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•Modern architecture at its finest•
Another lovely property makes it to our short list! This one would need a little work but the location and views are amazing. #xàbia #jávea #costablanca #lagranadella #spainliving
Another long day of property viewings, and more difficult choices. #xàbia #jávea #costablanca #spainliving
Never thought I would go topless. When in Spain 🇪🇸
El Gran Sueño's resident pooch Carson loves taking his morning run through the woods that surround their hamlet. Are you and your four legged friend off on an adventure this weekend? 🐾
Spain has mastered the art of turning something old into a historical masterpiece. This eco-friendly home has been resurrected from old stables. @abaton_arch @urlaubsarchitektur Location: Càceres, Spain. 📸: @dwelltravel
Tadaocern Cafe Racer
MOON CRAWLER R100 Builders Eric Kalter and Arjan van den BoomExhaust Mervin Wagner Seat Miller Kustom Upholstery
🏠 from A to Z: B for Basura, payable in some municipalities such as Estepona or Nerja but not in others, i.e: Málaga or Marbella. #buying #proceeding #rates #taxes
Panigale Power
Ready to start the week! Preparados para comenzar la semana!
“I wanted to make a cafe racer with a soul-stirring sound and head-turning looks,” Nazar says of his ‘CB815.’"
Is it really summer if you don’t get gelato 3 days in a row? #askingforafriend
💙I found a hidden gem near Valencia!! Port Saplaya turned out to be a mini Venice. Pretty apartments and houses on twisting turning canals. I will post a drone video tomorrow, so you can see the beauty of it!! Stay tuned!!😉 . PS. You have a few more hours to watch it in stories!!
Lakic Honda CX500 GTS
Lakic Honda CX500 GTS
I’ve always loved nature, yet when I travel I find myself choosing beautiful cities and beach towns. So far on this trip, I have learned that I need to incorporate more nature into my travels. 🍃🌲🌿🌸🌻 - There have been more times than I expected that I found myself in nature this trip. Each time I felt closer to my true self, I felt stress I hadn’t realized ooze off my body, feeling more like myself. - What are some of the best nature spots you have traveled to?
Lakic Honda CX500 GTS
🔥My latest video update for you guys on how I am settling in the new flat and some thoughts on cultural shock. Don't forget to swipe left to continue watching!!😊 😊😊 . Please let me kbow of you ever experienced culture shock and if yes, how fast did you realise it??
My new 🔥 video episode is available! Click the link in my bio 👉 @misscosmopolita to watch full version. Here, I am updating you on the move to Spain and just talking about day to day routine in the new country.
Lotus Maculatus one of my favorite plants in my garden with flowers like little flames! #floraandfauna #flowerplant #gardenplant #beauty #mijardin #macrofloral #macroshot #spanishgarden #lotus #summerplants #enjoywatching #spainliving
Yeeey!!! Picking up the keys for our new apartment today!! Happy moment!:) 🔥Watch stories for live updates!
Feeling beachyyyy with the best 😘🏖🔥❤ #besties #alcaidesa #spainliving #bankholiday
Here is a sneak peak video of my 6 months travel in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bali, Hong Kong, Australia and Spain. It has been such a crazy and interesting experience! I dreamed about it, done in and now ready to get a base in Spain!!😛😛😛
Just swinging with my little man in our village.. what if we skive off school and go play?
When I started this account, I didn’t want to just post yoga stuff, but here you go - about 85 posts in I’m only posting yoga stuff. So, here are some pretty 🌺 🌸 to spice up my feed. . . . . . #yogaoffthemat #spain #flowers #poppies #mountains #spainlandscapes #spainlife #spainliving #españa #regiondemurcia #paisajesdeespaña #primavera #springflowers #ihavealifebesidesyoga #views #travelspain #spaintravel #travellife #poppyfields #spanishlandscape #southernspain #southofspain
Part 2 of my "apartment hunting in Spain" video. For full video - follow the link here 👉@misscosmopolita
Life is a voyage of discovery. -Unknown • • • Here’s one of my favorite pictures I was able to capture from Ronda. Pictures do not justice though with this type of scenery. • • • #travel #travelphotography #spain #andalucia #Ronda #visitspain ##visitandalucia #globetrotter #traveldiaries #wanderer #wanderlust #travelgram #instatravel #igersspain #igers #photooftheday #traveling #igtravel #spainliving #españa #europe #beautiful #mountains #mytravelgram #sony #sonya5100 #photography #traveladdict #instatraveling
It will not go out of my mind that if we pass this post and lantern, either we shall find strange adventures or else some great changes of our fortunes. - Chronicles of Narnia // I've been reading some of these C.S. Lewis novels during my time at G42. I love them! What I love about them is that they let my heart and soul wander to those whimsical parts of life. I'm kind of naturally drawn there anyway! Reading the books I feel filled with magical hope and I see a creative, kind, and powerful Christ. Some of the space here at G42 really has been beautiful in allowing me to uncover my true childlike self: the Kevin before the world told me who to be...the Kevin that God crafted in my mother's womb that he saw was good, and still is...the Kevin who may be called by a different name by God...the Kevin who was born to be loved.
REENCARNACIÒN 🕊 Podría haberme enamorado de tí en cualquier momento o en cualquier vida. De cualquier otra persona a la que la reencarnación me hubiera hecho representar con mi alma. Por ser algo tan sumamente predictivo, jamás lo hice en ninguna vida de ninguna de mis reencarnaciones hasta ahora; en esta vida; en este cuerpo; hoy. Y esta sensación de desborde emocional que me haces sentir cuando me rozas me hace preguntarme cosas muy teológicas. ¿Se puede acumular el amor que no se gasta en otras vidas? Writing: Amor y Asco // falling in love with my new home town here in Malaga. I'm also so happy to get to live in a place where i can continue to learn more Spanish language. I can't even explain the passion I always had to the language there is so many expressions I don't think u can say in other language or explain. Do you have a language you always wanted to learn ? • • • #reencarnación #poetry #poetryporn #poesía #amoryasco #lavida #amor #spainliving #málaga #bohemian #gypsylife #nomads #igotthedreamersdisease #dremers #sunsets #moonchild #wearenotlost #solotraveller
Recently made this video episode about apartment hunting in Valencia. To watch full video, follow the link in my bio👉 @misscosmopolita
Just applied for yet one more apartment to rent here in Valencia. And once again, it is difficult cuz we are new to the town and are not employed here. Well, fingers crossed, cuz again, I really like the location and the apartment! Wish us luck!!!
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