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Alec Peters Appreciation Post: Thanks for the autograph edit, I can’t thank you enough @jdrichard_phx Peters: The 22 year old from Valparaiso averaged 18 points per game, 8 rebounds, 34 minutes per game in 22 games for the Northern Arizona Suns of the NBA G-League. Good to his fans and I am glad he is part of our Phoenix Suns! Go Suns! @alecpeters25 @annepeters25 @jdrichard_phx @nazsuns @suns @nba #nba #suns #sunsat50 #nbagleague #nazsuns #thisiswhyweplay #jdrdesigns #jdrdesignsgiveaway #valparaiso
I won this Alan “Big Sauce” Williams jersey from my good friend John! @jdrichard_phx during his JDR Designs giveaway! Special shout out to him he is always unselfish and one of the biggest Suns fans ever! Go show him support on his edits, give him a follow! JDR Designs! #nba #jdrdesigns #jdrdesignsgiveaway #thisiswhyweplay #suns #sunsat50 #teambigsauce #bigsauce @jdrichard_phx @suns @nba @alantwilliams
GIVEAWAY CLOSED: The order in which you will choose has been randomized. I’ll pick as many of you as I can! I will let you know when it’s your time to pick. Thanks for your amazing support and for entering my first giveaway!! Hope to do this again in the future! Below are a list of the prizes you’ll choose from. Please only pick the tickets if you can use them. Take your time and feel free to ask for additional pictures at any time. Good Luck!! #JDRdesignsGiveaway • Signed Legends Basketball (claimed) • Signed Team Basketball; I believe 2015 (Claimed) • Your choice of a replica jersey from a team of your choice. If it’s Suns, I can get it signed for you. (Claimed) • Choose from my autographed Jerseys available - Miles Plumlee (L) - Jared Dudley (XXL) - claimed - PJ Tucker (M) - claimed - Alex Len (XL) - claimed - Gerald Green (L) - claimed - Marcus Morris (XL) - claimed - Luis Scola (L) - claimed - Eric Bledsoe Sleeved (L) - claimed - Alan Williams HC (XXL) - claimed - Alan Williams Adidas Swingman (L) - claimed • Edit Bundle (Choose 20 of my edits; I will print for you. If there’s any signed copies laying around, I may throw those in) • Lebron James Plush Doll - claimed • Lower Level Suns vs Hawks on January 2nd (Section 120 row 9 seat 13, 14) - claimed • Lower Level Suns vs Pacers on January 14th (Section 120 row 7 seat 8, 9) - claimed • My normal seat for Suns vs Hawks on January 2nd (Section 118 row 11 seat 15) - claimed • My normal seat for Suns vs Pacers on January 14th (Section 118 row 11 seat 15) - claimed
One of my favorite players this year has been Mike James. I love players that work hard to get where they are and to just get a chance in the NBA. It says a lot about them as a player. He's a 27 year old rookie and that should say enough about him right there considering most rookies are 18-22 years old now. But if you want to learn more about how he worked hard in community college and many places overseas to get a chance to make an NBA roster there is a great article on ESPN about Him by Baxter Holmes. Just search it on google and it will come up. He had a great game vs the Spurs when I saw them last weekend. And any Suns player who plays well vs the Spurs is alright in my book! Props to @mrnatural_05 on the good season and keep up the good work. Respect! Oh yeah and this edit is by @jdrichard_phx he does good work and looks to be a true Suns fan! ;) 😊 Always support local talent! #jdrdesignsgiveaway #Repost @jdrichard_phx (@get_repost ) ・・・ Huge game by @mrnatural_05 and a win last night!! 18 points on 8/10 shooting with 7 assists. Extremely hard worker and it’s paying off! Let’s go @Suns !!! - - - - - #SUNSat50 #sixthman #followback #jdrdesigns #PHXfanART #canigetagosuns #WeArePHX #suns #sunsdancers #basketballneverstops #mikejames #ilovethisgame #thetimeline #gameday #sunsvskings #togetherwerise
My giveaway ends tomorrow! (Suns and non Suns prizes). Make sure that you’re following me and that’s you let me you want to enter! Good luck and Happy Holidays!! US only. Feel free to ask questions. • • • • • #SUNSat50 #sixthman #jdrdesigns #jdrdesignsgiveaway #PHXfanART #canigetagosuns #WeArePHX #suns #sunsdancers #basketballneverstops #ilovethisgame #thetimeline #gameday #ibleedpurpleandorange #suns4life
Only 5 more days to enter my giveaway! Feel free to comment or DM me with questions. (U.S. Only) #nba #jdrdesignsgiveaway
Make sure that you’re following these accounts for entries in my giveaway. See original post for details. Ends December 15th. (US only). #JDRdesignsGiveaway #appreciationpost #basketballneverstops #thankyou
My friend @jdrichard_phx does good work! Follow him on Facebook: JDR Designs here is his edit of Phoenix Suns Dragan Bender @draganbender35 #nba #nbadraft #suns #sunsat50 #draganbender #jdrdesignsgiveaway
Seeing him playing up close with my man @jdrichard_phx last year was so much fun! Great edit!! #jdrdesignsgiveaway
‪THANK YOU GIVEAWAY!!!‬ ‪ - - Winners will choose after the contest ends in the order their name is drawn. One prize per person. I won’t go too crazy but the more people that enter, the more prizes I’ll give out!‬ ‪ - - Giveaway ends on December 15th. If this is a success, there will be more in the future. Feel free to ask questions. Good luck! #JDRdesignsGiveaway#appreciationpost