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Kalau Yang Maha Sabar Menciptakan sesuatu, pasti Menciptakan dari apa Yang Ia Miliki... maka aku yakin manusia mampu bersabar dan tidak akan ada habisnya. Bila kesabarannya habis itu karena pilihannya bukan PemberianNya. -دندروس- #quotesofinstagram #quotestoliveby #quotesaboutlife #quoteoftheday #quotebydindarahmawatis Photo : Captured and edited by me🙏🏼 #asmaulhusna #99asmaulhusna #namanamaAllah #inthenameofallah
We humans are creatures of habit, therefore developing good habits should be simple... right! Well, not always. - The problem is that we get very comfortable doing things the same way each and every day. We often absentmindedly stick to a daily routine without considering the consequence or effectiveness of it. Why change? - Unfortunately, not all of our habits are healthy, or good. If we are in the habit of coming home after work each day and reaching for an alcoholic drink to relax instead of getting on the treadmill to let off steam, it will adversely affect our health. - 🔎 Identify the habit 💢 Make the decision, and then the commitment, to change 🚧 Discover your triggers and obstacles 🗺 Devise a plan 🚀 Employ visualization and affirmations 💙 Enlist support from family and friends 🙏🏼 Find healthy ways to reward yourself - The wonderful benefit of developing good habits is that after doing them repeatedly, they soon become automatic. Anything you do for a long while and consistently enough eventually becomes a habit, and once it does, you no longer have to put much effort into it. Such is the beauty of developing good habits!
{Ho notato che ultimamente su ig c’è un po’ questa “moda” di inserire didascalie che declamano amore, gioia e margherite. Ho provato a mettermici, per non essere da meno. Ho persino cercato su pinterest citazioni. Non ce l’ho fatta. Continuo a pensare che certi sentimenti ed emozioni siano tanto intime che, condividendole, perdano valore e magia. Non sarò alla moda. Voi che ne pensate?} #modena #modenacentro #travelgirl #travelgirlsgo #inspotravel #citazioni #quotesofinstagram #quotesoflife #quotesoftheday
Going into a new week fully focused on building the new. ✨#rescuacademy #comingsoon #onlinelearning #bethexpert
"Il vino eleva l’anima e i pensieri, e le inquietudini si allontanano dal cuore dell’uomo." [Pindaro] ... brindiamo, #BuonaDomenica !
Sometimes, life throws curve balls at you and we gotta do all we can to dodge, jump and face them head on. These curve balls will bring out a different side in you and the people surrounding you. The curve balls that life has thrown at me has made me stronger, has made the people around me stronger. Small, trivial things don't matter no more. What matters most is you making it through to the other end. Be strong. 😊 you've got this. Just remember, now matter how tough life makes it for you, you gotta smile through it all. 🌻
When my kids go to bed I could easily follow suit most nights but that’s my only ‘me time’ so I stay up. Anyone else do this and end up wishing they’d gone to bed earlier the next morning!?
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