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here's one for the @49ers faithful: @kevinsolorzano02 requested a @dbuck_99 piece, so i prepped this print in response so hope you dig it! 💪👊 - 16x20" poster print - i'm *so* grateful for your support of my art. please like and share this post to help spread the word! 😉👊 - - - - - - #deforestbuckner #sportsedit #sportsedits #sportsposters #sports #designer #graphicdesign #creative #graphic #instaart #instadesign #designing #designinspiration #instasport #sportsnews #athlete #digitalart #digitalartist #49ers #niners #ninerempire #ninergang #49erFaithful #sanfrancisco49ers #goldblooded #NinerFaithful #49ersfaithful #sf49ers #levisstadium #jimmygaroppolo
Seasoned Adult Film Star Kiara Mia Continues Talking Jimmy Garoppolo.. - - - Link in bio search Jimmy Garoppolo #NFL #Football #49ers #Niners #JimmyGaroppolo #JimmyG #KiaraMia #Porn #PornStar
George Kittle trolling Shanahan 😂
49ers LT Joe Staley confirms he will return for at least another season next year. Staley will be 35 next year and will be a FA after next year where he could likely retire.
I personally see a lot of potential in our rookie Dante pettis. With only 19 receptions, he has racked up 363 yards and 5 touchdowns.
Jimmy G /99 RPA Booklet Everything On My Page Is Available
George Kittle leads the 49ers with 1,103 receiving yards. The next closest 49er is at 363 receiving yards.
Denver Sucks 😝🏈🌁
From Duval County to Santa Clara, the savior is still being waited... #JimmyGaroppolo #FaithfulThen #FaithfulNow
Yearly game at Levi’s! Our QB is hurt, our season is a wash but I’m a #foreverfaithful 2-10 or 10-2 I’m loyal to my soil and of course I had to double up on the beer! It’s always a good time the homie @nesdamon #Guccigaropp #throwback #49ers #niners #jimmygaroppolo #loyaltomysoil #thatsmyquarterback
James Richard Garoppolo is an American football quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League. He played college football at Eastern Illinois and was drafted in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft by the New England Patriots, with whom he won two Super Bowls as the backup to Tom Brady. He loves playing football, spending time with family and friends and visiting sick kids in the hospital. so hmu if you wanna be friends 🎒
Why is she happy?!? Read by clicking link in bio #jimmyg #jimmygaroppolo #kiaramia #nfl #niners #pornstar #cursed
Nick Mullens has thrown for 748 yards in the past two games. That’s the highest total for a 49ers QB in back-to-back games since Steve Young in 1995.
Here’s my take on our best options/moves come Draft Day. The best decision that we could make is take the best man available, which will most likely be Nick Bosa at number 1 overall. He’s gonna be a great player in this league, and if you thought that his ProBowl brother was Elite, which you would not be in ANY WAY incorrect for thinking, then imagine what his brother could do. Joey is a top 10, if not higher ranked, DE in this league and is only getting better. Nick looks even BETTER than his brother did coming out of college. Just to give you some more perspective into Nick’s prowess, Joey was drafted at 4th overall by the then San Diego Chargers a few years back, and number four was considered to be a slight FALL for him as a prospect. Nick falling to 4th overall this year would take a massive, and I mean MASSIVE scandal. Taking Nick at 1st overall would be fine by me. I think that our second best possible move would be drafting based on NEED. Free Agency is going to be huge for us this year. Last year, we as a fan base totally misinterpreted Kyle Shannahan and John Lynch’s approach. They wanted to build a foundation in years one and two, and that’s done through the draft. That’s why our Free Agency outings last year were relatively “quiet”. This year, we’ve got the foundation mosly figured out, with George Kittle, Jimmy G, Defo, etc. being clear foundational pieces. Now we’re going to be addressing things based on immediate need. DE is, without a DOUBT, our number one problem. However, Free Agency this year is going to be seeing quite a few big name DEs on the Market. With the likes of Jadeveon Clowny (yeah he’s an OLB, but he would fill a BIG hole nonetheless), Demarcus Lawrence, Ezekiel Anshan, and more hitting the market, it’s hard to see DE plaguing us into the draft. So, options like Greedy Williams at Corner would make perfect sense, especially since the CB market is lackluster at BEST this year. And finally, we could always just trade down. We only have five draft picks this year, and trading down for maybe 3-5 more picks is fine, of course depending on our activity in free agency. So what do y’all think? What would you do during the 2019 draft?🤘❤️💛
Dear santa I want a @jimmypolo10 and @kingjames and @gkittle46 jersey and new @49ers football and a race track. This little man of mine loves his sports! #49ers #jimmyg #kingjames #stonecoldkittle #lakers #sanfrancisco49ers #jimmygaroppolo #georgekittle #lebronjames #wishlist #dearsanta #makeawish
Keep sleeping on my guy @gkittle46
I was very impressed by D.J. Reed in yesterday’s game. He got the start at slot corner where he is more comfortable at than at FS. I think Reed should be the starter next year because K’Waun Williams has been average at best this year. Reed who was selected in the 5th Round this year had his best game of the season.
Pierre Garcon has officially been placed on IR ending his season. Hopefully we cut him this offseason. Roll with Goodwin/Pettis and add a WR in the draft or a trade. Not any good ones in Free Agency.
@49ers ❤️🏈👧🏻 #jimmygaroppolo
Kittle 3:16 says I just broke some records! @gkittle46 @steveaustinbsr
We won a game while maintaining a continuous lead throughout the game! Finally. And, on top of that, we maintain the first overall pick too!! Now let’s get to the men who made it happen. We’ll start with George Kittle. Oh man did he have a game. 210 yards? And a touchdown? Insanity, he most definitely is the BEST Tight End In the league. It’s completely unanimous now, and he will be a key building block for us in the future. Next up is our star Right Tackle, Mike Mcglinchy. He had a damn good game playing against VON MILLER. He gave up only one sack and being able to do that against said FREAK (Von Miller isn’t a human ok let’s not kid here) is incredible—and I haven’t even mentioned that 69 is a rookie. We also had three other rookie contributors today in Marcell Harris, who brought some serious hurt to the Broncos, along with Dante Pettis, who brought the heat in the most intense moments of the game, and DJ Reed, who played out of his MIND today. DJ Reed had 12 total tackles, and a strip sack. Incredible. And finally, we have Ahkello Witherspoon, who showed up when he REALLY, and I mean REALLY, needed too. People don’t realize that Spoon is only 23 years old, and has a whole career ahead of him. He’s been having an off year, we’ve all noticed, but we can’t give up on this level of potential just yet. A really solid win today faithful, now let’s enjoy this victory Monday! Who was your player of the game? 🤘❤️💛
Niners Win! George Kittle goes off for 210 yards and 1 TD to lead the Niners to 3-10.
George Kittle is a BEAST!
Today’s Inactives.
Mike McGlinchey will be channeling his inner Ric Flair tomorrow going against one of the best in the NFL in Von Miller.
RIP Tony York. The son of Denise Debartolo York and John York and the brother of 49ers owner Jed York.
"kittle over the middle!" shoutout to my homie, @oursf49ers , who requested a poster print feat. @gkittle46 of the @49ers - 16x20" poster print - i'm *so* grateful for your support of my art. please like and share this post to help spread the word! 😉👊 - - - - - - #georgekittle #sportsedit #sportsedits #sportsposters #sports #designer #graphicdesign #creative #graphic #instaart #instadesign #designing #designinspiration #instasport #sportsnews #athlete #digitalart #digitalartist #49ers #niners #ninerempire #ninergang #49erFaithful #sanfrancisco49ers #goldblooded #NinerFaithful #49ersfaithful #sf49ers #levisstadium #jimmygaroppolo
Thank you 🙏 Jess!!!!! #Bears #superbowlbound
With Jaquiski Tartt ruled out of Sunday’s game against the Broncos, the 49ers are expected to start their NINTH different combination of safeties. It’ll likely be rookie Marcell Harris at SS with Antone Exum Jr. or D.J. Reed at FS.
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Solid pull from our rookies and stars break. Jimmy Garappolo Crusade /25! Check out our weekly breaks. #jimmygaroppolo #sanfrancisco49ers #sanfrancisco #ninernation #paniniamerica #whodoyoucollect #snodzillabreaks
Richard Sherman says he plans on trying to play four or five more years. “35 is probably the cutoff.”
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There is “strong buzz” that the Niners could make a change at Defensive Coordinator this offseason (Bleacher Report).
49ers place Dekota Watson on IR and promote Pita Taumorepenu from the practice squad.
49ers 5 takeaways this season are fewest since 1940 through 12 games. Not very good..
49ers long snapper Kyle Nelson has been suspended for the next 10 weeks of the regular season.
Today's Hat of the Day is my basic fitted hat of the San Francisco @49ers made by @neweracap. I got this one from @lids Locker Room for $15 when it was going out of business. I like the simple look of this hat, but most importantly, it has a red and gold @nfl shield on the back. As I have said a thousand times before, the San Francisco 49ers need to stop using so much black and use more gold, as it's the whole reason they are the 49ers in the first place. Hopefully they will come to their senses and start using gold more in the near future. #sanfrancisco #49ers #sanfrancisco49ers #california #nfl #football #superbowl #49ersfootball #joemontana #jerryrice #jimmygaroppolo #newera #newerahat #neweracap #newerafitted #49ershat #ninershat #hat #fitted #hatoftheday #hotd #hatcollection #lidslockerroom #49ersfaithful
Week 14 RB Streamers! Jaylen Samuels, Justin Jackson and Jeff Wilson top the list. Jaylen Samuels stepped up on SNF after James Conner went down with a leg injury. He caught a TD and you can expect more of that if he gets the start this week. Justin Jackson also stepped up in that game on SNF, coming in in the 2nd half and feasting, rushing for a TD. If given a workload similar to the 2nd half on SNF, and Melvin Gordon is given another week of rest, we should see solid RB2 production at least. Finally, Jeff Wilson. Wilson out touched Breida 23-8 this week because of Breida’s injury sparking up before the game. With Breida already ruled out for week 14, Wilson should be a solid streamer this week! #nfl #xfl #cfl #nfc #afc #espn #yahoo #football #fantasyfootball #nyc #ny #california #la #fantasyquestions #yeet #footballsunday #business #doctor #food #entrepreneur #miami #florida #steelers #49ers #chargers #melvingordon #leveonbell #mattbreida #jimmygaroppolo
The Injuries this year man. this yesr was definately expected to go better than this. but when your starting QB and HB go down at the begining of the year, starting FS goes down in the middle of the year, and starting WR and SS have barley played? not to mention even our backups getting hurt... its going to take a huge downfall. smh. next season will be much better, believe that.
If I see one more “trade Jimmy” comment or post, I’ll explode. Do you realize what we have riding on him? Do you understand that we have a whole 5 year, 127.5 million dollar contract inked to him? Why on earth would we trade our franchise quarterback? Seriously, I need to hear why people can even FATHOM shipping him for any kind of payment. Does anyone legitimately think that Nick Mullens has OUTPLAYED Jimmy G, the successor to TOM BRADY? Insanity. Jimmy is our future, and he will be the centerpiece to the 49er foundation. Jimmy G is the leader, and nobody is gonna change that except him. Period. What was your favorite Jimmy G moment? 🤘❤️💛
Haven't really bought any NFL trading cards since the 90's or early 00's. I'm liking these new ones from Panini. Got this Jimmy G numbered 18/50 cracked ice 😀 #JimmyGaroppolo #CrackedIce #Panini #NFL #49ers
AJ Green will be undergoing a foot surgery that will end his season. Can the Bengals still be competitive without the dynamic receiver? Let me know ⬇️⬇️⬇️
Kyle Shanahan explained what upset him before unsportsmanlike conduct. He said LB Fred Warner’s shoe came off, and QB Russell Wilson threw it further behind line of scrimmage. Warner grabbed shoe and Seahawks went hurry-up not allowing Niners to reset defense. Fu**ing d-bag @dangerusswilson
49ers RB Matt Breida (ankle) will not play this week. This is his first missed game since his freshman year of high school.
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