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Nicholas building.
Behind . . /* 📍Taiwan | 2019 | 📷 Minolta SR-1 | 🎞 Kodak Colorplus 200 */
Vanessa on Film... ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #keepfilmalive #analogfilm #ilfordfilm #pentax67 #analogfeatures #analoguepeople #goodtimes #ilforddelta3200 #staypoorshootfilm #portraitphotography #inkedgirl #springmood #memories #filmphotographic #analogportrait #strkng #mediumformatfilm
The shit hits the fan. Things go wrong. Bad things happen. People get hurt. People get sick. Sometimes, people get hurt and you find out it’s because they’re sick. When that happens, when it’s someone you love, your world caves in. Your life fractures. But when that happens, you find the people in your life that step up, step in and lift that massive weight by taking some of its burden on their own shoulders. They bridge the break with love and patience and kindness. They restore you; they support you. Our family is made of these people -they are remarkable. When circumstances seem their darkest, they are the light.💡
Did I miss it?
An old lady told me no to be shady. I wasn’t ready to be steady. (2018? 2019?. Okayama, Japan)
Pool Boy
. Right now you are everything .
hal-hal yang berlebihan di dunia itu untuk di coba 😎.
Jangan Harap Yang Pasti ke Aku, kepastian hanya milik allah 🙏
Hudson’s Bay Mamiya 645 Portra 400
Our newest observer, David Rankin, @rankinstudio , during his training to search for Near Earth Asteroids and Comet. He is in command of the Catalina Sky Survey's 1.5-m (60") at the peak of Mount Lemmon. Image made with Kodak's Eastman XX 5222 35mm motion picture film. @ultrafineman #astronomy #neo #neos #nearearthobjects #telescope #astronomytoday #nasa #astrophotography #mountlemmon #mtlemmon #mtlemmonaz #universityofarizona #uaresearch #capturethemoment #eastman5222 #eastmanxx #dontfearthegrain #ibelieveinfilm #grainisgood #embracethegrain #staypoorshootfilm #shootmorefilm #shootfilm #filmcommunity #filmshooters #shootfilmbenice #enjoyfilm #keepingfilmalive #sharefilm #portrait
My favourite thing about analogue photography is how each frame is so precious so you have to really think through each click and each shutter speed / apperature change. When I took this photo I was thinking about composition but I didn't even look at my light meter, I was so excited that I just clicked with whatever settings I had last used. I could easily change the exposure in lightroom but I decided to leave it because it's more meaningful. I am a big lamey pants くコ:彡
Mayo 2019 #architecture + #streetphotography _______________________________________ #Kentmere 400 #rodinal 1/50 #standdevelopment 1h _______________________________________
I'm slowly learning that some people aren't good for me, no matter how much i love them. . . By @sidapit #staypoorshootfilm #ishootfilm #ibelieveinfilm #analogclub
Robin’s Donuts. Mamiya 645 Portra 400
Candid gestures. Mamiya 645 Portra 400
Millenial retro. Mamiya 645 Portra 400
Youth. Mamiya 645 Portra 400
Inevitable Mamiya 645 Portra 400
After school. Mamiya 645 Portra 400
Winter views. Canon EOS 1V Ilford HP5 400
Downtown. Canon AE-1 Program Ilford HP5 400
Ramona. Canon EOS 1V Ilford HP5 400
See through. Canon EOS 1V Ilford HP5 400
The night is still young. Canon AE-1 Program Ilford HP5 400 ———— This shot is one of my favorite among the shots I took with this roll. Everything just seems right: tack sharp, properly exposed and well composed — perhaps in my opinion. Haha.
Coke. Canon AE-1 Program Iford HP5 400
Selfie mob. Canon AE-1 Program Ilford HP5 400
Female mob Canon AE-1 Program Ilford HP5 Plus 400 ———— Taken during a local event at downtown Winnipeg, Nuit Blanche. It is an annual all-night or night time arts festival. The event typically had museums, private and public art galleries. And this photo holds perfect artsy value for the said event.
Growing old is natural but growing up is optional. Canon AE-1 Program Ilford HP5 Plus 400 ———— One of probably the shots I did not expect to look good. Well for one, I was shooting in complete darkness with very little lighting from light posts. And if I remember correctly I think I rated the film at 1600 to crank my shutter speed up to shoot handheld. Oh well, film is full of surprises.
Traffic jam EOS 1V Agfa Vista 400 ———— This was a “wasted” frame if you ask me. I was on my home with 4 more shots left in my roll. I was eager to finish the whole roll because I wanted to have it developed the following day. I was skeptical of shooting this but thought to myself I was just wasting it anyway but honestly this was one of the shots I was pretty happy about. Sometimes “wasted” frames end up being 👌🏻 shots so always take time and compose them “wasted” frames as you would on a regular.
Exit stairs part deux EOS 1V AgfaPhoto Vista 400 ———— This shot was exactly taken at the same exit stairs as the previous image (selfie photo). I can’t believe that some of the photos I took that I like best were taken in places that I don’t pay attention to. Places that I come across on a daily; spots that I don’t consider special. This exact reason is why film is so exciting: everything becomes a surprise.
Who said exit stairs are useless? EOS 1V AgfaPhoto Vista 400 ———— This was taken at an exit stair in a 4-level parking lot across @forth_wpg cafe. Funny thing was we were running late to meet some friends and all I kept saying was “I couldn’t find parking.” When in fact I was finding perfect spots to shoot on my way to the cafe. Sheesh.
This one’s worth the parking fee she paid for. EOS 1V AgfaPhoto Vista 400 ———— This was a one way, narrow parking space — which worked in my advantage. While heading back to the car, I felt this sudden rush to snap a photo due to the lighting. And here it is.
Father stretch my hands. EOS 1V AgfaPhoto Vista 400 ———— I thought I’d try to over expose this shot since this is my first time overexposing film as coloured film likes to be overexposed. I guess I got myself into another sub-obsession.
The lamp and the shade. EOS 1V AgfaPhoto Vista 400 ———— This shot was taken at the basement portion of Forth Cafe. This place is sorta like an apartment converted to a really cool lookin’ coffee shop with some really nice contemporary touches.
They steady but my hands shaky. Leaving prints nothing but blurry. Sheesh. EOS 1V AgfaPhoto Vista 400 ———— This shot was taken at Forth Cafe. That place was such a vibe. All 80’s to 90’s kids will definitely have an appreciation for this place. Though, this aisle where this shot was taken was busy with servers and guests, I just could not pass on this one and pulled the trigger.
Lady in Red. EOS 1V AgfaPhoto Vista 400 ———— This shot was only my second roll using agfa. And I was not sure how this film will do when pushed. I pushed this film at 1600 without thinking twice and I have no regrets.
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