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Happy Monday @believers4ever - The first step to embracing the new thing that God wants to do in our life is to, change our focus, quit looking behind, and start looking ahead. God is a God of new beginnings. That’s right! We may have failed some troubling circumstances or struggling challenges, or even some unbearable situations, but the good news is... To read the rest, link in bio - #TruthTelevision Tag your loved ones ❤❤❤
Turn on the post notifications and never miss my post.. can u comment "FUNNY" letter by letter??try it.. #hmm #inspiration #inspirational #inspire #toystory
🇺🇸 Hey guys ! You're gonna see and advanced gymnastics core circuit that requires an optimum body control 💪🏽 The sequence: 🔹️Reverse Hollow body press 🔹️Single Leg Curl 🔹️Plank Row 🔹️Hollow body Maltese Fly 🔹️DB L-Sit . Before you could achieve this level, you must master the basics ⚠️ HOLLOW POSITION is the most important basic exercise in gymnastics. If you build a solid position you have a strong body control that leads to learn more quickly every other exercises . How do you do that ? 📚 Squeeze your glutes and engage your Core, Posterior Pelvic Tilt (PPT) as a result. 📚 Protact and depress your scapula activating Lats and Serratus. 📚 Head in line with your Spine. 💣 You'll have your body fully in tension . Never skip THE BASICS, add them in your warm up and keep going on your workout plan In my next videos I'm gonna show you some great exercises to build upper part strength that is fundamental to realize PLANCHE. Don't miss it! Turn on post notification 📲🔔 and let me know your opinions leaving a comment ⬇️ . Facebook: Federico Ziella - Athlete ___________ 🇮🇹 Ciao ragazzi ! In questo video vedrete un circuito per allenare il Core di livello avanzato che richiede un ottimo controllo del corpo. La sequenza: 🔹️Reverse Hollow body press 🔹️Single Leg Curl 🔹️Plank Row 🔹️Hollow body Maltese Fly 🔹️DB L-Sit . Prima di raggiungere questo livello, dovete padroneggiare le basi⚠️Se costruite una solida posizione otterrete un forte controllo del corpo che vi porterà ad imparare più velocemente gli altri esercizi . Come fare ? 📚 Contrarre i Glutei e attivate il Core,il risultato sarà la retroversione del bacino (PPT). 📚 Protrarre e deprimere la scapola attivando il Grand Dorsale e il Dentato anteriore. 📚 Testa in linea con la Schiena. Otterrete una tensione completa del vostro corpo. . Mai saltare le basi, aggiungetela al vostro riscaldamento e continuate a seguire il vostro piano d'allenamento. Nei prossimi video vi mostrerò degli ottimi esercizi per migliorare la forza della parte alta del corpo, necessaria per esercizi come la PLANCHE. ______
No matter if you're on the outside looking in or on the inside looking out, make sure what you see is still made #beautiful by your own #perspective .. . Circumstances can't easily be changed, but our reaction to them is entirely up to us. . . . #shineon #knowledge #love #peace #innerpeace #inspire #innervoice #energy #magical #inspiration #inspired #spirit #inspirational #guide #saltlamps #window #soul #guru #magic #magick #magickal #preach #instagood #instalike #like #liked
Are you one of those people who likes to make things more difficult than they have to be? You know, where everything is so super complicated in your head that you freeze and never take action? Or those who put in a huge amount of effort in the wrong direction and end up exhausted and frustrated? I know exactly how that feels – because I used to be guilty of that too. It’s pretty much wilful self-sabotage – you just turn something you don’t want to do into something you tell yourself you cannot do because of A, B and C. Which then perversely justifies why you cannot do it. Pretty nasty stuff huh? So, “I don’t want to this because I am scared. Let’s make it too difficult to do in my head so I’ll have an excuse instead of ‘I’m scared’. How about that? . Here's a word of advice. Stop doing that. Yes, stop with the drama, the over-thinking, and the over-complication. It's just too much bullshit that doesn't exist. Be smart. Go for the less glamorous but productive things. Get shit done. That's what it's all about.
Visit @theclassy.g for more. #hustle #quote #quoteoftheday #classy #motivation #motivational #inspire #inspiration #inspirational #goforit   #goals #success #dreams #dreambig #workhard #gobigorgohome #follow #f4f #like . . . . Make sure to give your opinion in the comments ⬇. Also visit our profile @theclassy.g for more quotes and great content.
“It’s the will to prepare to win that matters”... How are you preparing to win? 🎯 Comment 👇 We want to hear from you! #mondaymotivation .⠀ ...⠀ .⠀ ..⠀ .⠀ #1shotallamerican #sports #allamericanbowl #combineseries #inspirational #studentathlete #mentoring #youonlyget1shot #makeitcount #youngleaders #buildingleaders #values #marchmadness #thoughtleadership #teamwork #Passion #followus #beinspired #athlete
What if you just say no? What if you just say, 'no, I don't want to'? What if what you want is the most important thing? What if others people's happiness is their own responsibility? What if you stop trying to please other people at the expense of your own happiness? . Just a thought...
Have you been feeling overwhelmed lately? It happens to all of us- join me on Facebook LIVE tomorrow morning where I will be discussing my TOP TIPS for pushing through the stress! IamSherrieWalton.com #inspirationalquotes #inspiration #inspire #inspirational #inspiring #motivationalquotes #motivation #motivationmonday #motivate #fearless #iamfearless #theyearofyou #coaching #lifecoach #motivation #speaker #bossmom #mompreneur #bosslady #women #facebook #fb #fblive #inspiration
In a gentle way, you can shake the world. | Just last week I was having a convo w a friend abt how beautiful music/art can be and how Singapore seriously does not have enough music and art education!! And I really think these are the avenues where we can shake the world in a gentle way. I could go on and on about this but I would probably hit the word limit here so I shall stop. • Attempted heat embossing for the first time ever at a school event today!! (Probably the only ever enjoyable part in this place). Evidently I’m not good at this cos I’ve never done it before but it was really fun, the best part was that my hands were covered in glitter by the end of it. Glitter all over the body should be a socially acceptable make up trend cos if I could I would lmao (inner girl in me screams glitter all the time but I get judged for overdressing??). • Anyway, had a meeting this afternoon and the two guys in my group have freaking flawless skin?!? And I’m sure they don’t use make up. Give me yr skin pls I need all these products to conceal mine and they’re blessed with healthy glowing flawless skin :’) Alright end of random rant. • #heatembossing #embossing #art #arttherapy #artistsoninstagram #artistsofinstagram #artgram #artist #calligraphy #notebook #quote #inspiration #inspirational
It is !
Have a great week everybody !
It's about to go down! Fitbit is charged ⌚️ and I'm ready to step it up! This poor thing has been neglected for quite some time! 🏃🏽‍♀️ First goal is to hit 8k steps then work my way up to 10-12k consistently! 🏆Who else is on Fitbit? Add me! 💌 fitwithmindym@gmail.com
I spent my first half of my life doing what others thought was success. Only to realize that wasn’t the way. These were achievements unlocked in a rigged collective game that benefits society and leaves individuals at the mid point of their lives empty. All the things that truly mattered required no sacrifice and there was nothing to do to experience them. Here are some things I have found along the way. 1. Accept yourself as a soul having a human experience. 2. Vibrate with only those that bring you higher. 3. You cannot become a real man until you have truly loved your own child. 4. Do only what you love to do and work becomes play. 5. Ketogenic Diet makes you lean and prevents cancer. 6. Minimalist life give you freedom to live off of less and pursue your passions. 7. Yoga provides both physical and mental strength and balance. Everything you need is within you. . #motivationmonday #motivational #motivationalquotes #millionairemindset #motivation #alanwatts #entrepreneur #inspiration #inspirational
Monday doesn't call for inspirational quotes, Monday calls for coffee! ☕️
@bethel - @bethelyoungsaints (our youth ministry here at Bethel) is heading to camp this summer! This week-long getaway is for students, and is an amazing opportunity to find community, go deep in God, and grow in Holy Spirit. This is one of the most important events that they do all year, and this year, it's happening June 25-29 in Sonora, CA! To find out more information, go to youngsaints.com - #TruthTelevision
We may get knocked down on the outside, but the key to living in victory is to learn how to get up on the inside. —————————————————————— #motivation #success #inspiration #inspirational #entrepreneur #business #quotes #love #fitness #lifestyle #successful #quoteoftheday #quote #money #entrepreneurship #life #entrepreneurs #hardwork #happiness #businessman #passion #work #grind #inspire #entrepreneurlife #businesswoman #goals #gym #instagood #wealth
Anyone who knows me well knows how much I love music. I think of people in relation to songs, use music to calm myself, to hype myself, to heal when I'm hurting. But when it comes to motherhood and my family, music takes on a whole new thing - both because my mother's story is such an inspiring one and because I want my daughters to be inspired someday by mine: http://authorbrandikennedy.blogspot.com/2018/01/saturday-song-inspiration-for-moms.html⠀ .⠀ .⠀ To see a list of songs that inspire and move me as a mother (and as a daughter), click the link in my bio and scroll down to the blog archives at the bottom of the page. You'll find "Saturday Song: Inspiration For Moms" listed under January 2018.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #mom #momlife #singlemom #singleparent #parenting #motherdaughter #momsong #music #mommusic #inspired #inspiring #inspirational #musicislife #favoritesongs
HAPPY #MotivationalMonday to all of my fellow entrepreneurs! 👊🏼 - Today is your day to innovate, inspire, and grow your brand. As I’m sure all if you know, taking this journey isn’t the easiest path to take, but it is definitely the most rewarding. - My journey has been nothing short of a miracle. My team and I have fought day in and day out for the brand we have today and I know it’s about time I share my story. - Episode 42 of #thefinalpercentpodcast is LIVE NOW! In this episode, we talk about why I decided to write a book. ⬆️SWIPE UP⬆️ in my IG Story to check it out! 👣 - ONE LAST THING. The official Private Book Launch for #TheHomelessMillionaire will be hosted April 18th for all who would like a signed copy. DM me for details!! #gregkimble #entrepreneur #thefinalpercent #keepmusicgoing #kmglife
Happy Monday🌤 ______________________________________________________ #goodmorning #goodmorningpost #morninginspiration #morningmotivation #blogger #blogs #blackgirlswhoblog #inspirational
A person who feels appreciated... Will always do more than is expected!!! . Always show appreciation and love for those who are there for you... . Share the love and be grateful for every little thing... . Thank you to all my followers and likers for all the love. . I appreciate you all so much 💚❤️💚 . . #marj #teamunited #dreamteam #teamwork #committed100percent #committed #sahm #destinydesigners #wfhm #workfromhome #feelappreciated #alwaysdomorethanexpected #morethanexpected #feelingthelove #sharethelove #sharethegratitude #love #gratitude #grateful #bossbabes #bossbabe #leadership #leader #inspirational #inspiration #motivational #motivation #instadaily #instagood
HEY YOU! YEAH YOU! I want to connect with you. Join the Empowerment Movement with JustTams. Text "justtams" to 31996 for weekly words of empowerment. From your cell phone send a text to the number 31996 and in the message field type justtams (as one word). Once you have done that you will receive a reply message. If you receive an error message please contact your service provider and ask them to remove the short code text messaging block. ************************************************* www.tamsisaac.org ************************************************* #lifecoach #mentor #empowerment #empower #empowering #motivating #motivation #stayconnected #justtams #inspirational #lifegiving #victorious #speaker #presenter #getconnected #liftingspirits #restoringjoy #restoringhappiness #fulfillment #enlightenment #heyyou #heyyouthere #yeahyou #letsconnect #iwanttoknowyou #connectwithmetoday #followforfollow #follow4follow #followme #follow
Giving up on your goal because of one setback is like slashing your other three three because you got one flat
•Qotd: What's your zodiac sign? • • • • Life can either be accepted or changed. If it is not accepted, it must be changed. If it cannot be changed, then it must be accepted. –U • •~Day 178~ • • Follow @zeroroads (me) for daily posts. 🏹 • Also follow my backup: @zeroroadss ❤️ • • #loveher #instalove #love #texting #quotes #instagood #photooftheday #follow #instadaily #broken #life #young #minimalist #rhsin #poetry #samanthaking #deep #business #igdaily #ceo #story #motivationalquotes #inspirational #fitness #aesthetic #tumblr #goals #memories
Some Monday Motivation for everyone!! It is not all about the work that you put in. It also is about what you are putting in your body! By putting in the right food, you will see more results than just doing the hard work! Along with that sometimes you have to do the work that you don’t like aka Cardio lol. Put some music on, listen to an ebook, watch a YouTube video or talk to someone while you grind out your cardio session! It is well worth it, no matter how much it sucks 😜 Go be the Alpha of your fitness journey! @vxsgymwear @teamvxs @alphalete
Woke up feeling thankful for today ! Remember tomorrow not promise so live for your right now !
Thrive Drive Ep. 330 ‘13 Days’ #beexceptional
4 STEPS TO YOUR NEXT BIG WIN . No matter where you've been, it's the action you take today, right now, that determines where you're going to end up. It's up to you, but you have to choose. You must make up your own mind and decide what it is that you truly want. Then ask: . What's going to get you there? . 🌍 LEARN everything you can about the life you want to create. Become an expert at the things you love and THE expert at making a unique and valuable contribution. . 🌍 BUILD a network of relationships between as many people as you can. Start with local events, personal connections and referrals, and create new relationships with decision-makers in organizations, events and the media. . 🌍 DELIVER results beyond expectations, and make 'above-average' your minimum viable product. Get input from people who can use your deliverable, by getting it into. As many hands as possible. . 🌍 DEVELOP your strength and enthusiasm. Maintain your equipment, assets and self, by keeping your focus on what drives your results. What are you working on today to achieve your goals tomorrow? . Nevermind those who distract you, or their opinions. Your history doesn't define you. Nor should the opinions of others. I remember being embarrassed, feeling like I wasn't good enough, wondering what I was missing. . When I was homeless, I imagined myself traveling, consulting, speaking, staying in houses like the one I'm in now back in Lake Tahoe. Eating ramen to get by, I was thinking about my next big move and where I could offer value to the world. . After 3 months at minimum wage, I had saved enough to hire a mentor. She helped me launch my consulting company, on my own terms. The rest is history. . Today, I coach and consult because a little bit of guidance has shaved literally years off my learning curve, and catapulted my success. . Clients that are FUN, epic travels and adventures, speaking gigs, lucrative work with projects that thrill me, while helping people create their own rewarding lifestyle that is as fun as it is lucrative. . That's the power of vision . Let's make it happen! FREE CALL >> link in bio . FOLLOW 👇👇 🌎@THELIVEBIGPROJECT 🌎
Art is creativity having fun. Appreciating arts at Art Gallery of Ontario. . . .
Are you the kind of person who lives their life according to other people's approval? Why do you dress the way you do? Is it because it's "in fashion" (whatever the hell that means)? Where do you hang out? Is it because it's trendy? Do you care what people think about you so much that it affects your life and your behaviour? Good for you if you don't. Jump off that idiot's bandwagon if you're riding it. It's not taking you anywhere worth going.
There is a champion inside every single one of us. Sometimes we find them early. Sometimes, we discover them later on in life. But, regardless of when you decide to start looking, you WILL find your inner champion. It all depends on how hard you look. So, if you want someone to help you look for that champion inside you, get in touch with us right now. We will get you there so much faster.
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