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WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER TAKE THE BAIT – (SCAMS, FRAUDS, RACKETS, & TRICKS) . You can only control your actions until you’re baited to act in a certain way. If nobody can verbally bait you to commit to action, nature will bait you from the core. The fact is that you and everyone around you are wired in a similar way. There sure are differences between us all, but the software at our core is similar at least. At most, it is exactly the same. You can figure out how to make the vast majority of people you meet cry, laugh, or yell for joy. Each reaction from others is governed by a formula you must decipher. However, no reaction is impossible to attain. You have the ability to shape how others act around you by spending and inordinate amount of effort trying. Don’t forget the fact that most things you hear and see are driven by belief. Tapping into these belief systems is the pathway towards shaping behavior by its root. Your Behavior Can Be Molded . Knowing what’s written above should strike a certain fear inside of you. You should fear your belief systems being altered, and your actions being dictated. You will not know if this occurs, and will be blindly living someone else’s plans. Be weary of the bait you take in everyday life. You will be enticed by many things inside the world you live. The jingles will be pleasant and the ads will be bright. Continued at: http://influenceadvice.com/2018/03/12/never-take-bait-scams-frauds-rackets-tricks/
🥀 "Don't let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big".🥀 ☀️ Now, is the perfect time to start putting things in motion or start 'doing'. No more excuses, no more strings, no more negative attachments stopping you from doing what you want to do the most. 💠 I've had my case of the worse, bad and absolutely horrendous friendships. They were just 'there', they weren't supportive, comforting or even useful in anyway! They we're just 'there', the kind of people to only show when they needed something or their life was going to shit. 💮 2017 was some people's best moments but it was definitely my worse. I knew I had to go into 2018 with a clean slate and no friends or positive friends. So I started 2018 alone, lol! And, it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. 📲 Just before Christmas, I texted all my old friends and cleared out the dirty laundry! I wished them a merry xmas, happy new year and happy birthday and all the best. 👋 I'm pretty sure, they understood this was the end when I said 'happy birthday' because their all like spring/summer babies! 🏵️ If cut those ties, I would definitely not be where I am today. I wouldn't have made this account, started going to the gym, I probably wouldn't even be sane! 🌻 Moral of the story: Put yourself first and let go of people who aren't right for you or a match. If there's people in your life who just drag you down, have too much negative energy, don't support your vision, let them go. If you can't see them in your life in 5, 10, 15 or 20 years just show them the door. 🌷 It's scary to let people go but it's terrifying when you realise you've been saying your going to do something for years and never done it. It's even worse when those in your life, just let you talk with no action. . . . . . . . . . . #wordsofwisdom #quoteoftheday #followyourdreams #begrateful #lettinggo #instawriters #instaquotes #quoteoftheday #inspirations #quotestoremember #quotesandsayings #quotesaboutlife #quotestoliveby #wisdomquotes #instagramquotes #quoteporn #findpeace #positivequotes #youllbeokay #bemindful #trustyourgut #bestill #staypresent #lessonslearned #gains #glutegains #wednesdaymotivation #wednesdayvibes
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