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Nobody frowns on a gloomy day like this. No one, especially when you're on a fur frenzy. 👄
I’m doing pretty good as far as geniuses go
Homeward bound. After living another 10 months in the land of the ‘Sang Merah Putih’ (red and white flag), we’re moving back to the Netherlands tomorrow. Our time in Indonesia has been nothing but amazing and I’m grateful to have met so many friendly people here. I’ll be missing this beautiful country, but I’m also excited to see my family and friends again who finally can meet our baby boy. Indonesia is my second home now, so we will be coming back regularly for sure. If the people here could stop polluting their country so much it’d be great.
Infinity Tumbling in Oludeniz with JB Chandelier⠀ (c) www.TristanShu.com⠀ #Paragliding #Acro #Parapente #JBChandelier #Flash #elinchrom #Turkey #Oludeniz #Sunset #Ocean #OneShot #NoPhotoshop
Get amongst the King of Concrete Comp down in Esperance Dec 2! 📸 by @shireofesperance #trekwa to join the adventure.
These are short and dark winter days. The air is crisp and cold and I keep the fire going in our stove all day long. My yougest is teething, and every time she need a nap I rock her to sleep in my arms. My oldest is becoming such a big girl, having her very first 'BFF" visiting, sharing secrets, preteding to dance at discos, and playing the piano together. Four hands dancing over the keys, two young hearts melting all that is winter. #whpthankful
Taking a break from chasing waterfalls. Currently on Gili T 😍☀
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