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First photoshoot of 2019 :)
flower child,🌛
The other night I was showering when I saw something on my arm and freaked but realized it was my tattoo because I forgot I had one
It’s me🙋🏼‍♀️📸
angel @celinefarach
Today's mood. 😋 Fun fact, I accidently took this photo as a test shot, but it turned out pretty cute. 😂 Message me to book a session! 📷
Forever young. Now and always. It’s a mindset. I won’t post that much of me on here anymore, since I wanna get away from this self staging and superficialities. And more stuff that I shot. But I will still post the bangers I got the last years especially from @ulises.garcia13 who btw made this clip the other day in Sac🙏🏼. I hope I didn’t ruin the video completely with putting my trippy music over this. Ulises has the OG version on his acc, if you wanna see it. There is a dope video in his story as well... ✨🙏🏼🤙🏼 Btw new portrait on @portraitsbymuse 😘😉 . . . #ftmeotw #ftmeorelse #ftwotww #ftwotw #expofilm #expofilm3k #daybreeze #smallfeature #quietthechaos #createscenery #sacramento #summer # #curlyhair #under3kyo #feedbacknation #foreveryoung #featuredphotographs #featuremeofh #tumblr #pinterest #skateboardingisfun #thelookout #lostskyphotos #feelingoff #featurecreature #california #skateboarding #urban #video #8mmfilm
a good headshot is always my number one must-have for any session!!
backlight = best light.
Class of 2019 🎓 Senior season is starting! Message me to book a session! 📷 #senior #2019
still one of my all-time favorite shoots.
Lo que tengo, lo que tú ya sabes
“It wasn't so much the discovery of a single clue, as the coming together of many small details. That moment when the sun shifts by a degree and a spider's web, previously concealed, begins to shine like fine-spun silver. Because suddenly they could see how it all connected.” - K.M.
¿Eres capaz de darte cuenta? No es lo mismo tener buenas intenciones que pelear intencionadamente por aquello en lo que has decidido poner tu objetivo. Y da igual lo que sea, una idea, una relación, un trabajo, una causa…Sin verdadera determinación, sin un plan, eso nunca será más que un deseo. La diferencia entre una cosa u otra la marcas tú. Hay una enorme diferencia entre soltar y dejar ir, entre darse cuenta de que algo no es para nosotros y aceptar que no podemos mantenerlo más tiempo a nuestro lado. Entre esas dos cosas, concretamente, suele haber un abismo. Una diferencia abismal que nos mantiene caminando por una cuerda que, cuando se rompe, solo hiere a quien se negaba a soltarla. No es lo mismo querer mucho que querer bien. Lo primero lo hacemos casi sin darnos cuenta, lo segundo lo aprendemos con el tiempo.
❄ w i n t e r ❄
love this sweet family of mine <33
Burning orange 🔥 in other news I'm redoing my room and I have a headache from the smell of paint rip
my senior sessions are quickly becoming some of my favorite sessions. class of 2019, it’s not too late to have your senior portraits done!! click the link in my bio to book today!
Leg up if you're not ready to go back to school yet... 😬 #nope Message me to book a session! 📷
everyone needs a beautiful best friend that doubles as a model ;)) / /
one of my favorites. see more from this session on my story! / /
these two are just the cutest!! / /
i just wanted to give a big thank you to everyone who supported my business in 2018, whether you were a client or just followed my work!! i completely exceeded my goals for my business in 2018, doing twice as many sessions as i did in 2017, and it’s all thanks to you guys!! here’s to an equally amazing 2019 🤩🎉🌼 / /
the absolute cutest!! / /
childhood wonder / /
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