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This is us!!!!!! #simplylivingbetter
☀️Solar Plexus Chakra Healing Today #SimplyLivingBetter #balance #insideout #getitright
We were so excited to be invited back as @simply.living.better guest teachers! I’m always in awe with how many bodies show up at 5am! An awesome flow co-taught with my girl @shellroby ! TGIF! #simplylivingbetter #yogawithmichelle #yogabykels #wakeandcreate #earlybirdgetstheworm #morningyoga #sunsoutbunsout #communityovercompetition #supportsmallbusiness #supportlocal
Today is July 31st and the last day to Design Your Dream Sandal for the month. We will have one last chance to order this year August 30th. Buy who wants to wait a whole month to create an amazing pair of shoes? Not me!!! DM me and I'll send you our Design Your Dream Sandal Gide. We have 5 shoe silhouettes to choose from. Then you can choose your leather colors, Sole color, stitching or no stitching, heel height and even whether you want monogramming!! These beauties were designed by @lularoejennymoira Aren't they adorable?!! If having a one of a kind shoe isn't amazing enough, your order will empower and educate our sisters in Uganda. ❤️ It can't get any better, right? Yes it can!! Order today and get 15% off!!!
Ready to get an amazing deal on ethically made sandals or handcrafted jewelry? Sseko is launching the new fall line August 1st, and I've already ordered loads of new leather! I can't wait!! So, Saturday I'm having a #saturdaysale to make room for the new line. You'll have access to NEW items that will be up to 50% off!!! I'll go live on my Facebook Business Page at 8 pm Friday to give you a quick peek. Then, I'll upload the albums to my Business Page at 10 am Saturday. The sale will run for 24 hours, unless everything is snatched up before then. This is the perfect chance to score an item that has been discontinued or try Sseko for the first time! Each purchase will come with the name of the woman who made the item. ❤️❤️❤️ Isn't it exciting that your purchase will empower and educate women?! The link to my FB page is in my profile. 😊
Happy Birthday to #ssekodesigns and the sandals that change lives!! Today only- 30% OFF!! 🎉🎂🎊❤️ Shop the link in my profile!
These beauties are on sale today - 40% OFF!!! Happy Birthday #ssekodesigns Want to empower and educate women and get a great deal? Snag a pair by shopping the link in my profile. You'll help my Sole Sister, Josephine, earn a badge with every $100 order! Badges = Bonus!! Want to learn more about Josephine and Sseko's Birthday Sale? Ask to join my VIP group! ❤️🎉 links in the profile
Day 8! Sseko's #10ways10days Me thawing out after being in a conference room all day! So thankful for my beautiful Wanderlust Shawl and comfy Crossover Slides. Want to win a $500 Gift Certificate? Post a pic styling any Sseko sandals and you'll be entered if you use the hashtags #10ways10days #rachel10x10 #ssekostyle
It's Day 8 of #10ways10days I missed a few days due to a death in the family and travel and some really hard news to process. So, this is a throwback to my friend @evanbrookeethicalclothing and I launching the Ethical Network of San Antonio. We were hosted by the newly opened @theimpactguild and our first guest speaker was @lizbohannon. It was an amazing night! We met an amazing group of women and are excited about what the future holds! Remember- post a pic of your Sseko sandal until 6/29 and be entered to win a $500 Gift Certificate. Use the hashtags #rachel10x10 #ssekostyle and #10ways10days
Day 4 of #10ways10days ! Some of my sweet Sseko Sisters and I sporting our Ribbon Sandals! Post a pic of any Sseko Sandal from June 19-28 and Use the hashtags #Rachel10x10 and #ssekostyle and #10ways10days and you'll be entered to win ONE of THREE $150 Gift Certificates!! You can do this on Instagram or Facebook. Can't wait to see you rock your Sseko Sandals!!
That one time I spent the day on an island in Lake Victoria with the most incredible women on the planet, getting to help with a photo shoot and nap during a torrential downpour and then enjoy a beautiful boat ride back to Kimpala. Yeah- that all happened thanks to Sseko Designs! ❤️ #10ways10days #rachel10x10 #ssekostyle Don't forget, you can win a $150 Gift Certificate by using the three hashtags above and posting a pic of your Sseko Sandals. Love seeing the sand on my sandals!!
Day 2 of Sseko Designs #10ways10days . It's 100 degrees outside and I'm watching a swim meet. The water is so inviting, but I'm stuck on the sidelines. I get to cheer my boys on though! Don't forget....Post a pic of any Sseko Sandal from June 19-28 and Use the hashtags #Rachel10x10 and #ssekostyle and #10ways10days and you'll be entered to win ONE of THREE $150 Gift Certificates!! You can do this on Instagram or Facebook.
Day 1 of Sseko Designs #10ways10days It actually started yesterday - June 19th, but I'm playing catch up. Post a pic of any Sseko Sandal from June 19-28 and Use the hashtags #Rachel10x10 and #ssekostyle and #10ways10days and you'll be entered to win ONE of THREE $150 Gift Certificates!! You can do this on Instagram or Facebook. Want a little extra something??? Tag me and my business @SimplyLivingBetter on FB or _simplylivingbetter_ on Instagram and you'll be entered to win a special Sseko Surprise!! (But be sure to LIKE and FOLLOW both pages first!). I'll also be posting How to Videos and photos every day on my Facebook Business Page! Show a little love by liking and sharing and you'll get even more entries!
In the past I've hosted FREE five day focus groups. Many women have had a LIFE CHANGING experience during those five days. Some of the women in my group have gone on to help other men and women on their journey, and some have simply started down their own path--a road they had no idea existed! Well let me just tell you this. This challenge group is going to be absolutely #bananas because my super awesome fabulous friends are going to be hosting with me! 😊 Now, the point of this group is simply to learn the fundamentals of leading a balanced life in the fitness/nutrition department. --What to eat --Best times to eat --How much to eat --Which workout suits you best --When to utilize your time for maximized results All five of us have a passion for fitness, nutrition and helping people succeed!! With all of our heads together, we have created a group that will not only inform but be a tremendous support. This group is a safe place. A place to be unapologetically you, and if you don't know who that is, this is the perfect place to find out☺ Start date is August 31st Comment below if you're ready to join❤ #simplylivingbetter #5days #change
How I feel right now! :) #simplylivingbetter