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"Movie Review" I have no idea what to post for today. Luckily, there's someone who have this bright idea to make a lettering video about movies that I had watch (plus with my own review😂). • John Wick • ▪ Synopsis▪ A retired assasin/hitman who just lost his wife and from there things just does not goes well with his life. Inevitably, he was forced back to the dark world to settle the matter and embark his revenge to the mens that made him suffered of losing his "hope" in the normal world. ▪Review▪ Action packed movie from Keanu Reeves and filled with brutal and hardcore assasination scene. Showing the glimpse of assasins world and full of their code of conduct. Makes you seated the whole time and thrilled till the finish. 9.5/10. With this year coming up John Wick Chapter 3 : Parabellum hitting theater on May, the hype is real peeps. Can't wait to watch John Wick back in action. #lettering #handlettering #brushlettering #brushpen #letteringlove #letteringdaily #letteringnewbie #letteringinspiration #moviereview #johnwick
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แช่ง ทั้งสามเรื่องชื่อ วิปลาส tattoo และอีกเรื่องไม่แน่ใจ ตอนชื่อเรื่องมันขึ้น ยังไม่ตื่น... เห้ย หนังผีอะไรทำไมทำคนหลับได้!!!!!! เรื่องแรกชอบความย้อนยุคบวกกับคำแช่งที่ดูจะสมจริงที่สุดในสามเรื่องกับที่มาแห่งคำสาปแช่งที่ดูมีเหตุผลและแรงจูงใจมีที่มามากที่สุด เรืองสองยกเครดิตให้กวางเดอะเฟสกับฝีมือทีพัฒนาไปมาก พาหนังลงด้านมืดได้ถึงแต่ไม่ดูสกปรก ส่วนเรื่องสาม ตอนแรกก็ชอบความงงงง ดูมีอะไรๆชวนแก้ไขปัญหา แต่สุดท้ายแล้วก็....เห้อ หลับ!!! ชอบเรื่องสามเรื่องความฮา ขำกันลั่นโรง แต่มาดูหนังผีไง..... ถ้าถามว่าน่ากลัวไหม ไม่ สนุกไหม หลับได้อะ ⬛️ 4/10 -Nice to share my life with you- -NP ชีวิตติดOut- ▪️04/2019▪️ #แช ่ง #จ ิตกำเหนิดรัตน์ #เดว ิดอัศวนนท์ #ช ินวุฒ #กวางเดอะเฟส #หน ่องธนา #NPreview #moviereview #ช ีวิตติดOut
Does Glass shatter expectations? #moviereview #glassmovie
Go to the @thecavalrycollective YouTube page to watch a new review for the 3rd Into the Dark film, “Pooka!”. It’s the Christmas/December film in the series and is where you might just want to start. Go watch it on @hulu and let me know what you think! Or if you have, what did you think about it?? Let me know in the comments(without spoilers) . . #Pooka #IntoTheDark #Hulu #HuluOriginal #Blumhouse #Horror #HorrorFilm #CreepyDoll #Christmas #ChristmasMovie #Movies #MovieReview #Film #FilmReview
Go to the @thecavalrycollective YouTube page to watch a new review for the 3rd Into the Dark film, “Pooka!”. It’s the Christmas/December film in the series and is where you might just want to start. Go watch it on @hulu and let me know what you think! Or if you have, what did you think about it?? Let me know in the comments(without spoilers) . . #Pooka #IntoTheDark #Hulu #HuluOriginal #Blumhouse #Horror #HorrorFilm #CreepyDoll #Christmas #ChristmasMovie #Movies #MovieReview #Film #FilmReview
is an IG's account to talk, review, and discuss about movies shit! Join us! #movie #moviereview #movietalk #film #cinema
Ciao a tutti! Nuovo appuntamento con la rubrica #lacinetecadimiriamma91 😍. Per questa settimana, ho scelto "L'ora più buia" di Joe Wright del 2017. All'inizio della Seconda Guerra Mondiale, Winston Churchill (Gary Oldman), da poco Primo Ministro, deve affrontare una situazione di crisi senza precedenti, l'ora più buia per tutto il paese. Francia e Belgio sono state sconfitte dalla Germania Nazista, il cui prossimo obiettivo è proprio la Gran Bretagna. Nonostante l'opposizione del suo stesso partito e anche della monarchia, Churchill si rifiuta di prendere anche solo in considerazione l'idea di un armistizio. Per difendere la nazione e la libertà di tutti i sudditi, non c'è altera strada se non la guerra. E per dimostrare la sua fermezza, organizzerà il recupero della maggior parte dell'esercito inglese, bloccato a Dunkerque. Il film si concentra su un momento saliente della vita di Churchill, ripercorrendo i momenti più significativi di quel periodo fino alla decisione di combattere contro la Germania, accolta con la più totale unanimità. E si concentra anche sulla figura di Churchill come uomo, marito e politico e sulla pressione che ha dovuto subire. L'interpretazione magistrale di Gary Oldman, meritatamente premiato con il premio Oscar come Miglior attore protagonista, è il motivo migliore per cui vedere questo film. Lo avete visto? Vi è piaciuto? CINEDROPS 💧Nel cast troviamo Kristin Scott Thomas nei panni della moglie di Churchill, Lily James in quelli della segretaria Elizabeth Layton, Ben Mendelsohn in quelli del Re Giorgio VI e Stephen Dillane in quelli del Visconte Halifax. #darkestour #lorapiubuia #garyoldman #kristinscottthomas #lilyjames #churchill #biography #moviereview #movielover #recensione #academyawards2018 #bestactor
"Cannes ve Sundance gibi önemli festivallerde ilk gösterimini yapan film, Paul Dano’nun ilk uzun metraj deneyimi. Başrollerinde Jake Gyllenhaal ve Carey Mulligan’ın yer aldığı film, 1960’larda Montana’da yaşayan tek çocuklu Brinson ailesinin dramını konu ediniyor." Haberin tamamı kutsalgeyik.com'da.... #wildlife #jakegyllenhaal #careymulligan #pauldano #goodfilm #thedarkknight #christophernolan #filmincelemeleri #birdman #movies #moviereview #films #cannes #captainfantastic #sundance #oscars
Steven Spielberg shot most of the film from the eye-level of a child to further connect with Elliott and E.T. 👽👽👽 This movie is Pat’s “Recommend” for this episode. Make sure you go check it out but let’s face it, you’ve probably seen it! E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial holds the record for the longest theatrical release at 1 year! 👽👦🏻🚲💫 Make sure you check out this week’s podcast to hear about all the other Alien Movies Pat covers. Use the link in the bio or anywhere fine podcasts are given away for free.
News alert!!!!! The Hunchback of Notre Dame is getting it's own live action treatment 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 Disney ain't here for jokes...... Swipe to read more💯 Personally am exited about this one cuz this was one of my favorite cartoons 🎉😘 #instalike #instagram #hollywood #disney #waltdisney #lionkingmovie #dumbo #animation #instamovie #instagood #active #detectivepikachu #hunchbahunchbackofnotredameliveaction #hunchbackofnotredame #commentforcomments #likeforlikes #movies #moviepolice #filmreview #moviereview #moviecritic #moviefreak #adventure #followforfollowback #cherrythemoviepolice
NEW VIDEO! Check out my review for Kingsman: The Secret Service! I appreciate those of you who have been watching and/or joining the conversation in the comments 😁 #kingsman #kingsmanthesecretservice #moviereview #taronegerton #colinfirth #michaelcaine WATCH HERE - https://youtu.be/yZvlfFYsL3c
HOLMES AND WATSON Sometimes a film is "so bad it's good", but this is not one of those times. Will Ferrell's terrible English accent was obviously supposed to be a generalised, funny motif, but ended up being insanely annoying all the way through the movie! Aside from a few smirks here and there, the well loved duo fall short with this one due to an unfunny script and overabundance of stupidity. #holmesandwatson #film #filmreviews #willferrell #holmesandwatsonmovie #sherlock #sherlockholmes #drwatson #johncreilly #sonypictures #colombiapictures #comedy #movie #moviereview #photooftheday
<달라스 바이어스 클럽, 2013> ㅤ "하고 싶은 대로 하면서 살아야죠." "인생은 한 번 뿐이에요."
Watched Beyond The Walls (2015) This is a French 3-part miniseries. I binged it in a sitting. It is so beautifully dark. So marvelously gothic. So emotionally and psychologically demanding. The script, performances and set design compliment each other incredibly. The ending is bittersweet but somehow fitting. It is perfection. 10/10 #moviereviews #moviereview #cinephile #tvreview #tvreviews #beyondthewalls #horror #miniseries
Please welcome Noot to Straight from the Kernel! She'll occasionally contribute here with short reviews of movies (and possibly TV shows), starting off with #EscapeRoomMovie | #moviereview #film #escaperoom #horror #thriller
#martinlutherking - Years before Spike Lee and Melvin Peeples, featured themes like racial inequality and terrifying facts about the lives of Black Americans, Oscar Micheaux broke barriers. - Read @dvdnetflix blog site at blog.dvd.netflix.com. Search for Oscar Micheaux. - #dvdnation #ad
Coming off his shock hit 'Split', M. Night Shyamalan set big boots to fill, considering this as the bring together of two of his most popular films, it would be easy to say it is underwhelming, but taking Glass as its own individual film, provides it to be a much stronger film all round. Shyamalan remains to be his own worst enemy, after many years of a downwards spiral, he jumped back into his mojo, considering both his recent hits (The Visit and Spilt) were strong, it shows he does his best work when it goes unnoticed. Almost suggesting as if being in the spotlight put too much pressure on him. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ James McAvoy gives yet another award worthy performance, the way he switches in and out of the multiple personality is chilling. Bruce Willis is fine, he does nothing outstanding, but does nothing bad. Samuel L Jackson, well, for half the film did not do anything, and all he did in the second was be irritating. Besides McAvoy, the film's supporting cast do a lot of the heavy lifting. Sarah Paulson, excels on all fronts, being significantly more captivating than both Willis and Jackson. Anya Taylor Joy gives another credible performance but remained completely underused. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ A lot of the film was extremely enjoyable, an entertainment factor was sustained throughout, but did fall apart near the end, the twists instead of being smart were silly and predictable, none packed any punch nor calibre and did not give the intended response subsequently making the ending excruciatingly poor. But that was only 10 minutes or so. Continuous superhero connotations started off as smart but soon lost its effect, leading to a couple of sighs, the idea behind playing on the notion of superheros can be appreciated but did become irritating when over done. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ A mention has to be given to the gorgeous colour pallet and brilliant cinematography throughout. Probably the most stand out feature from the entire movie.⁣ ⁣ Final Score - 7.0/10
Sometimes it just takes two! - #Repost @mikaelcross ・・・ On the way to the 12 step program for DOP’s..🎬😅📸 by @cfortyone
REVIEW N°13: Once Upon A Time In The West (1968) 🎥 - ● Plot: A mysterious stranger with a harmonica joins forces with a notorious desperado to protect a beautiful widow from a ruthless assassin working for the railroad. - ● Review: Sergio Leone's masterpiece. With striking widescreen compositions and epic running time, this is the first Leone film to place violence in a truly political context. - #video #moviereview #filmreview #review #movie #film #cinephile #movielover #instadaily #cinephilecommunity #instamovies #cinema #amazing #art #instagram #cinephilevision #paramount #onceuponatimeinthewest #1968
Chills. I got utter chills from watching “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Full disclosure before watching the film I knew Queen mostly through their rock anthems and their music’s appearance in “Wayne’s World.” I was five years too young to appreciate them or really anything from Live Aid. What this film did was reintroduce me to Queen and specifically the genius of Freddie Mercury. I find in musical biopics I often grow tired of the endless redos of concerts. BR contained lots of live performances and I still wanted more. The love Freddie had for Mary broke definition and was delicately portrayed. Queen had the true dynamics of a family who squabbled, didn’t talk at times, but somehow always made up. The tragic death of Freddie was sensitively portrayed, focusing more on the musical legacy. If the band even slightly interests you, you really should go see the film. 💜 #bohemianrhapsody #freddiemercury #filmreview #moviereview
[NEW EPISODE] With GLASS coming out this weekend, Rex Overdrive and Adam bring your their review of M. Night Shyamalan's movie THE VILLAGE from 2004. We also discuss the latest teaser trailers for John Wick Chapter 3, Spider-Man: Far From Home and Jason Reitman's Ghostbusters. . . . #TheVillage #mnightshyamalan #Glass #abominationspod #moviereviewer #moviereview #podcast #podcasts #movies #movie #review #itunes #horror #badmovies
I don’t mention it often but I love films and as I consider winding Action Man down perhaps I should turn my hand to some silver screen critiquing, what do you think? I watched Solo: a Star Wars story last night and I genuinely don’t understand the hate, I thought it was really quite good. The story was excellent and very well executed by director Ron Howard. The exquisite scene work and cinematography, synonymous with the modern Star Wars movies was again on point. Some critics have knocked it for its spaghetti western feel but I believe that actually works with the young rogue Solo character. I loved the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) references to the original films, reminding you of where you are in the time line and connecting you to the rest of the saga but perhaps it’s too connected making it difficult to pick up if you were unfamiliar with Star Wars (i.e. you were raised by wolves and/or live in a cave). The script is fine with Donald Glover excellently portraying Lando Calrissian but it is quite obvious that Alden Ehrenreich was given extra coaching during filming as he only really grew into the Han Solo character until much later in the film. It doesn’t quite deliver or rise to the occasion like Rogue One did (which IMO is up there as the greatest Star Wars film ever) but that maybe because Rogue One rose the bar for the Star Wars spin offs making it a tough act to follow. Disney have halted planning & production on a number of other potential spin offs like Kenobi & Bobba Fet as a result of Solo’s disappointing response but I hope they reconsider because, for me, Solo: a Star Wars story is a good film. #starwars #soloastarwarsstory #film #movie #filmreview #moviereview #hansolo
Rating dari berbagai sumber: -IMDb: 7.2/10 -Rotten Tomatoes: 42% -Metacritic: 56% Negara: Amerika Serikat Sinopsis: Melawan peluang yang luar biasa – dan seorang instruktur selam tua-sekolah yang tersayat oleh kebijakan Angkatan Laut AS yang baru dan kurang prasangka – Carl Brashear mengarahkan pandangannya untuk menjadi penyelam utama Afrika-Amerika Angkatan Laut pertama dalam kisah nyata yang membangkitkan semangat ini. Hubungan mereka dimulai di bebatuan, tetapi takdir akhirnya bersekongkol untuk membawa orang-orang itu ke dalam suatu pengaturan yang saling menghormati, kemenangan dan kehormatan. #review #film #reviewfilm #bahasfilm #ulasfilm #reviewfilmindonesia #filmindonesia #filmasia #filmbarat #movie #moviereview #bioskopindonesia #bioskop #bioskopasia #bioskopdunia #menofhonor #biografi #sejarah #drama #2000 #2001 #nonton #recommended
Crítica para #TheWind , de #EmmaTammi . Una casa en medio de la nada, en absoluta soledad, una presencia oscura que amenaza con acabar con la vida y la cordura de sus habitantes. https://comunidadravenheart.blogspot.com/2018/12/the-wind-emma-tammi.html #cine #movie #pelicula #film #29beldurastea #29semanaterror #critica #reseña #review #moviereview #criticadecine #horror #terror #cinedeterror #horrormovies #sobrenatural
Glass, directed by M. Night Shyamalan, is the conclusion to Shyamalans trilogy starting with Unbreakable (2000), then Split (2016). To me each movie is a origin movie for each character, and with Glass being Samuel L. Jackson’s Mr Glass characters origin, it feels like more of a psychological thriller than the other two, because Mr Glass’ superpower is criminal mastermind intelligence. Definitely not for a viewer that just wants to go to the movies that want to see someone punch someone, cause although you do get a little bit of action throughout the movie, that’s not what the movie is about, and it’s more a movie that requires you too think about what you’re watching. Although I did enjoy this movie, I do feel this is the weaker film out of the three, due to its over use of perspective shots, which is an point of view shot of a character, and this takes a little out of what your watching. Also downfall for this movie, on first viewing is its last 20 minutes. No spoilers here but it gets a little confusing that that’s the ending the filmmakers went for. Although those small nitpicks towards the ending of the film, I do recommend this movie, especially if you’re a fan of the other two movies, and just like Split, James McAvoy gives a stellar performance. Rating: B #glass #trilpgy #mnightshyamalan #samuelljackson #jamesmcavoy #brucewillis #thereelreview #movie #film #moviereview
Jim and Andy _____________ Where to watch - Netflix _____________ Director Chris Smith's fascinating deep dive into actor Jim Carrey's time spent portraying famed and complicated comedian Andy Kaufman. Using approximately 100 hours of footage shot on the set of Man on the Moon documenting Carrey's transformation into Kaufman for four months. ________ Jim Carrey earned critical acclaim and a Golden Globe for the performance, but many of the production's most Kaufmanesque moments played out behind the scenes, thankfully captured on video by Andy's former girlfriend, Lynne Margulies and former writing partner, Bob Zmuda. In Jim & Andy, Carrey looks back at the resulting footage 18 years later, reflecting on how he and Andy came up in oddly parallel universes, his experience channelling Andy and Tony and more broadly the spiritual journey of his career. . . . . . . . . . #netflixmovies #netflixandchill #netflix #jimcarrey #andykaufman #jimandandy #reviews #review #moviereview #documentary #movie #webseries #webvideo #andy #jim #carrey #2017 #india #pune #nowshowing #actor #comedian #acting #method #character #performer #performance #chinchwad
التقييم باللغة العربية في البوست السابق 👍 . . Glass Movie Review . WARNING: In order to understand the story, events, characters and motivations you (must) watch the previous parts before Glass 1. UNBREAKABLE (2000) 2. SPLIT (2016) . I'll talk about the pros first: The acting was brilliant, especially James Mcavoy, who stole the show with 24 characters. Bruce Willis acted much better than his previous 15 films and Samuel L. Jackson as Mr. Glass was perfect. He spent the first half in a catatonic state, but during the final half he proved he was a mastermind all along. . The arrangement of events during the first hour was very impressive. During this hour, the film took its time to delve deeply into the characters, their motivations and their psyche. It was very realistic and devoid of distractions. . The rhythm was a bit slow but never boring, as every 10 minutes something happens to keep us hooked. . The use of the deleted scenes from Unbreakable as flashbacks in Glass to further the story was a very nice touch . As for the negatives: . There's a wonderful scene where Elijah's Mother, mentions how the limited editions of comic books end with a big showdown and the whole story prepares us for this thing. Yet that thing never happens. Becuase Shyamalan deceived us by using this as a distraction from something else. . The other problem is in the form of 3 different twist endings. Something Mr Shyamalan is very (in)famous for. 3 endings are a bit too much. The first ending was the best because it ends the trilogy in a poetic way. The second one was quite rushed and came out of nowhere and opened room for more questions. The final ending, an emotional one, was not well thought out. While it proves the genius of Glass, it has the same repercussions of X-MEN franchise. . Glass didn't take advantage of its world & characters to reach new heights and ambitions. Instead it kept things personal and on small scale. . In the end I liked Glass alot, it was a realistic ending to the trilogy. But I'm sure it will be very divisive and will be hated by many. So watch it to form your own opinion about it instead of listening to anyone else including Me 😌
Dr. No (1962) Directed by Terence Young Starring Sean Connery, Ursula Andress, Joseph Wiseman, Jack Lord, Anthony Dawson, John Kitzmiller, Zena Marshall Thanks to a recommendation from a close friend, I’m going to be watching a fair few Bond films over the coming weeks. I thought why not start with the original and honestly it was ahead of its time. A resourceful British government agent seeks answers in a case involving the disappearance of a colleague and the disruption of the American space program. For its time, it was something different, I’m not sure if it’s aged as well but seeing all the famous references that have been used over the many films come to life and the process that Bond follows is great. Plus Sean Connery as James Bond is badass. There are times where we see Bond is vulnerable but he is resourceful enough to get through any obstacle in his way. I just wish the villain was more menacing and stronger but it’s the first film in a huge franchise so it can only get better from here. I thoroughly enjoyed the film and if you love James Bond, Sean Connery or just spy films then this is definitely one you need to watch. It’s great to see where James Bond was born plus if you know anything about him, then you can put together his backstory from what it supplied within the text of the film. It’s a 4 out 5. It’s definitely a film that is licenced to thrill. #jamesbond #drno #bondjamesbond #seanconnery #007 #british #spy #action #drama #moviereview #film #cultclassic #classic #l4l #cinema #ursulaandress #bondgirl #ianflemming
🥤🍿【POP&COKE】🍿🥤 PV部門では 「ポップコーン×コカ・コーラ×映画」 3つの繋がりをより強化し、 普段の映画をより一層楽しく、 特別な時間になることを表現する 1分以内の作品を募集しています!  「映画と言ったらPOP&COKE!」  作品募集〆切まであと17日  #TOHOシネマズ学生映画祭 #toho13th  #映画 #映画鑑賞 #映画部 #映画館 #えいが 🎬 #映画記録 #映画レビュー #映画紹介 #映画メモ #おすすめ映画 #映画鑑賞記録 #映画備忘録 #映画好きな人と繋がりたい #🎬 #🎥 #🎦 #movie #cinema #theater #l4l #followforfollowback #moviereview #cinemareview #ポップアンドコーク #POPCOKE #映画祭
GLASS - Manoj Night Shyamalan has had the highest and lowest points in his career and his movies have been lauded and laughed at. His latest movie Glass is a follow up to two of his biggest hits – Unbreakable (2000) and Split (2016). More of a mashup than a sequel, Glass is a superhero thriller bringing in the characters played by Bruce Willis, James McAvoy and Samuel L Jackson in the previous movies. James McAvoy starts right from where he stopped in Split and gives it all. But a good premise and entertaining first half finally surrender to weak narrative and Shyamalan’s obsession with twists. Neither as original as Unbreakable nor as engaging as Split, Glass isn’t shattered but has cracks in it. I would go on to say it is decent watch- for the love of the genre and the movie that it could have been! @glassmovie . . . . . . #instareview #notacritic #cinemaislove #cinephile #glassmovie #mnightshyamalan #brucewillis #jamesmcavoy #samuelljackson #nowwatching #splitmovie #paramountstudios #film #moviebuff #horrormovies #superhero #movie 🎥 #movielovers #moviereview #shortreview #oscars #unbreakable #moviepassion #filmbuff #thrillermovies
🎬To All the boys I loved before 내가 사랑했던 모든 남자들에게 2018 /드라마, 멜로/로맨스 / USA 감독_수잔 존슨 배우_노아 센티네오, 존 코베트, 라나 콘도르 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ I write a letter when I have a crush so intense I don’t know what to do. 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ 💬 간만에 보는 예쁜 하이틴 무비, 뻔하지만 귀여운 하이틴 무비 #영화추천 #영화그램 #영화리뷰 #일상 #영화 #daily #movie #followme #follow #영화스타그램 #moviereview #영화한편 #영화보기 #영화감상 #영화명장면 #일상스타그램 #좋아요 #선팔 #내가사랑했던모든남자들에게 #toalltheboysilovedbefore #넷플릭스 #netflix #영화평
🎬글래스 큰 그림이 Great Dream이 되는 순간. _ 수렁에 빠짐과 빠져나옴을 반복하는 M. 나이트 샤말란 감독이 드디어 자신의 히어로 트릴로지에 마침표를 찍었다. 장장 19년이 걸린 이 시리즈의 결말 <글래스>는 그 어느 작품들보다도 호불호가 갈리고 있어 샤말란 감독이 이번엔 수렁에 적당하게 걸터앉았다는 표현이 적절하지 않을까 싶다. 개인적으로는 호에 가까웠고 만족감도 다분히 느꼈다. . Unbreakable. 19년 전 필라델피아 열차 탈선 사고의 유일한 생존자 ‘데이빗 던’은 상처 하나 나지 않는 강철 같은 신체 소유자다. 다치지 않고 아프지도 않은 그는 엄청난 근력과 함께 사람들과 접촉 시 그들의 범죄 행위가 보이는 인지 능력도 지녔다. 엘리야가 그를 일깨우는 데 가장 핵심적인 역할을 했지만, 제일 히어로다운 데이빗이 히어로로 활동하는 건 운명이었을지도 모른다. 그의 곁엔 언제나 자신을 믿어주는 아들 조셉이 있다. . Split. 어릴 적 학대로 23개의 인격을 갖게 된 ‘케빈 웬델 크럼’은 다른 인격들에게 몸을 내주고 ‘불빛’으로 표현되는 주도권을 잃는다. 24번째 인격 ‘비스트’를 신봉하는 헤드윅, 데니스, 패트리샤 등 ‘패거리’는 불빛을 쥐고 비스트를 위한 납치와 의식을 진행한다. 그의 곁엔 ‘같은 상처와 고통’을 가지고 있는 케이시가 있다. . Glass. 태어날 때부터 뼈가 약해 골절을 달고 살았던 ‘엘리야 프라이스’ 일명 ‘미스터 글래스’는 자신의 존재를 ‘실수’라 여긴다. 하지만 강점인 빼어난 두뇌로 본인과는 ‘정반대’의 존재인 데이빗을 발견하게 되고 ‘역할’을 땅에 박아 넣는다. 코믹스를 인류 역사의 기록이라 믿는 그는 ‘히어로’와 ‘빌런’의 탄생과 전개를 진두지휘하는 설계자로서의 역할을 행하며 자신의 존재 의미를 끌어올린다. 그의 곁엔 자신의 정체성을 찾는 데 도움을 준 어머니가 있다. . 데이빗, 케빈, 엘리야 이 셋의 만남과 이야기를 어떻게 선보일지 궁금했는데 가장 설득력 있고 안전한 방식으로 풀어낸 것 같다. 엘리 스테이플 박사를 매개체로 끼워 멘탈을 건드리는 흐름을 잘 고수했다. 통상적인 히어로 영화와는 애초에 결이 다른 심리 스릴러였기에 그에 맞는 맞춤 안경을 쓰고 봤고 적절하게 포만감을 챙겼다. . 인물 셋의 강점과 약점을 명확히 드러내는 깔끔함이 좋았고 초록, 노랑, 보라의 상징적인 색깔 표현 또한 흥미로웠다. 능력자들 앞에서 균형을 이야기하며 현실을 자각하게 하는듯하더니 곧이어 히어로 영화라는 걸 잊지 않고 ‘쇼’ 도장을 찍어버리는 점 역시 인상 깊었다. 히어로와 빌런의 관계 면에서 <다크 나이트> 조커가 이야기한 ‘You Complete Me.’가 떠올라 괜스레 반갑기도 했다. . 이 작품의 배우들이야 말하기도 입 아프지만 특히 제임스 맥어보이는 단연 돋보였다. 많은 인격들을 정말 완벽하게 연기하는 그를 지켜보는 재미가 무궁무진했고 감탄이 계속 터져 나왔다. 전작인 <23 아이덴티티>보다도 더 많이, 빈번하게, 빠르게, 짙게 인격들을 만나 눈을 뗄 수 없었다. 샤말란 감독에게도 다시 믿음이 생겼다. 프리퀄과 시퀄 같은 속편에 환장하는 연장전 덕후로서 시리즈 서랍에 이렇게 또 한 작품 채워 넣을 수 있어 더없이 기쁘다. _ #글래스 #Glass #영화 #영화추천 #영화후기 #영화리뷰 #🦴
위플래시 (2014) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ : 음악영화를 보는데 숨이 막히는 기분이었다. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ : 답답하다는 느낌이 아니라 우와... 하느라 계속 입벌려서 숨이 막히는 느낌..? 이해가 가시나요..? ㅎ.. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ : 나는 어떤 식으로도 폭력은 안된다고 보는 입장인데, 이 영화에서는 폭력이 '천재들의 광기' 처럼 보여지는 것 같아서 보다가 욱했던 건 있다. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ : 하지만 마지막 10분은 정말 진짜 최고. 음악도,연출도,연기도 정말로 최고였다. 드럼 소리를 들으면서 절정으로 가는 느낌이었다. 드럼은 사람을 흥분시키는 악기로 정말 최고다 진짜. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ : 난 세상을 열정적으로 사는 사람이 아니고, 흘러가는대로 사는 사람인데... 음 정말 나는 드럼 스틱으로 맞는 느낌이었다ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
. #スプリット (#2016 ) . 【2019 movie post:18】 . Title: #Split Director: #MNightShyamalan Country: #UnitedStates Runtime: 117min -Starring------------------- #JamesMcAvoy #AnyaTaylorJoy #BettyBuckley -------------------------------- ヤッターーーーー! マカヴォイ 充ができて私は幸せ✨ 何度か観ていると細かい演技や演出に気付けて嬉しくなる。 みんなはどのマカヴォイが好きなのかしら? 私はデニス😋♡ ヴォイちゃんに監禁されたいしカニエウエストで踊りたいしサンドイッチ作って欲しいし髪に綺麗なお花挿してほしいし食いちぎられたい! いかんいかん.....🤫 #movie #cinema #film #moviereview #映画 #洋画 #映画鑑賞 #映画好きな人と繋がりたい #psychological #thriller #horror #今夜は君に決めた
The English Review is in the Next Post . تقييم فيلم Glass . تحذير: لكي تفهموا القصة والأحداث والشخصيات ودوافعها (يجب) أن تشاهدوا الأجزاء السابقة، لأن قلاس ليس جزءا مستقلا بل هو ختام هذه الأفلام . 1. UNBREAKABLE (2000) 2. SPLIT (2016) . الايجابيات أولا: التمثيل جبار من كافة الممثلين، وخاصة جيمس ماكفوي الذي أدى ٢٤ دورا بكل إبداع. وبروس ويليس فاجأني بأنه مثل بشكل أفضل عن آخر ١٥ فيلم له 😏، وسامويل جاكسون بدور مستر قلاس كان طبعا داهية بمعنى الكلمة. أمضى أول ساعة بعيدا عن الأضواء ولكن في آخر ساعة خطف جميع الأضواء وأثبت عبقريته. . وترتيب الأحداث خلال أول ساعة كان رائعا. خلال هذه الساعة، الفيلم أخذ وقته للتعمق في الشخصيات والقصة والأحداث. وكان واقعيا جدا وبعيد عن الملهيات الغير ضرورية. . الريتم كان بطيئا ولكنني لم أشعر بالملل بل كان هناك تطور في الأحداث كل عشر دقائق. وقصة الفيلم بشكل عام تشد المشاهد. . واستخدام المخرج للمشاهد المحذوفة من الجزء الأول كفلاشباك في هذا الفيلم كان ضربا من العبقرية. واحييه على ذلك لأنها أضافت إلى القصة. . وأما بالنسبة للسلبيات فسأذكر أمثلة: في مشهد رائع تخبرنا والدة مستر قلاس بأن كل الكتب المصورة ذات النسخ المحدودة تنتهي بحدث ضخم وجميع الشخصيات في الفيلم جعلتنا نستعد لهذا الحدث الضخم ولكن هذا الشيء لم يحصل. لأن المخرج أراد خداعنا. كان كل ذلك تلهية عن أحداث جانبية. وهذا قد يسبب احباط للمشاهدين مع توقعات عالية. . الفيلم مكون من ٣ نهايات صادمة. النهاية الأولى كانت الأفضل لأنها تنهي الثلاثية بشكل شاعري، والثانية خارج عن إطار القصة وكانت مستعجلة جدا وفتحت مجالا للتساؤلات. والنهاية الثالثة لم تكن مدروسة جيدا. مع أنها مؤثرة وتثبت عبقرية قلاس إلا أن تبعاتها ستكون مثل X-MEN. . الفيلم ضخم وكشف لنا عالما ضخما وشخصيات متعددة الأبعاد ولكن لم يستغل هذا الأمر وستراودكم أفكار كثيرا بما كان باستطاعتهم فعله خلال الساعتين. لا ألوم المخرج لأنه أراد قصة على صعيد شخصي ولكنه في نفس الوقت فتح المجال للمشاهدين بأن يطمحوا قليلا ولكن في النهاية فعل ما أراد فعله وليس ما أراده المشاهدون. في النهاية الفيلم أعجبني كثيرا وأنهى الثلاثية بشكل واقعي. وكان ممتعا. ولكنني متأكد بأنه سيسبب خلافات، لان عددا كبيرا من الناس سيعجبهم الفيلم كثيرا جدا لواقعيته وابتعاده عن أفلام الخارقين. وفي نفس الوقت لن يعجب الآخرين لأنه فيلم على صعيد شخصي أكثر مما هو فيلم طموح ولن يلبي التوقعات العالية. لذلك أنصحكم بمشاهدته لكي تكونوا رأيكم بأنفسكم وأن لا تعتمدوا على أي رأي آخر بما فيه رأيي أنا.
Series : The Haunting of hill house Year : 2018 Season : 1 Episodes : 10 Genre : Horror ,Drama , Mystery . . 🔎Story🔍 . . Flashing between past and present, a fractured family confronts haunting memories of their old home and the terrifying events that drove them from it. . . 👉Our review👈 . This show has me wrapped around it's little finger. It is fascinating! This show is not necessarily scary(I tend to not get startled by "scary" movies or shows, though), but it is very interesting. The episodes revolve around a family's present life and flashbacks anywhere from previous months to previous years, including the time spent inside the Hill House. Every episode brings you into the family's life; you can feel the anguish, you can feel the drama between the siblings and their father, but mostly you can feel the destruction and chaos the Hill House has brought the family even after they abandoned it decades ago. All in all this show is intense, morbid, intriguing, and a great watch! I highly recommend watching The Haunting of Hill House. . . Imdb rating : 8.8/10 Rotten tomatoes : 92% Our rating : 9 /10 . . #thehauntingofhillhouse ,#timothy ,#conjuring ,#conjuring2 ,#valak ,#horrormovies ,#horror ,#moviereview
Non-spoiler Review - HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON : THE HIDDEN WORLD - __________________________________________________________________ #thenerdyboi @httydragon IMDb score : 8,2 Tomatometer : 100% Thenerdymedia : 9,8 What do you guys think about this movie? Personally I loved it and the critics seem so too.... It is a powerful movie and really touchy and also kinda funny... This is reviewed by @thenerdymedia & @agwikan __________________________________________________________________ #movie #movies #movierecommendation #moviereview #movieinfo #httyd3 #howtotrainyourdragon3 #dragons #animation #dreamworks #cinema #cinemaupdate #hollywoodmovies #hollywoodreporter #cinemags #empiremagazine #toothless #ign #xxi #cgv #bioskop #filmbarat #lfl #fff #instagram #imdb #rottentomatoes #moviescore
Some endings are so perfect that everyone knows them-even if you don’t know the plot of the film it’s from.⠀ Planet of the Apes (1968)⠀ ⠀ Cinematography by Leon Shamroy⠀ Directed by Franklin J. Schaffner⠀ Buy or Rent via Amazon | https://amzn.to/2s2nzwE⠀ ⠀ #Film #FilmStill #TheFilmlings #Podcast #FilmPodcast #Filmmaker #FilmCommentary #FilmAnalysis #Cinematography #PlanetOfTheApes #CharltonHeston #SciFi #ClassicSciFi #60sSciFi #SocialCommentary #Movies #MovieReview #FilmReview
🎟 #9 Non-Spoiler Mary Queen of Scots has two great Actresses with Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie but sadly they only share one scene which was great but also in the trailer. The movie focuses most of its time on the least interesting parts of the story and constantly repeats character motivations in a repetitive underdeveloped fashion. The Character of Elizabeth was underused and feels almost absent from the film. I feel like there are many scenes missing from this movie that would make it much more coherent Mary Queen of Scots: Enjoyment: Low Quality: Satisfactory #movie #film #lovemovies #lovefilm #moviereview #filmreview #facereaction #boxoffice #cinema #bigscreen #2019movies #2019films #myreactions #acting #mythoughts #review #watchingmovies #watchingfilms #biography #drama #history #art #creativity #passion #yourpassion
Check out me film homie @rachael_rnr vid. Those who know me know I does love a film so fully endorse this one ☝🏿 . 10 MOST ANTICIPATED MOVIES 2019| REVIEW |🎬📺🎥 check out @rachael_rnr insta page |Full Review in bio . #2019movies #moviereview #review #avengers #avengersendgame #thanos #usmovie #jordanpeele #lupitanyongo #glassmovie #samuelljackson #brucewillis #jamesmcavoy #lionking #disney #captainmarvel #marvel #rachaelrnr #dexflix #filmaddict
#블랙스완 #blackswan #영화리뷰 #영화추천 #영화스타그램 #영화명대사 #영화감상 #영화 🎬 #영화충 #movie #moviereview #moviescenes #영화 #영화명장면 #선팔하면맞팔 #맞팔 . . 와 역대급 영화 ㄷㄷ..처음볼때는 뭔 정신병 걸린 여자가 발레하고 그런가보다했는데 볼수록 자신에대한 이중인격이라기 보다는 눌려왔던 새로운 욕망이 실현된듯.. . 그 와중에 라이벌은 그걸 자극해내고 최대한 끌어올리기 위해서 인지는 모르겠지만 감독은 계속 자극하고.. . 참 연기도 연기지만 마지막에 흑조로 변하는 연출은 온몸을 소름돋게 해줌 그랜드부다페스트과 모두에게 추천해주고 싶은 나만의 명작 . 하지만 중간중간 이해못할 장면도 존재...영알못인 나는 이해하기 어려운 부분도 있어서 아쉬움 ㅠ 평점 9.5/10
🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️/5 Seriously...M. Night had nearly twenty years to at least think of a good story for an Unbreakable sequel, and this is what we get? Such a poorly made, poorly acted (other than McAvoy, who apparently thought they were making an Oscar film and gave performance of his career), poorly realized pile of crap. I was seriously hoping that the twist would be that M. Night woke up from his writing desk with the manuscript for Glass—and then decided to throw it away. (Artwork by @thealexrossart ) #mnightshyamalan #thesixthsense #unbreakable #signs #thevillage #ladyinthewater #thelastairbender #afterearth #thevisit #split #glass #brucewillis #samuelljackson #jamesmcavoy #comicbooks #superhero #marvel #dc #movie #filmmaking #instafilm #stephenking #constantreader #moviereview #horror #thriller #avengers #batman #xmen #spiderman
Movie Review #195 Rating Kami: 6.5/10 IMDB: 7.3/10 Rotten Tomatoes: 88% Sekuel yang decent dan itu saja. I do love the villain in this sequel more than the original though. #wreckitralph2 #ralphbreakstheinternet #moviereview
#MovieReview Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi (2018)
The Night Eats the World isn't the perfect #zombie movie and is often bogged down by a protagonist that makes weird decisions. With that said, it does show an aspect of the apocalypse that so few movies about the undead do. Dominique Rocher explores the brittleness of a lone survivor's psyche, often leading to rash and dangerous decisions. The slow-paced film is a welcomed break from the usual gore-filled flicks and has plenty of tense moments to keep viewers engaged. #zombiemovie #horror #horrormovie #horrorfilm #horrorreview #moviereview #movie #zombiehorror #horrorgram #instahorror #horrorhound #horrorcore #horroraddict #horrorjunkie #horrorphiles #thenighteatstheworld #zombies
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Moonlight (2016) ***** / United States. An excellent portray of masculinity through a gay man’s journey from a deprived childhood. Apart from being visually stunning with many powerful scenes combining art and emotions, the film is innovative for introducing the topic of homosexuality within a black community in the United States. ‘Moonlight’ became the first film with an all-black cast and the first LGBTQ film to win the Oscar for Best Picture. Directed by Barry Jenkins, If Beale Street Could Talk (2018)
• Glass, 2019 • 7/10 . “This is not a cartoon, this is the real world”. This is also the weakest instalment in the East Rail 177 Trilogy, that’s what we’re calling it now right? . There’s much to enjoy though. We get to see a bit of what everyone has been doing since Unbreakable & Split. There are several thrilling sequences throughout although for the majority this movie is more of a character study. Much like the previous two, the overall tone is well grounded for a superhero movie. Instead of grand scale action, this is an interesting venture into the human psyche, identity and mental illness. This may be a negative for some. . As expected, the movie is dominated by McAvoy who puts in another gargantuan performance as the troubled ‘Kevin Crumb’. It’s actually exhilarating to watch him showcase his phenomenal talent as he seamlessly switches from one persona to the next. Samuel L. Jackson was in fun form as ‘Mr Glass’ whereas Mr Willis was fairly quiet much like his character ‘David Dunn’. He floated along without too much to do, wasn’t bad or good just underwhelming, he looked old on screen finally. Sarah Poulsen was fine but used mainly for exposition purposes. Anya Taylor-Joy is great with limited screen time. . Too much of the narrative though, especially towards the ending felt horribly contrived. Suddenly, a hundred Shyamalan twists & reveals started appearing out of nowhere and some were simply not earned. The ending was a surprise due to what was promised throughout the narrative and so it did feel like there was a ‘grande finale’ missing. There was an alternative ending originally which in hindsight makes sense. . Overall, this is must see if nothing else for McAvoy’s physically imposing turn, your boy’s been doing hella shrugs & witnessing ‘The Beast’ in action is a wonderful sight. There’s also many nods to both Marvel & DC to look out for. Simply put, Glass is a good but not great end to the trilogy. . . . #moviereview #glassmovie #cinema #movielover #filmgeek #cine #movienight #brucewillis #jamesmcavoy #samuelljackson #mnightshyamalan #goodfilm #action #superhero #filmbuff #movieblog #newmovie #cinephile #movies #films #watchthattv #filmreview
I know, I know. This film has been talked about so many times and I nearly didn't want to post this review. But it looks like it's somehow still trending on the Internet. Bird Box (2018), in short is a brilliant movie done well from a book (I haven't read the book). I thought the atmosphere it created really grabbed my attention from start to finish. Why did I not give it 5 stars? Because I'm one of those people who prefers to see the monster rather than imagining it. There was apparently an alternative ending that revealed the creature. Anyway, it was a great fun movie, a few cliches as always but I can see why this is Netflix's best movie, they've come a long way from some poor movies last couple of years. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #birdbox #moviereview #cinephile #netflixmovie #film #filmphotography #filmisnotdead #35mm #director #filmmaker #filmmaking #cinematography #cinematographer #cinema #filmlife #producer #production #behindthescenes #editor #acting #onset #screenwriter #actorslife #indiefilm #dop #videoproduction #filmproduction #dp #redepic #sandrabullock
My review for #mnightshyamalan Glass which is the third installment into his super hero trilogy is up now on my YouTube channel! Link to my channel is in my bio for my Instagram page. So click over there to see what I thought of this movie and if it’s worth you going to see. #splitmovie #splitpersonality #supernatural #superhero #superheroes #mentalhealth #mentalillness #unbreakable #shockvalue #movie #moviereview #review #reviewer #critic #moviecritic #smallyoutuber #smallyoutubers #smallyoutubercommunity #smallyoutubechannel
Phim thuộc thể loại tâm lý và là bộ phim nói về cuộc chiến của đồng tiền, tham vọng, lòng tin và tình nghĩa. Two days, one night được 2 anh em đạo diễn Dardenne làm nên một tác phẩm cực kỳ lôi cuốn tớ, chỉ với một nội dung đơn giản, phim như những góc khuất nhỏ bé trong cuộc sống vẫn diễn ra hằng ngày, nhưng thông điệp mà phim mang lại làm cho khán giả phải suy ngẫm sau khi xem. Tớ phải nói rằng diễn viên Marion Cotillard đã lột tả được những cảm xúc nội tâm của nhân vật một cách xuất sắc khiến cho phim mang về 18 giải thưởng và 33 đề cử của các hạng mục giải quan trọng ở những liên hoan phim quốc tế. Bộ phim theo chân Sandra một người mẹ trẻ sống cùng với 2 đứa con và người chồng của mình, cô là công nhân đang trong tình trạng nghỉ dưỡng vì bị trầm cảm. Sau thời gian nghỉ làm Sandra đối mặt với một thử thách khó khăn khi cô phát hiện ra rằng các đồng nghiệp của mình đã chọn nhận một khoản tiền lớn 1.000 Euro nhằm mục đích khiến mình bị sa thải thay vì bỏ phiếu giữ cô ở lại vì nếu họ chọn Sandra thì đồng nghĩa không được nhận tiền thưởng của công ty. Sandra có 2 ngày để thuyết phục 16 đồng nghiệp của mình thay đổi quyết định để cô được ở lại làm việc trong cuộc bỏ phiếu kín. Cuộc hành trình tìm lại việc làm của Sandra bắt đầu, cô đến từng nhà để cầu xin mong họ có thể thay đổi suy nghĩ vì đối với Sandra công việc hiện tại rất có ý nghĩa với gia đình mình là nguồn kinh tế mà cô cần để nuôi 2 con. Một số người chọn cách mất khoản tiền thưởng để giữ Sandra ở lại nhưng số khác vẫn chọn 1.000 Euro. Cô dần mất niềm tin, rơi xuống vực thẳm của sự thất vọng, suy sụp hoàn toàn khi bị từ chối, và cảm thấy bản thân mình là một kẻ đi xin xỏ, một gánh nặng, một người bị chính những động nghiệp bỏ rơi, khiến cho Sandra có ý định tự tử. Nhưng người luôn bên cạnh động viên và nâng đỡ tinh thần cho cô là người chồng của mình, anh luôn theo Sandra đến từng nhà để thuyết phục cùng vợ. 16 người đồng nghiệp, 16 câu chuyện, 16 câu trả lời cho thỉnh cầu của Sandra cứ nối tiếp nhau. Cuối phim cũng là lúc lấy nước mắt tớ rất nhiều, sau 2 ngày Sandra liên tục trải qua sự hy vọng đến suy sụp, tin tưởng đến thất vọng giúp cô dần nhận ra và thay đổi rất nhiều. #twodaysonenight
Glass (2019) ----------------------------------- Rating : PG-13 / Bimbangan Orangtua diatas 13 Tahun Genre : Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi ----------------------------------- Director : M. Night Shyamalan Stars: James McAvoy, Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson ----------------------------------- Cerita : 85/100 | Character : 90/100 | Cinematography : 95/100 | Sound Effect / Scorring: 80/100 ----------------------------------- MiiuviMeter : 88/100 ----------------------------------- #moviereview #miiuvireview #movielover #movieinstagram #moviecritic #moviegram #movieoftheday #instamovies #instacinema #film #instafilm #cinema #filmreview #filmlover #instareview #cinephile #drama #scifi #mystery #jamesmcavoy #brucewillis #samuelljackson #mnightshyamalan #glass #unbreakable #split
#Suspiria Director: Luca Guadagnino Stars: Dakota Johnson, Tilda Swinton, Doris Hick Runtime: 152 minutes Year of Release: 2018 ••• Performances: 9/10 Screenplay: 8/10 Costumes/Makeup: 9/10 Editing: 7/10 Cinematography: 8/10 Score/Soundtrack: 9/10 ••• Luca Guadagnino's take on "Suspiria" is more of a reimagining than a remake. And while I believe that it's going to be as divisive as Darren Aronofsky's "Mother!" and certainly wouldn't recommend it to everyone, I personally loved it. Held together by excellent performances and choreography by Dakota Johnson, Mia Goth, and especially Tilda Swinton (who plays no less than three different characters), "Suspiria", through Guadagnino's unique vision, serves as both a beautiful homage to the original and a creepy, at times disturbing, (literally) darker stand-alone horror-thriller. Elevated by Radiohead's Thom Yorke's score, it also tackles themes such as motherhood in a very effective and subtle way, giving the film a depth rarely found nowadays. Luca Guadagnino is slowly but surely cementing his name as one of the very best directors working today, and his latest project only proves that he can do about anything he is given. ••• FINAL GRADE: 8/10
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