your own. And you don't have to. You may have won many battles on your own. But some battles cannot be won with only one soldier. It needs people who care and are brave enough to fight. So i ask you to take a step today, i ask you to start building up your army. You are never alone.. Tag some friends 👇👇 And tell me what you think💕
-Helper- Don't you have that someone that passed by your soul, helped it grow and lightened it with or without an intention and then left. You may stop loving them, forget about them even but their light, the light that they've buried inside of you , you'll never forget how it felt like even when its long gone or gotten a bit darker. It's still there, building you up more and more everyday.
- Whispers - Sometimes no matter how hard we try, these feelings that we hold inside of us just can't be put into words. So everyday we wake up and pretend that these feelings are not there. We wish that one day it will all disappear. But what we should do is face them so that one day there's actually a chance for us to win. Don't you agree ? I'd love to hear what you think so comment and tag some friends who'd like this ❤💜
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