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Calling all San Diego ladies! This event is for you :) tag some friends that will be interested 👇🏻 Learn how to optimize athletics through establishing healthy movement patterns, and learn how to optimize hormones, gut health and more! . . . #drmegnd #drmegevents #sandiegoevents #events #womenwholift #womenwhorun #fitlife #vball #naturopathicdoctor #naturalmedicine #naturalhealth #medicine #healthtalk #info #92075
I haven‘t talked about my job much... I‘m a physiotherapist. I work in a practice in France 3 days a week. I have a new patient every 20 minutes. It‘s a very short time. It‘s a lit of patients in one day. The things I do most is giving massages and exercices for the patients to have less pain and regain mobility and strength. Some patients are very positiv and motivated, others are always complaining, passiv and talk about their pain and other negativ things over and over again. My patients are very different in terms of age, origins, mother language, religion, political views, social background, education.... it‘s interesting to get to know so many different people in this kind of intimate way. It‘s also tiering to adapt to an other being more than 20 times a day! And my hands and arms sometimes ache from manual technics and massages... Also, I often tend to question the medicin people take, the drugs they are prescribed. For me a lot of pain and Illnesses could be avoided if people would be educated on how to live a healthy life. Food, exercice, stress release, healthy relationships, healing traumatic exoeriences, letting go of fears and toxic beliefs... taking time for oneself and the things and people we love. Living a life we chose and not one we endure. But money plays a big role in medicine and the therapy and drugs are not always there to get healthier but to get dependent on a subtance and a system that makes money from suffering and helplessness. I try to make people realize those things and reconnect to the real solutions inside themselfs... if I feel they are ready to hear about it. It is nit always the case. It is not easy. I am often frustrated. I don‘t want to continue working like this for years. I feel like other things would fulfill me more and make more sense. I feel like I have the potential to do more meaningful things. I am studying naturopathy in Germany (Heilpraktiker) and I‘ll see later what I want to specialize in. I have time. I have trust 🙏🏽 Picture taken this weekend at the party of love during an osteopathy workshop / free sessions in the woods 🌳🌲❤️🧘🏼‍♀️
Beautiful Wisconsin motherwort - the tincture is brewing right now just for you! "Freaked out? Upset? Take motherwort! Distressed about something that might happen? Or might have happened? Take motherwort! Women with the premenstrual crazies take motherwort. Frenzied children take motherwort. Menopausally mad women take motherwort. Even lovers take motherwort. Spend some time in her lap and you'll come to cherish motherwort's calming ways too." - Herbalist Susun Weed #foraging #wildmedicine #medicine #wildfood #hiking #anxiety #sleep #menopause #stressed #insomnia #naturalhealing #naturalhealth #naturalmedicine #herbalmedicine #herbs #herbalist
Hey #Tallahassee friends, it’s a beautiful day in the Panhandle ☀️ Stop by for a one-on-one consultation or use Express Pick-Up on the go. • *Knox Life Hack: You can use Express Pick-Up to check inventory and make sure your favorite products are in-stock before you arrive 📲📊
Wild Valerian blooms- I'm harvesting the roots to use as a natural medicine for restless legs, hyperactivity, anxiety and insomnia. #foraging #wildmedicine #medicine #wildfood #hiking #anxiety #sleep #restlesslegs #insomnia #naturalhealing #naturalhealth #naturalmedicine #herbalmedicine #herbs #herbalist
Time heals all things. Yet, time is elusive and basically not real in the grand scheme of things. • Have opportunities come your way for healing? Did you take the time, to take advantage of them? • The only time is NOW and NOW is a good place to start. ••• The Originator of Functional Medicine - Hippocrates #functionalmedicine #hippocrates #greek
BOGO - DAY 2: Buy one get TWO FREE!!!! TODAY ONLY!WHAT?!?- - SPEARMINT 🌱Relieves Digestive Issues 🌱Enhances Focus 🌱Uplifts Mood 🌱Head Tension * LIME 🍈Increases Energy 🍈Supports Healthy Digestion 🍈Immune Booster 🍈Purifies the Air 🍈Natural Surface Cleaner 🍈Promotes Emotional Balance * TANGERINE 🍊Enhance Respiratory Function 🍊Supports Healthy Digestion 🍊Promotes Adaptability 🍊Helps Reduce Anxiety 🍊Helps Decrease Lymph Congestion * * #doterra #essentialoils #spearmint #lime #tangerine #naturalsolutions #naturalmedicine #nontoxic #bogo #anxietyrelief #digestion #energyboost #balance #emotionalbalance #moodenhancer #focus #pointtohealth
Find out more about our care and what we offer by checking out the link in our bio!
The gut microbiome: the hottest topic in biomedical research right now. As Hippocrates said, "All disease begins in the Gut," and if we have an imbalanced gut flora or increased intestinal permeability (leaky guy), than we are setting ourselves up for long term health complications. 🤒 When we habitually use Advil and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, take antibiotics, use oral contraceptives like birth control or other hormones, make poor food combining choice, excessively drink alcohol, and live very stressed lives, we increase the gaps within the intestinal wall also known as the lamina propria. These gaps in the tight junctions allow bacteria and undigested proteins to enter your bloodstream and react with our underlying immune system. 🤒 Did you know that 80% of your immune system is surrounding your intestinal wall? When these undigested proteins and bacteria seep through that barrier, the body reacts by mounting an inflammatory cytokine response in the bloodstream since it realizes that something is out of place. 🤒 Ideally, our body selectively absorbs macro and micronutrients through the intestinal wall (the good stuff) and keeps all the bacteria and waste (the bad stuff your body doesn't want) in that digestive track tubing to be excreted through the anus. 🤒 Think of this as your sewage system backing up and leaking into your water supply. Overtime, the plumbing builds up and has a cumulative effect, resulting in a larger immune response and more widespread chronic inflammation. 🤒 If the immune system becomes hyper-vigilant because of all the proteins and bacteria moving through the body, your immune system becomes hyper-active and starts to attack all these proteins and pathogens that it sees as foreign because it's not supposed to be there. 🤒 This can result in new food intolerance, autoimmune disease, digestive issues (IBS/colitis/Crohn's), thyroid dysfunction, malabsorption, brain fog, fatigue, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, eczema/psoriasis and other inflammatory skin conditions. When we talk about getting to the underlying "root cause" of disease, leaky gut is often the underlying issue for many. Seal the gut to fix your health!
Subscribe to our newsletter to receive this and other great content 👇 https://mailchi.mp/purablis.com/newsletters Stats sources: U.S. medical marijuana patients: https://medicalmarijuana.procon.org/view.resource.php?resourceID=005889#9 #cannabiscommunity #infographic #cannabis #cannabisculture #naturalmedicine #420 #weedlife #cannabisheals #painrelief
#Repost @vaccinetruth with @get_repost ・・・ UCLA researchers found that children who had never received DTP #vaccine had half the rate of #asthma as those who did...did you know that? RESULTS: The odds of having a history of asthma was twice as great among vaccinated subjects than among unvaccinated subjects (adjusted odds ratio, 2.00; 95% confidence interval, 0.59 to 6.74). The odds of having had any allergy-related #respiratory symptom in the past 12 months was 63% greater among #vaccinated subjects than unvaccinated subjects (adjusted odds ratio, 1.63; 95% confidence interval, 1.05 to 2.54). The associations between vaccination and subsequent allergies and #symptoms were greatest among children aged 5 through 10 years. https://vaccinesafetycommission.org/pdfs/47-2000-UCLA-Asthma.pdf
Amy’s back at the clinic today following nearly a month of family vacay at camp in the Sierras and then her childhood heartland, Higgins Lake. Reveling in the space that being on vacation brings - what a huge unwinding! - AND so happy to be back at Mitchell Family Acupuncture doing this loved filled work. ___________________ #ilearnedtosail #berkeleyacupuncture #thisviewnevergetsold #generations #naturalmedicine #fertilityacupuncture
If you need a GREAT resource for natural remedies as a mom, this book is one of my favorites! . I’ve been using it since my littlest baby was born, and she is 18 months today! 😩. It’s not just for pregnancy or newborns! If you’re a momma, you will love it! . It’s a great place to start and the premium starter kit dew drop duo sale has been extended till Friday! 🎉👍🏼🙌🏼. . Grab your kit and an extra dew drop diffuser, I’ll send you a copy of this book, and you will be well on your way! . And if this book won’t apply to you, I’ve got something else for ya! . . . #naturalmedicine #momstoolbox #oilymama #babiesareablessing #toxinfree #mommas #oilybaby #oilykids #thereactuallyisanoilforthat #healthychanges #onechangeatatime #stepbystep
Manifesting oils. 👆Yup these are the good ones. Lime is the oil of the heart chakra and helps to open you up all that is trying to reach you. Spearmint is the oil of clear speech. A throat chakra oil that helps you speak the knowing of your heart and higher self. Tangerine is an abundance oil of the sacral chakra. Just tuning you closer to that frequency of receiving. Of being, of joy. Apply a drop each diluted over each corresponding chakra then get quiet and listen to your breath. You body. Your voice. Repeat, “I am love, I am open to receive. I speak up for my needs and they are met. I flow in the same frequency of my highest desires. And so it is” Using your oils as an anchor keep them with you for the next week, using them in your diffuser and topically time after time during your mini manifesting practice. Write back here in a week! I wanna know how it felt! 💚🧡💛 #bogo #doterra #essentialoils #practice #manifest #meditation #affirmations #plantmedicine #womenentrepreneurs #kleinandkind #diffuser #chakra #spirit #spiritual #spirituality #subtlebody #energy #heal #healing #doterracanada #natural #health #wellbeing #wellness #naturalmedicine
In addition to both of our doctors being certified for medical marijuana evaluations, we have CBD ointments and creams available for purchase in hopes to provide immediate relief for our clients. The #CBDclinic offers levels ranging fro Mild to Pro Sport to treat a range of conditions, symptoms, and pain. If you are interested in picking one up, call our office at 813.609.6946 and let us know you saw this post on IG! Don’t forget to check out our blog about medical marijuana evaluations in Florida. #medicalmarijuana #cbd #florida #dryvonka #medicalfusion #lovinglife #love #life #lovinglifetoday #downtowntampa #riverwalktampa #hillsborough #surterra #trulieve #holistic #naturalmedicine #florida #tampa #stpete #alternativemedicine #tampabay #tampabaylightning #tampabayrays
Prickly Lettuce aka Opium lettuce. If you’ve always wanted to try it, but never been able to find it... Because let’s face it, it’s not like they’re selling it at Wholefoods, right? I have about 2 pounds left. It’s fresh, ships well and tastes very similar to romaine. LINK IN BIO #opiumlettuce #medicinalfood #growyourown #starfishhoney #unusualfood #chronicpain #naturalmedicine #limitedstock #naturalhigh #420 #cannabiscommunity #poppylovers #papaversomniferum #mygarden #funfood #vegan #notyourmamassalad
Welcome to BOGO Day 2! This is while supplies last so if you want to know how to get this deal....PM us! ☆Ask is how to get all of what's in pic #2 !!! This is a trio of great alternatives! If you are building your oil collection this is definitely a deal you need to take part in! Spearmint is great for digestion issues. I love to diffuse this with lemon and grapefruit or add to my guacamole. Tangerine is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It is great to have on hand for muscle pains or fatigue. I love to add this to some Perrier to make a refreshing summer drink.
IV Nutrient Therapy is a powerful way to replenish the body’s levels of the vitamins & minerals that we naturally use everyday! Necessary elements for hydration, detoxification, cellular metabolism that can impact any system in the body. Get your Nutrient boost and relax while you do it! 👍🏾 Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am-1pm. 👌🏾 #truechiropractic #TrueHealthBar #naturalmedicine
What do you know about hemp? Hemp is the common name for plants of the entire genus Cannabis, although the term is often used to refer only to Cannabis strains cultivated for industrial (non-drug) use. Industrial hemp has many uses, including paper, textiles, biodegradable plastics, construction, health food, & fuel. It is one of the fastest growing biomasses known, and one of the earliest domesticated plants known. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #cbd #hemp #cannabidiol #cbdoil #hempoil #hempire #hawaiilife #madeinhawaii #farmfresh #holistic #womengrow #madewithaloha #livealoha #turmeric #cbds #cbdlife #hemplife #cbdmovement #makersmovement #hempstead #hemplove #naturalmedicine #plantmagic
Il mare è una medicina naturale, tutte le volte ti rilassa, riesce a cancellare i pensieri più brutti, fa dimenticare le angoscie, Sa farti venir i mente I ricordi più belli vissuti da bambino, le spensieratezze, le giocate a calcio, i castelli di sabbia e i falò, il mare riesce ad emanare sempre delle emozioni nuove. ❤️💥 . . . . #natura #naturalhair #naturalbeauty #naturaleza #natura #naturallight #naturalbodybuilding #naturalista #naturalmakeup #naturalskincare #naturalhaircommunity #naturalhairstyles #naturalhairdaily #naturalproducts #naturalhairjourney #naturallyshesdope #naturallycurly #naturalnails #naturalhealth #naturalhaircare #naturalmedicine #naturals #naturalhealing #naturalstone #NaturalLook #naturalcurls #naturalliving #naturalremedies #naturally #naturalkids
Below are 7 ways that will help you restore your energy levels while revealing some potential root causes of why you keep saying “Why do I have no energy”? ○○○ ► YOU DON’T NEED THE COFFEE/CAFFEINE ❌ Yes, you get an immediate boost with coffee but in the long run, it's a trap. Here’s an idea that works: substitute coffee with Shilajit ☕Add it to a cup of warm water or almond milk and drink. ○○○ ► REDUCE SUGAR INTAKE 🍭 Your body actually burns fat cleaner and better than it burns sugar. The crash comes from the body using a lot of energy to metabolize the sugar. You end up with a deficit in energy and minerals from eating sugar. ○○○ ► HYDRATE 💧 Calculate your ideal amount by dividing your body weight by 2 and adding the word ‘ounces’ to this number. Here’s an example: Weight = 140 pounds. 140/2=70 ounces per day. Hydration boosts energy levels and even encourages your body to break down fat better. ○○○ ► EXERCISE MORE 🏃 Simply break down the 1-hour of exercise into two 30-minute sessions or one 45-minute session and one 15-minute session. Health experts found that this works just as well as doing all the exercise at one time. ○○○ ► LOVE YOURSELF ❤ Personal hygiene beauty routines are also another expression of self-love. A new beauty routine that brings joy to your life might include refreshing shilajit ice cubes used on your face every morning. ○○○ ► QUIT EATING THE JUNK FOOD 🍟 Low-nutrient, energy-dense foods offer your body no energy and empty calories that drain you of your nutrient stores. ○○○ ► CONNECT WITH NATURE 🌿 Putting your feet on the grass, ground, in the river/ocean, or on concrete for 20 minutes acts as a painkiller – and its effects are better than prescription painkillers. This practice is called grounding. ○○○ 🙏Be healthy, Shilajit Family!
Curcuma longa latte!! I mean look at that dreamy color💛 I woke up feeling slightly congested, so I decided to forgo my morning coffee for a turmeric latte. Coffee can thicken my mucus, worsening my congestion so this is a pretty typical exchange when I want something warm to sip on in the morning that isn’t coffee. Curcuma has amazing anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and hepatoprotective properties. My trick is adding coconut butter to add in healthy fat to aid in absorption and BLACK PEPER! That’s right… the peperine compound actually boosts bioavailability of curcuma in your body by 2,000%! 4 oz unsweetened coconut milk 4 oz filtered water 1 tablespoon organic ground turmeric 1 cinnamon stick ½ teaspoon vanilla extract 1 tablespoon coconut butter Pinch of fresh ground peper *Boil together for about 10 minutes, remove cinnamon stick, and blend to get that nice frothy latte top* You can add stevia or honey to sweeten it up if that’s your jam :) #naturopath #naturalmedicine #petalandthorn #draverycolby #botanicalmedicine #plantsarepals
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Do you experience neck pain that radiates down your arms? Or, experience tingling or numbness? Or even nerve pain that feels like burning, lightening pain? If so, Acupuncture can help calm nerves, relax tight muscles, and reduce pain. #acupuncture #acupuncturist #spokaneacupuncture #spokanevalleyacupuncture #painspecialist #acupunctureworks #painlessacupuncture #traditionalchinesemedicine #tcm #holisticmedicine #naturalmedicine #easternmedicine #painrelief #painfree #gettothepoint
So I’ve begun my at home Apothecary. The Rose oil I made from the fresh roses from my rose bushes is now finished and bottled up in these blue roller ball bottles. I made enough for 13! They are made with intention for feeling like a goddess from within as well from without and smudged with juniper and vanilla for sweetness and beauty. It will also provide comfort from anxiety and depression along with helping acne, dryness and complexion. #naturalbeauty #beauty #goddess #spirituality #curandera #naturalmedicine #madewithlove #loveandlight #magick #apothecary
🌿 Initiation to aromatherapy • I was so happy & grateful to share some of my knowledge with these two lovely ladies!
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