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New album “CRASH” at midnight. @moosh & @twistocd
audrey x soft shadows
Like a layer cake of mountain deliciousness 👅 #FindYourPark
I think Roger believes he's a model.... And he totally is 🐶
"Kiss the parts of my soul that have turned dark and bring me back to the light"
happy birthday my dear friend ❤️🌿 not only are you my best friend but also my adventure partner. We’ve had so many crazy adventures in the past and I know we will only have more in the future. Your bright and positive outlook on life has always inspired me and you’ve always been there to give me loving advice. Thank you for everything T 😘
spread that spread 🤡
another day of sun ☀ I know it's winter but it's 70° in az 😅 message me to book a session! 📷
The answer lies with you
integrity is sexy @amphotography21
the places i see, the faces i know, pt. 2 | a series on #35mm #film
//3:24 pm// • The new Chainsmokers song is very good
As I looked at the thundering clouds, I realized how in few minutes April's time is going to be up. The thing about dying is nobody really wants to die. They're just in love with the idea of 'dying'. And when you are on your deathbed counting your final moments , you wish for more time. Thinking of all the things you could have or have not done. As April was breathing her last breath, she could finally see me. She was breaking down like a glass into tiny pieces and there was nothing anybody could do. Are you here for me? ;she questioned me. I could hear her voice cracking. A tear was on the brim of her eye, waiting to fall down like a lover awaits for her love at the station. "Yes", was all I could say. "But I don't want to die"; as she spoke these words, tears rolled down her cheeks, some getting lost in the middle. "I'm scared", she mumbled. "Everyone is, April. But you can't really win over Death. Even the greatest ones lost in this battle. But don't you worry, it won't hurt. Wherever you're going is beautiful. You'll be free from the labyrinth of this world. You'll be free from this pain." "Just grab my hand,April. Don't be scared. Let go." "You are almost there, shush shush, don't cry. In few seconds everything will be okay." April's lips were drying, and her skin, losing all it's glow. She was getting paler and paler. And in the next second her heart start stopped beating. She stopped breathing. She was dead. April Doe, was gone. Like those passing leaves; she was gone, and my work here was done. (4/5) . In the frame- @shivangimishra1998 @sejalkr_ ❤️ Caption Credits- @ablackbirdofhope 🌻 . . . . @__anlensworks__ 📸 #blogger #delhifashionblogger #fashioninfluencer #fashionista #indianblogger #indianfashionblogger #worldofframes #worldofportraits #inspireoindia #creativeimagemagazine #indiaphotoproject #framesforankit #photographers_of_india #lostskyphotos #featuremedragons #featuremefilms #portraitpage #worldofportraits #worldbestgram
i laid off the side of the roof of a parking garage with my camera and @deanasophiavera wore this in 18-degree weather for these shots ... so who’s crazier? 🌝
leaving the warm California beaches for the cold east coast isn't easy but new york I have missed you // shot by kristen harner
Winter Garden 🌾☃️ #2k18contest
"So many strong women began as broken girls"
Be the light in the darkness 💫✨ //week 1: inspired by my reflection on Matthew 5:14 on being the salt and light. . . //UPDATE: hi everyone, so, I have decided to start a new project: the weekly challenge. Each week I will challenge myself to come up with, shoot, and edit a conceptual photo. My goals are: to complete the challenge (already missed a week lol), to push through potential creative blocks, to achieve some crazy self-revelation, and to learn how to ~actually~ Photoshop. I'm doing this for myself, so the images will be a bit more personal than, say, flowers or sunsets, and so will the captions. . . . //#featuremeprimrose #seamyphotos #expofilm3k #featuremePF #L0tsabraids #ftwotw #rainbowfeatures #lostskyphotos #immortalfeature #photography #feauturemyworld #wavemyfilm #featurecollective #Envisiontones #ftwwne #in2nature #seekingthestars #photooftheday #photography #rockyoceans #lightslove #inspireangelo #ournaturedays #AGameofTones #moodygrams #feedbacknation #caligrammers #aesthetic_creation
Posting a throwback from spring break 2016 because I’m getting SO EXCITED for this upcoming spring break (in less than two months!!!) 🌷🌼🌸🌻
our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter - m a r t i n l u t h e r k i n g j r. - #mlk #day message me to book a session! 📷
It’s not a coincidence that you were talking about it a lot and then you got an ad for it @thatanvar
//4:12 pm// • Caught between what I wish and what I know
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