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Birthday Is A God Gifted Gift To Someone 😄😄😉😎😎 . Caption Doesn't Matter Attitude Matters . #sk #trend_2001 #bday #my_power #justiceforzainab #JusticeForZainab #give_me_love #tag
#one_Love_Bohemia #Love_ &_respect Heart touch lyrics #Justiceforzainab #asi maar chukke kado de hun murda saare asi ghum chukke kado de hun gumrah sare
We march for our sisters. #womensmarch #justiceforzainab #feminism
#justiceforzainab is fighting justice for every daughter and sister in our society. Join us 21st January @2pm outside Pakistan consulate in Manchester.#ptishanazsaddique
Makes me cry 🤧😭🙏#justiceforzainab #prayforzainab #rip
A little seven year old girl called Zainab was kidnapped on the way to tuition after which she was repeatedly raped, strangled and then discarded on a pile of garbage. Her parents had been in KSA when this took place. We therefore question, why such horrendous crimes keep happening? The ANSWER to that question is a little money, an act of power, weak laws, corruption, a few threats, some influence is all it would take. Every day we hear cases about children being abused and we ignore it. In FACT, most of the times we, the people prefer to cover it up. Sometimes we close our eyes because he was a close family member or a powerful influential person, or even a religious figure. So, this RAPE and MURDER of an innocent child is also on US. We are the ones who give more power to rapists and abusers by thinking this way. They know by now, they can get away with it because there are enough people out there protecting them. SHOUT if you have to. Don’t let the culprits get away this time! We forgot the victims. We forgot the parents. Let’s not do the same this time around. No matter who the culprit is, he needs to be punished for what he did. It may take days, weeks, months, maybe even a year but we should NOT FORGET! Let’s bring some justice to little Zainab and protect every other child. #JusticeForZainab #JusticeForChildren #makeachange #makeadifferece 🙏🏻
💔 A name I won’t forget
my posters from the women's march!!! women's rights are human rights!!! justice for Zainab!!! spread the word!!! tags: #feminism #womensmarch #womensmarch2018 #justiceforzainab
R.I.P. baby. #justiceforzainab
Protest by Acts Of Kindness Islamabad to get #justiceforzainab .
This is the Grave of Zainab. May Allah Protect our Child from Rapist. #JusticeForZainab 😭😭😭🤲🏻🤲🏻
#justiceforzainab morning show
Swipe Although the message is same but still please don't spread fake or photoshopped images! 😔 #JusticeForZainab #JusticeForAsma #JusticeForAshifa #JusticeForAll #JusticeForEveryHuman #HangTheRapists
Zainab hum sharminda hain Tera qaatil aj bhe zinda hai 💔 #justiceforzainab #justiceforzaineb
*LINK IN BIO* SUBHANALLAH!! Look at their CONDITION!! WE MUST HELP *LINK IN BIO* #quran #islam #truth #day #of #judgement #justiceforzainab #justiceforasma #pakistan #rohingya #syria #lebanon #afghanistan #allah #god #muhammad #final #prophet
May Zainab Wasim's soul find the justice... #justiceforzainab
There is no humanity left in the world anymore, it's finished is gone forever and we can clearly confirm it by hearing and seeing innocent brothers and sisters getting killed for no apparent reason, and above all no one thinks everyone is human! Why?? Everyone stood up for little Zainab and brought her in every ones eyes to see such downright act of devil people then why isn't anyone standing up for Naqib? All the actors and other people where are they now this isn't fair and isn't humanity he deserves justice as much as Zainab does and all the other innocent lives that have been snatched away. Its discrimination just because of where they are from or who they are or what there roots or background is ,was his crime that he was pukhtoon? Or he was from Waziristan? People love money so much a bloody paper that they become murderers! So God damn pathetic, it's RACISM!!!! full on and he left behind 3 beautiful children such an inhumane act literally they're dad was an role model to them someone who they will look up to. His son will surely get justice for his dad and I am with you! #notoracism #stopkillinginoccents #justicefornaqib #justiceforzainab #justiceforeveryone #waziristan #pukhtoon #iamhuman #humanitydied #murderers #world #dark #life #costoflife #racism #equal #human
No words just #justiceforzainab
Today, a little boy had a sign that said “Make American Love Again” which he made himself and that just made my day❤️ I feel stronger today because I know that there are thousands of women who feel the same way I do, who have had enough of the catcalling, daily harassment, misogynistic jokes, invalidation of our bodies, and extreme sexism shown by the current administration. As one sign said, “enough is enough,” we want respect, we are reclaiming our time and we will persist. Thankful for the strong women in my life who support me and inspire me @clairedavis7 ❤️ I marched for Zainab, Ahed, and all the young girls and women around the world who face injustices and are fighting to be heard. #JusticeforZainab #FreeAhed #womensmarchphiladelphia
I wrote this letter to Zainab, as i had woken up from a nightmare. I have been having nightmares again, so i thought writing to this beautiful soul might help. It maybe naïveté for me to believe that maybe this reaches her. Maybe it’s too late for us to show her kindness she deserved all along. But, here’s me hoping this letter finds its way to her. Maybe she is somehow watching people mourn her. Maybe she is out there, finally free. #justiceforzainab For a more accessible read, link in the bio.
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