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Swipe for the poem ♡ One day, though it seems so far away, when I've let go of all my sadness and anguish – all this pain and rage – I will look back on this place as a cocoon and not a cage. But that day is not today. © Rylan Skelly, December 2018 #poemporn #poetry_addicts #poetrychallenge #poetsofinstagram #poetsociety #poem #poetrygram #poemsporn #poetsofig #poet #poets #micropoetry #poetry #poetic #poetryporn #poetryofinstagram #poetryisnotdead #poems #poetryislife #poetryofig #poetryislove #poetrycommunity #poetryclub #poetrylovers #poetssociety #poetrylove #poemoftheday #poemsofinstagram #igpoets #instapoets
An appreciation post to @jeanshairstudio for making my hair look pretty for an engagement. It lasted all night long and still the curls are holding up from then. Thank you🥰 • • • • #ZeinabArjahWritings #Poem #Poet #Poetry #Author #Book My book ‘Artificial Life’ for sale now; link is in my bio.✨ Like my Facebook page ‘Poetry and Prose by Zeinab Arjah’. #prose #wordplay #poet #poetsociety #poetcommunity #writer #writing #words #poeticjustice #poemsofig #poems #poets #poemsofinstagram #poetryisnotdead #poetssociety #quotestoliveby
⠀ ⠀ i tried to take a nap today but this kept repeating itself in my head so !!!! yea ⠀ ⠀
»Comfort« Goals. My book "The Elements Between Us" is now available! 📖 Link in bio. #AMEPhotos #MPY #poetry #poem
ANXIETY I am ok, I am who I want to be I really don’t know what is wrong but know that no one could see. Feeling that I could talk to Depression but it’s only going to make it worse. He’s just sitting there all pointless like some humans on this earth. Conscious can’t tell me nothing but how she really feels. I don’t know if it’s the truth or a lie. It comes straight with the spill. It don’t say if it’s wrong or right it tells me what it (thinks) it is. I don’t know whether to believe my life is hell or heaven. Because all I ever get asked is “Do you have this or that.” & not “Do you want to be this or that.” The lie that I think is when Mind takes over & tells me I’m going to be something. & then there is Depression telling me that’s not me & I’m never going to be nothing. I don’t know why people wants me to fail. I don’t know why people wants me to turn pail. Or is it me? #poetry #poetrycommunity #poetryporn #poetrybooks #poetryofinstagram #poetrylovers #poetryslam #poetrysociety #poet #poets #poetsofinstagram #poetsofig #poetssociety #poetsofindia #poetscorner #poems #poem #poemsofinstagram #poemsporn #poemsoninstagram #instagram #instapoetry #instapoet #instapoetry #instapoem #instapoems #anxiety (READ MY LAST POEM)
Excerpt from ×Here× 💚💜💚💜💚💜
#Repost @the_poetrybandit with @get_repost ・・・ I guess it’s everyone’s dream, to have their light parts and dark parts get together, have an understanding about the direction of their life. But I don’t know if such a balance can be struck. How about you? . Link in bio to order my newest book with @macmillanusa 😊❤️🙏🏻📚 . #sundayspecial #poemsofinstagram #poetasdeinstagram #poetsdaily #poetssociety #canadianpoet #instapoets #creativos #lovelyz #poemasescritos #creative_ace
. . . And, like no other...you’ve penetrated this heart and mind. - - [My Lucky Star] - - #my #lucky #star #poem #poemoftheday #poemsofinstagram #poet #poetslife #poetsofig #poetssociety #writers #writersofinstagram #writing #love #poetry #crownheightspublishing
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Free of abandon; recklessly beautiful. 🌲🔥 | #barefootpoetry
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she was set free | 12.15.18
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The heavens sent you to find me, and you did. You were the one I got to call “mine”💫 #igpoets #poetry #poems #quotes #poetsofinstagram #poetssociety #writingcommunity #writingcommunityofig #thoughts #thecultivatedfool
Bob Dylan and The Hopeful Morning... -Brandon White- 12/15/2018
Poetry for Lol 😂 @thegirlfromtheclassics
Kho gayi hu mai kahi, Unn tanhayi bhari raaton me, Unn bin bataayi baato me, Unn dundhley sitaaro me, Unn pyar bhri yaado me. Kho gayi hai woh muskurahat jo bin baat aati thi, Woh neend jo har raat aati thi. Kho gayi hu mai kahi, Dundhu bhi toh kaha dundhu ussey? Unn baaton me jo kisi ko bataa nahi sakti? Unn baahon me jinmey ab mai khud ko paa nahi sakti? Hasti hu mai aaj bhi par woh khushi ab aankho me nazar nahi aati , Baat krti hu par apne jazbaat nahi jataa paati, Jaisi thi ab logo ko waise nazar nahi aati hu, Chid kar jab logo ko bata diya karti thi unki galti, ab unhi galtiyo ko chupa liya karti hu. Muskura kar keh deti hu sab ke saamne ki mai acchi hu, Par yeh dil mera kitna shor machaata hai janti bhi mai hi hu. Kho gayi hu mai kahi.. Par aj bhi dundh rhi hu khudko mai, dundh rahi hu woh khushi jiske hone ki wajah nahi ho koi, woh hasi jiske peeche gham naa ho koi. //WORDS: @ash.726 @worthreadingit #worthreadingit 🌈
If you could stand on the edge of happiness, but could never touch it Would you stand content to merely observe And if on the opposite you could fall into love, but you had no control rather you would fly or land flat in the jagged pieces of your own brokenness Would you whole heartedly fall I don't know how to move past fear The only time I can is when I simply don't care, and that's not going to work I've read it hundreds of times Singers set it to music Poets weave it into poetry Literally and metaphorically Life coaches challenge you with it Psychiatrist rationalize it Give you pharmaceutically induced bravery So I'm well aware, the unknown is where everything I don't have lives I can't have it unless I go there But there's a catch Monsters live there too They look just like people They are the ones watching for you They smile and say the right things Somehow win the trust you swore you wouldn't give Then they destroy you And I don't know how to be ok with that ©andigrace #souldeep #love #life #poetry #healingmyself #prose #wordporn #portress #spilledink #warrior #mywords #poemsofinstagram #poetryofig #igpoems #shewrites #herwords #writingtoheal #writingitout #poetryisnotdead #darkpoetry #spillingink #poetssociety #healing #anxiety #depression #ptsd #domesticviolence #survivor *Not my pic
. Everyone laughs but you never find me funny, You hate how I dress and you call me a dummy. . You complaint about your friends and family too, You tell me that no one can ever understand you, . You tell me how you are under constant stress, And you say that your life is a complete mess. . If I tell you my problems you ask me to grow up, You say that it's life, deal with it and please shut up. . You made me belive everything I speak is wrong, I sometimes even feel like pulling out my own tongue. . After all this you still tell me that you love me, I stupidly belive its true and that you care about me. . Your words feel cold but you always hold me warm, I forget all this pain when I am laying in your arm. . You have put me under a spell that's so strong, I can't decide what's right and what's wrong. . You told me that you will leave me never, I believe it and I will do so forever. . But sometimes I wonder, if the love is true, I sometimes wonder if you do too. . . . You still love me, right? . . . . . . . . . #Wordsmith #Writersofinstagram #writersonig #WritersUniverse #DailyQuotes #PoemsPorn #PoetsofInstagram #quotes #PoemsofInstagram #poem #Poetry #poetrycommunity #igpoets #poetssociety #writerscommunity #writersofig #poetsofig #quote #incomplete #feelingincomplete #QuoteOfTheDay #SadPoems #poems #writers_around #bookofpoets #sad #communityofpoetry #lovepoem #authorscommunityofinstagram #poet
That moment when the imaginary people in your head lose the features you once drew for them. It feels strange, I mean, your own people, in your own world but they are no longer yours, without knowing who rebelled, (your mind or them) I don't know if there is someone insane enough like me to try to identify "them" but there was no use, because like anything else in this life "Nothing lasts for ever" -Julunar #writerscommunity #wordporn #life #quotestags #lifequotes #quotesofinstagram  #poetry #love #writing #poetsofinstagram #spilledink #nostalgia #poetryisnotdead #ink #poetsofig #poetssociety #creativewriting #imagination #stranger #writing  #Julunar
#daily follow me for more @asteranemone ⚜️⚜️⚜️ ____Game we live____ Throws stones and play tricks you move while life kicks . A ruthless game it looks from above game of life with thorns of love ⚜️⚜️⚜️ . . #poetry #instapoetry #igpoetry #writersofinstagram #womenpower #writersofinsta #poems #poetrycommunity #poetsociety #poetsofpakistan #philosophy #philosophyoflife #poetic #poetssociety #amwriting #poetsofinstagram #spirituality #psychology #quotestagram #writersofig #asteranemone #quotesaboutlife #poetrycorner #poetryislife #wordporn #poetryporn #spilledink #writers
Heavenly you say, How dare you fool the God? You preach to be holy but you don't stick to the scriptures, How does it feel to read between the lines? How does it feel to play the victim? Afraid of change, I hope you find salvation, You are not a saint but a sinner. . . . A piece from a section of my diary "bird and the sky". . . Amuse me with your judgements. . . . Art by @art_on_motion . . . . . . . #wordgasm #spilledink #qotd #quotes #poetry #poetrycommunity #poems #love #feelings #life #lifequotes #hurt #karma #wordporn #poem #writersofinstagram #writing #quotesdaily #quoteoftheday #word #poemas #poemsofinstagram #mentalhealth #anxiety #art #poet #spilledthoughts #spilledwords #poetryisnotdead #poetssociety
urge me not to faze for I'll follow you around spirals and find you stuck in space. rebels, they speak of an autumn that makes for a permanent stay. I'd whisper and ask if you could ever forget that evening where we sat kissing the floor while you looked at the fish astray in a glass maze. oh, but my mind kept humming this strange play— wherever you go, I will go. wherever you lodge, I will lodge. wherever you die, I will die. // . the scripted world . //
i heard that this day is waging a war. it's like I'm almost about to uncover the great lie painted by this universe— perhaps all that we really are is just puppets in disguise of skin and bones carrying us along, with our hands tangled up and intertwined in threads. // . the scripted world . //
there's glory in my dread, are you listening? i think I'm made of clay, of time and tide. i'm made anew as this world passes me by. i remember your name but mine's in disguise. // . the scripted world . //
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Fall seven times, stand up at eight. //WORDS: @ash.726 @worthreadingit #worthreadingit 🌈
Poetry blooms from pain. //WORDS: @sakshi__mishra_ @worthreadingit #worthreadingit 🌈
Make your life filled with moments, only moments, and never mind they are bad or good ones, because at last when they are gone and you realise you can never re live them again, you'll know the value of those moments, those little moments, those moments you never knew you were making, those moments that are so precious for you now, as now they're gone and you miss them, no matter they were bad or good, happy or sad, you still miss them. ‌The moments you spent with your loved ones, the moments you spent with your family, ‌and the moments you spent with yourself. ‌The older you get you realise, the precious those moments were in your life, and how larger than life those little moments were, while making those moments, even you didn't knew that those moments will be such breathtaking memories today, but now those moments are turned into memories, no matter happy or sad, that's life. Collect moments as much as you can, because once you stop collecting moments, you will realise there's nothing left in your life, because life is all about these little moments you make. No matter you make bad or good moments, the thing is that you live your life to collect moments. Do everything you want, everything you love, everything you wish for, Love. Live. Laugh. Learn. Cry. Shout. Be weird. Be Silly. Be Stupid. Make yourself happy. Make others happy. Learn from bad. Teach others to be good. Just do anything you want, Do it for the memories. 'Cause once you start to recall those memories, you'll never regret, you'll just be happy that, you learnt from bad ones and loved the good ones. //WORDS: @ash.726 @worthreadingit #worthreadingit 🌈
I have you in my poetry always.❤ //WORDS: @ash.726 @worthreadingit #worthreadingit 🌈
My love, there is only the world we create when we’re together. 💗👗🌷🌎✍️
Ab shor hai har taraf ki tere hai hum. Tujhko humne apna maan kar loota diye apne saare gham. Mai kal bhi yahi thi, aj bhi yahi hu, Par tu hai kidhar? Tere shor mein mai chup thi, Teri yaad mein mai ghum thi, Tere marz ki dawaa thi, Tere guroor ka faisla thi, Jo tera ilaaz hote hi tune phek di mai wo dawaa thi, Teri har khushi me muskurahat meri thi, Tere dil me har dhadkan meri thi, Tere har khwaab ko pura karne ki khwahish meri thi, Par ab na jaane tu kaha gum hogya hai, Mera shor chup baith gya hai, Woh har yaad jo tune mujhe di thi ab wahi hai mere paas, Tune hamesha sath rehna ka waada kiya tha, Agar tu sath hai mere toh hai kidhar? Mai kal bhi yahi thi, aj bhi yahi hu, Par tu hai kidhar? Tujhe dekha tha maine kal sapne me, Tere paas aane hi wali thi ki neend meri tut gayi.. Mai kal bhi yahi thi, aj bhi yahi hu, kal bhi rhungi, Par tujhe dundhte dundhte mai kahi khud ko toh nahi kho dungi. //WORDS: @sakshi__mishra_ & @ash.726 @worthreadingit #worthreadingit 🌈
Your body is a galaxy, And I want to explore every inch of it, in every way I can. I can see the stars shining inside you, They lit up my darkness, Just as the light do. Your lips tastes like galaxy's edge. They are my favourite part of you. Your smiles are like sun, They can warm up even the coldest part of me. My thoughts for you are stars, Those could be never put them into consellations. Your kisses are meteor shower, They make your love rain. I want to wish on some lucky star, Don't just want to see them fall and burn out. Your body is my galaxy, Every inch of it, every piece of it, every edge of it says my name. You are my escape I always wanna get lost inside. Take my hand, Let's make it last forever and never make it end. //WORDS: @ash.726 @worthreadingit #worthreadingit 🌈
Waiting for the storm, as the sky turn dark I lean to look outside. People are running into their homes, some together some alone, waiting for the storm. Waiting for the storm, with eyes open wide. We look at the distant sky, some fear and sympathise, some smile to appeared wise, while waiting for the storm. At last the clear skies, gave hope to those alive, and slowly we resume our walk towards the doom, waiting for the storm. //WORDS: @sakshi__mishra_ @worthreadingit #worthreadingit 🌈
Watching you sleep in my arms, I wanna look at you all night, holding your hands in my hands, I wanna run in you and hide. Taking your tears on my palm, I wanna give you all world's every charm, Holding you tight when you're low, I wanna lift you up to the stars, when you go mad at everything, I just wanna kiss you everywhere. And when you go crazy like a child, I just wanna be you teddy bear. Sitting by the window on rainy days, I wanna flow my hands through your arms and On days when you'll hate yourself, I will sit by your side and be there with you. I wanna feel you, I wanna steal you, I wanna hold you tight, I wanna be with you in darkness and in black, I just wanna love you. //WORDS: @sakshi__mishra_ @worthreadingit #worthreadingit 🌈
Too deep for the ocean. Too colourful for rainbows. Too beautiful for flowers. Just the way like she's, Too hot for fire, Too cold for ice, Too nice for good, She's everything nice. She's a happy little kid of her own world, Making others happy in her own ways. She's beautiful chaos, Wrapped in wonder, Her sparkle is rare, Her fire is desire, You cannot find someone like her anywhere, She's unique in her own ways, She doesn't mind who stays. She can calm the chaos, She can smile to her demons, She can love herself all alone, She can be lost and found at the same time. She can sparkle up with her own light. //WORDS: @ash.726 @worthreadingit #worthreadingit 🌈
More things to do. More places to explore. More people to meet. More mistakes to commit. More bad to be. More good to do. More fears to be chased. More dreams to live. More nights to be wasted. More mornings to forget. More memories to make. More moments to collect. More love to you. Some more life to live. And some more reasons to be happy. //WORDS: @ash.726 @worthreadingit #worthreadingit 🌈
Find someone who will make you stand when everything starts falling. Someone who will solve your problems when everything starts messing up. Someone who will be there with you, hold your hand and makes you realise that you don't need many people to be happy, together you can do it. Someone who will hold you and be with you when life hits you up, so you both can hit your lives back harder together. Someone who will thank you for being with them when every thing is alright. Someone who will share sorrows with you when things are not right. Someone who will give you courage to try again and again whenever you fail. Someone who will be there no matter what just to begin again when everything ends. Someone who is proud to have you when you feel unloved. Someone who never want to lose you even when everybody wants them. Someone who chooses you besides everyone. Someone you will accept you as you because they love you just the way you are. Someone who never wants you to change and appreciates everything you are. Someone who will listen your silences. Someone who will love your flaws , your anxiety, your bad things, your sadness, your pain, your scars, and you. Find someone who will love you, just love you. //WORDS: @ash.726 @worthreadingit #worthreadingit 🌈
Her mind is like a never ending sea. The further i go, the deeper and wider it gets. The deeper i go the more vast it seems. And the more I explore the deep corners of her mind, the more she seems to amaze me. It goes on forever, with no end. So deep, im afraid Ill drown in the depths one day. And i know that if i ever do, itll be impossible for me to get out. . . #writersofinsta #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #poetry #poetsofinstagram #poets #words #huas #wywrites #love #poems #wordporn #thepoetspost #poetssociety #pinklotuspoetry
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