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SHE JUST 💕💞💗💖💓💘
i literally can’t stop crying i can’t even begin to explain how proud i am of her. i love you so so much. @milliebobbybrown 💘
IM SO PROUD OF HIM❤️ @noahschnapp
i’m so proud of noah and i’m so glad that love, simon won best kiss <3 if i see anyone hating on nick or keiynan i’m going to be so mad.
i really hope she wins the award tonight, she deserves it so much.
Just facts
fangirl challenge [4/24 females] - eleven (jane hopper) credit: @elevenetic — my bby girl that i love so so so much!!! i think el’s story is so interesting and it’s crazy how powerful she is wow wig. watching her character grow throughout seasons 1&2 is insane like she went from being this shy weird girl to this strong loving girl. and i love how we got to see more of her side of the story in season 2, it really developed her character even more. and how could i ever forget that she’s MIKE’S GIRLFRIEND💗💗💖💓💞💖💘💕. ugh they make me so soft all el wanted to do was see mike throughout those 353 days and mike was the same way I LOVE SOULMATES. also her and hopper are SO ADORABLE i can’t believe hopper adopted her ugh makes me so soft. i love eleven/jane so much and i cant wait to see her in season 3 💓💗💖💘💕💞💓💗💖💘💕💞 — #eleven #elevenedit #janehopper #janehopperedit #strangerthings #strangerthingsedit #mileven #milevenedit #milliebobbybrown #milliebobbybrownedit #mikewheeler #mikewheeleredit
Eleven ❤️ This character has taught me to be brave when I’m at my weakest, thank you @milliebobbybrown you are an inspiration and I will forever be grateful for you! I love you! ❤️ who is your favourite actor? ❤️ . . . . . . . . . #strangerthings #strangerthings2 #strangerthingsedits #strangerthingsedit #strangerthingsfan #strangerthingscast #milliebobbybrown #finnwolfhard #mileven #milevenedit #milevenkiss #eleven #el #011 #jane #janeives #elevenedit #elevenstrangerthings #mike #wheeler #mikewheeler #mikewheeleredit #mikestrangerthings #pretty #beautiful #snowball
The audio died Ac: @huhbyers Dt: @juliaedting @attqched Program: ae cc 2018 [#omgpage #omgedit #fillie ] Idk what happend to the last shake
Hi !!! New acc of fans of stranger things 😊❤ @finnwolfhardofficial
i love you so much
who do you prefer? Give a like if you preffer Mills and give a comment if you preffer Sadie. LOVE #millieandsadie #lovemillie #supportmillie #milliebobbybrown #milevenedit #mileven #nodie
she’s just the cutest i love her so much
watch the whole thing!! probably my favorite edit i’ve made even thought it’s kinda trashy but oh well!! 🤪
Not Loren related, but I LOVE Stranger Things !! 💖💖💖 (I don’t know how to edit a video) #strangerthings #strangerthings2 #strangerthingsfan #mike #eleven #mileven #milevenedit #milevenisreal #m #e #s #1 #2
Mileven :) Dt: Celeste, reina, Remas, yanah, Olivia, Mariana, breanna, Annie, Haley, Maiya, Kelya, evie, Jana, Eva, Aubrey, Sophia, Isabella, saara, Anaya. Sorry if I forgot anyone 💓
i cant wait for s3 mileven wow - some transitions ib: @gloweing and @softiehar 💗💓💕💞 *flash warning ((:* - !no this isn’t a ship edit! I just love their FRIENDship (: - [#finnwolfhard #milliebobbybrown #explorepage #omgpage ]
Ciao a tutti!! Rieccomi tornata con un nuovo video edit su Maze Runner!!😍😍 chi preferite tra Newt e Thomas? Scrivetemelo nei commenti!! Io comunque preferisco Newt😍 spero che il video vi piaccia😍😍 - - - - - - - - - - #strangerthings #strangerthings2 #finnwolfhard #billiebobbybrown #videoedit #netflix #mileven #lumax #milevenedit #lumaxedit #serietv #teotfw #teotfwedit #jalissa #james #alissa #mike #undici #353days #max #lucas #will #dustin #frodo #edit
He put on the suit and looked at himself in the mirror. He sighed and wiped away his tears. "Mike we have to go!" Nancy shouted through mikes bedroom door. Mike grabbed a note off of his nightstand and opened his door. [In the car] Mike was leaned against the car door and he was looking out the window, "Mike..im sorry" Nancy said. "It's not your fault" mike said. "But i know how you feel" said Nancy. "How? How?! El was the love of my life. Now she is dead. How do you know how I feel?!" Mike shouted. The car stopped and mike got out angrily. "Hey mike" will said. Will hugged him and mike started crying again. They let go of each other and mike walked into the building. "Everyone please sit down" said the pastor guy. Mike sat down next to will. Dustin, Lucas, and max were sitting next to them as well. "We are gathered here today to remember jane hopper. Who left this world just two short days ago." Mike zoned out. He thought of the way el smiled at him. He remembered all the fun times they had together. Riding bikes, watching movies and cuddling on the couch. He wiped away his tears again and started listening to the guy. "You may stand up and come to the coffin to say your final goodbyes. Everyone who actually knew El stood up. Mike, will, dustin, Lucas, max, hopper, Joyce, Jonathan, Steve, and Nancy all went up. El looked so peaceful. Mike took the note out of his pocket and read it in his head one more time. It said; "El, we only knew each other for almost 3 years and I feel like I've known you for my whole life. You are the most beautiful, strong, and funniest person I've ever met. And now you're gone. I'm sorry if I ever upset you. I miss you so much already. Goodbye the love of my life. I love you so much el. ~Mike" Mike folded it back up again and placed it in the coffin. Dustin patted mikes back and they went back to their seats. [Back at home, later that night] Mike sat in the basement fort again. He thought of all the memories he made with El. He sighed, lied down and closed his eyes. He actually felt tired even though he hasn't slept since the night it happened. He turned into his side and fell asleep, pulling El's blanket closer to him.
Unless she... "Jump" she whispered. "Goodbye mike" she said. Then she jumped Troy let go of mike. Mike fell to the ground and put his face in his hands, sobbing. Mike lifted his head up and turned to troy. "FUCK YOU!" Mike said.  He stood up and pushed troy to the ground. Mike got on top in him and kept punching and punching. "Stop!" Troy said. His face was all bloody. Mike got up and troy and his friend ran away. Mike walked to the edge and looked down. Tears were falling down his face. He didn't see El down there. "Fuck" mike whispered. He grabbed his walkie talkie out of his bag. "Will? Will?!" Mike said. "Mike! What's wrong?!" Will said through the walkie talkie. "Call the police. Tell them to go to the quarry. El jumped off the edge" mike said. He was still crying. He could barely talk. "Shit" will said. Mike dropped his walkie talkie and fell to the ground again. He just lied on the ground and cried. Soon sirens were in the distance, getting closer and closer. Mike ran down the huge hill to the bottom of the quarry, were the water was. Cop cars and and ambulance pulled up. Hopper ran put of his truck and ran to mike. "What happened?!" Hopper said. "El...she jumped. Troy made her do it" mile said. He was losing his voice. "Shit" hopper said. People were rushing into the water, searching for El. "Here she is" a policeman shouted. They brought an ambulance raft out to him and they put el's lifeless body on the raft. Mike cried even louder when he saw the body. He ran to the edge of the water. The police were swimming the raft up to shore. They pulled it out of the water and the ambulance people started examining her. Mike squeezed in and put his hands in her curly hair. He leaned over and kissed her forehead. Hopper came over, he was crying too. I mean El was his daughter so of course he was crying. Hopper put his hand on top of hers. [2 days later] Mike was sitting in the basement fort. He looked around and started crying. He couldn't believe it. The only girl he ever loved was dead. He got up and ran up the stairs. "Mike you have to get dressed for the funeral" Karen said, handing mike his suit. Mike grabbed it and ran upstairs.
[Tw; suicide, self harm] [1885] Mike and El were walking around the quarry, enjoying their day. Mike knew something was wrong with El, she didn't seem like herself. "Whats wrong love?" Said mike. He looked over at el who was staring at the ground. They kept walking but El didnt answer. "El?" Said mike, grabbing her wrist. El gasped and flung her arm back away from mike. "Did i hurt you?" Asked mike. "No, no I'm fine" said el. Mike frowned and grabbed el's arm again. He pulled back her sleeve and saw new cuts. "El...you said you stopped" mike said, tears filling up in his eyes. El started crying and she put her sleeve back down. "I'm sorry" she said. She started running and running and she didn't stop. "El!" Said mike, running after her. He ran until someone grabbed the back of his shirt. "Got you!" Said someone. Mike turned his head and saw troy. "Fuck off troy!" Said mike, trying to escape his grasp. "Hey! Weirdo" troy yelled to El. El turned around. "Jump off of the edge or I'll push mike off." Said troy, smirking. "El no! Dont!" Said mike. He was crying and struggling. "Troy let go" mike shouted. He felt so weak. Troy was laughing and his friend came out from behind some trees to help hold mike down. El turned to mike. She saw him crying and thought how she cant let him get hurt. She turned back to the edge of the quarry and looked down. One jump and she wpuld be free. "El stop!" Mike screamed as el inched closer to the edge. El thought of everything that has happened to her "1...." she whispered She thought of papa and the lab. That horrible man and horrible place. Oh the torture she had there. "2...." she counted She thought of mike back in 83' and how she was torn away from him. Just because of that stupid demogorgan. "3...." she whispered. She thought of being stuck in the cabin for a year, away from mike. These things will haunt her for the rest of her life. Unless...
Happy birthday Irene ! @mileven.uk im glad we have met adn ily💕💘💓💖💗 ac/idk cc/mine
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