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Happy Easter 💙 #easter2019
Happy birthday my sweet baby Ian ❤️ May you always choose dinosaur tees over polos for Easter, keep Jesus as your best friend forever, and continue to look up to your big sister even if you’re taller than she is one day. 😬 🦖 💟
Happy Easter, Mama! From my family to yours! 💜
My Princess 👸🏻 @omgsofiaaa love you chickie #mypeeps #girlmom #momlife
22 miles to go to finish my "April YOU Run" Challenge. Wanted a 5k this afternoon but settled for 2.37 after being chased by two big hairy skuuury dogs that were loose in my hood ....Hanging out and eating again will have to do! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🐶🐕🐕🐕🐰🐣🐤🐰🐇 #nikerunning #sunday #momswhorun #foodiethatruns #momlifeyo #sundayrunning #blessed
Hoppy Easter!! Today was about fam & ham!! We hit the morning hard preparing the goods, even homemade coconut 🥥 and chocolate cream 🥧 pies!! Yum 😋!! Then we fit in our first bike 🚲 ride on the rail trail, where it smelled like spring and skunk, where the sound of frogs 🐸 and geese filled the air, and the sun ☀️ broke through the clouds ⛅️ making it the most perfect day!! Ahhh, yes blooming flowers, girls hanging around the house, and bunny 🐰 ears on dogs 🐶 make my heart happy 😊!! Hope your day was swell! 💜 I’m off to eat more pie, cuz coconut cream is my fave, and I didn’t eat any sweets all week just so I could eat lots of pie today! Tomorrow back to working out, and painting my main bathroom (2nd round, cuz the first one was a fail)! See my stories tomorrow, I’ll fill ya in! 🤦🏻‍♀️ . . . . . #goldendoodle #dogsofinstagram #happyheart #easterbunny #goldendoodlesofinstagram #itsagoodday #myfamilymylife #myfamily #momlifeyo #happywife #simplelife #thehappynow #livethelittlethings #abmhappylife #loveyourhabitat #simplemoments #smpliving #listentoyourheart #seekthesimplicity #myhomevibe
HOPPY EASTER PEEPS! 🐣🐰 •⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ We hope everyone has an awesome day! This Mama Bunny is exhausted from a weekend of camping! •⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ How are you spending your Easter? Or just your regular Sunday? 😘
Happy E a s t e r🐰🐥🥚😁 . . . . . .
Boys made out like bandits today. Easter basket search and then an egg hunt in the back yard. Coloring Easter eggs later tonight ♡ Happy Easter everyone! >>What did everyone else do this weekend for the holiday??
I had no intent . I just wanted to find a program to keep me going while I rested my knee from running . I thought it was nice that I could bundle the DVDs and that bag of the shakes to save a little . I thought the shakes were over priced, I watched 1....yes 1 video that reviewed the shakes and it was a 😏 review which makes me wonder why I got it . But the “saver” me thought it sounded better when I would tell the hubby what I was going to order aka he thought I was crazy 😝 . But girl I was DESPERATE to not lose what I had built with my running and I so badly wanted to run my first half marathon . So I just frikin ordered and then I felt that 🤢 cuz ugh what if it’s a joke, I’ve bought work out videos from TV infomercials before and it was a waste 🤦🏻‍♀️ so gosh this won’t work either I’m sure 😩 . Then something happened..... . I got plugged into a group....I was a 🐭 for the longest time cuz I was nervous about being in a group with other ladies. I was nervous they would JUDGE me! 😖 . But the craziest thing ever happened...... . I DIDN’T GET JUDGED!!! . But rather got support to do my best even if my best was just saying Hi for the day! . I was so incredibly in awe that women can support and uplift rather than bitch and moan about the way our lives suck . I had no idea what my signing up for the discount would bring to me . I didn’t know the life of women truly supporting each other. It was always a battle to see who had a Whittier life but yet was living that shittier life better! ✌🏼 . But once you surround yourself with others striving to live their best and happiest life AND striving to do that for everyone else . Your life turns upside down! . Like I said....I had no intent to be your COACH but God had other plans for me and He May just have something similar for you! . Ready to see what this could do for you too?? Good cuz I’m ready for you to feel like this!! 💗 . OHHHHH and check out my stories to see how my initial convos when when my coach reached out to me! 😉 @deapedley
Happy Easter from us to you! May this blessed celebration of Easter bring you faith, hope, love and joy. Greet the miracle of Jesus's Resurrection with joy and happiness! . . . . . #momlifeisgood #momlifebalance #deploymentlife #germany_insta #deploymentstrong #wahmstyle #momliferules #wahms #easter2019 #momlifeishard #momlifeyo #edelweissresort #deploymentssuck #easterbunnypicture #happyeaster #deploymentsucks #militaryfamilylife #militaryfamily #easterbunny 🐰 #easterbunnycame @edelweissresort
Happy Easter! 🐣 I’ve definitely enjoyed this 3-day weekend. Me and the fam got to go to a food truck event and the food was AMAZZZING! 🤤 Sadly it’s almost about that time to wake up in the AM and hop to morning school drop-offs again😩🚗👩‍🏫 But hey, my coffee cups got my back! ☕️💪🙌 • • • • • • • #momlifeunfiltered #momlife ❤️ #momliferocks #momlifestyle #momlifebestlife #momlifeyo #momlifeisthebestlife 💕 #lifedailymoms #mommystatus #simplymamahood #messy_motherhood #momoftoddlers #momoflittles #mommin #momtruths #stayathomemomlife #stayathomemama #wahmlife #momlifeishard #momlifeisthebest
He is Risen! ✝️ Happy Easter from the Beckmans!🌷💗
We had the most fun!
Hey Mama, you’re doing a great job
Happy Easter from our families to yours! 🙏🏽~ Love @makingmommymoves
Boys helping out in the yard today. They have chores that we do not pay them for (laundry, dishes, cleaning their room etc) but then if they go above and beyond and help me or Jesse with some work around the house we will give them some money. Great incentive for them to learn new things and a huge help to us! Do your kiddos have daily chores?
When you are 1 of 19 and your children are 2 of 21. . Today has been a challenging day. But has also brought so many of us together. Hold your families tight and love one another.... . FAMILY IS EVERYTHING ❤️ . Rest is Paradise my sweet Uncle Jeff. ( 2 not pictured ONE IN PARADISE) #familyiseverything #momivation #fitmomof2 #momlifeyo #fitnessmomma #momlikebelike #workhardstayhumble #momonajourneytofit #healthandhappiness #journeytobeafitmom #inspirewomen #goalseeker #mombody #momforhealth #fitmominprogress #empowerment
After Austynn’s first Easter egg hunt this morning, we spent the rest of the day testing out how well SeneGence makeup holds up to sunshine, excessive smashing of a face into a camera, and sweat while exploring @terraincafe. As expected, it passed with flying colors.😁 (So FYI to any of my photographer gals out there- this makeup will change your life!) And then we wolfed down a delicious lunch without taking a pic which is basically an Instagram sin right? 🙈😆🤳🏻 ps- would you believe that we totally didn’t plan the twinning thing today? 👯‍♀️
Living my best Easter life ... deviled egg stuffing is the best! I ain't ashamed.... @mckenzee.kubnick #easter #deviledeggs #eggs #southern #momlifeyo #foodiethatruns
The kids had quite the eventful day today at Mike’s Farm🐥Such a fun time with good company🤗 we collected so many eggs🥚 and even saw the Easter Bunny!🐰 . The last thing we wanted to do was clean the house🏡😅 Thank you so much @creativeqt for this Extra Large stuffable storage bean bag! You simply stuff it with stuffed animal🐙🐢🦑🦓🦍🦒 friends, zip & sit! If your kids are like mine, and have stuffed animals everywhere (who knows where they come from sometimes🤣) this bean bag is perfect👌🏼 . . . Get yours today for 20% off using my code “XOSTEPH”💫 Link in my bio😘
I’m not saying you HAVE to get me something for my Birthday, I’m just saying I wouldn’t turn DOWN a Rate & Review on the #MamaMorsels podcast. 🤗. **Swipe Left To See How Easy It Is!**. New Episode #8 “What’s RIGHT With Me (Cuz I know all the things that are wrong with me)” UP NOW!. Listen on OfficialTLopez.com -OR- on ITUNES (Link In Bio)
Just doing my thang. . Stocking up...#farmtofridge style @shakamoaeggs . The rest of my day....baking. Baking all the berry pies and cheese braids...because He has risen. . #farmtotable #farmtofork #fresheggs #easter #easterpies #foodforthesoul #localfarmers #localeats #weekendvibes #easterprep #heisrisen #momlifeyo #mombun
WOW. It’s been a rough 4 days. The fu hit our house HARD- let’s just say it’s a miracle we’re all alive 😅😂. But I’m FINALLY feeling more human and I even got a burst of energy today(all that sleep I was doing the past few days paid off I guess). Here’s the thing- I could be upset that I haven’t worked out for the past week, OR- I could just give myself some grace and pick up where I left off! Everybody gets sick every now and then, and your body needs to heal! I’m glad I got in the rest my body needed. But now it’s time to pick up where I left off and get back into my routine. What do you do after you get sick?? Do you let yourself fall out of routine, and just decide to start again “some day”; or do you pick up where you left off like nothing happened??
I spy with my little eyes a group of amazing women who got up early on a Saturday, braved the cold (high 50’s 😂) to hit the track, sweat, laugh and then BRUNCH with us. It’s so fun to get outside of the gym with our squad. Some showed up for the workout, some showed for the brunch, and some for both and we love that. Whatever aspect you need, the heart pumping workout, the community or both.....we gotchu covered, and we are so stinking grateful for each and every one of you. ✨✨
I hope yall never get the impression that I always love working out, and it's easy for me. I don't. and It's hard. Especially when that means getting up early on a Saturday to get it in before a BUSY day of all the sports and activities. But I choose it anyway because I love the way I feel when I'm done. I love pushing myself and improving. Because I know my body functions better because of it. Because I love the energy it gives me. And that by caring for this body NOW, it is adding time onto my life that I will get to spend loving on grand and probably even GREAT-grand babies later. The workout is hard, yes. And oftentimes the motivation isn't there. But I remember my own personal WHY, push play, and tell myself "don't quit" 100 times over, and then I show up and do it all again tomorrow.
Happy Easter (weekend) y’all! What candy do you have your eye on this weekend? 👀
I'm a foodie .... and my husband knows it! Delivered with love! How cute are these Krispy Kreme Easter donuts? Donuts and runners just go together .... 🏃‍♀️👯‍♀️🐔🐣🐤🐥🐰🐇🐑🍩🍩 #donuts #eatallthefoods #reallife #easter #husband #foodiethatruns #momlifeyo #running
While I wish I were sleeping in and having coffee in bed (a girl can dream), today we’re heading to Wisconsin to open up our summer cabin! 🛶 So excited for campfires, boating, swimming and grilling.....but the cleaning 🧹 comes first. 🤨 How are you spending your Saturday?
Ohhhhhh so so fun! Rainy. Cold. Great music. Such a flipping blast. And @laurakhawley passed her boards!!!
I don’t know who needs to hear this today but you are a great mum. The kids get their naughty side from their dad. 😂 Tag someone who needs to hear this!
What plans does everyone have this fine #fridaynight ? I will be doing #homework and drinking beer most of the night...probably some laundry too. #questionoftheday #weekend #finally #boymomlife #college #english101 #collegelife #momlifeyo #beer #coors #latenights #friday #spring #school #busybishco #bossbabe #blogger #thankful #entrepreneur #plans #dowork
Right when you think you can’t do another one, remember there is someone there with you. We are in this together. You are our people, and we are your support. No warrior left behind. When you’re ready for your own army of people that support you, cheer you on, and aide you on a journey to confidence, get in touch with us. That’s what we do, that’s what we create, and that’s why you get results from the inside out. 🤘🏼
I’m so incredibly grateful for my insistent hubby . This wasn’t my idea and I was a hard one to convince . I lived my entire life in town, the country life was not something I knew . But I am completely soaking it in 💗 . Curious were you a town or country kid?
It’s been pretty much a low key day around here☺️ Enjoying the rain ☔️ and watching YouTube videos on Carrington’s new computer 💻 ⁣ ⁣ Carson & I made some healthy cookies🍪 (check out my stories for the recipe) and tonight we’re just gonna do more of the same🙌🏻⁣ ⁣ Being home with my kids when they’re off from school makes my heart happy💜💛💗 These days are fleeting and will be gone before I know it!⁣ ⁣ Enjoy your families tonight 😉
💥BOOM💥 . And just like that Day 12 is done ✅ More than half way there! I have seen more fat loss in these last 12 days with my new nutrition plan and these workouts 🌸🌟🌸🌟🌸🌟🌸🌟🌸🌟🌸🌟🌸🌟🌸 . Next accountability group starts April 29th! If you are ready to focus on your health and live a healthier and happier LIFE 🌸 let’s do it together 🌸 New workouts everyday 🌱 personalized nutrition 🌟 support, accountability, community 🌼 ME as your life COACH. 🥛 my yummy shake, recipes, and so much more! Drop an emoji below or DM me. Must love to have a good time ✌🏼 . . . #momivation #fitmomof2 #momlifeyo #fitnessmomma #momlikebelike #workhardstayhumble #momonajourneytofit #healthandhappiness #journeytobeafitmom #inspirewomen #goalseeker #mombody #momforhealth #fitmominprogress #empowerment
Fun AND entertaining morning with this kiddo. Senior pictures ✅ • Thank you @alleighcastillo ! Can’t wait to see them! Hope he brought a little laughter to your morning! 🤪 Never a dull moment with this guy! . . . . . . . . . . #momlifeyo #momsbelike #momofteenagers #hotmessmom #momoftweens #seniorpics #senioryear
Who is this kid and where is my baby?
Just over here doing my best as this little girl’s mama while also making myself a priority...because it is possible to do both. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.😉⁣ ⁣ If you’re a mama who feels exhausted and tired all the time, do you think it could possibly be because you haven’t made time for yourself or do something that lights you up? (Besides being a mom, of course😉). I can remember once feeling that way....⁣ ⁣ But now, I make time for my workouts and a little bit of personal development every day, because it makes me feel good, strong, energized, and just more positive in general. Not to mention, being able to help other mamas do this as well as a coach...it makes me SO happy. Every month I get messages from women in my bootcamps telling me about how much better they are feeling, how motivated they are, and how they are losing pounds and inches....now that’s just icing on the cake.😍😍😍⁣ ⁣ You can’t tell me that a mom who makes time for herself and does just a bit of self care is a bad mom...in fact, I’d argue it makes us better and happier ones. ⁣ ⁣ Double tap if you agree.🤗💕⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #happymomsclub#selfcareisntselfish#cantpourfromanemptycup
Daily reminder: Your body is capable of some impressive things. Admire it, love it, move it, nurture it, challenge it. Don’t you ever give up on it. ✨Your strength is not limited edition✨
Finalmente Friday! Are you ready for Easter 🐣 Weekend? . . . ¿Estas lista para el fin de semana de 🐰 Pascuas?
Your resident Sleep Queen has a piece of Easter sleeping advice for ya! 👸🏻⠀ ⠀ Long weekends are a great opportunity to enjoy some much deserved time off with your family, and attempt to steal an extra sleep-in... if you can! 😅⠀ ⠀ But maybe you’re wondering how to make that extra sleep happen? Here’s what I do - yeah that’s right, this method is TRIED AND TRUE 🙌🏻⠀ ⠀ Are you ready..? ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Pick a day where your other half gets up for the kids. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ HAS YOUR MIND BEEN BLOWN?! ⠀ ⠀ Because yes, it is actually that simple 👏🏻⠀ ⠀ Even if you’re lying awake in bed, it’s still some extra “Me Time” that you no doubt needed, so go get your *chill* on! ⠀ ⠀ Give me a 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 down in the comments if you’re ready for more 💤’s! ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ______⠀ ⠀ #amomentinmotherhood #familytimeisthebesttime #rememberingthesedays #beinthepicture #capturethemoments #existinphotographs #myhappycapture #hurryforplay #thejuggleisreal #momlifebelike #momlifeyo #momlifeisthebest #preschoolmom #honestmom #raisinggirls #lifewithtoddlers #imomsohard #thatmomlife #femalefounders #bossbabemovement #girlbossmovement #thesocialsociety #shemeansbusiness #mysmallbiz #dreamersanddoers #ladypreneur #bloomyellow #savvybusinessowners #freelancelife
Where last week was all about fire and action; about your outer world, this week has been more about receiving. The energy has been more passive and inward. You've been asked to do a lot of inner work and you've done right because obstacles have been cleared. It's time to flow. Movement is life. Many of us prefer things to stay the same because change can seem scary, but change is inevitable; how can you fight what's going to happen anyway? Today is about surrendering to the blessed changes coming your way. Embrace the new, even if it seems scary and uncertain. For many of you, circumstances will be clearer so you have a deeper understanding; confusion will give way to clarity. You'll be able to make an important decision with ease. For some, a great opportunity will present itself; this is a big one! Accept and be grateful for this gift. Today make space for new energy and new life! What are you making room for?
Get FIT so you can have FUN! That’s it. That’s all. Thanks for reading. You’ve heard it all. 😁 No seriously, no one cares about your pant size, your shirt size, or heck even your shoe size. So you should stop worrying too. Seriously. Let it go. 🤦🏻‍♀️💕 Instead get fit, so you can have FUN! 😆🙌🏻 Exercise and eat well to FUEL your body so you have the energy to move. To play. To maybe even have the BEST day! 🌈🦄 I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. You. Are. Worth. It. What are you waiting for?! 💕 #GetFitHaveFun #TheRestWillFollow #FunGirlsFitClub . . . . . . . . . . . . #DoItForYou #healthylifestyle #healthyhabits #fitforlife #womenempowerment #familyfirst #selflovemom #selfcaremom #healthymom #inspiringwomen #selflove #selfcare #fitnessfirst #getfithavefun #selfimprovement #womeninspiringwomen #fitmom #wanderlustwoman #travellingmom #inspiringothers #lifewithkids #momlife #yycfitness #womeninspiringwomen #momlifeyo #momlife #bestlifeyo #calgaryfitness #selflovewarrior
Here's a throwback Thursday picture. I know, super original, right? — But no, for real. This pic is of me and my mom, 9 years ago before my first "real" running race. I used to run with my mom ALLLL the time. This race I was sure I was dying when I was wogging up the hill (Indian Battle park... If you know the hill you understand) and I thought I was dying because I could hear bagpipes. Little did I know there was a guy up on the hill 😂 — My BFF and I were talking today about her run yesterday and I thought to myself 'Why did I stop running? I actually kind of liked it!' Ohhhhhhh WAIT, at the time I preferred eating crap food and smoking and partying more! That's right 🙄 Cut to when my family came over this afternoon... Before my mom leaves, she asks me, "I have a question for you. Do you want to start running again?" — It looks like I am going to be learning to run again! Only this time around there is better GPS and musical technology 😊 and I actually WANT to do it. Let's see how far these legs can carry me! — What is something you used to enjoy doing but stopped for some reason or another?
I happen to have a few new friends on here! so I figured I share what I've been up to and maybe you would be curious to check it out. If not totally cool! first of all 'i get to be the mama bear of this squad you see here. these are my hubby and my babies! A year ago I started my very own business! an Online activewear shop! affordable and super cute activewear. I attended an online party and learned that I could make some extra money doing the same thing. At the time I was working as a fitness instructor and coach, which I loved, but really needed a way to make extra income without having to add more hours of working outside of my house because the kids and my hubby needed me to be more present at home. Between homework, karate, soccer practices and games, my available hours where close to none. So far this has been an amazing adventure. I was able to cut hours working outside of the house and last summer I was able to resign and become a full time mom with an amazing business of her own! I love it! and I'm so proud of what we've built in the past months... I say we because this is not just me... it's my family, my team, my customers, and friends who have supported my business from day 1. I would never promote anything I didn’t back 100%. I love the product! You are going to be seeing a lot of posts from me. If you take the time to read them, I know you’ll be intrigued at some point. Maybe you'll want to check it out! all i did was watch a video and fell in love with it and thats how we grow. I am not kidding you when i tell you watching a video changed my life! and sharing that same video is changing many other lives! I am so excited to continue on this journey, becoming a better business owner and putting in effort to be the best mentor I can be for my team. I appreciate all of you! appreciate your support! If you'd like to check it out, join my free community, look at the clothes or ask me anything, please let me know!
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