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"Them Wheels Are Hot, Huh?" - @sonystyle02
W W W . Z E U S E D E R A . I T Giovedì 19.07.2018 h 22:47 🎈📌
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Brett's friend, Jordan. Montana, 2018.
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🤘🏻Health Tip 101🤘🏻 • Guys.. there is no health without Mental Health. • I’m about to give you guys a plan that me and will help you guys with over coming depression. Yes .. I’ve used these on my own situations when I was going through depression. Thank god I got through it! • The Depression Plan: - Remind yourself that rumination does not increase psychological insight. -Take small actions toward problem-solving. -Reframe negative perceptions of events and high expectations of others. -Let go of unhealthy or unattainable goals and develop multiple sources of social supports. • PLEASE SHARE YOUR STORIES!! DM ME OR DOWN IN THE COMMENTS. TELL ME WHAT HELPED YOU! . I did not make this plan i found it online but it helped me and it can to some of y’all ! ^Comment what you think about these tips. Please let me know.🤘🏻
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Sr. Bugiganga
The sky was burning that morning - 35 mm •
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