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We can end gun violence @jacobsartorius #jacobsartorius #jsfans1
Who else knows who he is GAVIN IS A LEGEND #jacobsartorius #milliebobbybrown #memes #vine
please tell me im not the only one that sees this (2 & 3) #illregretthis #regret #regretting #jacobsartorius #sheenestevez #somewhatlookalike
These two should reunite❤️ @joeybirlem @jacobsartorius #joeybirlem #jacobsartorius ❤️❤️
Thanks for the flower background jeffo, you helped keep my ugly ass theme going. - Ac @jerikaloving Pc @/logansapple gc - @loganpaul @moreloganpaul #logang #loganpaul #maverick
what do you guys typically do in the summer? i need to make sure i have thing to do for once
i’m proud of you jacob.❤️ @jacobsartorius #jacobsartorius ‼️
~ αвuѕed, part 46 ༄✧ Zoe’s point of view: Jacob: “Zoe, you must be exhausted, try and get some sleep.” I nodded, somewhat incoherent, and lay my head down. But I wasn't sleeping. Why didn't he want to mention his family? What on earth would his parents say if they found out he was driving to San Fransisco by himself? I didn't ask him though, I didn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable. But that didn't mean I wasn't curious. - A while later I awoke and inched myself up, spotting a fancy hotel in the distance. It was called The Zephyr and I could tell from the outside that it was expensive. “Do you have enough money for that?” I asked him slightly shocked. Jacob: “My family gets a discount here. Anyway, you deserve it.” We reached the hotel and Jacob scooped me up in his arms, carrying me like a baby. Jacob held me whilst he talked to the person at the reception, before he was led to an elevator with golden gates. We arrived at our room, as Jacob gently laid me down, as I leaned my head on something soft and felt my weight being supported. I felt a pair of protective arms being wrapped around me, sending me into a peaceful sleep. Jacob: “Good night, Zoe bear.” - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The next morning ‘Mmm… soft…’ I thought as I ran my fingers over the beautiful silk sheets of my bed when I awoke. My eyebrows furrowed. Why was there a ton of hair on my sheets? And why did it have a pulse? My eyes flew open to see a teenage boy, along with my hand running up and down his thigh… I looked up to see my best friend, Jacob Sartorius. And he was only wearing Boxer briefs. I reluctantly pulled my hand from his leg, as he sat up lazily and stretched his hands above his head. I gazed down at the floor, completely embarrassed. I didn’t mean to touch him like that, I had completely forgotten I was with Jacob... ~ ending a lil bit awkward Lillie xo @jacobsartorius #jacobsartorius #jacobsartoriusfanfic
Fans or idols ?
we stan these four , especially when they are together . #jacobsartorius @jacobsartorius
I’m finally on spring break 🙃🌷 Creds: you see the watermark - - - @jacobsartorius #jacobsartorius
So I was playing around with some chords and words so this isn’t a cover but I will post one soon:) #singing #cover #coversong
west sidee - @indianamassara
I still own shirts I promise
Drawing @guusje.vr 😍! Comment Who I Should draw next? - @musical.ly #musically #drawingoftheday #Drawing #netherlands
Sometimes I feel like giving up no medicine is strong enough.. || @jacobsartorius #jacobsartorius ❤️ - I smile. I try. But I’m he truth is that I want to die.
- 🥀💔🖤 - - [#jacobsartorius @jacobsartorius ] ⚡️
we stan a legend, im so proud of him. he stood up in front of thousands of ppl and made a speech , what an icon🖤 - - - @jacobsartorius - #jacobsartorius #rjs #hiplikejacob #bruhitszach #zariel #duhitzmark #macob #ily #edits #fandom #followforfollow #like4like #babyariel #lorengray #musically #hrvy #joeybirlem
proud of you❤️ ______ @jacobsartorius #jacobsartorius #wecanendgunviolence #enough ✊🏼
You are a great person I love you so much Jacob♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🔥🔥🔥 @jacobsartorius #jacobsartoriusfandom #jacobsartoriusmyhusband #jacobsartorius #jacob #jacoblovers
'Chapter 2' _ Day, 103 • Jacob : The bell rang so we got to our classes. We dragged so we were a bit late but who cares ? • I walked to class and the teacher grumbled and blabla • Te - anyway go sit next to Alex • I sat down and was thinking about how to get Y/n. She wasn't there today. She's almost never at school. This is weird • 11pm • Y/n : Yn - 103 da-days, uncle Josh Jo - good... excited to come back in this beautiful world Yn - ... • After this "discussion". I walked to my room. That wasn't a real room. My house is like a jungle. There are leaves everywhere. On the stairs, in my room, anyway, EVERYWHERE • I went to bed and fell asleep • *middle of the night* • I woke up with my yellow eyes... I got a vision. The end of the world, my world... again. This vision keeps coming every night. This is not soon, but soon comes fast. Especially when you're waiting for someone. • I just want to be normal. With a family. I don't have a family. I'm not human. No joke. • After 4 seconds my eyes came back to normal, red. Sighs. I took my contact lenses with my telepathy. Yes you heard it. I have powers... I put the contact lenses in my eyes and got up. It was 3am but I always got up at this time ✓✓✓✓✓ I never read this type of fanfiction tbh. Is it original ? #jacobsartorius #jacobsartoriusfanfiction
2 hours until I pray for jacob to win the kids choice awards #jacobsartoriusedits #kca #jacobsartorius #kidschoiceawards
WE CAN END GUN VIOLENCE✊🏼 ________ #jacobsartorius @jacobsartorius #wecanendgunviolence ❤️
red suits her so well 🌹 @leaelui @lea.eluig ♥️
@jacobsartorius you're so inspirational and stanworthy, i'm so proud of you 💗 #jacobsartorius
{ae} when the sun goes down 😇 @johnnyorlando #johnnyorlando
words dont even begin to describe how proud i am 😩😍❤️ @jacobsartorius #jacobsartorius
I’m sooooo proud of him wow you can’t imagine how much I got respect for him 💞- @jacobsartorius #jacobsartorius #proud #photography #photographer #marchforourlives #sartorians
horse 🐎
Which muser are you?
I love joeyyy 💓💓💓
's typing🎲🥀 1. at least 5 people in this world love you so much they would die for you. 2. at least 15 people in this world love you in someway. 3. the only reason anyone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you. 4. a smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you. 5. without you someone may not be living. 6. you are special an unique in your own way. 7. when you make the biggest mistake ever something good comes from it. 8. when you think the world has turned it's back on you, take a look, there's always someone to hold your hand when you're about to fall. 9. don't promise when you're happy, don't reply when you're angry and don't decide when you're sad. 10. always. be. yourself.
+ I love her so much she mean the world to me 💝💞💓💗💖💘💕
's typing🎲🥀 what have you done to my heart that i can no longer stay without thinking about you¿ every second of every day i always find a reason to put you in realms of my thoughts. i wish someday we'll find each other again and fall in love all over again. but what if then will be too late? is it even worth it?...🍃 dt: that one guy
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