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#tbt to my favorite photo from this summer. A bunch of strangers cooling off on a tiny piece of public land in Bellagio. 🇮🇹 #roamtheplanet #tlpicks #cntraveler
Plot Twist: I am Red Coat
#tbt to Switzerland this summer and super excited to visit Austria in 1.5 weeks. #roamtheplanet #tlpicks #cntraveler #myswitzerlandru #visitswitzerland #switzerland #switzerland_vacations #lakelucerne
Forever adventurous in my @venforth gear. A new rad collection is being launched very soon so make sure you stay updated🍃 #ad
I was born to chase sunsets, dance in fall colors, and laugh ridiculously
Everywhere I go I keep falling in love with the trees and wanting to stay a little bit longer
Another beautiful lassen picture from my sunrise hike the other week
Freaking Tree huggers🙄
Going through old photos and came across this one and wanted to reshare it and point out how moody the photo is and then you realize I just have a casual broken ass arm and it just throws it off 😂 It's gettin to be that time of year where fog chasing will be a weekly occurrence. 'Tis the mf season🍂 Banger by @__cliffy__ as usual
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