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Dreaming About Your 2019 Fitness Goals Like...💭 💙 20 Minute Workouts 💙 Straight From Your Home (With Minimal Equipment) 💙 Workouts That Get Results Like Losing 6-12Lbs In 6 Weeks 😱 💙 A TALENTED 🔥 Trainer That Is Seriously Motivating 💙 Having A Flexible Eating Plan That Has you Feeling Full & Satisfied If You've Realized 20 Minutes Is All You Have To Commit, This Program Was Made For You. 💪 ❤️ Drop An Emoji And I'll Send You A Free WORKOUT & All The Details! 👈👈 . . . #selfcarethreads #pushyourlimit #movingforwards #keepmovingon #keepgunnin #progressnotperfect #canadiancurlies #movingupintheworld #singleparentlife #singleparenting #singlemama #momlifestyle #icandothat #wecandobetter #wecandohardthings
❤️ Ive learned the hard way, keeping your goals and moves, are important in Silence . You never know who’s speaking on your life negatively.so never open your mouth while making moves.... Not everyone cares. Tell God all your moves. I’m moving in “Silence “ StylesbyRenee... #HairCareSpecialist #BaltimoreHair #HealthyHair #HairGoals #Growth #BlowOutQueen #GiftedHands #Hair #MovingForwards #DMVHairStylist #BookToday ☎️ 443-319-3299
Fact: you can't simultaneously be in a state of anger and gratitude. · It's either one or the other. · Be grateful for simple blessings & always strive to be better than you were yesterday. · '...not I but Christ who lives in me...'
Before the fun, one must reflect #thinkingback #movingforwards #direction
I was surprised when I weighed myself this morning I dropped to 107lbs ! . I’ve been off keto since early November eating carbs and all and I suppose my body adjusted. . The biggest change I’ve kept since being off keto is not overeating. . That’s the major contributor to weight gain. . Yes, you CAN lose weight eating carbs. I chose to accelerate that with a keto diet. . As long as you burn more than what you eat. . That’s the only rule to fat loss. . But make sure to get enough nutrients while eating less😁👍 . #happyresults #movingforwards #results !! #gymcat #loveyourself #loveyourbody #loveyourmind #physicalemotionalmentalspiritual #selfcare #fatloss #workout #soulfie #selfie #flexandgainz #gainz #lvac 💜 #🔥 #happyhealthy
This moving on thing is so hard. Here we are, trying to rekindle something , and I'm sitting there sabotaging the heck out of it. Why? Because I can't simply be grateful for what's right in front of me. Here is a man, who utterly broke my heart, who has put himself through immense life alterations in order to work to get me back. But I still focus on who he was before. I finally have an opportunity to be happy, really happy, but I litter my thoughts with doubts and I am miserable. My whole being is conflicted, I want him, and I want to be happy with him. And I know we have it within us to be there, but my memory keeps reminding me how dark things once were. The way he is with my children is a complete contrast to how things were - the three of them had a mini jam session going on, C on the keyboard, him on the guitar and S rocking those vocals.. Listening to them all made my heart melt, and I got tearful again. Because I wanted all of this before. Look at it, here is it, what you wanted, you can have. This is a second chance! Stop blowing it! Enjoy it! Your children are embracing it with their beautiful open hearts and minds. So follow their lead. So I'm writing, the longest and most emotional unsent letter I ever wrote, this will be a work in progress for the week, and on Friday, the winter solstice, we will sit in his living room, face to face, and together we will burn our unsent letters, burn all of the pain of the past and move forward. Together. #unsentletters #letters #handwriting #wintersolstice #yulelog #burningletters #movingon #personalgrowth #development #emotional #selfawareness #movingforwards #together
I love being part of a team, where it's encouraged to dream big, no problem is too big, no question too small. We're striving to be our best and on the way inspire others to believe for bigger and better things too! Thank you @wendygriffith_blessedlife for welcoming me into your fantastic team only a few months ago! #dreamteam #dreambigger #oneteamonedream #personaldevelopment #movingforwards #feelingappreciated
Out with the old, and in with the new. 🤙🏻 - Did Santa bring a new appliance this year for mom and dad?? - If so we'd love to help remove your old one safe, effectively, and fast. - Contact us today to learn more about our pickups.
When it comes to changing your relationship with food and your body progress is most definitely not linear. . Diet mindset would have you believe that if you're not winning your failing. . But I disagree. . I prefer to encourage curiosity, connection and compassion. Especially when we feel like we've just fallen flat on our face. It's all awareness we can use to strengthen our relationship to food and our body. . It can feel messy when you're in the midst of it. And sometimes you might need to take a breath and a moment while you lie flat on your face. You don't have to be perpetually moving forward. Sometimes you can just be. Compassion helps with that. . If you're facing some fears around making change know that it's completely normal. Be kind to yourself and stay curious. . Want some tips for tackling fears around ditching diets and all the food rules? Check out this week's blog post, link in profile. . . . . . . . . . #eatwithawareness #movingforwards #ditchdiets #downwithdiets #progressnotperfection #selfcompassion #selfkindness #curiosityconnectioncompassion #becurious #healthyrelationshipwithbody #healthyrelationshipwithyourself #healthyrelationshipwithfood #foodkindness #foodcuriosity #foodconnection #foodcompassion
I never believed I could get a KILLER workout in 20 minutes. Let's face it; when had I ever had a good workout in 20 minutes? If you had told me a 20 minute workout was possible (where I would still see results), I wouldn't have believed you! Then this program came out and I realized there was A LOT that could be done in 20 minutes when you know EXACTLY what to do! Instead of believing that feeling my best would take TOO MUCH TIME, I found a SOLUTION that provided a TON of VALUE (It's really about finding a QUICK WORKOUT that gets the job done from HOME!!) I'm excited to share my journey and if your radar is going OFF because you've been WAITING for something EXACTLY like this, "LIKE" this post and let's TALK. . . . #selfcarethreads #pushyourlimit #movingforwards #keepmovingon #keepgunnin #progressnotperfect #canadiancurlies #movingupintheworld #singleparentlife #singleparenting #singlemama #momlifestyle #icandothat #wecandobetter #wecandohardthings
I post about mindfulness & Human Resources so today I thought I’d post some photos of me ... Serita!! Was having a great time when all these were taken!! First two photos at two cousins wedding’s this year ❤️ & the last photo of me from 2011. Loving this app I have 😄 too #LaughLiveLove #Smiles #Happiness #Hugs #Hugging #FunTimes #BeYourOwnKindOfSexy #LiveInTheMoment #MovingForwards #UniqueThinking #ADecisionAway #OneLife #LiveIt #OwnIt #FootprintOnTheWorld #EmbracingEmotion #RealThinking #Growth #EmbracingLifeAsItIs #CompassionForOthers #BeingTrueToOneself #OurImpactOnTheWorld #NewAdventures #Mindfulness #TheH .R.C #Fun #Laughter #Dancing #Music #HipsDontLie 😉😘 🙌🏻💋💃🏽 - have a great Sunday Nite peeps!! xx
Did you know that I spiritually mentor healers? I have created a powerful program where I work with healers and their true authentic gifts. After trekking this spiritual journey for many years I started realizing that modalities just don’t work. They only provide a limited result. And that result is just not enough for the healing people need to receive because we all need different healing at different points in our life. My approach is unique, authentic and bio-individual. I have a free thinking mind, heart and SOUL and this is where it has guided me to after all these years. I’ve tried just about every healing method out there and I mean about every. And I found it only produced sub-par results. I am not a being who is ok with sub-par results. If I’m coming to see a healer for healing I want it to be personalized to what I need. Not a fit in a box modality. Does this make sense? So lovely dear beautiful SOULS I ask of you. If you are a healer or would like to be one are you ready to work with the wisdoms, healings and truths that are kept deep in your own very essence? If this rings to you or you know of someone who is looking for what I can offer please contact me today through direct message or email! 😊 lindsaymckeespiritualhealings@gmail.com
2018. Tu as été une année très riche en émotions. Tu m'as surprise, tu m'as secouée. Tu m'as donné quelques leçons. Je te remercie d'avoir mis de belles rencontres sur ma route..! Je te remercie d'avoir laissé d'autres s'en aller..! Les chemins se croisent, s'éloignent, et parfois, se rejoignent à nouveau.. Je regarde en arrière, tu n'as pas toujours été une année facile, tu m'as sortie de ma zone de confort, mais, je me rends compte à présent, que tu m'as donné tout ce dont j'ai eu besoin, au moment où j'en ai eu besoin.. Merci, 2018.. 🙂 #thankyou #life #lookingbackwards #movingforwards #dreaming #trusting #believing #2019iscoming #2019isloading #exciting #newyear
What if I where to tell you the you too can have amazing results this time of year and if you don’t like what I did there are other programs or a full money back guarantee!!!! No long post, no huddle just true, simple and to the point. So, DM or give me your favorite Holliday emoji and I’ll share the details!
We love customer reviews, thank you so much. It's great to find out what our customers thought and if we need to improve things along the way. Feedback whether positive or negative is imperative for moving forwards and improving. So thank you all our lovely customers xxx
I've not really been on Instagram this week as on Tuesday I had a full cast put on my leg and wasn't sure about how mobile I would be. So I've not been gym or anything. Today is Friday. So a session with my PT @rhxlsey.pt at the usual spot @impact.pt has got my mind thinking better and more positive. Happy Friday people. Let's do this. #movingforwards #staymotivated #motivation #cantkeepmedown #fitness #fitgoals #beastmode #timetogrind #witnessthefitness
Playing around earlier and came up with a temporary logo! A new one is in the pipeline 😉 made using invys.com . . #seddycakes #lovebaking #hullbaker #kingstonuponhull #hobbybaker #movingforwards #exciting #instagood #logo
I don’t have weights to workout. I can’t do the regular moves....is what has been said to me That’s totally fine!! When I first started my journey I too didn’t have weights and I too couldn’t do the moves. I modified by using cans as weights and I modified the moves to meet my physical ability. So, if you really want to join me in my next group and you have those two excuses....then I’m prof you CAN do the workout when you really WANT to.
I just had to share another transformation of this new program I’m gearing up for! If you would've told me I could see results in 20 minutes, I would have 😂😂😂 so hard in your face... That’s some infomercial type of results right there!!! ( *ahem* 6 minute abs!!) 😂 But once I saw the testimonials and the before & afters, things got real, REAL fast! And RESULTS are really just the beginning! Besides the incredible physical results, my favorite part is ACTUALLY... not needing to workout longer than 20 minutes per day!! (I mean, who doesn't have 20 minutes?! That's just getting up 10 minutes early and going to bed 10 minutes later!!) **AND THE BONUS?** You get Mindset Tools as part of the program! 🙆🏻‍♀️ So if you've been thinking about doing SOMETHING TOTALLY DIFFERENT in 2019 (like not over committing and under executing) and you’ve realized that the key to your success is finding a program you can do super quick, let’s chat!! Drop an emoji and I’ll send you all the details! 💕 . . . #forrealresults #beforeandafter #letsdothis #2019goals #selfcarethreads #pushyourlimit #movingforwards #keepmovingon #keepgunnin #progressnotperfect #canadiancurlies #movingupintheworld #singleparentlife #singleparenting #singlemama #momlifestyle #icandothat #wecandobetter #wecandohardthings
Here is a little philosophy to help you with any fears of chance. You must learn to refocus your attention to giving your all to the new directions your business takes you and not on pushing towards the old ways of doing things. #PowerOfEnergy . . . 🔝Follow @ecommercegogetters for daily business motivation! 🙌🏼Don't forget to tag a friend who may need above motivation↖️ #PositiveThoughtsOnly #SocratesQuotes #Business101 #PowerOfChange #PowerOfThoughts #BusinessLife #Fempreneur #WomenEntrepreneur #WorkFromHome #EntrepreneurQuotes #EntrepreneurDaily #EcommerceGoGetters #EcommerceEntrepreneur #EntrepreneurMotivation #OnlineJobs #OnlineEntrepreneur #BusinessQuotes #BusinessMotivation #MotivationForSuccess #KeepItGoing #WorkingHard #LivingBestLife #PositivityZone #HaveAGreatDay #MindsetIsEverything #StartUpMindset #NoShortCutsToSuccess #BusinessMindset #MovingForwards
Just a routine blood test today 💉 It was so lovely to catch up with the brilliant team in the Oncology ward - they truly are such special people and never fail to put a smile on peoples faces - including mine 💕 😀#thankyou #BreastCancer #bloodtest #hospital #cancer #movingforwards
😫Final Exam Is Coming 🙃 •_•_•_•_•_•_•_•_•_•_•_•_• ☁️Good Morning Thursday☁️ 💕Cold Weather That I love💕 #Life #Engineering #Movingforwards #Future #Sophomore #National #University #Laos #Final #Exam
Fresh out tonight! Just stepped out the studio to score a few lungs full of fresh air! I find I have work cycles - just can’t settle in to a set timed routine, my rhythms change all the time. I work till I’m done, sleep when I need to. Circadian rhythms is something I’m going to look at. Question is do you roll with your own natural vibes or do you try to manipulate them under the label of self discipline? Anyway, I feel a nice long run coming on with headphones kicking full blast!
Are You Planning On Moving After The Holidays?? - Now it a great time to set up an appointment with our team today so we can make sure you are ready to rock after the new year!
🌟Your inner circle is a reflection of your energy. The vibe you give out shows in the people who surround you. Like attracts like. . . 💜Raise your vibration and trust that your tribe will come to you, if they haven’t already. 💙
Do you have 20 minutes a day? My guess is you probably do if you’re willing to put in a little effort ☺️ Besides, when results like this happen in just 20 minutes a day, I’m pretty sure you’d be willing to make that effort! I know I am! 💪 Not only will you have incredible physical results, you will also have incredible inner results! There is personal development interlaced with the workouts which means you will be working every single angle. This program is going to be amazing for everyone! It releases EARLY for VIP and you are invited 💕 I can’t wait!! I’ve already tried the free workout and I KNOW the program won’t disappoint! Send me a message and lets chat! ☺️ . . . #selfcarethreads #pushyourlimit #movingforwards #keepmovingon #keepgunnin #progressnotperfect #canadiancurlies #movingupintheworld #singleparentlife #singleparenting #singlemama #momlifestyle #icandothat #wecandobetter #wecandohardthings
Hold on to it and don’t let it go until it is consumed. 🤣
What a day to be alive! ❤️It’s so beautiful today! I don’t know about you guys, but I have felt such a huge shift since mercury moved out of retrograde! I feel able to cope with life again!! That was some intense stuff right there! 😅 the last few weeks I have genuinely found communication really difficult, I’ve had a total block in sharing here and have gone into a panic every time I received an email. Now I am feeling inspired, motivated and ready to cope again! It literally shifted over night in the midst of the new moon energies! Have you guys felt a noticeable difference or do you think this is all a load of codswollpp!? I’d love to know your thoughts 😘 Here’s some words explaining why mercury in retrograde effects us in the way it does from astrology zone: ‘Because Mercury is the planet situated closest to the Sun, its orbit is much shorter than Earth’s. About three or four times a year, Mercury speeds past Earth, and that is when we experience a Mercury retrograde period. If you were in a car and another car passed you, you could tell it was going faster than you. But if it slowed down and you then passed it, it would appear that that car was actually going backward. Then when the other car speeds up and passes you again, it kicks up all of the dust in the road. As Mercury speeds by, it is like a train flying past, creating a powerful, turbulent gust of “wind” in its wake. The turbulence and disruption Mercury creates when it retrogrades can affect what we feel on Earth in our everyday lives.’ ❤️ I’m glad to be out of this phase and moving forwards again! On the mat tonight 18:30 @stretch_london for some juicy get out of your head and into your body flows ❤️ Flowing on my most favourite @yogi.bare mat to the sounds of Charlotte Day Wilson (thanks for this gem @tonistait 😘) Check my stories if you want to see where this flow ended up and a little accident (no dogs were harmed in the making of this video...😬🤣🐶 🦶)
New website has started creation! Refreshing my portfolio and online presence. I’m taking on small web and print creative towards christmas. Get in touch! #newgoals #movingforwards #beingcreative #refresh #herewego #personaldevelopment #newyearnewme
Things in life may bring you down. But we all need to remeber that its onwards and upwards from now. Moving forwards, thinking about myself and staying happy with my best friends and family around me 💕 #mondaymotivation #positivevibes #movingforwards #stayhappy #keepsmiling #dancer #photoshoot #vanitystudios #professional #performer #singer #actress #choreographer
#2019 will be the year where the pen to paper will begin, For those that enjoy the freestyles I've uploaded I'm please to announce that I've actualy started to write lyrics rather than just spit from the top of my head, In 2019 my rhymes will be more powerful, more personal, more tweeked to perfection than ever before, I'm working on a full term track currently and will keep you all updated, the full track will probably be available to listen to for free over at soundcloud 👍 Thanks for the support and positive comments, Can't say for sure if there won't be anymore rap content between now and new year, so if not then I wish you all a happy Christmas and New year and I look forward to appearing in your feeds in early 2019!!! #rap #movingforwards #opertunity #freestyle #happy #makingmoves #Tunes #hiphop #myflow #myzone #psychosam95
Thank you so much to @gemsrds_sport for coming down today. All of our year 5&6 netball players from both schools got some last minute pre-season court time before the winter break. A great chance to check progress, switch up positions and teams. Well done everyone!!! #letsgowso #falcons #wsofalcons #falconsnetball #readyfordapsa #gemswso #netball #netballers #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #hardworkpaysoff #proud #movingforwards
The man you was is like gold you’ll never find the better quality you had in anyone. I miss you my friend, my past, the man who loved me and I seen it in your eyes. You really make it hard to date when you gave me a world most can’t see in their lives. You wasn’t perfect but neither was I. There was things I didn’t like and I know I have some you didn’t like. Your amount of respect you had for me was priceless men aren’t loyal like that anymore. I never went to sleep alone with you. Your kids melted my heart. Thank you for being there with me threw my hard times of my ms it really keep me standing I miss that. I still feel you play w my hair when I sleep. You gave me a great life even if some I wanted to change.. I’ll forever love the good in you with my memories. When I cry talking about you it’s just lessons I have learned thank you again #ronniemunson #myrock #myforvrhusband #widow #heaven #love #learned #liked #breath #marriage #relationships #missed #movingforwards #2014 #rip #imissyourface
#instatakeover Goodmorning, my name is Niels and I am Head of Sales and Development @tetrisnetherlands In my spare time I like to run and yesterday, together with some colleagues of @jll , we ran 15km at the @bruggenloop in #rotterdam #fun #mondaymotivation #sales #liketorun #gettoknowourteam #movingforwards #keepmovingforward #wearetetris #dothebestyoucando #alwayspositive
I’m so excited for all of my clients that have ordered their Cardio Program Kit (it's selling out so fast!!!) 🏁 I’m so proud to see these woman step up and make the commitment to make 2019 the best year EVER(and not just health and fitness goals but mindset too!) 🌳 The results and testimonials just blew.my.mind. 🤯 Can't wait to complete our first 6 weeks together in my exclusive TEST GROUP and transform our lives in 20 minutes/day!! 🔥 If you want to see what this program is all about, PM me, drop an emoji, or like this post. ❤️❤️ Are you on the wait list for your FREE workout? (that can be done from your living room) Do you want in? Let me know! #testgroup #2019goals #2019revolution #selfcarethreads #pushyourlimit #movingforwards #keepmovingon #keepgunnin #progressnotperfect #canadiancurlies #movingupintheworld #singleparentlife #singleparenting #singlemama #momlifestyle #icandothat #wecandobetter #wecandohardthings
Mistakes... we all make them at some point. Learning from them and moving forward is really key though to self improvement and not wallowing in them. What’s your biggest mistake and how did you learn from it? #mistakes #movingforwards #freelancepa #freelancepersonalassistant #admin #backoffice #support #virtualassistant
We love customer reviews, thank you so much. It's great to find out what our customers thought and if we need to improve things along the way. Feedback whether positive or negative is imperative for moving forwards and improving. So thank you all our lovely customers xxx
So this happened a few weeks ago! So pleased I can share it now!! I am making the move from hobby baker!Eek!! . . . #exciting #foodhygiene #foodstandards #cleankitchen #hobbybaker #hullbaker #seddycakes #kingstonuponhull #movingforwards #2019 #myyear
♡SATURDAY♡ • This week has been bloody tough. In fact these past 2 weeks have. But not tougher than me. I've been absolutely drained recently questioning everything I do and to be frank, not liking myself very much as a person. Trying to focus on the positives when the father of your child is so dedicated to "ruining your life" (his words) is beyond exhausting on its own, let alone when you're on a tight budget, working 2 jobs, studying and raising a 2 year old. Social services scare the life out of me and, in my experiences so far, they're not exactly tactful or sensitive. But I know I'm a bloody good parent. My child comes first in literally everything. She is my life. She is clean, fed, we live in a clean home in a nice area, she is settled in her nursery, we go swimming, soft play, craft groups, music groups, walks on the beach, to the woods, she has a big extended family locally who love the bones of her and are very much involved, she has lots of friends for a 2 year old... She's bloody amazing. I would go to the ends of the earth for her. And it's going to take more than an unhinged and bitter ex making false allegations continuously to stop me from being the best mum. I'm focussing more on me and less on him. Enough is enough. #custody #socialservices #domesticabuse #whiteribbonday #singlemum #singleparent #keepgoing #movingforwards #positivethinking #thinkpositive #happiness #singleparenting #singlemum #debtfreejourney #lucky
I hope, pray and will work hard for the joy that is to come 🙏🙏 Still alot to be done. Theres no going back, can now only move forwards. #whatstocome #joy #love #happiness #freedom #movingforwards #stepbystep #moveonfromthepast #moveonwithyourlife #makeitright #onestepatatime
Shot past the hubs in last nights cribbage game. 🤣😁👏🏻 I can’t play without thinking of my grandpa and wishing I would have learned this game sooner so I could have played with him. #missingyougrandpa #cribbage
We’ve got the biggest tree we’ve ever had this year, taller than the hubby (Over 6ft) kobe chose it, normally we only get a teeny tree as we’re not here for Christmas. But this year is different, this will be the first year we’ve ever spent it together in London as a little family, which is exciting but also deeply sad, as of course we’d normally go to my mums. It’s funny when I think back to all the Christmas days I spent at mums wishing I was somewhere else, not soaking my time with her up as I wish I had. We take so much of our life for granted don’t we!? When I cleared mums house out I of course kept all of the Christmas decorations, a life long collection, some my Nana knitted when I was little! Taking them out and hanging them on our tree today was much more emotional than I expected, tears flowing like the rain on the windows today. Sorrow and joy in a heady mix. This will be a strange Christmas. Like when you have a baby and everything is ‘exciting and ‘the first’ I guess it’s the same when you lose a loved one just with a lot more sadness. So here’s to my first Christmas without my mum. I know it won’t be easy, but I am grateful for my little family and her little dog our little love (who is barking to jump up and be in the picture here, hence why we’re looking down!;) (check my stories for the picture she managed to join!;) I wasn’t planning on sharing much more on my journey of grief but so so many people have reached out and thanked me for being open and honest about it and said it’s helped them AND I have a total block unless I write from my heart so here it is once more. My heart ❤️ my truth x
me..😂🤣🤣🤣..my pi..my eyes..friend's creation..tku man 😘😘....tku for this creation...new creation..@@rago_gokul ..photogenic..photo ..pic addict..love photography..my click..selfie...my photography..my edit workZ..his magic💖💖💖💖💖 . . #moving #movingforward #movingon #movingday #movingmeditation #MovingOnUp #movinghouse #movingup #movingout #MovingCompany #movingalong #movingin #movingsucks #movingimage #movinghome #movingmountains #movingonquotes #movingsoon #MovingSale #movingart #movingfoward #movingcompanies #movinghead #movingForwards #movingtips #movingpictures #movingartistsstrikeagain #MovingToAtlanta #world_of_moving #motionpicture #
Happy hump day 😘 #overthehump #movingforwards
🐳 A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it. -Edward Steichen- . 🐳Moby dick🐳 . #mobydickaroundtheworld . #portrait #natural #movingforwards #walking
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