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Many times my expectations of people may be a little higher than they ever believed...#beintentional
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To help you understand: Hard work means putting a lot of effort in to our projects. Luck means things happening by chance rather than through our own efforts. Luck and hard work can seem like opposites, but they often are linked more closely than you might think. HOW??? Your boy #millmentor has the (possible) answer! ✔️We get opportunities because of luck. We WORK hard to convert those opportunities into realities. ✔️Hard work can give us more of a sense of personal satisfaction. On the other hand, luck feels more like an unexpected gift. ✔️Hard work can bring its own ‘luck’ in the form of unexpected benefits. Under such circumstances, hard work can make us feel lucky. ✔️Sometimes, luck can advance us much further than hard work alone could. However, if we do not WORK hard, we might not be able to take full advantage of our luck. ✔️It is said that, “luck favors them who works hard.” We should never think that we not need to work hard. Remember, working hard is pre-requisites for success. ✔️We can feel lucky that we are able to work hard, too (for instance, lucky that we are not too ill to work). ✔️Luck can make us feel that there is a divine power rewarding us. Such feeling or thoughts should be taken as positive suggestions to work hard. - 😉Did I confuse you? I hope not! Drop a comment below and let me know what you think!👇 - #luck #hardwork #millionairemindset #
Travel is good for lots of things, but it can also increase mental well-being, ☝️ and not just in the short-term. Whether you’re traveling for business, on a one-week family holiday, or have sold everything to pursue a life on the road, traveling can make you a happier person by building self-confidence, providing new experiences and memories, breaking routine and allowing you to meet people from all over the world. 🤔 So next time you find yourself heading out on a shopping spree to lift your mood, why not put that money towards a flight instead?👀 Here are a few ways in which travel can make you happier: ✔️Happiness is infectious. When locals are happy, smiling and friendly, it has an immediate knock-on effect. Smiles and happiness are contagious! ✔️Being away makes you appreciate your family and home. 🏡 Being away from things we often take for granted, family, close friends, home… It makes us appreciate them more. ✔️You make new friends! It’s much easier to make new friends on the road than it is at home, where people are less inclined to chat to strangers on a bus or strike up conversation at the bar. When people are away from home, there seem to be less boundaries to cross and making friends becomes much easier, whether it’s a local curious to know where you’ve come from or a fellow travelers keen to have someone with whom to enjoy a beer or share a taxi. ✔️Education. Whether it’s learning a new skill such as cooking Thai food or learning a new language, learning about a new culture, travel presents ways in which we can further our knowledge and education. Learning makes our brains more active, which psychologists have found increases our level of happiness, articularly when learning something we find enjoyable. - Now that you know about the great benefits of traveling… what’s your next destination? 😉 Comment below!👇 -
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..They will doubt you and put you down and that’s okey You keep doing your best and been your best because soon they will realize how Great you will Become!! 👊🏻 #legend #success #opportunity #greatness #believe #focus #dontquit #opportunity #achievement #millionairementor #entrepreneur
☀Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.☀ ✔Henry Ford✔ 🔥Who agrees with this! Say I in the comments below🔥
Reasons why not making mistakes is the biggest mistake!👇 ✔️Mistakes help you discover who you truly are. With every mistake that we make we discover more and more about ourselves, about who we are, about our limits, about our capabilities, about what we can and cannot do. They help us be more compassionate and more tolerant with ourselves and others. ✔️Mistakes teach you valuable life lessons. By making mistakes you will, in fact, learn valuable life lessons and you will become a happy learner. There is so much we can all learn from our mistakes, and the moment we see them as lessons rather than mistakes, we will no longer have this crazy fear of encountering them along the journey. ✔️Mistakes help you let go of fear.  Life isn’t about avoiding mistakes but rather embracing the idea that mistakes will come your way and be willing to learn from these mistakes. Let go of your fears and allow yourself to really experience life. ✔️Mistakes help you growth and evolve. If you don’t make mistakes how can you expect to GROW and to EVOLVE as a human being? How many of us get stuck because they allow the fear of making mistakes to paralyze them? How can we expect to learn anything new if we don’t allow ourselves to make mistakes? 🤔 - #mistakes #lessons #millionairementor
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My trading strategies are based on candlestick patterns in combination with other technical tools such as support and resistance, supply and demand areas... trendlines. If you want to learn how to read charts, and how to make your trading decisions based on price action patterns, check out the link in bio
My trading strategies are based on candlestick patterns in combination with other technical tools such as support and resistance, supply and demand areas... trendlines. If you want to learn how to read charts, and how to make your trading decisions based on price action patterns, check out the link in bio
I am his Queen, he is my King, together we build our empire. 👑 Powered by: @microflite & @the.business.guy
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Thinking about my next moves. Build a life where you can wake up tomorrow and be at any place at any time without anyone's permission. That's freedom and having choices in life. No limits work for it and stop playing it safe in your comfort zone. 👌💯🔥🙏🌍🕉
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History repeats itself. Guys stop panicking. Keep calm. Stop with the FUD. If you can’t take the losses then don’t look at bitcoin for a week. One thing that history has proven is for sure... The bounce back will be greater than ever! • Photo cred: @crypto.dreams
Huge supporter of the G-Class, both born in Austria, both are built like a rock, swipe ⬅️⬅️⬅️ to see the all new G-Class, where nothing’s changed 😍 . . . . . #mercedesbenz #mercedes #mercedesamg #mercedesg #gclass #gclassamg #arnoldschwarzenegger #schwarzenegger #luxurylife #luxury #newcar #newcarlaunch #carlaunch #suv #luxurycars #carblogger #carreview #carblog #millionairemindset #millionairementor #millionaire #millionaireclub
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Nothing comes easy so don't quit!!!
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Sacrifices are necessary in order for us to achieve greatness. ••• Be a #successseeker
Focus on daily progress. If we seek perfection from the beginning we will be disappointed and rarely reach our goals. ••• Focus on what’s right in front of you and on consistent progression. Be patient and you will get there! I believe in you! ••• Be a #successseeker
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I always love what @andyfrisella has to say. Don’t think average think BIG. It’s time for us break the cycle of being average. . . . . . #andyfrisella #mindset #millionairemindset #millionairementor #mentorship #entrepreneurlifestyle #entrepreneur #entrepreneurmindset #success #keystosucess #breakingaveragethinking
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