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Today I had a long day at work that could have discourage me if I was not bent on finishing whatever I started. 🔥🔥check me out on YouTube🔥🔥 I was assign a project that ordinarily a team of 2 to 5 people would be working on. But because of staffing issues, your’s truly got the job of going at it solo and producing the end product in the same amount of time. I worked all night on Monday to complete this assignment and ended up this morning (Tuesday1-16-18) with an incomplete document. Something in me screamed that I should call out the unfair treatment I was experiencing in my mind. Another still small voice whispered-‘When we start something-we complete it’. I chose the later small voice. I will be working late tonight, maybe until 6am, to start work at 9am tomorrow morning. Sometimes this is what it takes to keep your word to yourself. Have you ever been in a situation where you felt that you were justified to excuse yourself from finishing what you’ve started? I challenge you to take the road less traveled and finish what you’ve started! Live Momentum 🔥🔥NEW! YouTube link in the description🔥🔥SUBSCRIBE&LIKE😎MB . . . . . . #quotes ,#quoteoftheday ,#quoteofthenight ,#quoteoflife ,#quoteofthemorning ,#quotesofinstagram ,#quotesofig ,#positivepeople ,#positiveenergy ,#positiveenergyflow ,#quotesandsayings ,#sayings ,#sayingsandquotes ,#quotesoftheweek ,#qouteoftheweek ,#quoteofthegram ,#motivationalspeaker ,#motivationalspeakers ,#positiveteam ,#happypeople ,#positivity ,#positivemindset ,#positivelife ,#positivevibesalways ,#positivevibesonly ,#inspirationalquotes ,#motivate ,#dreambig ,#growth ,#bosslady
Don't lust for money. Money won't get you ideas. Ideas are the result of your hard work and desire to change something in the world. As long as you have an idea, you be sure that even if you don't have the money to implement it, you'll eventually find a way to get it. Think for a change, money will come after!
Believe in yourself in order to achieve your full potential. Push yourself harder with every opportunity and create self-attitude in order to succeed!
The truest alphabet ever invented. #abc #quotestoliveby #streetlevelmiracles #STFtokens
Some days I can wake up at 6 am and be ready to go! Other days I hit snooze a billion times.... 🙊😝😴
I've been resting on my laurels too much lately...
"A true friend is someone who sees the pain in your eyes while everyone else believes the smile on your face." - Unknown #pictureoftheday #instapic #sarahwalker #eyes #greeneyes #quote #phrase #friendship #realfriends #myeyes #quoteoftheday #truefriends #wordsofig #wordsoftruth #instaquote #quotesofig #phrasesoflife #sotrue #truthoftheday #goodnight 🌙 #🌎 #🌟 #saying #beautifulquote #🙂
Recently rhjbga haven't been very good. I'm sorry I haven't been around today, in a particularly bad place depression wise.👎👎 Not sleeping properly and #fibro are a heady cocktail that knocks you for six BIG time.😴 Just because I'm quiet, doesn't mean I don't see the people in my life that are gnawing away,💔 attempting to ruin everything and just failing miserably. I've also noticed the people that need my support and help. Not screaming and shouting about something as I used to, doesn't mean I'm not making a mental note, trust me.👀
💀 We all share this planet and the same emotions. Be kind to one another 💀
One of my favs ♥ #quotestoliveby #happytuesday #livehappy 🦋
“The sexiest thing someone can do for you is to inspire you to think a thought you never knew was possible.” One of my favorite all time quotes! Not sure who originally said it but I know it wasn’t me!
I wanted to try I was willing to fight for this You wanted a way out You never cared as much as me.
So much magic has been happening the past year.. the day I decided to quit my job and follow my passion I felt a huge weight lift from my shoulders.. when I was studying health coaching I couldn’t stop.. I loved every minute.. when I’m coaching a client I feel so excited because I get to be part of their transformation from being “stuck in a rut” to having joy and hope and believing in themselves. When I’m teaching about essential oils I feel like I’m earning money from a hobby and it feels amazing! I remember being a little girl and wanting to be an actress.. I was always told “it’s too hard.. you would make a great vet... or a nurse” I know those people were trying to protect me and loved me.. but I also know that anything is possible, if you follow your passions and believe in yourself! I’ve watched many people do it and now I’m doing it.. I even believe one day I could try acting if I want to! The world would be a happier and healthier place if everyone was doing what they loved... even if it’s just on the weekend!! Are you doing what you love?
Take that hard risk to make money
God loves us🤗💟with perfect, life-giving LOVE. Even though our circumstances change all the time, HE is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Hebrew 13:8
Repost from @n.r.hart using - She is art 🎀 ✨wonderfully creative artwork by the inspirational @louijover I thank him for allowing me to express my poetry with his amazing art!💗
Quote is not mine. I had to repost this my words were cut off. Perspective. Your greatest obstacle is not that you can't it's that you put so many limits on what you can do. You might think, it's way too difficult, I don't have enough experience, or knowledge to do it. You talk yourself out of doing something without ever trying. Before you ever decide to do it, your negative mindset, and the limitations you put on your life hold you back from achieving success. Your perspective can make a difference. Amen. Be blessed. I send you love. #2018 #motivational #inspirational #inspiration #motivation #truth #life #purpose #worth #value #tagsforlikes #comments #poet #writer #words #verses #phrases #encourage #uplift #writing #quotesofinstagram #quotesofig #thoughts #believe #share #reveal #inspire #motivate #write #poetry
Listen up ☝️❤️ Fuck societies unrealistic 'perfect' body, Depleting our self confidence, self esteem and filling us with insecurity, What really matters is who we are inside, Lets embrace our uniqueness rather than hide.
Familiarity is a destiny killer 🔪
The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power. 🚀
Don't wander away from yourself, while trying to get close to someone else. 🖤 . . . . . . #zarabarrie #zarabarriewords #zarabarriewriter #gomagazine #quotestoliveby #quotesaboutlife #quoteoftheday #quotesofig #writersofig #poetsofig #wordporn
I took over my boyfriend’s office today & he has this quote on his desk. I thought it would be a perfect inspirational quote to share with you all. I will also post it on my story so you can see ✨
From my phone. At the stars. To my higher self. To the courageous ones who came before and to people of all ages who are shaping me and doing things I admire. As the lovely and amazing @julia_alexander wisely says about teaching small humans (but that I believe is true about everything): “the best stuff happens when you look up.” #rulesnotrules #2018
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