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How do you rest and reset your body, mind and soul when life is so busy? As a solo special needs mumma, life can be challenging and it’s easy to let my own needs slip to meet the demands of everyone else. In this week's blog I share my top 10 tips for keeping my body, mind and soul nourished, even when life gets busy. For a FULL immersive weekend that is sure to nourish your body, mind and soul join me on my next Rest & Reset Retreat on 27-29th July. Bookings open THIS FRIDAY! Keep your eyes on your emails. That’s where you’ll hear about it first. If you haven't subscribed yet, head to www.theroadunseen.com and hit the SUBSCRIBE button to be the first to hear all about it. Link in bio to my tips 🙏🏻 www.theroadunseen.com/how-do-you-rest-reset-your-body-mind-and-soul/ 📸 @amberjoyphotography . . . . . #theroadunseen #freedom #retreat #restandresetretreat #restandreset #yoga #wellnesscoach #lifecoach #healthcoach #coach #findyourlightinthedark #liveyourbestlife #govindavalleyretreat #specialneeds #selfawareness #ocean #sunrise
🎩🎩🎩🧐🧐🧐🖤🖤🖤🦇🦇🦇 — #Repost @askamillionaire ・・・ Agree or Disagree? Let me know your thoughts. I can say that nothing feels better than being in a position where I am able to help someone else achieve everything they ever wanted. #mostwontiwill #justsaying Me: @akashawnthomas
Keep the faith😇 Keep your eye on your goals🤩 Ensure your precepts are right and include the best possible outcome for everyone🧐 We are all connected 💛😊💛 With the right intentions, your success is everyone success and in knowing this the universe will ensure you will succeed 💫💛💫
Yesterday afternoon, I noticed some odd spots on my fave lil workout bud's belly (my furbaby, not my hubby btw 😉) so I took her straight to the vet, where she's been overnight having tests and being put on steroids. Her platelets were dangerously low so it was very lucky I took her in when I did, but thankfully at this stage it looks like she's stable and won't need a plasma transfusion. • This morning, after an emotional evening and restless sleep, waiting and worrying, my allergies were playing up (as they tend to do whenever I'm not fully rested) and all I wanted to do was go back to sleep and wait for the next update to come in. BUT...I'm learning the difference between when to rest and when to move my body. #myjourney • Last week, I knew my body was in pain and needed me to just chill. Right decision! This morning though, I knew it was emotional and that I have a full day of work ahead of me (that I love) including writing copy for emails, video scripts, sales pages and social media marketing. So if I sleep, ya know, for an extra hour or so, the result would most likely be worse. I'd be groggy, lethargic, my sinuses would still be sniffly and my energy would be low. And...I'd still be waiting for that call. • So, instead I chose to put on my awesome socks (thank you @leadlikeagirl these are my “superhero cape” whenever I need a boost), spend 30 min on my X-trainer and listen to a playlist some of friends and I created together. It was SOOOOOOOOO the right choice! OMG! I loved listening to all the tunes everyone's put on there - it made me feel like they were there with me. My sinuses have cleared A LOT. I'm full of energy and feeling happy. I know I'm going to be much clearer for all my creative writing and I know I'm moving closer to the my long-term gains too. Win freaking win!! The call with the update will come through whenever it happens, and I'm choosing to focus on picturing our little Rosie coming home and being her usual awesome and snuggly self soon. 🐶 #youchoose
Love is not about being an 'us'. Love is about being the best individuals together. It is self love and self awarwness....never losing sight of yourself for the sake of another. Truth. #longdistancerelationship #selflove #selfawareness #knowyourworth #digdeeper #chosehappiness #love #lovequotes #bebetter #relationshipgoals
Hey, hey! I wanted to share with you amazing and easy face and neck massage techniques. You know me- I love massage - and I want you to love it too! Natural face lift, full face and neck routine. Playground. You loving and reconnecting with yourself. Daily. You got this! Liked it? Please share with your friends and subscribe to my channel! Link in bio! #faceandneck #facelift #facemassage
RP @clintonsparks Dropping gems out here w/ that uniform drip on 👕 ・・・ IT’s NOT THE WORLD BRO. IT’s PROBABLY YOU. TODAY’s TOPIC: Self Awareness. A lot of people like to point out what makes them great but what truly makes someone great is, when that someone can also recognize what’s not great about themselves and works on making it great. #selfawareness #getfamiliar People always look for others to endorse them so they can justify their point of view to you and even themselves. We have all been in a debate with someone when they pull out the ol, “Even so and so agrees with me.” That is a crutch to try to influence the person they are debating with to fold. Listen to an opposing view as there is much more to gain. You already know what you think you know and you don’t know what you don’t know. Learn more. Be great. Even if you think the person talking is a dunce. Now you will learn how someone different thinks which will make you a better communicator. In turn, making you greater. #inspireorretire
“How to get an education without being in school”.. • • I love this graphic. 💕 As i’m approaching my last final exams in my senior year of college, I’m realizing that my greatest teachers in life have been all of my failures, mistakes, experiences, and changes that I’ve had to face up until this point. • • It’s easy to feel like failure and mistakes push us back, but they actually push us forward. After you fail, you now know what doesn’t work & how to approach the situation differently. Having an optimistic & positive attitude towards failure is essential. 🔑 So don’t worry if you feel like everything is going wrong in your world. Instead, be grateful because there’s a lesson in each mistake, loss, & change. 💛
If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward. // Martin Luther King . . 📷 @dansmoe . . #life #purpose #happiness #nature #awareness #reality #light #better #selfawareness #movement #challenge #path #mind #ego #martinlutherking #auroraborealis #aurora #different
“Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” - Martin Luther King Jr. In a world that’s pulling each other apart from all directions. Let’s love each other with open arms. Practice what you preach. Compassion will bring this world together as a whole. ❤️
I have been feeling great since last night. I'm ready for the #blessings 💖💖💖💖 Regrann from @healingenergytools - HAPPY NEW WEEK 💖 👉👉CHECK our work at healingenergytools.com _____________________________________________ #joy #iamenough #iamworthy #iamblessed #gaia #1111 #selfawareness #goodvibes #newbegginings #newera #trust #intuition #universe #newearth #5d #blessings #blessed #love #lightworker #starseed #life #goodvibes #healingenergytools #enlightenment #awareness #awakening #gratitude #grateful #thankyou
It’s the second week now of me eating mostly raw. 🍎🍉🍇🍓🍊🍍🥥🍈🥑🍅🍌 · · ────── ·𖥸· ────── · · Many people tend to think that #vegan means #healthy . But there are tons of unhealthy #plantbased foods available. Sodas, chips, burgers, fried foods, sweets and more! . . Since I started working nights I caved in to going to the drive thru again. Ordering a sodas, loaded fries (#veganized lol), and veggie burgers. I could feel the shift in my #energy and my tummy...I was blocking up! Lol! Thankfully, I Vee-ed up and took responsibility. I needed to stop these habits before they gained more momentum. Now I am back where I started on my vegan journey. Most meals I’m eating are raw fruits and veggies...like this #watermelon I’m having for lunch. 😋 And my dinner will be something cooked. #RawTil4 inspired. · · Don’t know how long I’ll keep this up but for now I’m just taking it one day at a time. 🙌💗🙏 · · #selfawareness #journeytoself #mentalhealth #emotionalhealth #physicalhealth #spiritualhealth #spiritualgrowth #consciousness #higherconsciousness #mindfulness #awakening #awareness #pinealgland 🧠 #openyoureye 👁 #journeyoflife #growth #success #failforward #veganfood #rawveganfood #veganfoodshare
The further we detach from the ego personality the more our awareness expands into a blissful appreciation of what is-as is, and we begin to observe the appearance of Consciousness as Consciousness, instead of from the limited perspective of the mind/body organism. *** Whether you are aware of it or not, you have been conditioned to meet diversity with resistance. And while unaware of the predicament you were born into, you painfully spend most of your life wishing to change what is into a “me” version. *** Most of us are so caught up in conflict with what is, that we rob ourselves of the beauty and bliss of life as we engage in internal and external conflict defending our beliefs and opinions as truth. We’re constantly trying to wish things into change as if our perspective should be acknowledged and accepted as absolute, instead of relative, truth by all. *** If you’re seeking an alternative way of being, practice more acceptance of yourself and the world around you. Most, if not all, of this spiritual journey is about self-acceptance. We only feel resistance when we feel inadequate. Use fear/judgment as an indication that you are not in alignment with your higher self and consciously smile at the beauty of everything that is-as is. #Namaste 😊🙏🏼✌🏼🤙🏼
Life is too short not to go after what you truly want. Fight the fear and take what's yours. As infinite beings we possess all the power to combat fear and really achieve our dreams. Fear is there to keep you trapped. Belief in self is what sets us free. 💫 . . . #shardayfox #healing #growth #peace #love #selfawareness #growth #bloom #blooming #evolve #transformation #purpose #positivity #knowthyself #journey #passion #universe #infinite #spiritualbeings #bloomers #instalove #metamorphisis #world #mentalhealth #longevity #motivationalquotes #positivequotes #selflove #courage #spirituality
The beauty of someone's story is hearing about their triumph after their struggle. Do you know which artist had this experience? Share your answers in the comments and don't forget to check out our Insta story to see who it is! #thebalancespace #balancinglife #occupationalwellness #successstory #success #lifequiz
Used my last Kreme this morning!! Would have been so bummed out if this hadn’t showed up today!! #dnarepair #collagen #vitaminb #coffee #fatcoffee
Micro Speed Macro Patience.. My End Game Starts with Daily Results And Not Just Reasons.. I Have my WHY, But Just as Important, I Get Shit Done.. Humble Beginnings, Eating Dirt for a Long Time with Blinders on, Focused on Keeping the Important thing, The Important Thing.. 🙏🙏 #Goals #Reasons #Results #Vasayo #Mywhy #Dreams #Abundance #Entrepreneur #Vision #EatDirt #GaryVee #Speaker #SelfAwareness #Woke #Hashtag #New
Our vibrations attract our reality. Instead of trying to create a perfect person in someone else, focus on creating a perfect person in yourself. Then all things will fall into place. . . . . . . . #loa #lawofattraction #realitytransurfing #truth #wisdom #quote #positivevibes #vibratehigher #awakening #spiritualawakening #oneness #universe #selflove #awareness #selfawareness #love #quotestoliveby #quotesaboutlife #lovequotes
Give me a mug and a good book and I will be happy. The small joys in life.
Beginner's Guide to Meditation Would you like to learn how to meditate but don't know where to start? This class may be just what you are looking for. Join us as we learn the essentials of meditation practice such as focus, compassion and mindfulness. Meditation is for everyone, isn’t it time you enjoy all the benefits it has to offer? Saturday, May 5th from 1:00-3:00pm Investment: $25 Facilitator: Crissy Hester #meditate #meditation #stillness #InnerSelf #InnerStillness #quiet #HigherSelf #compassion #mindfullness #SelfAwareness #BodyMindSpirit
What clears your mind? 🍃We can find ourselves out of balance if all we focus on is productivity, sometimes all we need is to do is take 10-20minutes out of our schedule (or fit it in) to appreciate and embrace how amazing this life is 🌞 My favourite go to is a light outdoor exercise session 🚶🏻‍♀️ . . . #tuesday #vibes #sunrise #exercise #appreciate #life #positive #positivity #nature #exercise #grateful #embrace #change #challenge #grow #nutrition #dietitian #APD #selflove #selfawareness
Time still passes when your in your head. Don’t be surprised when reality hits and your thinking “Where did time go?” Be present, be here. ❤️
Picture taken in natural overcast light outside on a rainy 🌧day. Isn’t he gorgeous?!! Don’t really want to part with him but we do want to share our gorgeous Native American crystal rocks.🖤 So powerful & beautiful! He can be yours for $50 + shipping in US.
Look at the brighter side of things. It’s never to late to turn around to do better for yourself. Negativity and pain are only momentarily but when you do something good with truth and love that last for ever. Show gratitude and eventually you show people they should change too. We all got 24 hours. Want better and chase it. #god #love #power #respect #jesus #christ #inspiration #strength #selfawareness #patients #key #understand #achieve #success #dontstop #greatness #elephant
idk if it’s this spring season or what but i have been craving a big refresh! i feel like that’s a spring time thing....maybe i’m making that up 🤷🏽‍♀️. i haven’t felt the desire to workout / have a more health focused routine in a long time. i overworked myself for quite some time as i have shared, so i needed lots of rest and love. mastering the balance of a healthy lifestyle is incredibly difficult. my focus so far has been to show the importance of rest and doing what is good for the soul...like drinking beer and eating ice cream (i call it good for the soul, other people might call it bad for you, but i refuse! it’s good for some part of you). however, it’s important to show both sides! you don’t want to be extreme in either direction. living a healthy lifestyle is a difficult and wonderful balance that is unique to each person. i think i have found out what it means for me, and what is different this time around is my mentality. rather than doing this to reach an “end goal” or perfect body that will make me happy, it’s all about feeling good in the process...because you never really reach your destination. as i incorporate a more heath focused routine i will definitely be sharing workouts and meals and other habits i have! i will be studying to renew my CSCS and will be working as a trainer so my life will be full of health + fitness tips 🤗 #mydream . anyway i am feeling motivated and inspired so hopefully any of this info can inspire you to begin exercising and fueling your body with the good stuff 🥦 while being so gentle, kind and patient with yourself in the process. like i said it’s a difficult balance, but a WONDERFUL one to master. we are all capable of that.
To be successful, it's important to understand why you were not successful in the past. If you don't reach a goal, study what you did, identify why you did not achieve your goal, and handle that reason. Don't just keep doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. What goal are you working towards now? Would love to hear in the comments! . . . . . . #yanagerman #bodylanguageexpert #lifecoach #personaldevelopment #mindset #personalgrowth #mindsetiseverything #selfawareness #selfimprovement #selfgrowth #mindsetcoach #mindsetshift #growthmindset #selfempowerment #lifelessons #lifequotes #instaquotes #lifequote #quotes #positivemind #positivevibes #wisdom #wisdomquotes #wordsofencouragement #lifecoach #quotesaboutlife #quotestoliveby #thoughtsoftheday #ipreview @preview.app
Please read caption👇 A lot of adults today are still lost on their identity from long years of ‘well-meaning’ verbal abuse. - @thisiscornelius ・・・ If you don’t tell your children what names they should answer to then the world will do it for you. My wife and I are intentional on how we refer to our children and the names we call them. Then, we have people outside of our home who reaffirm the names they’re to respond to. If they’re ever called anything other than the names they’re known by, they’ll reject them, won’t respond, tell us what they were called and we tell them whether or not they should identity with that name. • Identity is so important. Adults are searching for their identity right now because they were never affirmed and identified as children. • Our children are soaking up everything right now, so we want to make sure they’re absorbing the right identity so they won’t grow older with a complex. We’re teaching them now so they won’t run from it as adults. • In addition, our rebirth in Christ ushers us into new life. That means you’re not what the world calls you! You’re a NEW CREATION; that’s a NEW IDENTITY. Therefore, you are who God says you are, and you know what He calls you by reading His Word. You’re not a loser; stupid; overlooked; ugly; unwanted; a failure! You’re too valuable to be thrown away. Renew your mind and identify yourself the way God does. - PS: 24 hours to the end of the early bird pricing. Have you signed up for the weightloss bootcamp? Click link in bio or head over to www.zinnyslifestyle.com
some monday motivation to do whatever the f you want. your magic is YOUR magic. own it.
Expand your knowledge of self protection, fighting, and violence through the understanding of different martial art concepts and how it applies to you handle stress and threat. • Equally, gain more knowledge of how fighting and violence affects response and movements so you can be prepared to protect your space when situations call for it. • More importantly, train. Be diligent and resilient. Understand how to adapt to pain and learn to survive violent conflicts. ✌🏾 • • This is #fluidtactics . Can i help you? 🤙🏾 • Fluid.tactics@gmail.com • Original Photo by: @agathe1024
If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation. - Lao Tzu . . . . . . . . . . #prosperity #successquotes #abundance #awareness #personaltrainer #consciousness #wealthy #life #follow4follow #mindfulness #workout #work #production #motivationalquotes #memes #entrepreneur #viral #business #selfawareness #blessings #fitness #followmefollowyou #god #grind #grindout #goal #dream #transformation #evolution #loveyourself
1 Min Mojo: Mindset-
It's not adversity, it's how you respond to it. -Shakira What would you say is the difference between responding and reacting? Comment below, I would love to know your opinion! #waynedyerquotes #presentmomentawareness #controlovermind
“If we’re not self-aware, it’s almost impossible to master the skills that make us stronger team players, superior leaders, and better relationship builders—at work and beyond.” -Tasha Eurich - Check out our recent post “Where Are You Right Now? 7 Signs of the Unaware Leader” up on the #realitybitesdigest . [link in bio] - - - #selfawareness #leadership #warningsigns #leadershipblog #professionaldevelopment #leadershipcoaching #leadershipquote #psychology
There are many things in life that are out of our control. Other peoples thoughts and reactions, certain career and business opportunities, the weather, delayed flights, getting older.... The only thing we do have control over is our own thoughts and the way we react to situations. Despite what curveballs life throws your way, the most important question you can ask yourself in that moment is “how do I want to show up?” Meaning, regardless how much a situation might suck - how can you react in a way that will make you feel as good as possible at the end of the day? ✨
This is my teacher - Hiro . This past weekend, I finished the last weekend of the 200 hr meditation teacher training with @momentmeditation and @hirokodem . I am so grateful for my teacher, the experience and all of the beautiful friends that I made in the process. Not only have I learned so much for my own practice but this training with Hiro has influenced a change in my business @whatthefinances that feels like the missing piece of the puzzle.  And just by being who she is I have learned first hand, the meaning of the word ✨radiant✨. She leads with this and it rubs off on everyone around her. Thank you for being my radiance, mindfulness and neuroscience mentor. Much love to you, @ineeeda and the @momentmeditation family. Grazie🙏
THIS. We inherit so much from our parents, grandparents, and all those that came before us. This includes genetic signals as wells as trauma, family myths & beliefs, and behavior patterns which aren’t serving us. .... 💔 It can feel painful, confusing, and damn near impossible at times to keep the tap on and feel everything that has been repressed for generations. But I’m convinced it’s a choice we all now have. Studies in epigenetics now proves to us that we can change the genetic messages we live with each day and those that we pass onto our children and future generations - simply through our daily choices.. ... • And Ive also received the first-hand experience of witnessing myself grow through feeling the pain my parents weren’t able to feel themselves. ...... 💔 Not gonna lie - it fuckin sucks sometimes, to feel the pain others weren’t able or willing to feel.. but if you’re committed to healing more than you’re committed to avoiding, it starts to feel absolutely necessary and even empowering at times. I believe it is through choosing to feel that we can truly become more free. 💔 And when you realize that by choosing to feel you’re also choosing to end the cycles of trauma which would otherwise continue perpetuation - it grows in meaning. And our toolbox, resources, and capacities for happiness grow also. ❤️🙏🔥🌿 • • • #trauma #youcanhealyourlife #lightworkers #epigenetics #ancestral #personalgrowth #emotionalintelligence #holistichealth #holisticmedicine #committed #lovelouder #growingpains #rewild #choosehealth #selfawareness #freedomseeker #selfcare #selflove #boundaries
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