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🌊 Oh, I do like to be beside the sea. 🌊 I do find it so replenishing and wholesome. Although funnily enough, I used to hate the sea. I was frightened of it after one day it swallowed me whole when I was younger. But I grew up, I became braver if maybe a little caitious, and learnt that the seaside is in fact beautiful. I love it at night when the darkness hides so much but you can still hear the crashing and rolling of the tides. I love it in the day, relaxing under the sun rays. I like that before a swim, I can cost my body in went sand and trust that nature’s exfoliate well help me to shine. My hometown is a beach town. And whilst there have been so many amazing things in my London adventure, I do miss my beach side home. #filmsbyfoxes #ratherbefoxy
The man @kitarphsohg is a professor by the day @nift.bengaluru and a zumba enthusiast by evening.Had such an amazing time with him judging the dance competition for their annual fest.... the kids were buzzing with energy and had so much of spontaneity and talent... I learnt so much from them Humbled and grateful to be part of their celebration. I straight went back to my college days @niiftmohali @niift. #dancecompetition #jury #juryduty #energy #charisma #beautiful #dance #backstage #dancer #humbled #gratitude #photooftheday #bebettereveryday #inspireeveryday #nostalgic #collegedays
Yuri Gagarin was the first human being to travel into space. Do you remember who was second? All our lives we have been taught about the 'firsts' because no one remembers much about the 'second' & 'third'. Take the leap of faith & go ahead with your idea. Be the 'first' always. #hustleeverafter #spacejamcoworking
#RealTalk post: I’ve been fearlessly living out my life these past 2 months... After all it is my word for 2018. 😬🤷🏻‍♀️😅 Truth is I’m totally okay with working from behind the scenes... I am totally okay with not being in the spotlight. However, God has other plans and some of the things He is calling me to do require me to be up front and center. Sometimes I ask various questions when I start to see His plans for my life unfold... I know I fall short in many ways but He still calls me by name and continues to pursue me. That’s just the God I serve. He loves with an everlasting love and never ever gives up on us. I’m absolutely amazed by Him and humbled by His goodness. Many exciting things are starting to come into play and it’s only February! 😳 What caused these exciting plans to come into play?! The moment I made a decision to live fearlessly... 🙆🏻‍♀️ Total surrender & complete obedience to God does have its rewards and does bring great blessings. 🙌🏼♥️ It may take some time to see, it may not, but I promise it will come to pass! No matter what may come your way allow your FAITH to be greater than your fears. I promise you’ll be amazed when you let go of “your plans” “your fears” and say YES to His plans without any reservations. His ways are higher than ours and so are His thoughts. Don’t limit yourself in 2018. Let this year be a year where you flourish and let His light shine bright! This world absolutely needs you!! 🙏🏼♥️🙌🏼 - - - - “Let us not grow weary or become discouraged in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap, if we do not give in.” GALATIANS‬ ‭6:9‬ ‭AMP‬‬ #DontGiveUp #BeEncouraged #LiveFearlessly #InspireEveryday
Your magic is your essence. It's the thing that makes you special. The thing that excites you and keeps your world interesting. It's the reason you get motivation. Why you are willing to get up in the morning. How you carry on in life. A person that's special to you. A passion that drivers you. A relationship that fills you. Find your magic, and let it ooze out of you to infect others. #filmsbyfoxes #ratherbefoxy
We RUN THIS MOTHA' #girls 🌏 Going forward you will see us post a #wcw about a "beyouteefull" #girlboss turning her dreams into plans and her can't into cans!! Part of my mission with HB was to support, Inspire, and empowering other #womenprenuers and share their stories! Together we can take on the world! Let's build the ultimate #girlgang ❤👑 I'd love to share your story PM me and we will chat!! ❤ . . . #TheGirlGang #graphicdesigner #DeskInspo  #MakersVillage #TheHandmadeParade #SocietyGal #BossChick  #GoalGetter #HerSucces #TheRisingTideSociety #FemmeSquad #GirlsWhoBlog #SheIsNotLost  #InspiredWomen  #GirlTribesOnly #womenempowerwomen #letsworktogether #yougotthis #inspireeveryday #lifteachother #heygirl #changetheworld #hellobeyouteefull #beyouteefullwords
There was a time (and still every now and then) when I needed food to cope with feelings. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Food made me forget about all my “issues” for a min.. I don’t talk about this a lot because I’m NOT an expert on disordered eating. I am just a girl who wanted a better life and realized eating my feelings as an emotional crutch wasn’t gonna get me there. Girl on the left was sad. Depressed. Confused. A mess. I’m not shaming my before body - I just was NOT comfortable in my skin. Finding clothes for that photo fit nothing like the store model 😂 I spent the majority of the time tugging the top down! Clothes today are FUN and easy to find comfortable fitting options! I grab from the rack and most of the time feel proud now! Today I have an much better understanding of who I am and what I need. I love what I see in the mirror bc I know I’m working hard to get there! I’m not perfect, I’m here to be REAL. Using anything as a way to NOT feel feelings was not healthy for me. I replaced my depression/anxiety and self sabotaging habit with home fitness programs and online support groups filled with women that encourage each other. Might sound silly to you but it changed my life. Don’t have to be perfect, in fact... please don’t be. Just gotta be willing to show up especially when you don’t wanna! Always here to help women make CONFIDENCE gains for LIFE! 💕 Our virtual wellness project starts soon ——> Better NOT Perfect Project only a couple of openings for new clients remain! You in?
Goal: to have one of these bikes and strap a puppy in the basket. . . . Can't you imagine it!!! PUPPY IN THE BUSKET!!!! #filmsbyfoxes #ratherbefoxy
Did you know we have a National Margarita Day?! We do, people. WE DO. 🤷‍♀️ And if you feel like celebrating (because really, why not?) you have my blessing. 😜 #asifyouneededit In my case, I'm following a pretty specific meal plan at the moment (aka no margs for me 😭), so I’ll be sipping on my favorite margarita-ish La Croix, truth is... tequila makes me bossy and my husband swore me off it last Cinco de Mayo! #oops Team LaCroix or Team Margarita for you today?! #nationalmargaritaday
They said the fight would break us But the struggle helped to make Who we are #hiroshima #iwearsprinto #inspireeveryday #sprintoworld #vansphilippines
Spontaneous flow 💫. Exactly what my body needed this morning ! Join me tomorrow yogis @inspiremeyogadubai , 11:15 am for a mixed levels vinyasa flow🙏🙏. . #Repost @inspiremeyogadubai with @get_repost ・・・ Breathe 🧘🏻‍♀️Focus🧘🏻‍♂️ Move 🤸🏻‍♂️Stretch 🤸🏻‍♀️and Balance 🧘🏻‍♂️with @yogi.dee every Thursdays 8:15am Vinyasa class 🤸🏻‍♀️ . . #vinyasaclass #yogalife #yogastudio #vinyasaflow #flow #mydubai #uae #myjourney #mydubailife #yogination #inspiring #inspireeveryday #yogaeverydamnday #yogadubai #dubaiyoga #fitspiration #fitnessmotivation #liveloveyoga #dubailife #dubaiweekend #instagood
It's almost March and I bet some of you have already forgot about those New Years resolutions. It's not to late revisit your fitness goals... Come join our fitness party!! www.getFUELfit.com #believeinyourself #cardio #danceeverday #energy #fitnessinspiration #fitnessmotivation #fit #getitdone #hustle #inspireeveryday #lovewhatyoudo #motivate #power #strongereveryday #fuelhousefitnessstudio
The moment you become more convinced what’s IN you , Than you are afraid of what’s against you, You’ll begin to push the limits of what’s possible in your life. • • Turn things inward. What is in you? Some days it’s a challenge to not compare or compete with others. However, the only healthy competition is within yourself. Pushing the limits this week and gunning for that finish line this weekend. ¥ ¥ YOU against YOU. • • • #youagainstyou #healthycompetition #running #runningcommunity #optoutside #endurancetraining #stronger #halfmarathon #enduranceathlete #gameface #raceweek #mevsme #inspireeveryday
Is your smoothie game strong?! This week I have challenged the #hustlecommunity girls to SMOOTHIES! Every morning, a smoothie with a protein, fiber, fat and green component. This is a BIG smoothie that should get you from one meal to the next! I cant wait to see how the girls are feeling at the end of the week. — Their other two challenges are as follows: 1. Eating out of the house no more than 2 times this week! So far I have had all my meals at home but tonight I’m going out because it’s my boyfriends last test for school - yay celebrating! I’m loving the results from making all my own food and knowing what’s going in everything! 2. MORE VEGGIES! 3-4 servings of veggies a day aka veggies at every meal! The girls are killing it, ending the month strong! I’m just so proud of them 💕😊 . . . #hustle #hustlelizzfitness #strongertogether #inspireeveryday #smoothiequeen
Breathe 🧘🏻‍♀️Focus🧘🏻‍♂️ Move 🤸🏻‍♂️Stretch 🤸🏻‍♀️and Balance 🧘🏻‍♂️with @yogi.dee every Thursdays 8:15am Vinyasa class 🤸🏻‍♀️ . . #vinyasaclass #yogalife #yogastudio #vinyasaflow #flow #mydubai #uae #myjourney #mydubailife #yogination #inspiring #inspireeveryday
Exercise is 🔑 to staying healthy. But ... c’mon...when you have a family, work, hobbies, and other life commitments...we all need a little nudge to hit the gym or go for a walk or practice yoga asana or take a dance class🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏽‍♂️🚶🏻‍♀️ 🧘‍♀️ Find a workout buddy who is in the same “space” as you. Someone who will keep you accountable without stressing you out🤷🏻‍♀️🤛🏼 💪🏼 @shabnam_pwr . . . *************** . . . #womenentrepreneurs #pumpitup #yourbodyisatemple #fitnesswoman #exercisebuddy #nimmilife #fitjourney #womenwhoworkout #mindfullife #friendswhorun #wellnesstips #wellnesscoach #bringingwellnesstoothers #wellnessmadesimple #wellnesswednesday #womenceo #workoutbuddy #inspireeveryday
Day 35/80: My arms have always been one of the areas of my body I’m SUPER self conscious of. To the point I HAD to have them covered at all times. I’ve still got a lot of excess skin from my 100 lb weight loss - HOWEVER, today... after my workout as I did my check in with my accountability group - I had a feeling of pride in those arms. I’m getting stronger, they are a little more defined, and more importantly (to me) I’m a lot less self conscious about them today. As Shaun T would say... if you can hold up your body... you can hold up your life! That’s the goal! 💪🏼 I don’t share that to brag or boast about my progress... I’ve spent the majority of my adult life hating my body - enough self destruct to last me forever. However, my goal to inspire someone who may relate to that self conscious feeling... to know, YOU CAN change anything you put your mind to!
Follow your Inspiration... Our entire lives we search for meaning, for answers for something to show us which way to go, a map drawn up just for us. Our moments of inspiration is the map. These are the markers, the landing points for us to explore.This blinks,or images that brings a song to our hearts, are the gate keeper of our soul, here to guide us in the exact direction we have been fumbling around in the dark for. Trust your inspirations divine insight and do not let fear and doubt hold you back. Take small steps in its direction. If your inspiration asks you to stretch further out of your skin more than you're used to...please do it. If it requires you to sit and learn patience, please do it... Because from following this instructions from your inner self, you will always without fail, land exactly, perfectly, divinely where you are needed to land. Now, where is the fear in that? Where is the fear in going into the place of your expansion? Where is the fear of becoming what you came here to become? Not everything that your spirit guides you to do is necessrily easy. Not everything that you would feel is what you have hoped for it to be or taste the way you had dreamed for, but dear one you must know in the marrow of your bones that this is what it is needed. By following your inspiration you will be adding the missing ingredient, your soup of life will be well rounded, the broth of your soul will be full of sustenance, dimensions and complexities that you came here to enjoy. The beauty of inspiration is that it will always come to you and burn away the walls of your defences, it will never give up on you...quietly until you allow it to flourish #liveawake #rememberingyourinspiration #liveinspired #yourlifesmap #fulllife #followyourinspiration #fearnot #inspirecommunity #inspireeveryday
Gerry Go x Sprinto Watch out for my first vlog Sprinto shades giveaway 😎☝️📸 Song: Mulle - My New Me
I couldn’t be happier with my first professional head shot 💁🏼. Thanks to my talented colleague @chris_debonga 📸 who did an amazing job! #feelinglikeamillionbucks #ladyboss #inspireeveryday #bemorehuman
It's back! Presenting Liberec 2.0, in new colorway. Product Description Model Name: Liberec 2.0 Lens Material: Polarized (High Contrast View) Lens Color: Red Revo Frame Material: Polycarbonate (High Impact Resistance) Frame Color: Matte Black/Red Temple Material: Nickel Free Metal (Hypoallergenic, Rustproof) Temple Color: Stainless Features: Asian Fit Checkout the rest of our collection at the Sprinto store location near you. Metro Manila: Ayala Malls South Park Lucky Chinatown Robinsons Place Manila SM City East Ortigas SM City Fairview SM City Manila SM City North EDSA SM Megamall SM Southmall North Luzon: Robinsons Place Ilocos SM City Baliwag SM City Cabanatuan SM City Clark SM City Pampanga South Luzon: Robinsons Place Naga SM City Bacoor SM City Batangas SM City Calamba SM City Naga SM City Puerto Princesa SM City San Pablo SM City Trece Martires Visayas: Robinsons North Tacloban Robinsons Place Iloilo Robinsons Place Jaro Robinsons Place Tacloban SM City Cebu SM City Bacolod SM City Iloilo SM Seaside City Cebu Mindanao: Robinsons Place Iligan SM City Cagayan De Oro SM City Davao #iwearsprinto #inspireeveryday
Inspire others! This photo represents something I was inspired to participate in. I was contacted by a woman looking to provide goodie bags to a woman’s shelter in Philly. Looking to help homeless women reduce the chance for toxic shock syndrome, she will be filling them with care items and donating them to the shelter. Self promotion isn’t my thing but I’m hoping to inspire. It’s hard to make changes to this crazy world but here’s hoping that these 22 bags will change the world for the women who receive them. #inspireeveryday #changetheworld #smallchangesaddup #justonedesigns
@robinnievera spotted with a pair of Sprinto sunglasses. Robin is wearing a Springfield. Lens: Polycarbonate (High Impact Resistance) Frame: Nickel Free Metal (Hypoallergenic, Rustproof) #iwearsprinto #inspireeveryday #robinnievera • © Robin Nievera @robinnievera
No matter what pose you give or how well you look the only thing that matters is the values that determine the soul. MODEL- @tenzee_lhawang #inspireeveryday #create #chowrasta #instagram #potd #motd #cut2forpresident #darjeeling #india #aspiring #hills #sunrise #or #sunset #rorykramer #samkolder #mattjkomo #thatblondekid #nikond5100 #ThatSLOWgrind
I was reading a book today. There was a new novelist struggling to find the next part of her book. So she asked her friend, a more experienced novelist, what should she do. And he replied, do something unexpected. Your protagonist might get hit by a car suddenly, how do they deal with that situation? . . . Well I'm not suggesting anyone get hit by a car!!! But if you feel you're lost for inspiration, be that in work, relationships, life - then try something unexpected. . . . Tomorrow - I think I shall just give that a try myself. ☺️ #filmsbyfoxes #ratherbefoxy
Erase everything inside and leave just one thing. #sprintoworld #inspireeveryday #iwearsprinto #levisjeans #drmartens
Have pride in how far you’ve come. Have faith in how far you’ll go. • • Race week. Going into Monday just like this. Last year I had just finished this race after running with a client. Only to go into the finishing area with a reminder of what the season ahead had to bring for me. Last season, THIS RACE was the start of so many goals, obstacles and challenges I never thought would be possible to achieve in one season. Running into race week ~ Take pride in those small reminders of how far you’ve come only to look forward to how far you can go. • • • #raceweek #mondaymotivation #endurancetraining #endurance #halfmarathon #hyannishalfmarathon #marathontraining #itme #inspireeveryday
[2.19.18] Mom: Carl, alis na kami. Pahiram ako ng bagong @sprintoworld shades mo. Me: Okay. Mom: I love this one! Picture! Picture dali! Me: ...(well, bagay nga). #Mowdel #Sprinto #InspireEveryday #IWearSprinto #SprintoWorld #Sunglasses #Shades
'Fear kills dreams more than failure ever does.' I'm looking at my future now and I'm so scared. . . . I had a dream to move to London, and get a job in film. Whilst I've learnt a lot, unfortunately, I never quite made that a reality. Partly because halfway through this dream I got a new one, and partly because there was one particular mistake that really tripped me up. This is a very personal story, which maybe I'll share one day, but it's not the point right now. . . . Part of my new dream is to take my Spanish beau home to Australia with me. And nourish my new dreams there with him. But it is a scary and unsure future. 'What if we can't get him a visa?' is just ONE of the complications that lie ahead of us. . . . But I like to think of it like this: if I never had that courage to move to London in the first place, and if I didn't have the bravery to stay in London through the tough time and make it to the other side... Then this BEAUTIFUL and INCREDIBLE - though a little scary yes, but the future always has a little fear in it - future wouldn't even exist. A world for me with my soulmate wouldn't exist. And again that's just one of my dreams becoming reality, other things are falling into place too. . . . It is so much better to push past your fears and fail, then to never try at all. #filmsbyfoxes #ratherbefoxy
Step without fear #inspireeveryday #domore
Can I just train you to be mine? 🚂 #iwearsprinto #inspireeveryday
I find I don't work so well from my bed, but some people can conquer the world from it. . . . Wherever you work best, don't be ashamed of it - claim it! 💪🏼 #filmsbyfoxes #ratherbefoxy
People are humans and humans are naturally good people. @moxievintage doing great things. Follow their journey. #ncuyd #change #connecttheworld #beachst #daytona #makedaytonagreatagain #changetheworld #onestepatatime #weareallhumans #wearehumans #420 #motivate #educate #inspire #inspiredyogi #inspireeveryday #aspire #change #dosomethingnice #progress #moxie #moxievintage #saturdaymotivation #gain #nothingchangesuntilyoudo Can't make it to the event? Still want to support a cause and create a change? Link in bio. Live stream available! Feb22nd!
It's FRI-YAY! // Remember my post from Monday? Tell me - did you achieve whatever goal you had set out to do? Perhaps have you converted to the Monda-tude? ("Monday Attitude") . . . We don't always have to get it right. B U T... I have found that the Monda-tude has done amazing things for my ability to cope with the tasks, the day, the week ahead. What about you? #filmsbefoxes #ratherbefoxy
Today's Sprinto of choice. It goes with the bag 😁 #iwearsprinto #inspireeveryday
I was just having a conversation with some of my girl-friends where we all agreed we find it easier to get along with male friends. And that, in the end, you might have one really good female friend long standing but the rest of them don't stay friends. . . . Which is such a shame because it is female friends that ignite such beautiful bonds with other females. So why is it we can distinguish that fire within each other so easily too? . . . Let's eliminate that. I'm not saying you shouldn't have male friends... no not at all! But there's still a lot of work to be done in women supporting other women. So let's make it happen! #filmsbyfoxes #ratherbefoxy
新年快乐 #inspireeveryday #iwearsprinto • © William Cheng @3arles
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The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack Toughen the body, and to polish the spirit. • You: What are you training for now Katie? Me: I’m training for life. It never stops. It never will. These past two weeks have tested the strength of my body, mind & spirit. Overtraining is definitely a “thing” however I know my body well & can hear it loudly when rest is needed. Each day of training, every run, set, or ride, there is a new way to tighten up that slack, be a bit stronger, tougher & to let that spirit shine. ¥All the feels from the warmer weather run this morning. ¥ • • • #trainingforlife #getitdone #tightentheslack #letitshine #morningruns #runner #bostonrunner #training #endurancetraining #triathlete #trainhard #cantstopwontstop #inspireeveryday
Getting all my ducks - plants - in a row. . . . #filmsbyfoxes #ratherbefoxy
This Valentine's Day, don't forget to express your love to the people who matter to you the most. #inspireeveryday #iwearsprinto • © William Cheng @3arles
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