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#Repost @insanelabz • • • • • Always try understand others & truly take to heart how their soul may be crying. Here at @insanelabz we have a lot of people reach out to us & we hope to help this world become beautiful for each & every soul that exists. FAVOR- Give a friend a Hug today & just tell them how much they mean to this world. Remember we are not promised tomorrow. #love #smile #insanelabz #clown #jointheasylum #mentalgrowth #mentalhealth #soulhealing #teaminsanelabz #hug #peace #onesoul
Some of the pretty things that make my soul sing 🌸🌿🍃🕊✨🥥🍋🏹⛰🎶🔮🧘🏻‍♀️🍇🌼 #sage #sagesmudge #sagelavenderrosemary #garden #fresh #zen #crystals #spiritualawakening #spirituality #soul #soulhealing #dreamingofdragonflies333 #backtobasics #loveandlight #hippyatheart #naturesmedicine
f u l l M O O N RITUAL 🌙✨ ✨ Do you feel like you could use some grounding during the FULL moon?! This month, as the new moon falls on Thanksgiving, we will be setting our intentions with a FULL MOON RITUAL on Thursday October 25th! . In this personal one on one session you will receive: ✨FULL Moon intention setting & grounding meditation ✨Your personal message from the Universe Has Your Back deck for your unique Full Moon Mantra ✨Insight on the specific house the moon is in for your sign (this helps to channel your energy & intention in your POWER house for each lunar cycle) ✨All of this combined with the Lotus Ritual Treatment with FULL MOON✨🌚 essential oils! ✨ 1 hour/$80🌙 . Limited spots available/ this will be the ONLY full moon session, & our last NEW Moon Ritual for the year will be in November! 🌙✨ Thursday October 25th- 1:30pm 3:00pm 5:00pm 6:30pm (BOOKED) ✨🌙 Comment/DM to reserve your FULL Moon Ritual 🌕✨
⚡️When there’s thunder and lightning running through your veins, you’re not scared to walk through the storm. ⚡️ Nature has its own incredible symphony of sounds. Raindrops falling on trees, leaves and rocks makes for an amazing soundtrack of beautiful music. You can almost hear the plants speaking their secret language. ⛈🌪 #energyhealing #energyhealer #storms #transformation #pachamama #soulsjourney #soulhealing #thunder #lightning #herbalhealing #acupuncture #invisibleillness #rheumatoidarthritis #ebv #thyroidhealing #empath #compassion #loveherbutleaveherwild #shamanichealing
Footprints🐾🐾🐾in the sand... Fun in the sun kinda day!!! 🌞 *he drools a lot* 🤤🐶😂 _____________________________ #soulhealing #disconnect #mindbodysoul #mindfulness #footprints #heart #lovemydog
💛 💛 Stop all the doubting, questioning, over-thinking and analysing. 💫 By focusing on these actions you are adding to individual fear consciousness, aswell as the fear consciousness of the collective. 💫 The doors of possibility and opportunity are not being seen from that space. 🌼 Instead choose to surrender to love and allow those doors to open, let the Universe guide you forward in your journey of growth. 🌼 Atma Namaste Jacqueline 💛
"Through her eyes I saw - Her vision guiding my hands to paint & draw. Trusting my inner guidance & allowing my imagination to birth her into life. I now see - all that was meant for me. Unfolding. Unravelling. I leave all that does not serve my soul. Connected with my highest truth I become whole." 💜 . Ajna - Third Eye Chakra 💜 the 6th body of work in my Chakra Mandala series (the journey that began a couple of years ago & are finally being completed with splashes of watercolour!)....🎨💙💜 . I trust my Inner Guidance I am Intuitive and connected to my Inner Vision I take responsibility for creating the life of my dreams I trust that my life is unfolding exactly as it is meant to I let go of limiting beliefs and old thought patterns I have access to unlimited possibilities I love and accept myself . Next on to...Crown Chakra Mandala 💜 . . . #thirdeyechakra #ajna #chakralove #chakraart #sacredart
A Meditation with Lea . Join Lea on Sunday, September 23 for our heart healing meditation! Set in a crystal protective grid, your evening begins with the beautiful music of the Heart Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl. This vibration will clear, open and activate your heart chakra allowing self discovery, healing and ultimately, direction to your souls path. Allowing your body to relax and ready the mind for the gentle channeled meditations from spirit. . Where: White Lotus Divine Healing, St Johns / St Mary Street, Port Moody BC When: This Sunday, September 23 from 7:30 - 8:45pm Cost: $27 + gst . . . #meditation #heartmeditation #soulhealing #journey #souljourney #shadowself #higherawareness #raiseyourvibration #stillness #innerwisdom #crystalgrid #yvr #innerwisdom #youaretheuniverse #crystalgrid #crystalhealing #healersofinstagram #reikihealing #chakrahealing #chakrabalance #metaphysical #intuitivehealer #energywork #reikipractitioner #crystalhealing
Solitude helps our sanity, our spirit, our energy, our purpose. Solitude keeps us focused, restores confidence, builds strength. Never be afraid or apologetic to spend time with yourself. You must fall in love with the soul you spend the most time with❤ #energy #wellness #health #space #selfcare #selflove #illsayitagainandagain #energy #energyhealing #reiki #move #agape #solitide #soul #soulhealing #mandala #mandalatattoo #agape
🙏 I am so grateful to be here. It’s been almost a decade since I woke up from a three-day coma in critical care, intubated and confused, completely unaware that I had almost vacated this body for the very last time. 🐛 And let me tell you, even though I had spent the 14 years prior as a dedicated student of transformation, my life at that time was...completely uninspired: 😞 post-partum depression, family struggles, and a loss of general hope after losing my youngest brother to cancer. 💫 I am so proud of the life I’ve been creating since. It’s been elating at times and so very tough at others, but it has NEVER been unappreciated. And it never will be. ✨ Because there’s nothing like a little mortality check to get you to re-evaluate EVERYTHING, to motivate action in all the ways you always knew you “should,” to get you to *really* come to LIFE. 🎁 We don’t get forever in these bodies, my friend. Every breath, no matter how labored it may be, is a gift. 💓 We get to do so much! Within this extra decade of life I have launched heart-centered businesses, started online communities, created course content, helped transform the lives of thousands, and brought forth sacred, new life. 💞 My family and I have created time freedom to work, play, and grow together; I am living free of respiratory challenges without the use of medications; and I am in service to my communities in helping others to create TRUE LIFE! 🦋 There is so much more to discover and unfold, and to everyone in my circles thank you for journeying with me. And if you’re not yet in my FB communities, click and get in there with us. 🙌 Share biohacking secrets at @Health Revolutionaries, and ladies live through YOUR authentic light at @Sparkle and Slay Collective. I love you. You matter so much to me. 💞 📸 @headygrimm #sparkleandslay #shinelikeagoddess #livelikeaboss
You can tell a lot about a person’s priorities based on where they are willing to invest their time, energy, and money. ⠀⠀ And when it comes to our finances there is NOTHING like the return on investment we get from prioritizing our own well-being. ⠀⠀ So, may we remain present to all the ways we tell ourselves we can’t afford it: “I don’t have time,” “I’m too tired,” “It’s too much money,” “It’s too much of a sacrifice...” Stop! We get to invest in our expansion, and if we want to potentialize, we must! ⠀⠀ You. Are. Worthy. Buy the shoes, take the vacation, enroll in the course, treat yourself. The world could use more of the return you will get! #expansiveyou #sparkleandslay #shinelikeagoddess #livelikeaboss #investinyou #bigdreamer #attractionlife #bohemianvibes #worklikeaboss #spiritjunkie #girlpower #empoweredwoman #badassbabe #strongwoman #momonamission #freespirit #femaleempowerment #hippiespirit #soulhealing #wellnessjourney #soullove #goddess #thatgoddesslife #newparadigm #lookwithin #goddessvibes #divinefeminine #selflove #paradigmshift #shifthappens
Under a portion of my neighbor’s apple tree that spills over into my yard, I sit, inviting peace and reflection. Looking up through the wild, gangly, unkempt branches, I spot a few tiny apples still holding on, while most have fallen to the ground, rotting. This tree has weathered storm after storm, year after year, and it continues to bear its robust fruits each season. 🍎 I see an old strength and wisdom in this tree. I feel a deep connection that this tree has something powerful to offer me. I ask the tree for advice on my healing journey: 🍎 “It’s not easy,” the tree says. “Yet there are no secrets,” the tree speaks. “It’s resilience to keep going, the will to endure when you fall down, and the patience to see your journey through. You have the power within you. My apples are for you, to heal you. Connect to me within your soul, and I will give you what you need. I will shelter you in the sanctuary under my branches. I will validate you in your experience and be your shield to protect you from the coldness of others in life. I will bring back your vibrancy, lighten your heart, and give you more energy. I will be the ray of light that helps you reconnect with life, rebirth and sunlight. I will help bring you back to your source. My apple’s healing powers are freely available to you and everyone.” 🍎 Thank you wise old apple tree. Your fruits support me like an old friend I’ve missed for so long. Eating your apples each day is truly a gift for healing. 🍎❤️ Info: @medicalmedium Life-Changing Foods #foodismedicine #apples #healing #soulhealing #applechallenge #medicalmedium
We are changing together and it’s pretty exciting. Information, stories, love and kindness are all spreading faster than ever before. Technology has given us the amazing gift of instant connection and there is a massive reason why we are all changing or experiencing things we don’t really understand. Mother Earth’s natural heart beat rhythm started changing slowly in 2014, this is called “Schumann Resonance.” We are now feeling the full effects of this massive change and there is nothing we can do to stop her speed. She is accelerating and she is forcing us all to change with her. If you allow yourself to be in flow with this divine change, success, opportunity and connection will come at you so rapidly you’ll question why you resisted for so long. Your consciousness will rise, you’ll understand yourself on an even deeper level and you’ll have clarity around your divine mission. So what is The Schumann Resonance? The Schumann Resonance is the resonant frequency of the Earth's electro-magnetic field. It is also known to be foundational to human consciousness. We are changing together and it’s pretty exciting. 💖
I am starting to ask myself, “what can go right?” And it helps me move through fear and continue to do what is pulling at me. 💕 Plus I like to focus my thoughts on all of the possible happy outcomes while allowing space for myself to be just fine if they don’t happen. 💕 my 5 year old is teaching me a lot about that. The last two days he has wanted to go to the pool. He carried his pool toys there and is excited to go and when we got there, both times, it was closed. He doesn’t get upset. He accepts it and moves forward without any complaints. It blows my mind every time. 💕 Such a young life, but wisdom in his responses. 💕 #parenting #selflove #hypnosis #love #bepositive #happiness #mindbodysoul #fit #feelsgood #selflovegeneration #mindset #goals #motivate #joy #veganlife #bloom #beyoutiful #inspiration #motivation #soulhealing #selfhelp #soulful #change #selfconfidence #dancewithmeintheheart #kindness #bethechange #progressnotperfection #okc #CFLE
Who are you attracting?
#Astral O Sol se prepara para deixar Virgem na sexta feira e a mensagem é clara: a urgência de nos conectarmos dentro e fora de nós com a natureza, reverenciar e respeitar o feminino sagrado. Não tem muito o que dizer. Não tem muita firula. É Virgem! É Capricórnio! É prático. É preto no branco. É a Grande Mãe. É Deméter. É o solo sagrado. O feminino sagrado. Tão machucado e ferido suplicando pela cura, pela mudança de frequência e energia com a qual nos tratamos a nossa e a do Todo, a natureza com violência. É mão na massa. É trabalho a ser feito. É cura sendo pedida. E aí, o que você vai fazer? There's no much more to say. Reconecte-se com ela! Reconecte-se com você. Aceite-se. Pare de resistir. Integre seu poder. A cura reside dentro de você. I release control and surrender to the flow. Love, love, that will heal me! #soulhealing #medicina #virgomood
May the waters wash your soul. May they wash away the past that is restraining you from freedom. From moving forward. From being her now. May they wash away your insecurities, your doubt, your illusions that are blinding you from your worth. May they wash away your pain and sorrow that are no longer feeding your growth. May they wash your heart open. May they fill you with unconditional love and presence. And may they fill you with gratitude for the earth. . . . #waterislife #augasagrada #pachamama #gratitude #ayni #mesa #medicinewheel #kuyas #magic #soulhealing #freedom #knowyourworth #naturespirits #waterspirits #subliminalbliss #mthood #themountainsarecalling #liveandlove
Our last night on retreat...we were blessed to experience the Agni Hotra fire purification ceremony. The Balinese High Priest guided us through a powerful ritual that included throwing beans, seeds, rice, fruit, ghee and a piece of paper with what we wanted to let go of written on it into the fire to symbolise cleansing, healing and forgiveness, while coconuts were also smashed to signify the release of the ego. Through it all mantras were chanted, bells rung, negative energies cleared and wishes made. 🙏🔥🔮 #agnihotra #balineseceremony #baliretreat #retreatleader
Source Light Alignment Meditation. I've just been working on editing the raw original file, and now uploaded it to SoundCloud, and enabled download, for your enjoyment, love, light and soul pathway. Blessings! Link in bio.👆
This art felt soothing to me today. I hope it feels the same for you too. Sometimes all we need is to be reminded of simplicity. A moment within all of the striving, the creating, the pushing and the dreaming, to notice gentle beauty and the soft compliment of colours that just fit together. This Art to me feels almost like a memory. Childhood warmth. A time when everything was easy. How interesting it is that something that feels like a memory of the past can result in my feeling so present. What unexpected thing makes you feel present? Art by @raychponygold 💕
Da jeg ligger mig i sengen, her til aften, begynder jeg at græde. Jeg lytter til en sang og tårerne begynder blot at trille. Jeg følger med. Har brug for at græde, kan jeg mærke. Jeg græder ofte. Ikke længe. Der er bare meget i livet der sker. Det skal ud. Op. Heales. Rummes. Elskes. Have lov. Have plads. For tiden græder jeg lidt. For lidt, mærker jeg tydeligt. Meget sker lige nu. Jeg er blot med det. Intet vælter mig længere. Intet slår mig ud af kurs. Jeg ligger her og græder og nyder det. Mærker hvor healende det er. Lader tårerne omfavne mine kinder som de løber kærligt ned mod min hals. Jeg lytter til sangen. Græder og er bare. Ingen årsag. Ingen søgen efter svar. Blot at mærke og være med det der er, lige nu. Intet andet. Det er så befriende ikke at skulle lede efter og finde en årsag konstant. Men rent faktisk blot at elske det frem og ud i lyset. For kun der forsvinder det. Jeg er lettere. Træt. Rolig. Klar til søvnen. For første gang i 6 måneder, før midnat. Det bliver godt. Vi ses på den anden side af drømmeland, smukkeste sjæle 😘❤️ Sov vidunderligt og husk at græde når tårerne og livet presser sig på. Det er okay. Du må gerne ❤️😘 Møs Loona 🌟 #soullife #soulhealing #soul #egodetox #tearsofhealing #cry #andjustbe #bepresent #withyouremotions #healing #being #issnes
#HealthKickSeptember ... catch some rays to stay happy and healthy. 🌞 There's a reason why you feel so optimistic, full of energy and vibrant during the summer! Among many other wonderful benefits, Vitamin D is a major immune system and mood booster. And this will be very helpful for the winter months to come! Even in winter, if the weather is reasonable, Oli and I find sunny spots and sit in them for 15-20 minutes. Even that little dose of sun and heat is a lovely pick me up and a good way to endure the winter. ❄️ ..... #HealthKickSeptember ... sedite malo u suncu da budete srećni i zdravi. 🌞 Ima razlog zašto se osećate tako optimistično, puno energije i živahne tokom leta! Među mnogim drugim predivnim prednostima, vitamin D poboljsava imuni sistem i raspoloženja. Ovo će biti velik pomoć za zimske mesece koji dolaze! Čak i zimi, ako je vreme stabilna, Oli i ja pronalazimo sunčana mesta i sedimo u njima 15-20 minuta. Čak i ta mala doza sunca je dobar način da izdržim zimu. ❄️
Beauty is most radiant when it’s at it’s most vulnerable. Bright leaves before bare trees. Burst of petals before a naked stem. I’m ready to shed, bare soul. Bone trodden limbs. Wild natural soul. To blossom in purity. 🍁🍁 . . . . . . . #loveyourself #soulhealing #breathworkhealing #naturelovers
What Love means to you? To me, means opening my heart to others, sharing and receiving love, feeling vulnerable, being kind and compassionate, being open to receive support and help. Actually this year was the first time when I learned to surrender and allow the loved ones to help me. For months due to my weak health I was not able to do many of the things that seems normal for a healthy person. I learned not to just appreciate every single simple thing I was able to do but to accept to receive help. It's not easy to surrender. My ego tried to make me doing everything myself. But my body wasn't able to. I had to open myself to receiving love, compassion, attention, emotional support and physical help. I found so much support from my partner, my family and my friends and even people I only met briefly. I am so grateful for all of this and I am truly blessed to be surrounded by so many beautiful people. Sending my gratitude and love to everyone who helped me in this time, this experience made me feel the beauty and kindness in people at a new level. Just thank you 💕 . . . . . #mindfulness #health #wellness #healingenergy #healingvibrations #kindness #gratitude #unconditionallove #happiness #zen #lovingkindness #iglondon #ighappy #thoughtoftheday #soulhealing #mindbodysoul #consciousness
Erinnerungen trägt man im 💖 und es geht im Leben immer um die Erfahrung und die Emotion. Lasst uns wundervolle Erfahrungen machen, die von tiefen Emotionen getragen sind...
Confidence is something you’ve been lacking. 🐵 🙈 🙉 🙊 You don’t want to hear, see or talk about it. I know it is because I see what you post. We both know what you need. Encouragement. Support. Love. But you don’t feel worthy of support. But you don’t feel you’re worth the investment. But your not sure who you’ll be if you let go of who you are now. Let the little girl that’s been inside you the whole time be who she’s always wanted to be!!! Confident. Charismatic. Creative. So what’s your owl? Message me. Tell me all about your owl and I’ll TEACH you how to hold it without fear. Without criticism. Without judgment. Without shame. Tell me about your owl beauty. Be well with your soul. Lindsay xo #beyourownwonderwoman #lifecoachforwomen #dosomethingdifferent #mentorcoach #soulhealing #emotionalaccountability #stronglikemom #confidenceiskey 🔑 #anxietysupport #nextlevelcoaching #coachingforwomen
Dear Dope Soul, Choosing to eat food that is energizing and not depleting is self love. Eating food that creates health within and without is self love. Choosing to eat food that is for the greater good of oneself, society, humanity, the environment, and our collective consciousness is UNIVERSAL LOVE and it has powerful effects on many different levels. “Be the change you wish to see in the world”! -Gandhi 🔥💜👁✊🏼 • • • #staywoke #universallove #staydope #gratitude #workinonmyveganish #balance #growth #clearyourmind #woke #vegan #loveis #messages #selflove #gratitude #myworld #protectyourvibe #vibratehigher #energy #vibes #goodvibesonly #truth #ignitemysoul #protectyourenergy #mantra #word #namaste #dopesoul #soulhealing #bestself #deardopesoul
*transmission in YouTube* September Ascension 2nd part #lightlanguage #healing #lightcodes You may feel physical sensations in your body. It's normal, relax and allow. 💗💥 Watch it in my YouTube: Mariella La Cunza or link in bio.
Nothing to fear but fear itself! A simple statement and a profound hurdle in so many people's lives. 🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸 You only truly begin to live when you fight through the fear, the doubt, the naysayers, the negatives. There is that one moment of "🔶SPARK🔶"... That "What if it DOES work out?" moment. Are you going to hang onto that lifeline for dear life and make it happen with all of your being OR are you going to continue to allow FEAR, the Unknown, the voices of others, the negatives that zap life from our lives to rule YOUR kingdom? 🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸 STOP! If you always do what you've always done.. YOU will always get what you've always had! 🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸 The question is, IS it enough OR are you ready for YOUR life on YOUR terms and WITHOUT LIMITS? 🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸 Only you can answer.. Take but one minute, close your eyes, take a deep breath... AND LISTEN 🔸🔸🔸INTUITION... The voice of soul... it will never steer you wrong... 🔸🔸🔸 TRANSCENDENCE HYPNOSIS #selflove #change #confidence #selfimage #motivation #intuition #letstalk #healingfromtrauma #personaldevelopment #healing #mindbodyspirit #soulhealing #energyhealing #tarot #bodywisdom #relax #expandyourmind #yyc #manifestation #standinyourpower #holistichealing #metaphysical #highermind #iloveme #timeforchange #shiftyourthoughts #recoveryfromtrauma #addictions #fears #phobias
HEALING UNCONSCIOUS WOUNDS🌺 The HIBISCUS essence unblocks the chakras, heals unconscious trauma and suffering from other lifetimes, timelines and past generations. They stimulate imagination, vitality and connect to female sexuality. AFFIRMATION: I NOW RAISE MY DIVINE SELF ABOVE THE LIMITATIONS OF MY PHYSICALITY, TAPPING INTO THE UNLIMITED KNOWLEDGE OF ALL CREATION. I NOW MOVE BEYOND THE TEARS AND GRIEF OF PAST GENERATIONS, EXPERIENCING A BLISSFUL PEACE, JOY AND LAUGHTER.~SPIRIT OF TRANSFORMATION.COM #gratitude #blessings #hibiscus #whitehibiscus #divinity #purity #innocence #abundance #joy #laughter #ancestralhealing #lineage #templates #soulhealing #innerpeace #bliss #carpediem #balance #harmony #3 #reincarnation #revive #selfworth #vulnerability #lightenup #clairvoyance #visions #protection #divinelove
GOOD MEDICINE EVERYDAY This week’s focus 👉🏼 WATER. Before I even dive into food stuff with my clients, I make sure they’re drinking enough water. Real talk: most people don’t. And most people find it hard. Or boring. But guess what? Even the slightest bit of dehydration can cause symptoms like fatigue, headaches, muscle cramps, poor memory, fluctuations in mood, the list goes on... . Read my post for more info about why you should be drinking more water & how much you need. . A very literal cheers to you today! 💦 . #water #hydration #stayhydrated #drinkup #holistichealth #holisticnutrition #integrativenutrition #healthcoaching #healthjourney #nourishment #nourishthebody #emotionalhealing #healingjourney #soulhealing #healyourself #healyourbody #mindbodyspirit #mindbodysoul #camaswa #washougal #goodmedicinenutrition #goodmedicineeveryday
The mountains told me their secrets and I wept. #glacial #aguaesvida #aquiyahora
This is my great pleasure to share my best friend and colleague @oscarcrawfordmedia from Oscar Crawford Media's newest book "Lets Talk About Love" with you. This book is beautifully written…a fascinating exploration of young woman’s search for self and love. Oscars writing is fluid and inspires. Definitely a "must" to have. ANNOUNCING BREAKING NEWS AT OSCAR CRAWFORD MEDIA Gratitude fills my heart today to share with you that after most of the past year, the eBook Edition of Let’s Talk About Love – a Guide to Love and Come Alive is now available on Amzaon. http://bit.ly/letstalkaboutloveonamazon ·  Let’s Talk About Love is written to speak directly to the heart and soul of the awakening mid – 30’s woman ready to heal from the continuing hurt of past traumatic events. · It is my high hope that Let’s Talk About Love will prove to be a blessing to you and others with whom you refer it and share it. It is available for reading on all your devices. FURTHER ANNOUNCEMENTS The Paperback Edition will be available the 15th of October. The Audio Edition will be available November 15th. Consultations for processing your personal experience are available on request at info@oscarcrawfordmedia @gmail.com #readerlife  #instagramreaders #selfhelpbooks  #selfhelptools  #awakenings #awakeningwomen  #eyesopened #soulhealing  #traumatic  #ptsdrecovery #recoveryispossible  #recoverywarrior #liberation  #suffering  #healingenergy #arresteddevelopment  #healingjourney #spiritualhealing  #spiritualpath #redemption  #replenish  #refill  #restored #restorationlife  #loveheals  #selfloveheals #healingmantra  #healingmantras #soulhealing  #remedy
Ein weiterer wunderschöner Tag in den Bergen mit Max 😋 #dowhatyoulove _____________________________ 📍ENTSCHENKOPF , 2042m (19.09.18)
People really have the wrong idea about Tarot and what it can be used for. . Often I hear people refer to Tarot as a tool that is used for entertainment purposes. . Truth be told it is so much more than that. . It is a tool to be used for deep healing. It gives us the ability to get in touch with our shadow, with our subconscious, and with our higher self. Gaining direct access to that which usually remains hidden gives us the blueprint needed to begin our own healing journey. Our Fool’s journey that takes through all the archetypes of the Major Arcana. . I often refer to the Tarot as the “gateway drug” when it comes to healing as it is often one of the first tools that curious minds turn to when they are seeking answers. The connection made with the cards opens up our minds to that which does not meet the eye. . Tarot is a way to get in touch with our soul. It is a way to tap within to initiate healing, to gain clarity, and to release that which no longer serves us. . This is why part of my mission is to reach others and to teach them how they can use the Tarot for healing. It’s not just a fancy party trick, it can be your direct source to deep healing of the soul. (📷❤️: Internet). . . . . . #tarot #tarottribe #tarotcards #tarotreadersofinstagram #healing #soulwork #soulworker #tarotreading #tarotcommunity #tarotreader #witchesofinstagram #energyworker #raiseyourvibration #soulhealing #holistic #healersofinstagram #spiritualhealer #spiritualgrowth #healyourself #witch #thewildunknown #selflove #empowerment #majorarcana
Lidia Farkındalık Evi’nin sonbahar ~ kış sezonuna mindful beslenme üzerine konuk rehberimiz Yasemin Karaçay’ı dinleyerek başladık 🙋🏻‍♀️🦋👏❤️🙏 #mindfulliving #mindfulnutrition #farkındalıklıbeslenme #ruhbedenhazzı #soulhealing #ruhsalyaşamevi 👉👉 @lidiafarkindalikevi #sonbaharkış2018 #spiritualgrowth #herayburada 🙋🏻‍♀️🤗👉👉 #mindfulbeslenmeworkshop
Lidia Farkındalık Evi’nin sonbahar ~ kış sezonuna mindful beslenme üzerine konuk rehberimiz Yasemin Karaçay’ı dinleyerek başladık 🙋🏻‍♀️🦋👏❤️🙏 #mindfulliving #mindfulnutrition #farkındalıklıbeslenme #ruhbedenhazzı #soulhealing #ruhsalyaşamevi 👉👉 @lidiafarkindalikevi #sonbaharkış2018 #spiritualgrowth #herayburada 🙋🏻‍♀️🤗👉👉 #mindfulbeslenmeworkshop
(((VIBΞ )))
How are we usually trying to find the truth? . We look at the shadows in life . We look at the light in life . Or we look at the visions that shadow and light create together . But the truth we find from such observations vanishes the moment the light and shadows change it's spot. . But what if we look at the source of the things. . The source of a shadow is an obstacle in in front of a light . If you live your life by removing the obstacles that crate shadows in your mind, body, soul, and all other aspects of life . Then you'll open your way to see the source of your own light. Test Shoot with : @jessicaokonski
What is a character trait you have subconciously developed since childhood? . I remember having a small cavity, as a child, that had to be treated and I asked my mother to be brought to dentist . . Believe me, I was freaking out.... . And only the trip yo the dentistry office felt as an eternity . But, somehow, I had this voice inside of me staying: . "Because it is scary I am going to so it! " . Well, it became a habit now, which has no turn off button . And I still freak out of many things I end up doing . But I am grateful to my inner child for still sticking with me and saying "because it is scary I will do it! " . It gives me the power to do miraculous changes in life. . Test Shoot with : @jessicaokonski
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