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What Act of Courage will you choose this week?
Do peace and joy abide with you now? And what is the legacy that will be left for the benefit of future generations?
Blake’s short poem on expanded awareness is predicated on opening what he labeled the “doors of perception” in order to see more possibilities. This requires letting go of the old definitions, of an identity that no longer fits, and of well-worn and threadbare ways of thinking and perceiving.
WHY COURAGE? Because...
“There is no true capacity to move forward until we let go of our attachment to what was and to where we are standing in the moment.” <— What we’re talking about in the Library today. Click profile link to read more.
“We exist in two worlds: we have one foot planted in the world of transactions which is all about give and take, tit for tat, contracts, the mundane and daily life and our other foot lightly touches and pivots us in the realm of transformation which is all about meaningfulness, love, possibility, creation and grace.” -Robert "Dusty" Staub, co-founder, actsofcourage.com
What Act of Courage will you choose this week?
Last week, we spoke with Dmitriy Kozlov about the courage to align with your heart and live with Purpose. The conversation was inspiring, challenging, and powerful. Read it through the link in our profile. @dkozlov
What Acts of Courage will you choose this week?
Embedded in growth is a paradox we all must embrace. In times of growth do you see this paradox being played out in your own life?
Are you attached to the “Story” of your life? Do you find yourself coming back to stories that do not lead to release and freedom, but instead justify staying stuck – and even righteous – in patterns of limitation? Here's how to let go… (more in profile link)
The Courage to Let Go is the key to stepping into this new year with purpose, passion, power. Why? That’s what we’re discussing in The Library today. Click the link in our profile to read more.
What Act if Courage will you choose to embrace this first week of the new year?
"It takes a tremendous amount of courage to slow down and start to do things differently. Making any change can feel disruptive, confusing and awkward. And, we tend to not love that.” . -From our interview with best-selling author, speaker, and Warrior Goddess @heatherashamara {Click our profile link to read the full interview.}
“One’s destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things.” - Herman Miller
Our world could use a lot of COURAGE right now – at home, at work, in society – to address a wide variety of societal and environmental challenges. It is going to take a lot of us to engage in many DAILY ACTS OF COURAGE in order to create the world we want to turn over to the next generations.
We need more people that are in touch with their intuition, creativity, and with their inner fire. These are the people that will inspire the rest of the world to create necessary, positive, meaningful change rather than trying to avoid it. . From our interview with @heatherashamara —> theactsofcourage.com/courage-live-fire
Sometimes, when we're around family, there is a struggle as to which “self” gets to make an appearance. The expectation that our best self be in charge is all too often sabotaged by some unconscious “spells.” .... . This is the topic we’re exploring in the Library today. Click our profile link to read more.
In theory, holidays are a time when we are exempt from the daily grind. A time to replace the habitual stresses of living and relax with our family and friends. . In reality, our “holiday spirit” experience is often disturbed by a different stress, the one that can come from being in extended proximity with family... . This is the topic we’re exploring today in the Acts of Courage library. If you need some ideas for how to bring your best self forward in the midst of family stress, click the link in our profile to read more.
What small, daily Acts of Courage will you choose this week?
Stop. Take a break. Breath. Click our profile link and read this inspiring conversation with #HeatherAshAmara about living with passion and creativity.
Current reality is the ground upon which you stand. The Courage to See what is working for you as well as what is working against you - to see your strengths as well as your opportunities for improvement - is critical for a firm footing in your life’s journey. Click the link in our profile to read more.
To be love, for me, is a way of being that is not dependent on anyone else.... From “The Courage to Choose Happiness”. Click the link in our profile to read.
What small, daily Acts if Courage will you choose this week?
This is a quote from Leeza Carlone Steindorf in an interview we did with her recently. She talks about what it means to know the goodness of who you are, and see the good inherent in others, and in the world. Good stuff! Click the link in our profile to read the whole thing.
Courage means shaping who you are in this lifetime.
Anyone up for a conversation about Courage, Happiness, and Seeing the Good? Last week, we spoke with Leeza Carlone Steindorf about what it means to know the goodness of who you are, and see the good inherent in others, and in the world. Click link in profile to read their conversation, or go here: theactsofcourage.com/courage-choose-happiness
What small, daily Act of Courage will you choose this week?
The degree of success of your investment and money management process determines your degree of independence and comfort in life.
In such a community, the habits, activities and ceremonies that promote a healthy, natural cycle of human life from birth to death have been tested and proven over time.
In times of war, not all leaders wear uniforms, and not all those in uniform act like leaders. I don’t just mean battles on distant shores. Even here in North America, in current times, there are wars being waged.  These include important wars to preserve our environment, freedom of speech, true justice for all citizens.
The word courage has its root in the Latin cor, heart. Finding and accessing courage is when you have awakened to the deeper strengths and character of your heart of hearts, the seat of  your innermost feelings.